Lab Promotes Reuters Abandoned SL Offices as Hot Spot

by Alphaville Herald on 14/10/08 at 11:05 am

Nothing more interesting in Second Life than dead corporate islands

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

no room to showcase residents’ work — Reuters ghost town is featured

Linden Lab apparently feels its business interests are best served by highlighting the abandoned “Thomson Reuters” virtual news island as a “Hot Spot” — despite nearly non-existent traffic at Reuters’ Atrium, the departure of Eric Reuters for greener pastures, a broken news HUD dispenser, and an incapacitated news video player on Reuters virtual property. By nearly anyone’s standards this one HOT property – and we are sure metaverse residents will understand why their properties couldn’t be featured by the Lab instead.

ghost town

Still, with Tateru Nino reporting the departure of Eric Reuters and the Reuters island virtual property showing nearly zero traffic, it might be prudent to quietly remove Reuters from the in-world search tool’s showcase section. Or does the Lab want to highlight the decline and fall of Reuters Second Life as a warning to others?

HUD dispenser broken – video player broken – Welcome to Reuters Atrium!

18 Responses to “Lab Promotes Reuters Abandoned SL Offices as Hot Spot”

  1. Anonymous

    Oct 14th, 2008

    LL to REUTERS:

    “please come back ;__;”

    proof of an ailing SL.

  2. reader

    Oct 14th, 2008

    now this is news folks can use.
    factual, concise and thought provoking
    prolly would have made more sense to actually open it up more tho
    and put it in the “bigger” context pix.
    then again uv never really showed that u know how to do that.
    switch from coffee to redbull or rockstar, that might help

  3. General Drama

    Oct 14th, 2008

    Protip: Too much furpron, not enough ecommerce. Get LL off the sexbeds and into integrating sims with existing company’s ecommerce websites.

  4. LOL

    Oct 14th, 2008

    it’s all Smoke and Mirrors with LL. Leaving Reuters island online just Makes it look like Secondlife has some “LEGIT” content

  5. Archie Lukas

    Oct 15th, 2008

    I knew they would bugger off

    seemed such a pointless exercise

    Maybe now Linden Labs can concentrate on their real customers
    The punters

    Hint: not the suits

  6. Jumpman Lane

    Oct 15th, 2008

    Until/unless members of RL companies PLAY SL (by play I mean interact with RESIDENTS). RL island dumps will remain wastelands, tier will seem a needless expense and RL companies will flee this lil virtual world of ours. Cya at the top! Caws that’s where I’m iz! Square biz! Oh and PROKOFY IS RIGHT! Spread the word!

  7. Marc Woebegone

    Oct 15th, 2008

    One just can’t help but feel sorry for LL and all those poor people that invested time and energy building their own universe.

    Marc Woebegone

  8. Sigmund Leominster

    Oct 15th, 2008

    As the folks on Reuter’s Island pack their things into dusty tea-chests and polish off their resumes, the Second Life media industry needs to take another look at itself and work out just what the hell it is all about. With due respect to all the folks out there who want to play at being editors and journalists – and, mea culpa, I am one of those – we seem to see new “magazines” pop up every month, each one claiming to be “new” and “exciting” and “filling a gap” in the Second Life media landscape. Truth is, most are 90% advertising and some of the writing reads like the author is either a bot or hasn’t learned to use either a spell checker or a grammar checker.

    So is the Second Life Fourth Estate a bastion of journalistic excellence, a second-rate pale imitation of real life journalism written by third-rate wannabees, or just another role playing game for self-styled media moguls who, in real life, find writing a check the most taxing literary task.

    Consider this posting a teaser for my up-coming “Second Life; Second-Rate Fourth Estate” article, something I have been hacking away at for a few weeks now. I can guarantee that after it is published, I will never get a job writing for any SL periodical again – save possibly two – unless I join the sad band of ersatz Rupert Murdochs; or maybe more realistically Robert Maxwells (go ahead, youngsters, google it.)

  9. NinaA

    Oct 15th, 2008

    Give it up Linden Lab. SL is for virtual porn and fun. If you want a ‘hot spot’ with lots of people about, try typing ‘sex’ into search.

  10. Jumpman Lane

    Oct 15th, 2008

    Screw u Siggy the bitch! Stay on the mothafuckin sidelines! This world is mine. Let meh tell ya about a lil mag called Slut Magazine! We’ve changed our name to Jumpman Lane ™’s Slutmagazine (c) to protect our marks. Reorganizing around new products we will provide, developing sims for rl porn producers Millineum Video Productions who are playin sl and havin their steps guided by the man in these streets! One Jumpman Lane. Unnastan. Casting about for rl charites to support. And if you wanna read something wait for the lil tale of how those Moumtainmeister tards ran Jenna Jameson outta SL and how only Jumpy can bring her back (OR bring her here AT ALL) Siggy just caws ur a chump and at the bottom dont mean everybody is! Cya at the top! Caws that’s where I’m iz! Square biz! And u know what? PROKOFY IS RIGHT! AND I mean that. Tell the world.

  11. Sigmund Leominster

    Oct 16th, 2008

    Jumpy! Phew, so glad you posted – someone needs to save the media world and Slut Magazine may just be the thing to do it. It is certainly prolific, appearing on MySpace, Ning, Blogger, and who knows where else. I even found dead sites that appear to have been some incarnation of Slut Magazine but have been shut down or abandoned. The last entry for the blog I stumbled across was April 16th. The Ning network version had the last “discussion” in May 2008, and your last post was October 2nd – three months after the previous post. Not exactly a regular periodical, eh? Oh, and it would help if there were perhaps ONE site with ONE address so we can take a look at whatever it is that Jumpman Lane (TM)’s Slutmagazine is supposed to be about – other than Jumpman Lane, of course ;)

    Feel free to drop me an e-mail with the site address so I can take a look. It would be unfair to comment on the magazine without taking a good look at it. Don’t worry about the content being too shocking for me – I’ll take the risk.

  12. Rock Ramona

    Oct 16th, 2008

    wellllll i hate to say i told ya sooo but….

  13. Anonymous

    Oct 17th, 2008

    ITT, SL is dying.

  14. Jumpman Lane

    Oct 17th, 2008

    @siggy the bitch! Man fuck you! U too squishy to know bout meh! The Lindens tried to stop me but now they on my friends list! Vol 3 ish 1 will be in dec and i’ll b sure 2 let ya know where to see it caws i’m gonna put ya bitch ass in it! Chump

  15. LMAO

    Oct 17th, 2008

    “now this is news folks can use.
    factual, concise and thought provoking
    prolly would have made more sense to actually open it up more tho
    and put it in the “bigger” context pix.
    then again uv never really showed that u know how to do that.
    switch from coffee to redbull or rockstar, that might help”

    Reader i agree 100% pixeleen is just a sad lil reject that got turned down for the school news paper so she has to make people read her bs online..but couldnt have said it better myself reader.

  16. Pappy Enoch

    Oct 19th, 2008

    I needs a big ol’ I-land fo’ awl mah kinfolks…I reckon them Reuters’ big-bugs dun paid up the rent for a while…hoo whee!

    Gonna have me a HILLBILLY CAMP thar directly. When the rick folks runs off, mah famberly sets up shop :)

    Yo’s trooly,

    Pappy Enoch
    Wun o’ the 30 hottest fellers in SL (well, wun o’ 24–six dun gone missin’ an’ I didn’t du nuffin’ tu ‘em)

  17. Pappy Enoch

    Oct 22nd, 2008

    I meaned tu say “rich folks” not “rick”–and them Reuters boys am rollin’ in more dough n’ that-thar Pillsbury Poopin’Fresh dough-feller.

    Besides, I are a furst-rate proofreadur (well, 190 proof, like Shine).

    As fo’ Rick–I dun shot him.

  18. Ruprecht

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    Pixeleen’s grudge against LL is practically pathological.

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