Post 6 Griefer — N3x15

by Alphaville Herald on 14/12/08 at 6:20 pm

Candid conversation and explicit photos of former PN griefer

[In what seems to be part of a public relations campaign by ex-griefer N3x15, Bunny Brickworks and I were recently able to conduct an in-world interview with the one-time PN leader, scripter, and troublemaker. As we marveled at the irony of interviewing a former PN leader in the Dominatech Restrained Life store, N3x15 explained why he left the PN, as well as his interest in OpenSim, how D3adlyc0dec lost his trust, and how seriously the FBI takes griefing. Bunny also managed to convince N3x15 to pose post-6 Grrrl style - with surprisingly explicit results. - Pixeleen]

Bunny Brickworks, N3x15, Pixeleen Mistral

Pixeleen Mistral: What prompted this apology letter and community service work?
HelloThar Erin: I left the PN ages ago due to the fact that continuing to be in the PN is obviously immature and would affect my ability to obtain a job.

Pixeleen Mistral: so what destroyed the PN?
HelloThar Erin: Laziness, distractions.
HelloThar Erin: PN isn't completely dead, it's still being lead by Frizzlefry. But I think its beating a dead horse.

Pixeleen Mistral: what are you planning next?
HelloThar Erin: Uh, I hope to build security systems for OpenSim, and maybe even SL itself.

Pixeleen Mistral: so you think OpenSim is the future?
HelloThar Erin: … Duh?
HelloThar Erin: Its cheap and more reliable.
HelloThar Erin: Sure there's bugs but those are being fixed.
HelloThar Erin: Hell, LL even has their own invite-only opensim grid


Pixeleen Mistral: but who will win?
HelloThar Erin: Linden Labs is embracing it, so they won't be steamrolled completely.
HelloThar Erin: But now there's competition
HelloThar Erin: Which will make things cheaper

Pixeleen Mistral: what will happen to the land barons in SL?
HelloThar Erin: Some will stay put, others may move to OpenSim as it has less overhead.

Pixeleen Mistral: but they need some margin to arbitrage
Pixeleen Mistral: will there be any margin in Opensim?
HelloThar Erin: …. sorry, half awake, less verbosity


Pixeleen Mistral: who did the 5000 comment spam thing to the Herald last year?
HelloThar Erin: An LSL script made by Zimmer, I believe
HelloThar Erin: Maybe an iMacro, too
HelloThar Erin: Just add a filter that blocks all Useragents with Second Life in the name
Pixeleen Mistral: it took 5 or 10 minutes to figure out how to bulk delete those
HelloThar Erin: yeah
HelloThar Erin: its pointless

Griefing and the FBI

Pixeleen Mistral: do you ever talk to c0d3c anymore?
HelloThar Erin: No, I banned his ass and that was it
HelloThar Erin: he sometimes screamed on the blog
HelloThar Erin: but I typically deleted his comments

Pixeleen Mistral: c0d3c was sure the FBI was onto you guys
HelloThar Erin: FBI doesn't give a flying shit
HelloThar Erin: we called them to check

Pixeleen Mistral: LOL
HelloThar Erin: they thought it was funny
Pixeleen Mistral: I am sure they did
HelloThar Erin: Why would a government agency investigate people shooting dicks at other people in a video game?

why c0d3c was kicked out of the PN

HelloThar Erin: Did you ever get told the reason he was kicked out of the PN?
Pixeleen Mistral: no
Pixeleen Mistral: do tell
HelloThar Erin: He went to, a script kiddie hangout
HelloThar Erin: people with botnets
HelloThar Erin: all that jazz
HelloThar Erin: He jumps into their IRC
HelloThar Erin: and SCREAMS about how the PN is gonna own them or something
HelloThar Erin: I was running the site off of 768k DSL
HelloThar Erin: so any DDoS by a 12-node botnet could take me offline
HelloThar Erin: So I ban him for a day to tell him to stfu

HelloThar Erin: He goes APESHIT.
HelloThar Erin: And threatens to DDoS me.
HelloThar Erin: The leader of the PN at the time perma'd him until he could calm down
HelloThar Erin: he kept doing his ragefit
HelloThar Erin: and I finally firewalled him


Pixeleen Mistral: so what is next for you Nex?
HelloThar Erin: Trying to get unbanned so I can participate in the SL community. Fat chance I know.
HelloThar Erin: Then a job in game development, net sec, or server monkey.

Pixeleen Mistral: why do you want to " participate in the SL community"
Pixeleen Mistral: that sounds fake
HelloThar Erin: Job market up here sucks though
HelloThar Erin: Participate as in sell stuff, like cyberpunk gear, combat huds, and security systems.
HelloThar Erin: I also do architectural stuff

Pixeleen Mistral: but spacebux do not pay
HelloThar Erin: No duh.
HelloThar Erin: Gives me something to do between jobs.
HelloThar Erin: In between working on FlexCP, security modules, and FlexLife

38 Responses to “Post 6 Griefer — N3x15”

  1. The Union

    Dec 14th, 2008

    Blue Mars is going to blast Second Life/Opensim out of the water.

  2. George Zimmer, Founder and CEO of Men's Warehouse

    Dec 14th, 2008

    lol I wish I could take credit for that, but that honor is Relic’s, not mine.

  3. LTC

    Dec 14th, 2008

    LTC. Lamer Than Codec.

  4. mootykips

    Dec 14th, 2008

    i wrote a response on his blog but he was too much of a coward to print it. :) why so bald?

    “To elaborate:

    You know what’s even more pathetic than the “new PN” idiots like Zimmer who run around bitching about furries for a reason they can’t even remember anymore? This kind of shit.

    If you think you “promoted discrimination against social/racial groups” or any of that other garbage you claimed to abandon, you don’t understand exactly what the group was about. At all. Maybe you fell, just like the members after you, for the propaganda trap. Did you thought all that crazy stuff about A GRID WAR wasn’t in jest?

    The ultimate failure of PN was its inability to not take itself seriously and you have swung from that GRR I AM ANGRY ABOUT INTERNET DEALINGS to the point where you’re writing an entire essay about oh how such a bad griefer you were. It’s a hilarious mix of self-flagellation and inflation (OH THE IRONY) of self-worth.

    I think this is simply an act of self-promotion through and through. You want to clear your name as some griefer mastermind despite being a below-average C coder and a webmaster with a DSL connection (which, by the way, could be terminated at potentially any point by anyone with an ability to use ipconfig, a phone, and the Verizon TOS).

    You do this because you can’t spin it into something positive, you can’t correctly identify the PN as a tiny internet group that threw boxes at people in a game about cybersex, you’re worried about something like this coming up on your “record” as if anyone actually cares. Ironically, however, by writing this you have further associated your identity with your dealings and your continued use of the N3X15 username despite there being dozens of other options to provide pseudoanonymity would be funny if it wasn’t so absurd. Protip: when you’re in IT, you gotta problem solve a little bit better than that.

    To be a “productive member of the Second Life community” is as shameful as taking wrecking part of it so seriously. The shallow attempts to prove yourself to a company that has nothing but hype, a niche userbase, and venture capital and will burst once those three run out will _not_ land you a job and _not_ be noticed by anyone. You have always been a parasite in PN, using your webspace as a fast track to a leadership position over a bunch of bored 20 year olds, and perhaps someone not as naive as I was back then will figure that out.

    I want to feel bad for you and I almost thought the hurf durf idiot new-PN mindset had sucked you in to the point where leaving it would cause you to turn into someone sane like Captcha but this is absolutely pathetic. You’re banned from the submarine, Watermill is promoted to first officer.”

  5. d3adlyc0dec

    Dec 14th, 2008

    LOL fat chance asshole, you’re still an idiot Erin, and never could fix a server right in the first place. As for the Post 6 poses….disgusting. Also, stfu.

  6. Soviet

    Dec 14th, 2008

    All of you are bustas.

  7. Stacia

    Dec 15th, 2008

    Bunny, are those adorable little Neko bits I see on you??? ^_^

  8. mootykips

    Dec 15th, 2008

    thanks a lot soviet. now i’ve got a cory in my house. he’s drinking all my milk. i have no idea how to get him out and now I have to call an exterminator and oh god cory stop eating that. i was saving that for later. cory no

  9. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Dec 15th, 2008


    Indeed, PN was never about racism or intolerance – those philosophies were simply means to an end, tools to create outrage and provoke a lulzy response.

    I agree that that the thought of shooting boxes at people in video game affecting your job prospects is nothing short of paranoia – unless your Boss is an SL user, in which case you don’t want to work for him anyway. I wouldn’t work for me – I’m an asshole.

    I’m quite flattered that you deem me sane.

  10. deadlycodec

    Dec 15th, 2008

    Yeah I was banned the first time, then I came back and a few months later got bored and left on my own. There is still a thread on the PN forums from when I came back and anyone who was a member at the time would corroborate this. Pix/Ludlow can’t even keep his own pathetic blog consistent. My retirement article was posted here and the then-PN leadership at the time commented on it corroborating it.

    Read the very first comment:

    And logs of my conversation in ryan1918 irc were posted on the PN forums. I was just in there fucking with some skiddies nothing I said there made any sense in the first place. Serves N3X right if he was ddos’d for having DSL in the first fucking place. How pathetic. Any current PN members want to link them to the ryan1918 logs and the thread where I came back after I was banned?

    N3X has had a hardon for me ever since I told him he can’t code worth a shit. Typically he just says something like “NO U CAN’T CODE” or tells everyone I was banned from his super sekrit e-club or whatever. What a fag…

    Anyways, this article just goes to show why “pix” can’t get a job writing for a real newspaper. LOL.

  11. FBI

    Dec 15th, 2008


  12. deadlycodec

    Dec 15th, 2008

    Hey pix! Check this out!

    That was printed in a REAL newspaper and I wrote it. Does this embarrass you? LOLOLOLOLOL.

    I still read the herald so that whenever you reference me or idoru wellman, or talk about being “se;f identical”, I can link my editor (Tom Grant) to it and then we all laugh about how I trolled SLH harder than they had ever been trolled before. BAAAAAWWWWW.

  13. Kat

    Dec 15th, 2008

    WTF is a PN?

    I hate it when people use acronyms to appear esoteric. Get over yourselves already.

  14. dick burns

    Dec 15th, 2008

    I’m sorry what does “wtf” mean? i hate acronyms too

  15. Pennyless

    Dec 15th, 2008

    “WTF is a PN? I hate it when people use acronyms to appear esoteric. Get over yourselves already.”

    …and we hate it when people comment on shit they have no business commenting on. PN is the /p/atriotic /n/igras dip$hit. You just come out of a 7 year coma or somethin? (b/c that would be your only excuse…)

    And the crowd roars in uncontrollable laughter!

    (Pro-tip: click pennyless to edumacate urself)

  16. Stephie

    Dec 16th, 2008

    “WTF is a PN?

    I hate it when people use acronyms to appear esoteric. Get over yourselves already.”

    Where have you been for the past few years? No really, I’d like to know.

  17. Chris Hansen

    Dec 16th, 2008

    Why don’t you all take a seat?

  18. mootykips

    Dec 16th, 2008

    And what is MUDKIPS an acronym for? I mean seriously, give me a break folks. Is it like those airplane peanuts,

  19. pimple on society

    Dec 16th, 2008

    PN = Penis Nibbler.

    Figure it out.

  20. Nimil

    Dec 16th, 2008

    omg.. *fans self* you are so hot in the buff…

  21. Anonymous

    Dec 16th, 2008

    @ deadly

    to be fair, both of you cant code worth shit.

  22. Anonymous

    Dec 16th, 2008

    The PN ironically peaked with SL’s peak in 2007, after that it became a cesspit of faggotry and wannabe hackers who think actually being racist and full of hate is cool and makes them hardcore. Where the original just did shit to piss people off in hilarious ways. Crashing sims was just a side effect, not the goal. When they let people like nihilanthic, deadly, and nexis in, it killed the lulz factor and turned things all srs bsns.

    you had some butthurt SL user who was part of an e-mafia, you had a deranged sociopath who was two cans short of a six pack, and then you had a vindictive little furfaggot who thought he was a transgendered inflatable hedgehog named Jeannette who sees the internet as srs bsns and found another group to infiltrate and feel empowered over.

  23. Vegna Fouroux

    Dec 16th, 2008


  24. Intlibber Brautigan

    Dec 16th, 2008

    I’m gay.

  25. Pixeleen Mistral

    Dec 16th, 2008


  26. deadlycodec

    Dec 16th, 2008

    Haha SLH got trolled so bad they deleted all the comments.

  27. George Zimmer, Founder and CEO of Men's Warehouse

    Dec 17th, 2008

    The biggest irony in the world is that we are called serious business by people who are serious business about us being serious business.

    Time Paradox? Pime Taradox? Fission Mailed?

  28. Carfaxisnotacarinsurancecompany Gutter

    Dec 17th, 2008

    You know, I hate when I write a long ass diatribe, then read over it, and find out that none of it had a point, so I end up deleting it.

    Anycrap, here’s a fun fact: “Lul” in dutch means “penis”.

  29. Kalol Venkmen

    Dec 17th, 2008

    The Metro Spirit are griefers. I’ve called the FBI and filed a lawlsuit. Then I called Tom Grant to complain about deadlycodec’s awesomeness. He just said, “Yessir, we’re all totally cool at the Spirit and SLH is for fags.” Then he hung up. What does that mean?

  30. N3X15

    Dec 17th, 2008


  31. d3adlyc0d3c

    Dec 18th, 2008


    It’s the thread that was created after I was allowed back in before I left the PN on my own in December of 2007 and look, N3X15 even posted in it.

    “(06:39:43 PM) d3adlyc0d3c: It wasnt my intention to make drama, I mean you gotta admit I trolled those guys pretty well” – referencing Ryan1918 IRC logs.

    Ironically, the true story is located here in an article that I wrote published BY SLH:

    Oh and here is my retirement article published in January of 2008, also by SLH:

    tl;dr: N3X15 is a whinny butthurt faggot. Also, SLH is still butthurt six months after I trolled them by publishing an article about Pixeleen Mistral being Peter J. Ludlow in the Metro Spirit, a newspaper in Augusta, GA with several hundred thousand weekly readers. BAAAAAWWWWWW.

  32. N3X15

    Dec 18th, 2008


  33. Archie Lukas

    Dec 18th, 2008

    He/she/it is a real looker

    Nice work

  34. corona anatine

    Dec 19th, 2008

    what is PN ?

    it is acronym for ‘Pedophile Nonces’

  35. Jahar Aabye

    Dec 19th, 2008

    Can’t really blame Kat there. Most SL residents have neither heard of nor care about the PN. Sorry. The SLH is pretty much the only place you hear news of them anymore.

    I heard not too long ago they were even whoring themselves out as griefers for hire, they were that desperate for either cash or lulz, not sure which.

    But really, what killed them off was most of their rank and file graduating from middle school and discovering girls…or maybe boys for some of them.

  36. anon

    Dec 21st, 2008


  37. Some Random Guy

    Dec 24th, 2008

    Some new PN were offering random griefing services in exchange for a few spacebux that would go toward uploading disgusting images.

    This happened, like, twice. The rumor you ‘heard’ was likely made up on the spot.

  38. MYOB

    Dec 30th, 2008

    man… i love PN fo reelz.. the shit they do is way beyond funny… as sumone who takes laughter in other ppls sorrows i can say their scripts are the best.. and they be givin scripts out dat other shitheads have charged for… only thing is … they need a new griefer :\ i miss the days of self replication and griefin for lulz… griefin is a given for anyoen who likes to play =) ooo ooo ooo i diffently love to play =)

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