SexGen Trademark Turmoil – SL Sexbed Industry’s Dirty Laundry

by Alphaville Herald on 21/09/08 at 10:42 am

Trademark owner Stroker Serpentine goes after Corsi Mousehold

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

“I will be thrilled to talk at length about how he is selling my animations without permission and using Briggi’s scripts without permission… I have been using the name SexGen with his blessing for TWO YEARS.” – Corsi Mousehold

“Briggi doesnt deserve to be dragged into this. Corsi is the very reason we aren’t partners to this day. I care a lot for Briggi. We were best friends for years – until the mouse came into the picture. Corsi is a manipulative leech.” – Stroker Serpentine

Cosri Mousehold – SexGen animator and a pet owed by the wonderful Mistress Briggi Bard – SexGen scripter

What has apparently been an ongoing struggle within the virtual world sex bed business went public friday, with Stroker Serpentine and his lawyer contacting the Herald to claim trademark infringement for unauthorized use of the term “SexGen” in a paid advertisement for Corsi’s Creations new line of sex beds – beds that animate avatars in a variety of sexually explicit poses.

Before responding to Mr. Serpentine and his lawyer’s request for removal of the disputed ad, the Herald consulted with Ms. Mousehold and suggesting that the advertisement had probably served it purpose. Hearing no strong objections from Ms. Mousehold, the ad was removed, but not before a bitter dispute between former collaborators was uncovered. Over the next day, I interviewing both Stroker Serpentine and Corsi Mousehold. The third member of what seems to be a love business triangle – Briggi Bard – was unavailable for comment.

When I spoke Saturday evening with Mr. Serpentine he told me about how his virtual sex empire was built and how it came to pass that Briggi Bard – his main scripter – ended up working with Corsi Mousehold while all three sell sex beds under the SexGen name.

pixeleen: when did you start working with Briggi?
Stroker: Aura Lily introduced us when I told her of my idea for a menu-driven animation system in early 2004. Briggi was working on something similar to what I had in mind. Briggi and I had a dear friend in common illumie Skallagrimson who assured me Briggi would make a good partner.

Stroker: I would tell Briggi what I wanted the system to do and she would script it. Briggi to this day is one of the brightest programmers I have ever met irl or sl.
Stroker: Briggi brought Corsi in while we were in the middle of the Volkov Catteneo case. She knew I was upset because she (Briggi) re-negged on her promise to help with the legal expense to protect the brand we had built together. I gave credit to BB in all the documentation and ads up to that point.

pixeleen: How far are you going to push the trademark thing?
Stroker: If Briggi does not hold to her claim that Corsi is not and never has been a Representative, Partner or Developer of SexGen…then I will address that seperately. In the interim Corsi has no legal right to use the SexGen mark. Briggi cannot give anyone permssion to use the mark. She has said time and again, Corsi is NOT a partner in SexGen. She has said it in writing and in front of witnesses.

pixeleen: well – DRAMA – thy name is Second Life
Stroker: Briggi has had to take a rl job because her SexGen business was not paying the bills. She let Corsi run amuck. It’s time to reign in the mouse.
Stroker: Briggi has no right to sub-let our mark to anyone. It is an asset of Eros, LLC. Which I own. I thought of the name I had the original concept and worked collaboratively with Briggi through two years of development. Corsi thought she could come in and take advantage of SexGen’s brand recognition and our reputation for customer service after the sale. As well as Briggi’s good nature. Corsi is in for a rude awakening.

Stroker: We have never included scat, diaper play, or furry pedophilia in SexGen. Corsi appeals to a niche market I did not wish to pursue.
Stroker: Corsi just likes to sling shit. I haven’t the time to clean up after him. I will let the law decide.

in part 2 of this report, the Herald interviews Corsi Mousehold

26 Responses to “SexGen Trademark Turmoil – SL Sexbed Industry’s Dirty Laundry”

  1. Nidol Slazar

    Sep 21st, 2008

    In b4 Corsi takes a big dump on the comments page.

  2. Lorkhan Eberhart

    Sep 21st, 2008

    quite odd how corsi is blamed for supporting scat when she hasn’t even produced any of the animations in strokers sexgen porta potty (i am serious there actually is one)

  3. BlakDrgn Switchblade

    Sep 21st, 2008

    Stroker: We have never included scat, diaper play, or furry pedophilia in SexGen. Corsi appeals to a niche market I did not wish to pursue.

    this is Stroker has a sexgen Portapotty, toilet, and soiled mattress…

  4. General Drama

    Sep 21st, 2008

    mmmmmm…. drama…..

    For those looking forward to Corsi’s interview, keep in mind that Corsi is a pathological liar.

  5. Corsi Mousehold

    Sep 21st, 2008

    Oh and ahhh …. Location in store where I have a contract with Strokers Buisness manager …. Andrea Faulkner …. She even states in it to copy it and keep it for the record.

    I think that’ll clear this up.

  6. Anon Fur

    Sep 21st, 2008

    My favorite part about this whole issue is that Corsi Mousehold has finally decided to take a stand against content thieft. infact Corsi last year at somepoint had an AV thief on staff at furnation for a long time, and even bought a fursuit from the guy. Magnus Noonan ripped off Malluch Cleaver’s AVs back in 07, and when corsi was notifed, corsi replied with “wasnt my problem.” after being asked why he was on staff. FurNation has a long history of only careing about copyright for their own projects, while allowing others to steal without punishment.
    I just found it amusing that as soon as Corsi found out ‘she’ was being ripped off she made this huge stink about how wrong it is to steal from other people lol.

  7. Flein Silvansky

    Sep 21st, 2008

    As I read through this article, my amusment only grew… Coming from Stroker, the guy who quit his own buisness, I find it quite amusing that he’s complaining in such a way. He technically should have no rights to it at all….

  8. Anon

    Sep 21st, 2008

    Here’s the question for Stroker.

    Did Briggi leave before or after you started owning her a shitload of cash?
    Or did she leave when you violated her trust by placing only your name on the Trademark?
    A bit fishy don’t you think? I mean after all you only joined the bandwagon AFTER Briggi had a working product.

  9. Corsi Mousehold

    Sep 21st, 2008

    Thank you everyone for your support in this matter. Seeing so many come over against what he is doing makes me feel very nice. I would thank you in person however Stroker’s friends all screamed at Linden Labs about the posting of the contract Andrea allowed me to share and thusly got my account suspended. Way to go Stroker. I can take a beating but you know … The offer still stands. Cease and desist selling my animations from now and forever … And I will Walk away from all of this and break out on my own.

  10. jester

    Sep 21st, 2008

    just wondering, corsi sell’s beds for sex, also dungeon style equipemt.. nothing age-play related, nothing too over the edge of decency. like for example, porta-potti’s and red BT telephone boxes, or maybe a soiled stained matress with pizza boxes and full ash trays laying around it.. (yeah that reminds me… DO you own the trademarks for the porta-potti and BT red telephone boxes???) anyway.. ok so corsi has to stop using the Sexgen name. fair enough.. then really in fairness, stop using and selling her annimations. you get the best of both worlds. you keep the brand name, you get corsi off your back. and everyone keeps buying your stuff.

  11. Lord Kamina

    Sep 21st, 2008

    ITT: Corsi Mousehold now wordfilters to “Scat Rat”

  12. TheBimboCheerleaders

    Sep 21st, 2008

    Wow What a mess of Drama. Our squad did post a Reply to the advert that this website was running. we thought it wouldbe prudent to RE-Post it here so everyone can see. The Following is an EXACT COPY of our previous post to the Advert for Corsi’s Creations.

    OK so like a few of our squad members went to the so called SexGen Release party at Corsi’s Creations. Here is what a few of the squad members found. a Room full of Items, NOT Created by Corsi, rather Script’s made by Briggi and Beds made by, get this Lindens. Thats right, the Beds we all have in our Objects Library were for sale, Created by Lindens and Stamped with a SexGen Logo. After Standing around in a Furry Yiffin Orgy, Corsi Himself (the female mouse) dropped copies of an Objet to the Squad members at his party. The FREEBE items he gave were

    [13:53] Corsi Mousehold gave you Sexgen St. Andrews Cross (5.01).
    [13:21] Corsi Mousehold gave you SexGen Bondage Horse (5.01).

    Now, When these items were rezzed In-Game here is what they said

    [13:48] SexGen Bondage Horse (5.01): Unable to give inventory: ‘No item named ‘!Cuddlebed Instructions’.’.
    [13:52] Sexgen St. Andrews Cross (5.01): Could not find script ‘~DataStore v5.0 1′.

    after these errors were brught to the So called Creators attention he gave a Multitude of Excuses why “HIS” so called creations were not working correctly,

    1st He blamed Second Life problems,
    [13:48] Corsi Mousehold: That’s …. Odd.
    [13:48] Corsi Mousehold: Okay SOmething is wrong with SL.

    2nd he blamed some old scripts for Freebies
    [13:55] Corsi Mousehold: I bet I dropped the wrong folder into the horse.
    [13:57] Corsi Mousehold: Yes I put the 4.99 scripts into the horse.
    [13:57] Corsi Mousehold: It’s for freebies.

    3ird time he explaind it as he had made a mistake on the permission
    [14:10] Corsi Mousehold: Okay … The second one IS permissioned correctly. I am looking at it now.
    [14:10] Corsi Mousehold: Oh Wait.
    [14:10] Corsi Mousehold: Oh …. I didn’t give you the new one.
    [14:11] Corsi Mousehold: The first can’t be mod copy trans. Try giving it back to me.

    Thats right he gave us a Full Perms copy, and still it DID NOT WORK

    after repeated attempts to Figure out why the “NEW SexGen” was broken he blamed the Creators

    [14:16] Corsi Mousehold: I am the actual creator. :)
    [14:16] Corsi Mousehold: Well Kouta Ruska
    [14:17] Corsi Mousehold: And Briggi Bard
    [14:17] Corsi Mousehold: They created it.
    [14:17] Corsi Mousehold: I animated the GAY menu.

    So this was just dragging on Far too long so we ended the conversation with

    [14:19] TheBimboCheerleaders: We thought Stroker Serpentine Created and owns sexgen… this is a knock off?
    [14:19] TheBimboCheerleaders: This is fake, Stroker is SexGen
    [14:19] TheBimboCheerleaders: Bye

    On a Side note, Corsi also sent us a T-shirt named ***SexGen T-Shirt (white)***
    when we looked at Properties it said, can you guess?, CREATED BY STROKER SERPENTINE

    So the ONLY 100% Authentic SexGen Item that Corsi aparently has is A full perms T-shirt

  13. The King

    Sep 21st, 2008

    ah, typical furfag drama.

    Furries can lie, cheat, take, and steal; breaking every rule in the book, and will try to justify it at every turn.

    Anyone pisses them off or rips them off (who would actually want to do the latter?!)or does something bad. SOUND THE FUCKING ALARMS! THAR BE FURSECUTION ABOUT.

    Corsi is the best example of the worst qualities furries bring about.

    everyone (including furries) hates corsi, except his sock puppets.

  14. LOL

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    After reading all these articles now, and trying to talk with all parties involved, I totally think Corsi is in the wrong. As Hired help, he was NEVER given permission to Sell anything SexGen on his own. Even Looking at Briggi Bard’s Profile I see that Corsi is listed as being in charge of Complaints. Is that Making the complaints? or creating them for SexGen? Looking at all the hoopla about this anyone can see for them self that Corsi and briggi are both confused about alot of things, including thier Gender. I find it odd and insulting that a Blaitent Crossdresser\Transvestite has this listed on it’s Profile. Quote:
    Any woman who aspires to be equal to men in business simply lacks ambition. That is an INSULT to Every single woman in the World. How would Briggi know what it is like to Be a woman in business? Both Corsi and briggi choose what gender they want to be when they wake up in the morning and Tuck thier Manhood into a pair of Thong Panties. Just because you wear Lingerie and a wig that does NOT make you a Woman.

  15. Confused

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    I am confused about one thing. When I had a problem with my Sexgen it was Stroker Serpentine who responded and fixed it immediately even though I was the one who messed it up. I have never even seen or heard of these other people. is it possible that they have sold their work to Stroker, in which case he rightfully owns it, and now we are getting dragged in to their seller’s remorse? It just goes to show that in Virtual world just like real one we need to have written contracts and receipts.

    I guess this could all be solved if Corsi would go and build a better mousetrap. If you have teh skills you wont need to use sexgen name.

  16. Blak Hax

    Sep 23rd, 2008

    Any involvement with a fake bed for having fake sex makes you a sub-human kind of fucking loser, whether you sell it or own it.
    Just because other SL fags also do it, doesn’t mean you’re normal.

  17. FrazzleFrei

    Sep 23rd, 2008

    I can imagin all the babyfurs in kit estates/cub conclave will eventually flood in here if they haven’t already, to support Corsi.

  18. Jessica Holyoke

    Sep 23rd, 2008

    Reading LOL’s comment:

    If they present as women, they don’t use voice, they never say anything but that they are women, then how are they treated any differently than any other woman? Do you treat a female avatar like a man just because you don’t have confirmation that she’s a woman? or do you treat a female avatar like a woman until you know otherwise?

  19. IntLibber Brautigan

    Sep 23rd, 2008

    “Just because other SL fags also do it, doesn’t mean you’re normal.”

    Coming from you, Black Hax, that’s pretty hilarious.

  20. Stephie

    Sep 24th, 2008

    “If they present as women, they don’t use voice, they never say anything but that they are women, then how are they treated any differently than any other woman? Do you treat a female avatar like a man just because you don’t have confirmation that she’s a woman? or do you treat a female avatar like a woman until you know otherwise?”

    Every female avatar on SL has a man behind it until proven otherwise.

  21. LOL

    Sep 25th, 2008

    @Jessica Holyoke

    Both Corsi and Briggi admit they are Transvsetites and crossdressers. Look at thier profiles and READ the 1st life tab.

    Corsi 1st Life tab:

    Real Name: Joey Porter (Yes I am Male IRL even though I am Female here in Second Life)

    Location: Somewhere in Texas

    Married: Not married but I have a mate. In SL her name is Merlot

    Want anything else? Just ask. I am an open book.

    As for Briggi… HA HA HA Everyone has seen his RL picture dressed in drag.

    So now that we have established the facts that they are indeed Men in RL… how can you say this quote on Briggi’s 1st life page of her Profile is not an Insult to women everyware?

    Any woman who aspires to be equal to men in business simply lacks ambition…

    This BEGS ME TO ASK AGAIN for your sake

    How would Briggi know what it is like to Be a woman in business?

  22. Jessica Holyoke

    Sep 25th, 2008

    After looking at both their profiles, and being up in the air about Briggi’s RL tab picture, and not seeing Briggi’s picture before, it doesn’t change my original statement from before.

    Unless people knew Briggi was not a woman from the start, which might be the case with Corsi, how would Briggi’s treatment differ than other women before any discrepancy was revealed?

    What I’m asking is, if someone were to treat men and women differently, then wouldnt someone on a female avatar, no matter who is behind the screen, be treated differently than someone on a male avatar, no matter who is behind the screen?

    As an aside, Briggi’s profile quote, while pro feminist, sort of smacks of those ads where the husband got sick because he got into the dog food. Just saying its sexism of a different sort.

  23. Naima

    Sep 25th, 2008

    I can take a beating but you know … The offer still stands. Cease and desist selling my animations from now and forever … And I will Walk away from all of this and break out on my own.

    [14:32] Corsi Mousehold: He was given my animations full permissions to sell the Platinum Diamond. But he never liked me thinking I was trying to ‘Ride the coattails’ of SexGen even though I had been a part of the company as staff for almost two years.

    Corsi, how can you say stop selling your animations when you gave them to Stroker, full perms animations. Therefore it is your fault, let it go. You have been trapped.

  24. janellem capalini

    Sep 28th, 2008

    [2008/09/28 8:08] janellem Capalini: i have decided to not have my vendor in the mall anymore can you please return my time
    [2008/09/28 8:08] Corsi Mousehold: Sure. TP me hon?
    [8:09] Corsi Mousehold: Rezzing.
    [8:09] You: ok
    [8:10] Corsi Mousehold: Joys of the Skymall…. Someone told me once I must be a masochist for running the mall.
    [8:10] You: why is that
    [8:10] Corsi Mousehold: Cause I get called up to the mall like daily.
    [8:10] You: oh
    [8:11] Gamma Mall Back Blank: Auto-Lease v2.12FL at FurNation Gamma [FurNation Alpha (87,51,428)]: LEASE TERMINATED. Refunded L$107
    [8:11] You: thank you
    [8:11] Corsi Mousehold: done
    [8:11] Corsi Mousehold: No worries hon
    [8:11] Gamma Mall Back Blank: Settings mode exited.
    [8:11] Corsi Mousehold: Sorry things didn’t work out.
    [8:12] You: too much drama for me
    [8:13] Corsi Mousehold: Drama? What happened hon?
    [8:14] You: just all the constant drama in group ims over all this sexgen stuff
    [8:14] Corsi Mousehold: Well that’s ending real fast. I left SexGen
    [8:15] Corsi Mousehold: But it is a big thing. My sales help keep the sims online.
    [8:15] Corsi Mousehold: Things have been quiet. What happened recently?
    [8:16] You: nothing has happened, its just tiring
    [8:16] Corsi Mousehold: That’s why I put an end to the drama by changing the name I sell the beds under and changing the store name.
    [8:17] Corsi Mousehold: I have to deal with all the FurNation Drama. That on top of it wasn’t needed so I ended it cold. Now we’re just moving on.
    [8:18] You: well you didnt help the drama by starting all the group chats, you got them started corsi
    [8:18] Corsi Mousehold: Spent the last few days working on all the changeovers
    [8:18] Corsi Mousehold: Hon I didn’t start most of them. They read the articles Stroker posted.
    [8:18] You: just being honest
    [8:19] Corsi Mousehold: Even the one in the Herald. That started cause Stroker came in to start trouble. The log he put on there … All the breaks in it? That was my text edited out where I was telling them to stop.
    [8:20] You: corsi on sep 20th, u started that chat off
    [8:20] Corsi Mousehold: Hon it’s the 28th….
    [8:20] Corsi Mousehold: That was 8 days ago. Alot has changed.
    [8:21] You: and it just settled now
    [8:21] Corsi Mousehold: And I am confident it will stay that way.
    [8:22] You: well if it does i wil come back but you got this anora girl posting notices every 2 days about this petition
    [8:22] Corsi Mousehold: All I can tell her to do is not to do it.
    [8:23] You: its crazy
    [8:23] Corsi Mousehold: No it’s stupid.
    [8:23] Corsi Mousehold: Instead of trying to hurt him in a way that will not work I want to work on making a better buisness than he is.
    [8:24] Corsi Mousehold: Make a better product and hurt his sales to the point he is out of buisness and out of luck.
    [8:25] You: corsi we both know that will never happen hun, is client base is too large
    [8:25] Corsi Mousehold: Honestly and even you will find this funny….
    [8:25] Corsi Mousehold: Stroker was blockading Briggi and I from posting onto SLX
    [8:26] Corsi Mousehold: Now with him forcing the name change we are free to pist the entire inventory. So he’s going to help us make money.
    [8:26] You: pist?
    [8:26] Corsi Mousehold: pist = list
    [8:26] Corsi Mousehold: Every time Briggi or I would put something on SLX he would demand it’s removal.
    [8:26] Corsi Mousehold: And they would do it.
    [8:27] Corsi Mousehold: Now he can’t
    [8:27] You: why is that
    [8:27] Corsi Mousehold: So YAY NAMECHANGE!
    [8:27] Corsi Mousehold: Cause he was greedy. And when we would list SexGen Items, he listed with the SLX that he had a trademark. They review the postings and refuse to allow us.
    [8:28] Corsi Mousehold: We would go to him and tell him he needs to let us post and his reeasonings for not allowing it is cause it would hurt HIS sales.
    [8:29] Corsi Mousehold: Now I can list NeoLove and he can’t do jack.
    [8:30] You: well im staying neutral since i have ties to both worlds, which should be really one
    [8:31] Corsi Mousehold: Hon … I can only wish the three of us were still partners.
    [8:32] Corsi Mousehold: Stroker broke it off with us back in January cause he didn’t want to pay us. Briggi knew he was cheating her. And when we finally had proof he spazzed and left continuing to sell our product.
    [8:34] Corsi Mousehold: If I had it MY way? We would have one account on a joint Email address that would split everything up correctly between the three of us.
    [8:34] Corsi Mousehold: The way it should have been.
    [8:34] Corsi Mousehold: That’s what Briggi and I do.
    [8:34] You: well i need to get back to my own work, good luck to yoou corsi
    [8:34] You: you
    [8:34] Corsi Mousehold: See you later and likewise.
    [8:35] You: thank you
    [8:35] Corsi Mousehold: Briggi and I are still partners. And we are not breaking up.
    [8:35] You: ok
    [8:35] Teleport completed from

    – Instant message logging enabled –
    [8:51] Corsi Mousehold: You have been ejected from ‘FurNation Community’ by Corsi Mousehold.

    This is what happens when you decide not to have your vendor in Furnation Mall anymore even after telling Corsi once things calm down a bit that I would return, guess I went against him and back to his mouse hole he goes to hide.


  25. janellem capalini

    Sep 29th, 2008

    [10:54] Corsi Mousehold: I’m Sorry. I had no right to eject you from the community group. This is between me and him and I am dead wrong for taking that out on you just cause you are friend with him. [10:54] Corsi Mousehold: I’m very sorry. [10:54] Corsi Mousehold: Too much stress over this is really clouding my judgement. [10:55] janellem Capalini: no thanks [10:55] Corsi Mousehold: As a sim owner, buisness owner, and leader in the community I should know better. I can’t fault you for being angry with me you entire have every right to be.



  26. Keldrin

    Nov 3rd, 2008

    OK. Couple of things. First, part of the deal for Corsi to make sexgen, is that full perm anims had to be given to make a all in one product. If you say that giving full perm anims is giving up all rights, then probably you would also find that Both Brigi and Stroker have a full set of each others full perm anims. Next, if i hand you a radio, that i built, and it includes the information on how to build it, that wouldn’t give you rights to start mass producing it for sale.
    Next, what has happened in and around Furnation, in regards to how Corsi ran things, is in no way related to the issue at hand. Further more, anyone who has ever ran areas with large numbers of people, will realize, it can have a lot of stress, that wears at you over time. And Corsi has been running a lot of furnation for a long time now.
    Very obviously, both Stroker and Brigi where well aware Corsi was making the Sexgen diamond. Going back to the fact that Stroker is selling Corsi’s anims, how else do we explain, Stroker having them. It was not a rip off. Stroker even has a Sexgen plat plus diamond. MAYBE, just maybe… if he had a big problem with Corsi selling his own Sexgen products, the first step would be, not selling them in your own store.
    It’s obvious, this boils down to money. Corsi is making money, and Stroker wants it. And, I’m also betting, he technically owes Corsi money, for the anims of Corsi’s he’s already sold. And is unwilling to part with said money. No matter how you slice it, Stroker did NOT handle this well. I even know for a fact, he examined the anims before they where released into a sexgen.

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