How to Skin a Cat (or a Neko)

by Alphaville Herald on 20/10/08 at 10:35 pm

by Stacia Villota, virtual Neko

Jungle Voodoo’s Leopard skins, “Neko style” (click any of these photos to enlarge)

One of the questions I hear most often is where to find good skins for Nekos. While it would be easy to provide the names of the most popular Neko stores that sell skins, I prefer a challenge. And so my fellow Neko friends, I have compiled an extensively researched list of Neko skin stores, categorized and complete with SLURLS for your shopping convenience.

However, before you click the link at the bottom of this page to see the full list, you might want to take a moment to read a few notes about what information I included, and why:

Atomic Kitty’s “Hope” skin… one of my choices for a Neko-appropriate “human” skin

Hey! What about…..

Yes, it’s highly possible that you’re going to know of a skin store I’ve missed, which is why I rely on comments from my loyal readers to help me fill in our collective Neko knowledge.

Simply drop me an email (contact information can be found on my “About This Kitteh” page) along with an SLURL to the store if possible, and I’ll be happy to check out their skin options personally.

Please note: This is not a post about all the great “human” skin stores in Second Life with goth skin tones. I did however select a few human skins that I felt had some unique characteristic(s) that might appeal to Nekos.

Frick Skins… adorable and affordable!

Just bear in mind that the definition of “unique human skin” is based entirely on my very own (usually subjective but not necessarily humble) opinion. ^_^

A sampling of Neko skins at Hybrid (click photo to enlarge)

It’s All About Genetics

Because we Nekos come in a variety of genetic variables, my skin reviews required some form of categorization:

Several of Nikita Fride’s “human style” skins would make a sexeh grrl kitteh…

Human Skins: Some of us are very nearly human, the only difference being our lovely ears and tails. Sometimes however, the scrappy alley cat genes come through, as evidenced by the occasional scar, black eye, or bloody lip on what is technically a “human” skin.

Neko Skins: Still others of us are further along in our transformation, and prefer skins that come complete with tiger stripes, calico spots, furry bellies, or other more “Neko”-like markings.

In this category, options abounded… from the range of skin tones (whites, browns, blacks, and even blueberry), to the detailing in leopard spots, to the amount of textural “fur” apparent on the skin itself.

Just a few from Curious Kitties (click photo to enlarge)

Often, as in the above example from Curious Kitties, you’ll find the option of buying a whole avatar (shape, skin, ears, tail, and eyes). Some stores even offer “spotted tattoos” if you like the skin you’re in, but want to “cat it up” a bit.

PixelPaws’ unique ‘Sylvana” skin — think tribal spots

Time to Shop…

Hopefully these two categories — Human and Neko — will help you select a skin that best reflects your true genetic heritage. Oh… I’ve even indicated whether the store sells male skins (M), female skins (F), or both (yes guys, I’m always thinking of you). : ahem :

Okay… without further ado… click this link to see the full list of skin stores and SLURLS:

Take me to the Virtual Neko Skin List!


this article is reprinted from virtual neko and appears by permission of the author

15 Responses to “How to Skin a Cat (or a Neko)”

  1. Darien Caldwell

    Oct 21st, 2008

    Nice advertisement. :)

  2. Melissa Yeuxdoux

    Oct 21st, 2008

    A pleasant, informative article. Ah… reprinted from elsewhere. That explains it.

  3. 'nother neko

    Oct 21st, 2008

    Yes, it was a nice ad. And I don’t care if it was reposted.

    It sure beats reading about mafia fags, cartoon heroes and griefers.

  4. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Oct 22nd, 2008

    Drifting past the 10% mark there…

  5. lawl

    Oct 22nd, 2008

    “Drifting past the 10% mark there…


    10% furfag = 1% furfag = furfag.


  6. mootykips

    Oct 22nd, 2008

    friendly reminder: saying it over and over might convince you you’re not one but it doesn’t work on anyone else hth

  7. 2cents

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    “friendly reminder: saying it over and over might convince you you’re not one but it doesn’t work on anyone else”

    Please friendly remind your other buddies at the chans too. They dont seem to get this yet. That’s why they still believe there’s a difference between half cat-half girls and half girls-half cats. That’s why they keep fapping to neko’s and keep flaming furries.

    Which is the most stupid thing since Bush.

    Well, okay, not really fair. The president’s not all *that* stupid.

  8. Neko Wannabe

    Nov 10th, 2008

    Hello, I was looking at the Hope skin which I intend to purchase, but I was also wondering about the shape displayed. Do you know where I can get it, or if it is even for sale? I really want it! Thank you in advance.

  9. LAC

    Nov 21st, 2008

    What the Hell skins @ Raven Court are worth looking at. Best female neko skins I’ve seen in a long time. Most of the skins are female but have noticed she’s slowly adding male skins.

  10. Staci

    Jan 27th, 2009

    LAC: Thank you so much for the tip-off to the “What The Hell” store! I’m there now, getting the slurl and adding this to the Neko Skins resource page of my blog. Much appreciated!
    - Stacia

  11. Stacia

    Jan 28th, 2009

    Neko Wannabe: I don’t know where that shape comes from at Atomic, but I’d recommend you drop a brief notecard to the store’s owner/designer, Ivy Graves, and ask. She’s a busy gal, but is always good about returning messages. Good luck! – Stacia

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  15. Cherry Tungsten

    Dec 19th, 2009

    Frick has also added a lovely leopard spotted skin as well as a striped one (I may be wrong on the stripes as I live in the spotted skin) I spoke to the owner and she does have plans to add new make-up options to the leopard skins. Cupcakes owners also told me they are likely to create a neko skin (which would be great since they do such pretty work on human skins)

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