Nightflower — Post 6 Grrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 19/11/08 at 7:35 am

[Nightflower - a girl and her dream. The Night Flower sim hosts some of SL's finest photo art by some of SL's most creative artists. The paint on the walls was still fresh, meaning some of the prims were still untextured when I met Nightflower there for our photo shoot. Is there any better place to take pictures than a gallery? This woman is spontaneous, chaotic, loveable and a wonderful and eloquent writer whose blog I have been following for quite some time. Her friends dropping snotty remarks while she was dropping her clothes were no big help but they are as much part of her life as creativity and open-mindedness. – Bunny Brickworks]


They stared out at me from the pages of the crumpled in-flight magazine: a digital Ken and Barbie, swirling across an otherworldly dance floor awash in firefly lights. The article told of a fantastical alternate reality, populated by personalities both magical and garish, a world willed into existence through the creativity of its citizens.

This wasn’t just a computer game, the story continued, but a place where you could do and be whatever you could imagine, giving birth to a totally new you in a safely anonymous place of limitless options. Even the name left me breathless with promise – Second Life.

Three hours later, dream smashed headlong against reality. I couldn’t seem to fly in a straight line, couldn’t figure out how to drive the damn car, and somehow managed to attach the torch to my head. I walked like a duck, stood like a man at a urinal, and couldn’t stop jerking my head around like someone tracking the flight path of a troublesome insect. I remember standing there in those stonewashed blue jeans and that ubiquitous purple long-sleeved tee, feeling like I’d really been sold a bill of goods.


But somehow, I managed to make my way to a place with the inviting name of Help Island. It’s worth noting that I received no help there – well, at least none of the instructional variety. But it was there that I first saw them.

There was a dazzling fairy trailing pixie dust, a little clown made of dancing lights, a delicate child who appeared to be half machine. A massive, tentacled orb hung over the landing zone, and a sensual catwoman writhed nimbly against a leather-clad vampire.

And that was all I needed to see, all I needed to know. Not even the griefer who at that moment nuked me with fart gas could dampen the thrill that was surging through me, as my consciousness stretched to consider a world made not of limits, but only of possibilities. I knew in an instant that creativity was the very fabric of this world, and here, I would be reborn.

Now I am a citizen of the virtual world. I play the game of paper dolls for a grown up little girl, but that’s just one of many delightful diversions. I dance and party like a wanton sorority babe, but that’s just a festive novelty. At the deepest level, I am here to create.


I’m here to forge a life for myself that is a pure expression of my spirit and character – a life somehow truer than the one I live in the flesh. I’m here to create an existence that, though completely imaginary, is indelibly stamped by the reality of who I am in a way that my real life will never be. Freed from the implacable circumstances and restrictions of my bodily life, I’m here to create the fullest version of who I want to be.

Here in this make believe world, this powerful reality, Nightflower is blossoming.

11 Responses to “Nightflower — Post 6 Grrrl”

  1. fan

    Nov 19th, 2008

    Thats nicest looking female avi in slh for a while!

  2. Marx Dudek

    Nov 19th, 2008

    How true, everything you said. And summarized perfectly what lured me here, and what has kept me here. And your description of being a newbie had me nearly in tears with laughter – proving once again that the best humor is always based on truth. :)

    I will have to visit your sim. Hopefully soon. Thank you so for sharing, Night.

  3. Laleeta

    Nov 19th, 2008

    Woot for Night here!
    And by the way lovely buttocks :D !

  4. Seikatsu Koba

    Nov 19th, 2008

    @ Bunny – Great introduction, and lovely pictures. The first one is my favorite because it simply captures Night’s beauty in pixels and personality.

    @ Night – You are poet. Your last paragraph speaks how my heart feels, I’m too I am here to create, and I battle with myself, so my SL will never become truer than the life I life in flesh.

    Lastly, nice ass (woot)

  5. Carmen

    Nov 19th, 2008

    Another wonderful Post 6 welld one to you both

  6. Veyron Supercharge

    Nov 19th, 2008

    mmmm… What a cutie, but as I recall being in the peanut gallery during the photo shoot there was a bit more flesh to be shown than above? Where are the smutty piccies? I feel deprived or is that depraved – I always get them confused. :)

  7. GoSpeed Racer

    Nov 19th, 2008

    Ahem, me and Vey were not in the least bit snotty. Snarky maybe, but not snotty. Nyah! Statler and Waldorf indeed!

  8. Moggs Oceanlane

    Nov 20th, 2008

    I love your words Night – it reads like a whismical fairy tale :)

  9. Sigmund Leominster

    Nov 20th, 2008

    I don’t know Nightflower. I have to believe that she’s a lovely girl who can be fun to be with, and that she enjoys what she does. But maybe it’s just me who thinks that the prose accompanying the pictures is an exercise in purple. There’s an abuse of adjectives and more floweriness than a Dutch tulip field. The occasional nod towards the florid hacks of the Victorian Era are fine but too much is… well, too much! And as I said, this is nothing to do with Nightflower herself but I couldn’t help point out that the writing style is a little too rich for my taste. And possibly the taste of others – excluding, of course, readers of mass-market romance novels ;)

  10. Stephie

    Nov 20th, 2008

    Pretty, unique face with the longer nose but her figure is the same as 90% of the rest of SL. Big tits with no waist. Yawn.

  11. Lola

    Nov 21st, 2008

    Why did you use that second picture? Do you see the prim cut-off on the left leg? At least touch that crap up in an imaging program. I think my grandmother could at least that much in MSPaint. Heinous imperfections like that can ruin an audience’s perspective on the subject. It shows that you have no editing skills, and that you don’t care. I’d hazard to guess both.

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