Post 6 Grrrl — Clover Vella

by Alphaville Herald on 23/12/08 at 10:10 pm

[When Clover rezzed in front of me in this winter wonderland she calls her home, I could not stop and stare and that incredibly beautiful face. She looked like Mrs. Claus in her green and red dress and it was crystal clear she would be my Christmas Post 6 Grrrl. And during our photo shoot I felt almost sorry when she dropped one piece of clothing after the other until she was finally bathing in this champagne glass in the snow. Silly, I know! She is as entertaining as she is pretty and I hope she's just the right girl to get you into the holiday mood. I want to wish our readers a very Merry Christmas and thank you for your loyalty – yes, even our little trolls. Happy holidays! – Bunny Brickworks]


I want to thank Bunny for the great photos and the chance to talk about my time here in SL. So where do I begin or end, almost two years in SL is like a lifetime and I am so not a writer so bear with me as I try to condense it a few paragraphs.

Idiscovered SL while watching a Sunday Morning show and thought why not.I was born to a crazy world that still can keep me guessing. When Ifirst roamed SL, I used a free backpack and tented on any sim thatseemed empty. I thought that when you signed off that your avatarstayed there and hated the thought of avis tromping past me. I'm notsure when I figured out what "away" really meant. (duh).

Wasn'tlong until I broke the first rule I gave myself. 1. Never spend RLmoney. That ended when I couldn't figure out how to use the voucher atGuRL 6 and damn I wanted that orange hair gone, so I opened a Paypalaccount while drooling over all the wonderful hair. My spending wentall done hill from there. Rule 2. Never talk about RL or get involvedwith men, pfft, we all break that rule eventually. Discounting thefirst two men, I had no idea what those balls did, OMG!!


After2 months I started to get bored with the one place and went to hearReggae tunes, I asked a friend if he knew of any blues places in SL andhe gave me a landmark for The House of Tunes. I couldn't wait to tryit, so I got dressed in my favorite freebies and my new hair and setout make a good impression.

Butno, Clover walks over to the beach party and straight into the pool, Iwas so embarrassed I poofed away in shame. I eventually returned thereand have never looked back.  Hanging with the DJs and learning the Blues has lead to a full SL of music, friends and very silly chat.  It's been almost two years and I still hang out at House Of Tunes/Xroads.  

Ialso work at the JunkYard where it is wild, crazy and too much fun forwords, I really let my hair down at the Dreamcatchers Distillery andcatch up with, and unwind with my closest friends and my umm, crazy andzany partner Madsen.

Ilove the Boston Redsoxs and when I saw the group, I joined so fast thatI almost crashed. When baseball season starts up again, and the gamesbegin, I'll have hundreds of fans to bitch hoot and hollar with.


Iwish that SL allowed you to have more than 25 groups. I wish that afterbeing here for almost two years I could build my own house. I hateclouds/ghosts when you tp, but they're better than getting ruthed. Ilove shopping, dancing, and hanging with my crazy friends after a busyRL day.

What could be better than putting your feet up and letting the diva ooze out, all night long! *winks*

15 Responses to “Post 6 Grrrl — Clover Vella”

  1. IronGut McCallister

    Dec 24th, 2008

    CLOVER!! You are one of the people I love being around. Flirting with you is always fun and it has been a blessing to proudly call you my friend. If anyone doesn’t know you, they’re missing out. Always in a great mood (except when the Sox lose) and awesome to be around. You are a true treasure to us all. Hurry.. stormy isn’t looking… give me a kiss with tongue! ;)

    Love ya!!

  2. Ellia Noel

    Dec 24th, 2008

    Wonderful pictures Clover, you look lovely and sexy Sissy. I am so proud of you, so glad you did the spread of pictures. Hugs Ellia

  3. Stephie

    Dec 24th, 2008

    “I could not stop and stare and that incredibly beautiful face.”

    I had to stop there, I was laughing too hard to read the rest.

  4. Madsen Ballyhoo

    Dec 24th, 2008

    Oh yeaa Baby, champagne will never be the same to me, as long as your in it!!
    Love yea more than life itself, xoxxooxxoxo

  5. Blu

    Dec 25th, 2008

    Clover is a great lady, am glad to know her, Go Soxxxx

  6. Aya Pelous

    Dec 25th, 2008

    Sorry, try again bunny. To many women up the slider on their avatar….cheeks, lips, breasts, hips, ass, and their legs. But then they leave their arms and hands as small as possible to make them look “petite”. Stop trying so hard.

  7. Lola

    Dec 25th, 2008

    Aya, you forgot slider down on the nose too. Michael Jackson much?

  8. Nica...

    Dec 25th, 2008

    hey mom.

    you look fine the way you are dont listen to the negitive comments don’t change who you are for anyone =]

  9. Bradley Gazov

    Dec 26th, 2008

    Clover! Wow someone I know here finally. You’re a SL sweety and if you people don’t know her, you’re missing out. Great lady.

  10. Mia Mayfair

    Dec 26th, 2008

    Hey Clover, you gorgeous Sox fan!! So glad to see ya in the SL Herald. You are beautiful! I am so glad I got to know you at House of Tunes. Those were some awesome Jump Blues shows and YOU are a lot of fun! Hugggs….

  11. Gin Messmer

    Dec 27th, 2008

    Congrats Clover on the photo shoot. There is love and beauty in your heart and that is mirrored in your avatar. So glad I know you :) Hugz sis!!!

  12. ZeZe

    Dec 27th, 2008

    Congrats!!! Clover, you are a lovely woman with cute pixels! Your friends aren’t crazy :wink: We special!!

  13. JT Malibu

    Dec 28th, 2008

    Ahhhh… Clover is the consummate guy’s girl…. hot as hell, loves baseball, oozing with sexuality and … oh yes…. that FASHION SENSE. I once sang her the song… well east coast girl’s are hip i really dig those styles they wearrrrr…
    Keep on doin what you are doing darlin… it is workin juusssst fine. :)

  14. Spooky

    Dec 28th, 2008

    Wow Clover way 2 cool, you laughed along with me in my newbie days and gave me great tips and lm’s, it was so much fun reading about your newbie days and yes you were right, I spent real life money too! sighs Spookie

  15. Clover

    Dec 30th, 2008

    Thanks Bunny and all my friends who took the time to post such sweet things,and even the few who were critical. I enjoyed my 15 mins and love my blues family with all my heart even if you didn’t take the time to post!! Winks Clover

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