Bimbo Cheerleaders of Second Life

by Alphaville Herald on 14/12/08 at 4:34 pm

Parties, dancing, and "fun" activities at the Bimbo Ranch House – the story of the Bimbo Cheerleaders

by the Bimbo Cheerleaders

Las Vegas Nevada can be a pretty exciting place to visit but even it could be improved – if it followed the model of the Vegas Sim in Second Life and had a real Bimbo Cheerleaders Sorority House. Sim owner Stroker Serpentine has done the real Vegas one better by inviting the Bimbo Cheerleaders of Second Life to locate their main headquarters on his sim. With over 1000 active members now wearing the the Pink and White , The Bimbo Cheerleaders are by far the largest Cheer Squad in Second Life. Their ranks are filled with beautiful girls who love to have fun and participate in the many levels of activities the group has to offer. These range from social activities such as parties and dancing sponsored by the club, to other even more “fun” activities involving the use of the facilities their house has to offer.

With SexGen owner Stroker Serpentine as a sponsor you know The Bimbo Ranch House is well equipped with all the latest and greatest he has to offer. As you can probably guess also, the Bimbo Cheerleaders know how to make the most of it too.

Incidentally, the Ranch House is not a bordello and just like RL, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! The Ranch house provides a place for the girls to relax after a hard day of cheerleading to open a sim, or maybe raise money for a worthy charity. The Squad always welcomes a chance to wind down with a little nude sunbathing at the pool, or dancing on a pole, or otherwise “relaxing” visitors in one of the many private rooms. Head cheerleader Cheergirl Allen has truly created Bimbo Cheerleader heaven in SL. She makes sure the girls always have something to do and the guests are always happy to visit. Starting from humble beginnings, The Bimbo cheerleaders are today one of the largest and most active groups in SL.

Cheergirl Allen pioneers cheer leading in SL

In Aug. of 2007 head Cheeleader and creator of The Bimbo Cheerleaders Cheergirl Allen, an accomplished real life digital graphics artist, entered Second Life and the virtual world has never been the same. As is obvious by her chosen name, C.G. had an interest in Cheer leading and began to search for anything to do with it. To her surprise, aside from one or two places, there was really nothing for cheerleaders to do or wear in the game. Cheergirl recognized a niche when she saw it and almost immediately single-handedly created the Cheerleader Community in Second Life. The Bimbo cheerleaders were born!

Since inception, the group as served as a formal Squad within the game for anyone and everyone to join and cheer and have fun, attracting a wide variety of cheerleading enthusiasts with various opportunities available for all levels of participation. The group attracts and serves a surprisingly diverse community ranging from former high school or college Cheerleaders and want-to-bes to some just being, well… sick, depraved individuals who wanted nothing more then to act out their sick ,twisted fantasy of F***ing the head-cheerleader every which way from Sunday. In the end, The Bimbo Cheerleaders Group somehow manages to keep them all satisfied and having fun. This helps explain the astronomical growth The Bimbo Cheerleaders Group continues to enjoy under the competent leadership of SL's greatest Head Cheerleader, Cheergirl Allen.


This is evident from the comments of Bimbo Cheerleader Vicky who said:

“I joined The Bimbo Cheerleaders in the summer of 2007. I still have a picture of CheerGirl and I in the first cheer uniform she designed dated in June of that year. I had been in Second Life for about a year before then, and bought the uniform from her because I thought it was cute and well done. Little did I know that, that person to person sale – before she became the master of vendor sales and super business woman – would lead to the best Second Life group I have been in. In-world time flies as we all know and The Bimbo Cheerleaders group has only gotten better over time. The group is full of fun people – not a drama magnet at all. The group gathering spot has changed a few times, but each move always brings us something better. And the current sorority house in the Vegas sim, is the ultimate place for group members and visitors to have a great time any hour of the day. I have stayed active in this group because of the people and the fun attitudes they keep. Plus the ringleader and head Bimbo, CheerGirl, is a sweetheart that really seems to have a sense of what people in Second Life want and how to keep it new and exciting. The Lindens should look at this group as model of what a Second Life group can be and do everything they can to encourage more like it to help keep Second Life alive.”

The importance of cheerleader uniforms

Everyone knows sex sells and there is nothing sexier than a cute Bimbo Cheerleader in her pink and white uniform (as if any other colors would make sense.) From the beginning, the Bimbo cheerleaders uniforms as created designed and produced by Cheergirl Allen have been a huge hit. Cheergirl obviously knew what she was doing and hit upon the perfect formula: skirts just long enough to barely cover an Avatar's ass but still short enough to show some digital panties. Cheer enthusiasts throughout SL were almost immediately beating down her door to join the squad. Nearly overnight group membership was 150 and the growth continues to this day. There are now over a thousand of members in the squad and it is the largest Cheerleading group in SL. Cheergirl continues to produce new Bimbo products including sex toys, and promotes activities that keep everyone excited and enthused. However, there can be no doubt that perhaps the greatest initial magnet that attracts new members is that sexy line of Bimbo Cheerleader uniforms which she continues to develop and expand.

New Bimbo Cheerleader Saphire Sweetwater's comments demonstrate the powerful lure that these uniforms continue to be: “Being a part of the Bimbo Cheerleaders has been a great experience. I'm not even a month into the group and i've already met some of my now best friends that I probably wouldn't have if i hadn't joined. Why I joined in the first place was because of the cheerleader outfit, I wanted it for my strip club's theme night, and just fell into the group, and now I see there's more to it than a uniform. Some of the things I like best are that the bimbo's often help real life charities raise money, which is awesome for any SL group to do, and im glad to be a part of this extrodinary group. Another thing would be how much fun we have at the weekly wet t-shirt contest. My very first time attending i won, and the prize was one of the top of the line SexGen beds, which i'm going to leave your imagination to get creative on what I do with that. ;] “

It takes more than a great uniform to build a successful Cheerleader group however and the road to success has not been without bumps. Along the way Cheergirl has had to contend with any number of copy cats and thieves who seemed determined to undermine her efforts and steal her creations. All were mercenary pirate pretenders however and lacked the true Cheerleader spirit needed to make any cheerleading group thrive. As she battled, people recognized that Cheergirl Allen uniquely possessed these special qualities and allied with her to beat the profiteering rip off artists who's only concern for the girls revolved around taking their money. The Bimbos have always been about more than just a sexy uniform.

Bimbo Princess

One person who definitely knew this was Bimbo Princess! She is one of the greatest friends the Bimbo Cheerleaders and all cheer leaders in SL have ever had. The Bimbo Cheerleaders were reborn under her coaching: The Locker Room was rebuilt, and a new store to get Uniforms in-game, called the SL Cheerleading Network, was created. This store was not just for the Bimbo Cheerleaders but for all Designers, Cheerleaders, and Animators who, as a whole, wanted to expand the face of True Cheerleading across the digital world of Second Life! S.L.C.N. brought together the BEST and brightest of all Digital Designers with one goal in mind: Show everyone in-world that Cheerleaders are more then something you just had to F**K, but instead are a force to be reckoned with!

 Through the S.L.C.N. the Bimbo Cheerleaders began once again to host parties and events; and soon, with the backing of a few Real Life Charities, began raising Lindens for such things like Breast Cancer Research and giving children of lower income household’s warm coats for the winter. The true spirit of SL cheerleading was reborn and has been gaining strength ever since. This has served as a magnet for some who are interested in being able to do good in the real world even while in SL.

Varsity Squad Bimbo cheerleader member Colleen Brennan comments: “I have been a member of The Bimbo Cheerleaders in Sl for over a year and I have watched it grow from just a few members to one of the largest groups in world seemingly overnight. To understand the rapid growth all you have to do is meet Cheergirl Allen. She is the very creative founder and never loses energy in her desire to make a high quality free fun place for people to socialize. It is a pleasure to know her and so many of the other great Bimbo cheerleaders. The Bimbos are a great community. One of the things that impressed me the most of all is how the Bimbos have risen to the occasion when it comes to raising money for Charity. They have been very successful and active in this area. More so than any other group I know. It makes me proud to be affiliated with The Bimbo Cheerleaders. Also, once you get to know the girls it is almost impossible to visit the Bimbo Ranch in the Vegas Sim and not leave with a smile on your face from all the laughs. Don't let the group name fool you. Some of these girls are very intelligent and funny as can be. The Bimbo Cheerleaders are a caring group of good people who also know how to have fun. They are a very positive influence in SL and thank you to Cheergirl Allen for making them all that they are.”

Bimbos file copyrights and trademarks to battle content theft

As Cheergirl continued to battle to keep others from stealing her creations so that the group could thrive she received almost no help at all from Linden Labs other than some general advice that The Bimbo Cheerleaders file for their own copyrights and trademarks so they could possibly protect their group in the United Sates Court system. That is exactly what they did. It was also the beginning of establishing their relationship with Stroker Serpentine who was fighting a similar battle to protect his own very popular SexGen creations.

Bimbo Princess made the introductions between Cheergirl and Stroker Serpentine and the Bimbo Cheerleaders had a new friend for whom they will always be thankful. Not only did Stroker point The Bimbo Cheerleaders in the right direction to get all the Paperwork filed and submitted to the United States Copyright and Trademark Office but he went one step further. His Company Strokerz Toyz and his Product SexGen became the Official Sponsors of The Bimbo Cheerleaders in the World of Second Life. Stroker outfitted the bimbo Locker room with only his Best Products and even took one of the Bimbo Cheerleaders' Lockers and added his own animations; he also gave a Seal of Approval to sell the Lockers in his very own Strokerz Toyz store.

The Strokerz-Bimbo connection

Stroker recognized the value of Cheerleaders in SL. He commissioned the SL Cheerleading Network to Design a Totally New Cheerleader Uniform used exclusively for his Promotional Staff "Strokerz Girls" at events, clubs, and parties. The squad was created with only promotion of SexGen in mind; not for sex. The Girls were hand-picked and oriented only to do what cheerleaders do best: Make some noise and excite the crowd. Pimping or exploiting was not part of their job. This turned out to be a perfect arrangement: The Bimbo Cheerleaders finally had a somewhat Pro Squad with the sexual undertones that was needed to make it a success in a Digital world fueled by sex, yet never having to have sex or even get undressed.

Armed with what you could call a Pro squad in Second life Sponsored by a Real World Business EROS LLC – Parent company of SexGen…Strokerz Toyz, Things were looking up again for The Bimbo Cheerleaders. Then the always Beloved Bimbo Princess sold her digital lands including the one she gave the Group to build the bimbo locker room on. With absolutely no bad feelings towards the Princess, the group set out in search of a new plot of Second life land to call home. The isre offered by His Honor, Mayor Sammy Ormsby of NeXuS proved perfect..

Once again the Bimbos were saved by a very valuable and dear friend. His Honor, Mayor Sammy Ormsby owned 3 Sims on the Second Life mainland making up the Community of Nexus. One sim was Club Nexus, a full sex club that 100% free to join and be used by anyone. Mayor Ormsby provided the Bimbos with a new home top of a Hill over looking the urban streets and building that made up the Nexus. With the help of his honor, the Mayor and sponsor Stroker Serpentine, The Bimbo Cheerleaders built their new home, a beautiful Victorian style mansion that affectionately became know as the Tau Beta Chi Sorority house. The house was fully stocked with all the Best SexGen Toys, once again for everyone to use free of charge.

Charity work and the T.B.X Sorority House

With the advent of the NeXuS era and the opening of the T.B.X, Sorority House the Bimbos flourished. Traffic attracted to NeXuS found a welcome added attraction in the sorority house and as a result many new members joined the group. The continued growth cycle necessitated the creation of a leadership group, the Spirit Leaders, to help manage the group and its activities. With their help the group organized and successfully participated in fund raising charitable events for Breast Cancer and Coats for Kids as well as other organized social events such as twice monthly photo contests and dances at clubs around SL.

 Spirit Leader Leslie Leville demonstrates the excitement typical of the Bimbo cheerleaders when it comes to keeping the group active and inviting: “…I have been with the Bimbo Cheerleaders for as long as i remember. It is always a fun group to be with so many events being held. From Nexus to Vegas i have been officially the Hostess for most of the events that being held as part as the Bimbo cheerleaders activities. Since we moved our House to Vegas, I have been hosting a weekly event that is called Wet T Shirt Wednesdays that is held from 8-10 am slt. Well, I surely enjoy being a hostess since I like to talk to people and make everything fun. I want everyone who comes to the party I am hosting to be comfortable and yet at the same time have loads of fun. I love being a hostess because for me it is one of the way to contribute to the group. I hope I am still going to be an active hostess in future. YAY.. RAH RAH RAH, SIS BOOM BAH!

Bimbo community reaches out to the everyone – even Furries

The Bimbo Cheerleaders have always welcomed anyone who wanted to party with them. In early 2008 official membership was expanded to allow males, (Jocks) and Furries…Neko avatars (Mascots) and the Transgender Community (T.B.C. Shemale Cheer) with the belief that anyone can be a Bimbo or at least love one. This move proved to be very popular. Cheerleader Janellum Capalini commented as follows “ I originally joined as a Strokerz Girlz back then the role was under The Bimbo Cheerleader group but it has grown into so much more then that. The group has actively participated in my studio, Furbidden Studios, a primarily furry studio, helping bridge the gap between humans and furries. I love that the girls are always willing to help for photo shoots.”

Requests for Bimbos at sim openings and clubs caused the Pep Squad to be created. The purpose of the Pep Squad is to bring the TBC spirit and message to every corner of SL. Pep Squad members make appearances and assist venues in promotion. These activities resulted in the creation of new uniforms, and increased involvement of group members in running the group. This seems to be one area the girls particularly enjoy actively participating in as noted by Spirit leader Olague Nurmi:”When I first started out I was member of the sister squad at the Isle of Lesbos. Lets face it, alot of men in SL got on my bad side plus I adored the blue uniform. After awhile I decided to check out the other squads and joined the Bimbos as they seemed to be all about having fun. I've been a Bimbo for a year or more, I've actually lost track but Ive had fun attending events and being a tease. The best thing about being in the squad is all the lovely ladies you get to hang out with and all the fun things you get to do. It seems to make people have more fun at clubs when a group of cheerleaders come in and start having hot wired fun like no tomorrow. I have worked up the ranks and become a Spiritleader so my job is to keep the girls in line and make sure that everyone is doing their part and most of all that everyone has fun. It's been a wonderful part of my secondlife and I don't see myself trading it in any time soon. 

Bimbos Sexy Might In Pink and White!

It seems that no matter how hard they try, copy cats simply can not copy the energy, fun ,and excitement that membership in The Bimbo Cheerleaders brings. There is a rues Cheerleader spirit and this group is infused with it from top to bottom. While T.B.C. membership was a Spartan 300 at the beginning of 2008, membership is now expanding at rate of over 50 a month and is currently 1000+ Members Strong. Making The Bimbo Cheerleaders the largest Cheer Squad in all of Second Life. Head Cheerleader Cheergirl Allen has a lot to be proud of. Unlike many groups in SL, hers is an active and welcoming group that members love to be a part of. It is expected that the growth will continue.

Many of the the members also seek active roles in The Bimbo Cheerleaders Group as well as other Groups and Places that The SL Cheerleading Network Supports. As a result these affiliated groups often join with TBC in events and activities. Anyone who has an interest in Cheerleading, cheerleaders, or just plain fun is invited to stop by The Bimbo cheerleader Ranch in Vegas and see what it is all about. If you are more business minded and see the added value that a group of sexy cheerleaders can bring to an event you are sponsoring or hosting, contact Cheergirl Allen or one of the Spirit leaders to arrange for a pep squad to be dispatched to your location!

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  1. Uccello Poultry

    Dec 14th, 2008

    Not sure how, but I’ve accumulated a goodly number of cheerleader uniforms. The only one I wear, though, is Cheergirls’ Isle of Lesbos squad uniform (available here >> It is very, very well made. Proof? My coordination increases and so do the compliments.

  2. CheerChick Sinister

    Dec 14th, 2008


  3. janeforyou Barbara

    Dec 14th, 2008

    I love this uniforms! I think the whole IOL team got them hehe,, Thanks to Cheer!

  4. Sammy Ormsby

    Dec 14th, 2008

    W00T !! Go Bimbo Cheerleaders ! You’ll always have a special place in my heart =)

  5. Pappy Enoch

    Dec 14th, 2008

    HOOOOO (and Whee, tu). I dun died n’ gone tu Lost Vegus, ya’ll.

    This am the resun fake wirlds shood corn-tinue in poopularity wif the jineral publick.

    Bimbo gals…lookout! Pap am a-comin’ in yo’ direckshum an’ it am gonna take a PILE o’ y’all tu HOLD MEE DOWN!

  6. Reverse Writer

    Dec 14th, 2008

    Nuke it from space. It’s the only way to be sure.

  7. We

    Dec 14th, 2008

    I would have gotten through this quicker, had I not thrown up in disgust mid way through.

  8. Tocho Cortes

    Dec 15th, 2008

    Best group of cheerleaders ever, all becuase of a great leader, CheerGirl Allen….

  9. Bunny Brickworks

    Dec 15th, 2008

    @CheerChick Sinister: LOL best comment ever!

    I’ve never seen so many ugly female avis in one pic – congratulations, that’s epic.

  10. Professor C

    Dec 15th, 2008

    What completely sickens me about this is that the SLH did not get paid for this article which is nothing short of an advertisement for a bunch of people that don’t even have a first life. It’s WRITTEN by them. Points go to Pixeleen for bumping this back a few spaces with the N3x15 article. Thank you!

    Now I have had personal run in’s with Cheergirl Allen. When I talked to her I blew her off ASAP cause she really did not know her ass from her elbow. I would bet anything that she is really some middle aged guy that started the group to do nothing more than wank to naked avvies. Cheergirl was so confused over simple things that I could not believe what I was dealing with. God knows she had to have help over here to build or make any of her clothing. I doubt she even did anything at all.

    And to top it all off, I heard through the grapevine from a very reliable source (Requested undisclosed) in Eros that Cheergirl was the one pulling Strokers strings that caused alot of the drama he is going through now. She’s got him wrapped around her pretty little finger and in the end she will destroy everything Stroker has worked so hard for.

    Stay the hell away from these nutcases. And stay away from Eros too until the Bimbo’s are gone and died out.

  11. Dialligaf

    Dec 15th, 2008

    quote from wiki “Bimbo is a term that emerged in popular English language usage in the early 20th century to describe an often attractive, yet unintelligent woman. The usage of this term began in the United States as early as 1919. The 1929 silent film Desert Nights describes a cheap female crook as a bimbo.”

    And you think its gonna make you money adevertising as Bimbo Cheerleaders???

    All we need now is a 24 case of bud’s and a pickup converted into a hot tub and we can have ourselves a party.

  12. Stroker Serpentine

    Dec 15th, 2008

    I am proud to call CheerGirl a dear friend and partner. What she has done with TBC is what SL is REALLY about..belonging to a community of like-minded friends who know how to have fun. If you have never been to a Bimbo Cheer Event you should attend one, it’s sure to bring a smile.

    The Bimbo Cheers RAWK!

  13. Reverse Writer

    Dec 15th, 2008

    “What she has done with TBC is what SL is REALLY about..”

    Men disguised as women giving virtual handjobs to other men for money?

  14. Vicky Perreault

    Dec 15th, 2008

    Be nice Bunny, SL is a game, so have fun. Its ok to disagree about editorial decisions, but to spread rumors that may hurt someone as nice as Stroker is not nice. I could be mean and say that the picture of you at the top of this issue will probably be seen by more people than any other time because the article about the cheerleaders that is under it, but that would be mean also wouldn’t it?

  15. Vicky Perreault

    Dec 15th, 2008

    Oops forget my previous comment, my blonde hair is showing, the unkind comment shouldn’t have been directed at Bunny, I mistook who said what in what order! OK make a Bimbo comment now lol. I believe its Professor C that needs to lighten up about the game and not spread rumors. Sorry Bunny :)

  16. LOL

    Dec 15th, 2008

    Intresting article here, looks like SL may have hope after all. Amazing that a group of people 1000+ strong on SL do not just care about them self or fighting over penny profits, these people actually support REAL LIFE charities that have set up in SL with what they earn, what a change! (no pun intended).

    Furthermore I truly think the section about …..”The Bimbo Cheerleaders have always welcomed anyone who wanted to party with them. In early 2008 official membership was expanded to allow males, (Jocks) and Furries…Neko avatars (Mascots) and the Transgender Community (T.B.C. Shemale Cheer) with the belief that anyone can be a Bimbo or at least love one….” ;
    this an example of what SL should be. Rather then descriminate or hate like most of SL these bimbos actually embrace diversity. Openly admitting Gay, Straight, Bi-sexual, and that Transgender people all make up thier membership is a nice change from being worried about Men playing SL as Female avatars, this group openly admits a portion of it’s members are shemales unlike most!

    It’s no wonder people like Stroker Serpentien have embraced this group and it’s founder as a friend. Like it or not all you Sex Toy wanna be sellers\creators most likely saw him on the news and tried to follow suit. His dare I say ORIGINAL idea spawned the rest of the Secondlife Sexual Revolution so that every other pervert who can make a chracter in Pose7 masturbae did that, thinking they would make millions as SexGen has for him and company. If SecondLife and Linden Lab really wants to keep SL around a little linger they should take a long look at Stroker and CheerGirl. They are an Example of what Creativity & imagination can do!

    Even more amazing is that the bimbo group was continued to grow as it has. Hell if I were to make another SL account I would deffinatly seek out the bimbo cheerleaders in SexGen Vegas and join up. Fot the cost of thier basic cheer uniform i would skip my starbucks Grande Latee’ and gladly get a uniform knowing that I was gonna have fun and that a good portion of that sale would go to a charity like the Relay for life & breast cancer resurch.

    I can not see how Anyone could bash this group as a whole or even it’s creator\founder alone I have never met a Bimbo Cheerleader in SL yet, but I am really looking foward to it. (not for sex) I am actually really intrested to hear more about what they do. Obviously this articel jsut scratched the surface. Hell… Where do I sign up? where can I get one of the breast cancer cheerleader uniforms the SL Cheerleading networks make? I’ll buy 100′s of thoes knowing all donations go to the relay for life and not the deep pockets of Linden Lab or some Looser that thoguth SL is a Get rich quick scheme after seeing anshe chung and Stroker strke Oil (or in Stroker’s case Pertolium jelly}.

    To all the haters I have seen comment here, if reading about nice people and the good & positive ways they carry themsef on SL does makes you so sick that you throw up. Then please go see a Doctor maybe even Professor C can make you an appointment. I am Positive his P.H.D. in B.S. can exploit what ever sort of introverted, Agoraphobic, Narcissism & Post-traumatic Stress Disorders, you have aquired during your tenure on SL. Just make sure your awake during the procedure!

  17. Vanessa Foggarty

    Dec 16th, 2008

    I first read this article and was amazed at how positive everyone in the group is. Then I read Prof C’s comment about it being an advertisement. I started to feel disappointed that maybe it was because it sounded like it would be an escape from all the drama and complaining whiners I so often run into in SL. I had some time to kill after I got home from work, helped my kids make sure their homework was done, called an old friend, and was waiting for my husband to get home from work – yes Prof C some people do have a first life! I decided to investigate in my own unscientific way. Much to my surprise and satisfaction I found the bimbos to be just as described here. It was nice to meet so many friendly and positive people. Prof C you need to relax a little. Just because a group does not appeal to you is no reason to attack it. It is exactly that kind of behavior that I don’t want any part of in my second life. It is bad enough in the real world. Why carry it to escape time. Good luck to the Cheerleaders in all you do. When I finish my overtime season at work I will be proud to join one of your pep squads. In the mean time, thanks for choosing to be fun and nice and not negative and critical like so many others.

  18. Janellem Capalini

    Dec 16th, 2008

    I cant believe some of the comments on here, at least do your research first before you start running off at the mouth and find out what the Bimbos really do and represent. With the advent of the NeXuS era and the opening of the T.B.X, Sorority House the Bimbos flourished. Traffic attracted to NeXuS found a welcome added attraction in the sorority house and as a result many new members joined the group. The continued growth cycle necessitated the creation of a leadership group, the Spirit Leaders, to help manage the group and its activities. With their help the group organized and successfully participated in fund raising charitable events for Breast Cancer and Coats for Kids as well as other organized social events such as twice monthly photo contests and dances at clubs around SL.

    I am proud to be a member of this group and will gladly challenge anyone on the reason of the cheer group better yet the numbers and the money raised for the listed charities speak for itself. It is great to see a group that actually looks beyond their own motives and agendas and contributes to the real world for those less unfortunate. I have worked with CheerGirl and a large number of the girls from the group, they are amazing group of girls who are always to help out and would in a minute work them on any future projects.

    Janellem Capalini,
    Furbidden Studios Owner

  19. Anonymous

    Dec 16th, 2008

    derp, cheerleaders, useless fucksacks that end up fat, unemployed and married to some lazy ass who couldnt even join the military because his standards were below the military’s.

  20. Shanna McCullough

    Dec 16th, 2008

    So I’ve been a member of T.B.X for about a year, joining dring the NeXuS era. I joined for several reasons … the group actually did something … it was what SL is supposed to be … a social network. It is fun and has some redeeming value, at least in SL terms. While the bulk of my time in SL is spent pursuing other interests, T.B.X. *IS* my sorority, these girls are my sisters and friends. I have met many talented individuals … like those that took the photos for this article and CG herself, people with creative minds and the desire to work to build something rather than simply be cynical and tear what others do down. Helpful giving people like Stroker and Sammy who were more about others than about personal gain. SL can be an ugly place, T.B.X. has seen it time and time again. Just as in RL there are those that seek to take advantage or steal outright. As for this being an advertisement, I guess I don’t get the comment. What exactly is being advertised? Fun and success in SL? In my opinion T.B.X. is a good thing, and a group I’m proud to be a part of. Like many of my sisters I have donated many hours to the group without the thought of profit or personal gain, but for the greater good. In return I’ve made many friends and had many good times. Unlike so many here that are really about profit, T.B.X has shown how an enterprise can be pulled together and cost nothing to be a part of, where everyone is welcome, while delivering fun and charity. So to those that seek to smear us … all I can say is eat my pom pom.

  21. Professor C

    Dec 16th, 2008

    @ Vicky Perreault

    Yes you are blonde. You stated that you think my statements were an attack on Stroker when if you actually read what I said and didn’t scan through it as you obviously did I was stating that the Bimbo’s were the cause of HIS issues and that in his best interest he ought to dump them. I was not bashing Stroker at all. I think he is a good guy though some of his practices since he met the Bimbo’s have been lacking because of their influence.

    @ Vanessa Foggarty

    You have a very constructive argument. I agree. But you need to dig a little deeper to find the same persons that I had. When you do you will agree. You’ve only scratched the surface. Keep digging. Perhaps if you do join the squad you will see what I have seen. Tunes change very quickly once enlightened.

    Final Note:

    I have been to Strokers toys several times and I have watched it grow. I am tired of waiting for Strocap that has been promised for over a year now since he sold Amsterdam. I’ll buy my stuff elsewhere for now as I had the Platinum for years and have grown bored with it. (Yes. Bored of 100 animations. Who knew?) I appreciate the work that Stroker and his partners (Now former partners) have done and I got every pennies worth out of my purchases. But without a new release in over a year and a half I have to move on and look for new things. It’s most unfortunate but I don’t want my second life to become boring. Not because the animations he has are not good but because I have used them for far too long and I have found others that are already doing Mocap animations.

  22. janeforyou Barbara

    Dec 16th, 2008

    When i read comments like “Professor C” do it makes me wonder what persons like that do in SL or RL? I been round some time in VR worlds,,, even sins 2001,, before SL I know a lot of creators and SIM and mall owners, dancers, strippers, securetyguards, mentors.i known Cheer for some time and i only had good relations with her, she helpfull nice and generus to me and everyone i know! I done business with her for a loong time, she takes care of ppl and she care, not many do a better job then Cheer in SL!

  23. Moggs Oceanlane

    Dec 16th, 2008

    It seems I’ve heard a vaguely similar story somewhere… hmmm… what was it… oh, I know! The story is somewhat reminiscent of that ‘must be seen’ movie classic, ‘Debbie Does Dallas’ – girls getting in there and doing their all to raise money for a good cause.

  24. We

    Dec 16th, 2008

    Yes I’m sure those BIMBO cheerleaders are role models for what all women should be! Every woman should be a BIMBO, don’t worry about that heavy thinking girl, just stay in the kitchen and keep your legs spread!

  25. Girlie Lane

    Dec 17th, 2008

    To all the people who had nice things to say….I say woohooo!
    All the drama and negetive comments posted by people just goes to show how shallow and miserable they must be in RL.

    AND TO PROFESSOR C. Do you really think we care if your tired of the sex animations?


  26. Vicky Perreault

    Dec 17th, 2008

    Yes, professor I feel you did attack Stroker personally by implying that he has poor judgement in choosing some friends and associates in SL. And even though he is a kind and giving person, I don’t think anyone in SL has him wrapped around their finger.

  27. Archie Lukas

    Dec 18th, 2008

    Woo Hoo
    Righto chaps

    Now they would make a great Post 6 Grrrrl posting en masse.

  28. Sigmund Leominster

    Dec 19th, 2008

    As a devout believer in the Protestant work ethic, I am happy to support any group that gives gainful employment to people who would otherwise be sitting around doing nothing. Why, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I hear how some small children in third world countries can now support their family thanks to the beneficent companies who pay them relatively high pay rates for their labor.

    So when God gives you talents, such as a nice ass, big boobs, a winning smile, and the ability to giggle at the drop of a pair of knickers, it’s your very DUTY to use them to the maximum. If this can be achieved by becoming a Second Life cheerleader and making sad, miserable, old men remember better days, then I have to take my hands from my nether regions and applaud.

    This is not so much the sexist exploitation of women but a MISSION FROM GOD! Yes, I put it to all of you that the Bimbo Cheerleaders are actually doing the Lord’s work, making the most of His bounteous gifts and enhancing the lives of all of His creations. Why, if you bad mouth the Bimbo Cheerleaders, you’re bad mouthing God – and that’s blasphemy. If God didn’t want us to ogle hot chicks participating in sport, He wouldn’t have given us eyes and erections.

    No, the Bimbo Cheerleaders are proof, if any were needed, that the Lord LOVES His people and I for one will be popping down to worship at the Church of the Holy Cheer as soon as one of those delicious acolytes IM’s me with a landmark.

    Blessed be the Cheerleaders, for they shall be called the handjobs of the Lord.

  29. Head Cheerleader

    Dec 20th, 2008

    To all the whiners here, supply and demand go hand in hand so before you go off on one again consider THAT!

  30. Concerned for Stroker

    Dec 21st, 2008

    Sad thing is I wonder if Stroker,,Who is in the good fight against content theft in SL, knows that Cheergirl steals content and resells things she should not be selling in her shop, He of all people who has been through this should stomp her stupid ass down. She is Selling Naughty Designs stolen skins and many other peoples items that are not intended for resales.

  31. Not-So-Cheery

    Dec 21st, 2008

    Yay for ego stroking. This article seems to scream out one statement and one statement only. “Look how great I am!”

    This would have had more of an impact if someone OTHER than the Bimbos wrote about the Bimbos.

  32. Sigmund Leominster

    Dec 22nd, 2008

    I wrote a pithy, witty, and stunningly hilarious comment a few days back. Sadly, it got eaten by the Internet pixies and so never actually made it here. This, of course, makes me very sad ;(

    So, if anyone would like to make me very happy, I would like my very own Bimbo Cheerleader for Christmas. I promise I will take care of it, feed it, hug it, squeeze it, and make it my bestest of friends. I will dress it in nice things from Blacklace and it will come with me to all the fancy Second Life places.

    Please? Pretty please? Maybe even two?

  33. Steve01 Denimore

    Dec 23rd, 2008

    i have visited the ranch on several occasions and am glad to say it is a first class operation. love the bimbo cheerleaders. keep up the great work girls. i’ve quickly become of of your biggest fans

  34. Reverse Writer

    Dec 23rd, 2008

    You deserve the AIDS you get from that cheerleader, Sigmund.

  35. Professor C

    Dec 24th, 2008

    @ Vicky Perreault

    People make bad choices all the time. That does not make them a bad person. However reading back and checking up on the accusations made by “Concerned for Stroker” … You ought to check up on that one too. Again … why was that ignored? Simple. And Prince wrote a song about it once.

    Have a look. Looks like facts just keep emerging on their own.

    @ Steve01 Denimore

    For a firefighter that supposedly thinks with the correct head as your SL profile states … What are you doing at a whore house that is part of a sim entirely dedicated to free sex? Care to enlighten us on that one?

  36. CheerGirl Allen

    Dec 28th, 2008

    I would like to thank all The Bimbo Cheerleaders group members who contributed to writing the above article, as well to all thoes who left a positive and nice comment. A special thanks also goes out to Pixeleen Mistral for her suggestion to have the group write the story in thier own words. Creating The Bimbo Cheerleaders and working, since the start, with all the members has really made my SL alot more intresting and fun! Watching the group grow and evolve on SL has truly been amazing, never did I think a few pink and white pom poms would turn out to be such a great thing for so many! So thanks again to all the members, readers, posters, and friends, lets kick off 2009 with the same spirit and cheer that has made us #1 for the past 2 years!

    Rah Rah Rah
    Sis Boom Bah

  37. Tammy Nowotny

    Dec 29th, 2008

    SL is much more than a game but it is a game… and like any good game it is first and foremost about fun… and the Bimbo cheerleaders are fun. So lighten up, you critics! If you don’t like them it’s a big grid… big enough for you AND the bimbo cheerleaders!!

  38. Rove Stromer

    Jan 12th, 2009

    Honestly, all good intentions, but how the hell do you name a cheerleading club the “Bimbo Cheerleaders”?

    Usually “binbo” is meant as an insult…

  39. Professor C

    Jan 12th, 2009

    Since the Herald wants to change their comments sections and expand their front page exposing this article again. I would like to point out a few things taking you back to several of my previous statements.

    I stated that Cheergirl Allen was a twit and a twat and here is an example with her kind statements AFTER everyone has scanned by the article and the ones that do lick her aids dysfunctional snatch show they are the only ones that support her at all while the rest of the general public dismisses the bunch as the morons they are.

    Hey Cheergirl. Take down that stolen content yet?

    I did a little more investigating too. Seems that other people in the Vegas camp where the sluts make their home are selling stolen content too. Keep looking. I was over there Cheergirl. Do you remember me?

  40. Anon

    May 31st, 2009

    So where are the Bimbo CheerGUYS? How about some pretty men running around (and not in that ugly ass black haired Paul skin freebie) and being submissive sex toys for any woman who wants them as well as being Bi on command for tips?

    Oh wait, only women are expected to do that. Gee sorry.


  41. Cheergirl Allen

    Nov 13th, 2009

    LOL, these aren’t even cheerleaders, they are just online prostitutes, for real cheerleading check out the BEST squad in Second Life….The Second Life Cheerleading Squad!

  42. ok whatever

    Nov 18th, 2009

    Bimbos Cheerleading, no matter how they sugar coat it, is just a bunch of virtual sluts in cheerleading uniforms. WEARING A CHEERLEADING UNIFORM DOES NOT MAKE YOU A CHEERLEADER! A BUNCH OF YOU WEARING A UNIFORM AND STANDING AROUND TOGETHER FOR A PICTURE DOES NOT MAKE YOU A SQUAD EITHER!

    If wearing a cheerleading uniform and using/promoting sex toys is your idea of a cheerleader then go ahead and join this squad. I was a REAL cheerleader in RL and this is NOT what a cheerleading squad is about!

    If you are wanting a REAL cheerleading squad experience in SL with stunts, dances, friendship, events, and real cheerleading techniques . . . check out The Second Life Cheerleading Squad. The founder is a RL cheerleader and so are many of the girls currently on the squad.

    SLCS is not an “everyone and their dog/furry” sign up type of group. As in RL, there is training & tryouts, and only the best are selected to be on the squad. The squad is very active with weekly practices, meetings, events, and more!

    Instead of sex equipment, SLCS has the best workout equipment, a huge regulation size stadium, and lots more cool stuff including high fashion shops! The SLCS also boasts a large fan base of around 1500 VIP group members!

    Seriously, Bimbos is like what the name may suggest, wear some slutty uniform and hang out in a house that sells butt plugs and double sided dildos. Not my idea of a pleasant cheerleading experience, infact that just sounds nasty and wrong.

    If you are looking for the closest thing to a RL cheerleading squad, look for SLCS!

  43. samuel welsh

    May 6th, 2010

    stand up against bimbosim in the media , young women
    should be great role models not stupid

  44. squashy

    Oct 22nd, 2011

    *laughs* not even in 2008 could those cheerleading uniforms be considered to be “very, very well made”.

  45. Lexuss941

    Nov 15th, 2011

    hello i will love to be on your team count me anytime

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