Who Will Save Paris 1900?

by Alphaville Herald on 11/11/08 at 10:57 pm

Paris 1900 in grave danger — reports of OpenSpace landowners flight

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk


DATELINE Fri Nov 7 06:27:53 2008 — Paris 1900 (9,175,16)
YadNi Monde:

I am generally pleased to announce, this time i am not. Laurent Savon, actual owner of Paris 1900, cannot afford land tier anymore and he is going to NUKE Paris 1900, an ensemble of sims i built two years ago.

Either YOU know of someone who could save Paris 1900 from obliteration, then please let me know, or you just know yourself and there is nothing you can do, in that case, go have a last visit to this ancient Top Of The Pop project that in it’s time exploded the charts of visitor counts.

DATELINE Thu Nov 6 17:17:38 2008
Cummere Mayo:

Sims being returned or abandoned:

loss of openspace sims:
various stores: 100+
seperate park, galleries, and small rp zones: about 80
ccs: 1
RPS: 3
Pete Brim: 1
Neo-modern rentals group: 62 (at least)
Bitova Loon: 4 (possibly another 8 additional)
Alikat Stables : 2
Albatroz Hird and friends: 3
aPiscean Liberty: 1
Shanna Sungsoo: 1
Lileigh Cazalet: 1
Boby Brim: 1
Rush Gastel:1
Bengaltiger Writer and Wheemzel DeCuir: 28
The7Seas Estate: 8
Vanillia Vantelli: 2
Skulldevilman Alter: 1
Renee Faulds: 1
Raptors Reef: 1
listed on http://web3d.admicile.com/openspace/: 49
Joia Lane: 5
Aiku Yokosuka: 1
Rimpoche Kiama: 2

total so far 354

cost per year at 75$/mo


this does not include many of the groups that posted on the forum that they were closing up all of their openspace sims or all of their owned sims of any type and whose numbers i do not know.

This is most likely only the tip of the iceberg… I would guess the real losses will be ten to 20 times this.

25 Responses to “Who Will Save Paris 1900?”

  1. Sinden Lucks

    Nov 12th, 2008

    This is sad. Such a nice design. All that hard work down the linden shitter pipes. There are so many nice quality builds in SL leaving. And no one can blame them. The lost work is worth thousands of dollars in some cases. But labor doesn’t count with Linden. Only the monthly down the shitter pipe tier fees.

    It will be hard to replace some of the nicer builds in SL that are leaving or have already abandoned ship.

    You know, corporates will just up and leave due to the bad press. You can count on that. And Linden is silly enough to believe that people with a reputation will stick around while the company screws over their fan base. With the bad PR, I would leave to if I were a big corporate. Just to set an example.

    Most of the little people leave due to not being able to afford it, that and the continued grief linden gives you with not keeping a stable business model. The larger entities just won’t want any link to it. Thus they just up and abandon.

  2. Baron Cuttlesmith von Blogharder, Esqu, MD

    Nov 12th, 2008

    My business associate, Professor Nerdrage Crymore, could help finance. All that is required is a gallon of blue YadNi tears, provided that are well aged and from a vintage year- say around 04. I am of the opinion that such junkmongler tears will, however, only depreciate in value, as it seems that the tear harvest of this autumn has overbrimmed the bawwww barrels.

    Failing that, I guess that coddle community of teenage roleplayer fucksticks could “get their shit together” as my American friends say in their plain-speak, and actually try to pay for their own shit. Expecting others to pay for your clusterfuck of roleplay and shitting store sims is preposterous.

  3. Anonymous

    Nov 12th, 2008

    Good ‘ol Linden Labs, shooting their own feet since 2007! (face it 2007 is when a majority of bullshit with LL and their customers started, and seem to be actively finding new ways to piss off their customer base and make them leave)

  4. Yoda Sonoda

    Nov 12th, 2008

    The solution to save the french sim?

    Why not store all buildings in scripts that write position, rotation and height in the linkset its title or description (or on a external server). Then copy everything with “second inventory” and rezz the whole sim on a (self owned) opensim based sim or grid. Then connect the sim with OSgrid and there you have it saved and open to visit for everybody.
    There are a few other possibilities too but basically it is time to not depend on Linden Labs Second Life its grid anymore. That is if you want to survive in the future :)

  5. Bob Wellman

    Nov 12th, 2008

    I fear many good builds in SL will disappear due to LL s greed.

    Osgiliath was a great build and that disappeared due to greed on the part of the sim owner. He allowed people to work hard to build a great city only to pull the sim out from under them… allegedly. Now its gone forever. Vandals!

    What is next? ROMA? Silk Waters Mountain? Two of my favorite places of beauty and I am sure we could all add many more that we love here….

    “Greed is good”… Gordon Geko

    “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”… Mahatma Ghandi

    SL requires a bit more Ghandi and a bit less Geko, but I fear it wont get that. Balance is the key to a successful society. Empires fall when they get out of balance.

    LL should start an equivalent of the british institution the National Trust (I am sure other countries have similar) so that once a build becomes an institution it should be adopted by the Nation and be exempt from taxes (like tier) and be protected for the enjoyment of all. They could say premium membership was used for the upkeep of these sims and so charitable people may keep thier premium membership going to help out. LL are always bleating on about how they cant keep new visitors and need good places to show them to engage them in SL. An NT scheme could help this and encourage people to improve thier builds to reach this status. What is good for the eye is utimately also good for LL.

    If SL becomes nothing but a giant shopping mall I fear it wont be a place I will want to visit anymore. Funnily enough I dont watch the shopping channels on TV either but am content to see adverts between my favorite programs on TV. Go figure!

    Lets hope the places of beauty, if they cant survive in SL, move to an opensim grid so they can still be enjoyed by those with a soul and so leave SL to the people to whom money is god. Dont get me wrong I have nothing against making a profit but tearing down historical monuments to put up a shopping mall appalls me. There is room in a virtual world for both. Or at least there should be.

    Sorry for the rant but I feel very deeply about Paris 1900 and places like it in SL. Value what you have or lose it is my advice. Once its gone its gone forever.

    On a lighter note: where can I get a Tshirt with “Your world, Your imagination, Our greed”… OK forget the first 2 if it stands in the way of part 3….LOL

  6. Reverse Writer

    Nov 12th, 2008

    1. It’s a fugly sim and says more about the depth of people’s standards than its actual quality that it was once “top of the pops.” If it was the amazing shining sim on the hill it’s painted as, then people would show up, shops would be rented, tier would be paid. Except no one is showing up for a craptastic simulation of someone’s barbie doll vision of Paris.

    2. What does this have to do with OpenSpace? Nothing. Except maybe as an illustration that people should stop living outside their means, especially when it comes to disposable income. Try paying attention to the global wobbly economy and stop dumping your surplus funds into the internet.

    3. None of those sims or owners listed mean a thing to me, and, I suspect, to most people. Maybe they’re weeping about it, but I’m certainly not. Plenty of quality sims still out there that aren’t scamming openspace as some sort of get-primrich-quick scheme. Let OpenSpace Sims die.

  7. 2 Cents

    Nov 12th, 2008

    As the U.S. and Global economies go – so does the virtual rip-off!
    Multi-trillion devaluation of retirement accounts.
    Job losses totalling more than 1 million and projected to approach 2 million in the U.S. – just this year alone.
    Interest rates = cost of money, tanking worldwide. Even saving doesn’t pay anymore.
    Personal Savings Rate in the U.S. not just zero but effectively NEGATIVE if you consider the lack of saving coupled with the huge amount of borrowing (money borrowed on second mortgages as one example) and now the evaporation of those previously perceived HIGH home VALUES and the subsequent loans created.
    Home values in the U.S. averaging 70% of what they were at the recent peak; some markets experiencing a greater than 50% drop in value since ’05 in the more depressed areas.
    Price of OIL below $55 just today and projected to hit as low as $30 to $40/barrel.
    The cost of war = 10+ Billion per month to the United States.
    ~ all in all ~
    The perception of WHAT is VALUABLE is dramatically changing worldwide.

    You’d best rethink your strategy of where to put your money!

    You’d best re-evaluate what constitutes VALUE in entertainment!

    You’d best get back to basics and ditch the virtual bullshit!

    You’d best GET REAL!
    Linden Research will fail in 2009 – bank on it…

  8. Ice Stawberry

    Nov 12th, 2008

    Hmmm… I visited them Sim. It’s gettin old. It was really excellent at the time it was build but is far far away from being state of the art today.

    Furthermore, there are huges plazas and wide streets which force users to take very long time consuming and boring walks from one attraktion to the other (flying is forbidden). It’s really hard to resist from pressing the TP elsewhere button during these walks.

    So it was fabulous some times ago but no one kept it up-to-date. Fame alone isn’t enough to survive the ravages of time.

    Kisses Ice

  9. DD Ra

    Nov 12th, 2008

    It would be sad to see this great “old style” build from Yadni Monde disappear. For me and lot of SL résidents, especially from the french community on SL, this place is reeling of so much souvenirs…

    Good luck to Paris 1900 !

  10. Le posteur Masqué

    Nov 12th, 2008

    Touché !
    Sad news for SL in a sad period. The build of the blue man will be remembered with nostalgia by most of those lucky resident who visited Paris 1900 when it opened.
    For those jealous who think they can soil such a work by insulting it, your envy is in itself a tribute to the greatness of the place.
    Votre serviteur…

  11. Reverse Writer

    Nov 12th, 2008

    It’s future nothingness is more of a tribute than any supposed envy.

  12. Orion Shamroy

    Nov 12th, 2008

    @Yoda – I completely agree. I’ve already lost my sim before I was even able to open it, but luckily was able to back up the individual pieces and move them over to my own OpenSim grid. Given Linden’s instabilities it certainly seems the only way to preserve our hard work is to take complete ownership over it by either self hosting or renting server space – either of which is far cheaper than the arm and a leg that LL is charging. Heck for what I was paying for one shoddy little openspace I’m able to rent three servers to run the grid services and nine sims which surprisingly provides even better performance then one of Linden’s class 5′s.

    Now, in regards to Linden I’ve only one thing to say. It takes a complete idiot to continually shoot them self in the foot without stopping at least once to say “Owch!” :P

  13. me

    Nov 12th, 2008

    I get far superior frame rate, speed, satisfatcion with my own open sim configuration. Have for a year now. Makes Linden grid feel like it’s held together with duct tape and bailing wire.

    9-12 sims – Quad Core Xeon – 3gig of Ram and a nice fat pipe.

    Linden states that the goods on the servers belong to them in the TOS. If Second Inventory doesn’t hold, and any grief is given over it, we know how to use the root software as well. We try to remain on the good side.

  14. Mockba

    Nov 12th, 2008

    You Second Life landowners are the biggest group of whiny crybaby twats I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

    I’m supposed to feel badly for you because you can’t afford to play a game at the level you want to? For god’s sake, it’s a game.

    Imagine if this were the conversation, but in real life:

    You: Why are you crying?
    Me: Things are bad all over, man. Prices on everything are going up!
    You: What do you mean?
    Me: Gas is expensive for my Ferrari. The doctor is charging me more for my botox injections. I am having a hard time paying the heating bill for my 12 bedroom McMansion. The harbormaster is charging me more for docking my yacht. My butler wants more money. And I can barely afford to keep my private jet. My god, I think I have to give it up and fly …. commercial.

    If I told you this, you probably laugh at me in real life. Just like your SL expenses. It’s called discretionary spending. You aren’t going to die of exposure if you give up your “land”. You don’t even have to spend a freaking penny in SL. I mean, hell, LL lets you play for free even. What more do you want? Does WoW let you do that? Eve Online? Nope. LL even keeps storing all your crap inventory on their servers and you don’t have to pay a single cent for them to do that.

    If you lost your home or your job in RL. I’d feel bad for you. For your SL land, I don’t really give a damn.

  15. LOL

    Nov 12th, 2008

    @Yoda & Orion Shamroy

    I totally agree as well, depending on Linden Lab’s grid is not a smart thing to do. Linden Lab decided to make a change to thier prices. This means it’s now up to the customers (SL residents) to decide will you pay more or get out while the loss is still small?

  16. Sinden Lucks

    Nov 13th, 2008

    To the above uninformed.

    “I’m supposed to feel badly for you because you can’t afford to play a game at the level you want to? For god’s sake, it’s a game.”

    Really? Well, let me say this. SL never was a game for most and the president of the company made the statement many times that it is not a game. It’s a content development platform if you have any skills as all.

    I’ve heard people say this for the three years I’ve been in SL. It’s just not the case.

    Another fine mention is that most don’t pay thousands of dollars to play a game. They have a certain “expectation” of a company when they decide to spend such sums. And a faulty and ever changing business model does give rights to moan and groan when the increases for such are unjust, and unreasonable.

    I’m not sure what “game” you play, but I assure you SL isn’t a “game” to Linden Lab and it certainly isn’t a “game” for many others who utilize the service.

    I find it ironic that most that consider SL a “game” never had any intentions of really becoming a larger part of the community. They are mostly the non informed and 3 hour a month non skilled user base. They certainly don’t see SL as a base for collaboration, business, and a technical advancement.

    However, I do agree with the above in so much that the so called “business” landbarons of SL feast of and on the idiots like himself and believe that they are real business owners. They have no control over the service they provide and do no more than put money up front that others cannot afford to do. That alone does not make them a business of any kind. And many of these people that claim such business ownership don’t have any technical or business skills whatsoever. Let alone a formal education in the technical or business field.

    However, even to the moron thinking they run a business in SL it’s still not a game.

  17. Anonymous

    Nov 14th, 2008

    Spoilers: it isnt “your build” or “your sim”
    it belongs to LL, and if they wish to dump it, they can. That’s what you agreed to when you signed up, dumbasses.

  18. LOL

    Nov 14th, 2008

    @Sinden Lucks

    Second Life is a Videogame! get over yourself. as you quote the lab in saying

    “..It’s a content development platform if you have any skills as all….”

    so for people with skills it is a content development platform? whats that like 0.001% of all SL users? What about the rest of the SL residents thats right, no more then a damn videogame!

    The only content I (an actual player of the game) can see being developed on the Second life grid and the only REAL LIFE business spending $$$$$ on second life are thoes in the Pornography and adult entertainment industry.

    Face it Sinden Lucks Second life at one point may have been considered a developmental platform for business but now it is basicly just a game where people log in to get off! The game of second life is basicly the social loosers answer to a singles bar\club in the real world. I guess that can be seen as a sort of “….content development platform….” perhaps even helping to develop the content of a pervert’s loins.


  19. YadNi Monde

    Nov 14th, 2008

    To the persons who will regret Paris 1900, i can tell i am glad you feel with me.
    To the other unskilled anonymous masturbating with own words people, i will say Paris 1900 was the result of two hundred hours approximately, hard documentation for everything to be from 1900 as it was, with the techniques i had at that time, two years ago. Now i am 4 years old, 6000 hours of building over 40 sims including for Nike, Intel and more (a game?).
    Think you can beat that, misters john does of the forums? if not, please, shut the frack up and just go parachute from eiffel tower before it s gone, it will pull the only smile in your sad face.

    YadNi Monde

  20. Reverse Writer

    Nov 15th, 2008

    Well, for all your research, you still put the Eiffel Tower in the wrong place. Fail.

  21. YadNi Monde

    Nov 15th, 2008

    Reverse, Try to do an evocation of such a city as Paris in 1900 on 5 sims only, mister i m so mean i am blindly going to bite and try to hurt whoever does better than me, and you will realize you are just that …

    … a reverse writer.

    next time, try to think a bit if you want to look good.

    YadNi Monde.

  22. Reverse Writer

    Nov 15th, 2008

    Excuses, excuses.

  23. YadNi Monde

    Nov 16th, 2008

    Accepted. Sorry i had to shake you, i have little patience when it comes to words.

    YadNi Monde.

  24. freereed Freenote

    Nov 16th, 2008

    Take Paris 1900 sims to Open Life? where life is better? more affordable? more free?

  25. YadNi Monde

    Nov 16th, 2008

    i will investigate that direction FreeReed, thanks for the heads up =)

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