SL Military Crisis – Ascendant Iniative Splits

by Alphaville Herald on 08/12/08 at 10:55 pm

by Vegna Fouroux, Military Correspondent

The 2nd of December is the day that will be come to be known as the Day the longest and biggest Alliance in SL MIlitary History fell apart. I am, of course talking about the Ascendant Iniative. Now it seems that the Spartans, 39th M.H.T.F. Blackwatch, the Guerilla Rebels and other members of the A.I became aware of certain relations between the Alliance Navy and Vanguard Armed Foces (a group which has now died) and broke all ties with the A.N. A final goodbye was published in the group notices by Spartan King Bruno Ziskey he states “due to an unholy alliance between Jim Herbst and Christoph Naumova, AN is being funded by Christoph in exchange for VG being allowed to join the AN, even while their groups are hidden.” And that while he does not wish to become hostile towards to group, he thinks Admiral Jim Herbst and Commander Luca Vasiloptia were responsible for the group’s demise.

Admiral Herbst made a counter notice saying “There was no goodbye” and in fact:

“I want to set the record straight: we do not accept money from Christoph Naumova.
Don’t believe me? I’ll show you the financial records”.

With the history and reputation of the Ascendant Iniative in mind I first went to Spartan King Bruno Ziskey who at first appeared to be the instigator of this sudden break.

Vegna Fouroux: Okay so what has caused this sudden break with the Alliance Navy?
Bruno Ziskey: Did you receive a copy of the note I sent out?

Vegna Fouroux: Yes, we understand it was due to your believe that AN were in the bed with VG but why the break now? why not earlier? or why not an attempt at resolving the problem?
Bruno Ziskey: 1. I didnt know about this until recently and did my own investigation. 2. It turns out 2142 and GR have been wanting to leave AI for a while but didnt, I’d suggest talking to them about that and 2. If AN is being funded by Christoph and couldnt be suppoted otherwise, it would die anyways without Chris’s help..and I dont want to be an ally to a group infested with VG. I demoted a spartan for trying to get Ordo to support a new sim for us when we were in Gliding, and my feelings havent changed with allies about that

Vegna Fouroux: Okay, so since the AN is now so infested with VG will you enact a blockade or will you simply open hostilities?
Bruno Ziskey: we’re neutral
Bruno Ziskey: Thing is, I dont want to fight AN unless I have to. I’ve been their allies for so long that even the thought of breaking away from them agonized me. I mean, we’ve had a year and a half together. Thats longer than any alliance in SL
Bruno Ziskey: But…..its the AN I like, but not the leadership. They’ve gone too far, alienated too many people and sadly enough allies.

Vegna Fouroux: Okay now tell me about this new group you, along with the 39th, the Guerilla Rebels and other various groups are forming? this “Commonwealth”
Bruno Ziskey: yeah Democracy, purely
Bruno Ziskey: No one group will run it, all major decisions like rules and new allies will be made by vote
Bruno Ziskey: a proposed idea is for meetings once a week, and each group plays host in turns per week
Bruno Ziskey: but this isnt final – we’re still working out charter, rules etc

Vegna Fouroux: So in your opinion was the fact that the Alliance Navy dominated proceedings of the Ascendant Iniative the reason it didn’t work as well as it could have?
Bruno Ziskey: To be honest, AN didnt control AI as much as everyone thinks, AN just organized things more often. The big problem was AN not properly communicating with their allies to make sure everythings well and good. People like Luca pissed off a lot of people in their allied groups…not something that should happen between allies.
Bruno Ziskey: Also, AN at times didnt respond to calls for help during attacks by enemies
Bruno Ziskey: So some allies felt alone and unprotected

Vegna Fouroux: Ah I see, did the recent Iron Symphony attack “Operation Iron Overture” have any bearing on the split?
Bruno Ziskey: Nope

Vegna Fouroux: Well for example did the A.N reply to calls for help during it?
Bruno Ziskey: Nobody called AN for help
Bruno Ziskey: we all just directed ourselves by everyone asking who needed help and going there

Vegna Fouroux: Okay well thanks for talking to me Bruno, is there anything else you would like to raise?
Bruno Ziskey: Yes. People seem to get the idea that Sparta is somehow the focal point of all this and that we’re leading this new alliance. I’m NOT the sole one responsible for this, it was a group decision by the other AI members and me, besides AN. Also, I am not in control of the Commonwealth, nor will I or any one person/group be. It will be a pure democracy, as all group leaders will have a say, even the little guy. Also, everyone can stop “thanking” me. I didn’t want to break this alliance, but I had no choice but to do it. The AN was my idol when we first became allies. I wanted Sparta to be just like them. Big, organized, professional, kickass. The AN of today is NOT the AN I allied with. I only wish there was something that could have been done…but the leaders of the AN themselves are to blame. Not all of them but some. It makes me feel awful doing this.

Well that cleared the air somewhat now I had to the other perspectives. What did the A.N really make of all this behind the group charters and notices? Who were the key players in the other former A.I groups.

To answer all these questions I first went to the 39th. Often seen as a bit of a maverick within the community they have been very anti-AN in the past. Going so far as to declare AN Marine Commander Luca Vasilopita “Unwelcome in Castle Munro.”
With all this I turned next to Hikyuu Kawashima Lt. General in the 39th:

Hikyuu Kawashima: don’t really concern myself with politics

Vegna Fouroux: Who would I go to right now in 39th to get the juicy stuff :o
Hikyuu Kawashima: probably Squeeze, but 39th’s HC in general feels that politics is just drama

Vegna Fouroux: any other generals actually online?
Hikyuu Kawashima: nop

Vegna Fouroux: Basically all I really want to know is why you and the 39th have decided to break with the Alliance Navy. I have Bruno’s reasons but what are yours?
Hikyuu Kawashima: we left the AI only because we felt it unecessary to have a better relationship with people you never fight and never talk to your enemies cause theyre not in your clubhouse
Hikyuu Kawashima: we knew the AI guys well
Hikyuu Kawashima: so we figured they’d be good opponents
Hikyuu Kawashima: since we have open forms of communication

Vegna Fouroux: So this business about the AN having certain dubious dealings with the Vanguard doesn’t bother the 39th?
Hikyuu Kawashima: again
Hikyuu Kawashima: politics = drama
Hikyuu Kawashima: we came here to play and fight
Hikyuu Kawashima: the 39th dont act or think like the rest of the armies, so you’re going to find our responses vary
Vegna Fouroux: Ah, so you’d be no friend of Sparta either? Who seem to be heavily involved with the politics of this aswell?

At which point I was told that whatever Sparta was doing the 39th supported but the 39th Blackwatch has always maintained that it will not fuel the political debate since they believe it to be drama.

Now to get the third perspective of the story, I turned to Luca Vasilopita. Often a controversial figure with the Military Sphere for his outspoken remarks and behaviour. I found him tonight making tea and in deep reflection.

Vegna Fouroux: I’m sure you’re aware the Ascendant Iniative has broken. Now your name came up in Bruno’s “Final Goodbye” as having driven the group into a hole. What do you make of all this?
luca Vasilopita: As an individual, I have my own personal opinions on the subject. But, as a member of the Alliance Navy, and as a veteran of the group for more than two years… I feel I must dispell his statement as mere bandwagon attitude, and an excuse.
luca Vasilopita: He states that both Jim Herbst and MY leadership lead to this demise of the Alliance Navy, but you’ll note… I have been in command for two years, and I have lead many plus and minus months for my own Marine Division.
luca Vasilopita: Is the current state of the Alliance Navy down to any two people? Not really. I believe it is like the respiratory system. Inhalation and exhalation represents booms and dips in what we consider to be good times and bad times.
luca Vasilopita: Bruno Ziskey is clearly using names as a form of accountability pinning. It’s just not viable to blame the more recent state of affairs on ‘breathing’.

Vegna Fouroux: So you would believe then that Bruno and the others should have stuck it out with the Ascendant Iniative?
luca Vasilopita: I believe that what Bruno has done is in his best interests. If he truely cannot trust the Alliance Navy, because he doesn’t, and has outright refused to sit down with Jim Herbst in order to straighten out fact from fiction, then he shouldn’t be in alliance with us.
luca Vasilopita: There are alot of fabrications in his ‘final note’.

Vegna Fouroux: So then you completely refute these allegations about your dealings with Vanguard?
luca Vasilopita: In his statement, yes.
luca Vasilopita: There are certain things that are true tied to such incidents, but none of them in his words are that black and white.
luca Vasilopita: Example; The Alliance Navy did accept former Vanguard members in as Recruits. We would do that for anybody who met the needed standards of recruitment though. We are an equal rights employer.
luca Vasilopita: Example; The Alliance Navy did accept a somewhat weirdly well placed sculpted pouch from Christoph, which we use as an optional element in our gear.

Vegna Fouroux: Ah I see, well Bruno says he will maintain a neutral stance with your group, will the Alliance Navy adopt this position also, or shall you declare war? I do of course take into account that you are not in charge of the group totally.
luca Vasilopita: War is meant for actions that are inexcusable. So far, Bruno has only stated that he is leaving and taking all his buddies with him. So long as there are no hostile actions by their ‘pact’ and the Alliance Navy, there will be no need for an armed conflict between us.

Since this entire incident was undoubtably based around the Alliance Navy, I decided to get another Commander’s thoughts on the matter; Fleet Commander Jason Backer.

Vegna Fouroux: What do you as Alliance Navy Fleet Commander make of all this?
Jason Backer: What I make of it? Honestly, if the information were true I could understand the decision. But it’s not. However we’re keeping our cool. We understand the AN isn’t perfect and I strive to make it better. Instead of sitting back and saying ‘Hey sod these guys, didn’t need them anyway’ we’re looking at the situation and saying ‘They feel this way, why? Lets improve ourselves as a result’.
Jason Backer: The money thing isn’t true. All our donations are run via our database so we have full logs.
Jason Backer: I personally just feel frustrated but accepting the decision.
Jason Backer: I still like the former AI Commanders
Jason Backer: Jordi is a nice guy and you can have a laugh with him, never had a problem with LordBob or Bruno.
Jason Backer: I wish them well, and hope to show them and the community as a whole that whats been said isn’t true, pull our act up in the areas we’ve been lacking and just strive to be a better group.

Jason Backer: Can I just add one thing in?
Jason Backer: We accepted VG not based on them being VG, but on their application. People who wern’t up to par didn’t get in. For all thats said about the AN we don’t condone things persons have said or done just to boost numbers.
Jason Backer: That would be very wrong.
Vegna Fouroux: Of course, myself a failed Alliance Navy Cadet knows that all too well.
Vegna Fouroux: ;)

And finally I gained an audience with the Admiral and overall head of the Alliance Navy Jim Herbst:

Vegna Fouroux: Hello Admiral, so now I presume what has just transpired came as a bit of a shock to you?
Jim Herbst: You could say that, my big suprise was that Bruno “found this all out” and my friend of one and a half years chose to instead of talking to me, abandon the AI.

Vegna Fouroux: Why do you think the other groups followed suit?
Jim Herbst: They probably did want out, but didn’t want to feel alone in doing so. The AI wasn’t exactly a close-bonds kind of thing
Jim Herbst: for the most part the whole thing formed out of smaller groups wanting to not be picked on by the mercz and ordo incessantly.
Jim Herbst: It really came apart because of a few reasons

Vegna Fouroux: So is it definetly gone for good then? The Alliance Navy stands alone?
Jim Herbst: I wouldn’t say that
Jim Herbst: Right now we’re evaluating our course of action, my personal opinion is that the AI needed a “rebirth” as it were
Jim Herbst: and I would personally like to sort things out with 2142, GR, Sparta, and the 39th, and follow them to the commonwealth.
Jim Herbst: but it’s equally likely we’ll just find new allies. Or have none at all
Jim Herbst: before the AI, we had no real formal allies.

Vegna Fouroux: But how did all this come about. I mean if these allegations about VG are so untrue, where is Bruno getting his information from?
Jim Herbst: There’s some theories, but in a short conversation between me and Lordbob Boa the name Fox Mulgrave came up.
Jim Herbst: This information had to have come from rumors through the grapevine turned into “serious threats”
Jim Herbst: Christoph DID offer money to us, he offered supox to us as well, tier paid for the next 8 months already.
Jim Herbst: I personally turned down his offer.
Jim Herbst: The other fact is we did have a little financial trouble this month, but it was Hades Juran, not Christoph, where the money came from.
Jim Herbst: take out the names in both, and it is not a hard conclusion to falsely come to.

Vegna Fouroux: Ah I see, so this matter arose from general confusion and perhaps some outside malicious play. I suppose a major question would be that if you cannot join this commonwealth would war with sparta and the others be on the cards?
Jim Herbst: I wouldn’t know, honestly.
Jim Herbst: Bruno is my friend, and I consider Sparta to be the closest group of friends the AN has, come hell or high water.

Vegna Fouroux: Despite the fact that he has claimed you are responsible for leading the AN into a hole
Jim Herbst: What went on here was an error in communications.
Jim Herbst: If I can bring him around to my side of the story (he is not responding to my IM’s, though) I think things will be better.
Jim Herbst: I.. AM a little dissapointed that he got some information and just decided to drop us like a hot potato, but come on.
Jim Herbst: He is routing all concerns to his queen, Ivy, but she seems convinced I am a very evil man and will not be dissuaded.
Jim Herbst: about an hour ago she ejected all spartans from the AI group

However one must remember this sudden collapse has taken place immediately after a massive Iron Symphony assault upon all A.I sims “Operation Iron Overture.” And whilst the former A.I deny this has anything to do with it, there is never smoke without fire. And what does the Iron Symphony think about this? Is it exultant? Gleeful? Well here’s just some random comments this reporter picked up during his time on base:

“When the news broke”

G.gaffar Belar: claps
G.Cesca Finesmith: what? did they dis bound?
Cesca Finesmith: QUite a story.

(Two NCOs)

Anthony Lehane: I usually don’t come to conclusions without talking to people on different sides of the situation Vegna.
Anthony Lehane: It hasn’t even started to develop yet

(Marshal Merczateers)

billyyank Dagger: AN MUST FAIL!

(Enlisted Man)

Joshua Hoch: I actually respect the AN besides them shooting through the floor and walls
Joshua Hoch: during operation iron overture i got inside their trench and pawned some of them

(Enlisted Man).

And so an era has ended tonight. A great power has sundered. And no matter which side you chose to believe this can be accepted by all I think: things will never be quite the same again.

36 Responses to “SL Military Crisis – Ascendant Iniative Splits”

  1. Voice of Reason

    Dec 9th, 2008

    Wow, I saw this coming.
    Why is it alway bruno trying to get in almost every SLH war story?! I also love how he is so two faced. One day he is sucking AN’s cock and the next day, he is pointing a gun at them.

    Bruno, make up your fucking mind….
    Be with them or be without them, either way, you’re fucked.

    AN have been in SL the longest of any SL military. They can come back and most likely will. Also Jim is a man of his word, I don’t think he has ever lied and he is a good guy to talk to.
    Bruno, on the other hand, is off his fucking rocker. He is basically biting the hand that feeds him.

  2. Reverse Writer

    Dec 9th, 2008


  3. Ivy Contepomi

    Dec 9th, 2008

    Give me a break, “voice of reason”. Three armies left the AI, and the writer interviewed all the heads of several, but the only person you have the gall to bitch about is Bruno.

    Heaven forbid he should be interviewed when his army was involved! How dare he answer questions from a reporter! How dare that reporter post them here! Right?

    No. If you have a personality conflict with Bruno, take a number and get in line. But get over the fact that whether you like him or not, he is the leader of Sparta, and Sparta was only one of several armies that made the decision to leave the AI.

  4. Fox Mulgrave

    Dec 9th, 2008

    Well, “The Voice of Reason”, the quality of food has been dipping quite lately, as has th quality – purity, of the hand itself.
    It is no wonder that people begin to dream of a fresh chicken, apposed to a stale dog biscuit.

  5. Belzin Epin (Jeska) (Tundra) (And Other Assorted People)

    Dec 9th, 2008

    I just fell off my chair. I was laughhing hysterically. Dear god, I’m so happy. AN deserved the plate of shit they got served.

  6. Voice of Reason

    Dec 9th, 2008

    Reply to Ivy

    Well I point bruno out mainly from this, because he is alway the one that points fingers and makes up retarded shit to cover his own downfalls.
    He backstabed AN a few times in the past and AN still welcomed him with only arms. Thankfully now, AN will not have to deal with his BS anymore. If I were the leaders of 2142 and 39th, I’d drop sparta off as an ally and put them as foes.
    I do not dislike sparta and sparta has many good soilders in it, but sadly sparta is run by a man who can not get his RL stories stright, never fact checks himself, and blames other for his own problems.

    Reply to Fox
    I may have fought AN in the past, but I will not pass judgement on them on the pure fact that they be a bit outdated in thier tech. When I used to fight AN, it alway felt right to do so and AN understood the different between serious business and fun. At least in the time when I used to fight them. There is not a need to use words as “hate” against AN, because I never saw the point in hating a military group in SL because it was mainly a waste of time and enegry to even get upset by something in a video game.

  7. AN fanboy

    Dec 9th, 2008

    Bruno is the king of sl military drama, it was only a matter of time before he got bored of finger wagging at the I.S groups and turned against his oldest ally. The fact he will not even respond to AN commands im’s is laughable. Strength and honour he says….more like spam and drama!

  8. Bruno Ziskey

    Dec 9th, 2008

    “He backstabed AN a few times in the past and AN still welcomed him with only arms.”

    Really? Care to tell me about these times, as I dont seem to recall them. Perhaps it was in an alternate dimension or timeline?

    I feel so loved :D

  9. Deimos

    Dec 10th, 2008

    Bruno is such an Asshole. I remember when I was in the Mercz he used to ban people for fighting on his Sim. I don’t play with the militaries little Q_Q anymore.

  10. IntLibber Brautigan

    Dec 10th, 2008

    Its evident that Jim has some secret pact with Christoph, as soon as VG “disbanded”, Jim rescinded his apology to me for griefing my sims (events which led to the pwnage at Emit Time), court martialed and demoted Trinity Heckroth, and then banned me from Elshout. There’s some dirty stuff going down.

    If Jim thinks he can make deals with the devil he he is sorely mistaken and he and AN will wind up losing in the end. Christoph serves Christoph, whatever reason he’s got his boys joining AN, its not to benefit AN and never will. Whatever kool aid luca’s been serving you Jim, better drop it cold turkey.

    As for Bruno, for all his irrationality in the past, divorcing himself from any group that treats with VG demonstrates some intelligence. Kudos to the 39th, RA, and the rest of the former AI for demonstrating some spine. Hope your commonwealth works out well for you.

    AN is now isolated. Their guys came begging to attack Mercz the other day.

  11. Fox Mulgrave

    Dec 10th, 2008

    Before you go any further (Voice of Reason), I’d like to tell you, and everyone else here, the first person to post under the name of “Fox Mulgrave” was not me, and does not nessecarily echo my views.

    Onto the matter at hand – the Disbanding of Ascendant. It was really only a matter of time, though what I believe to have happened has not got substantial proof. It really is just a theory.

    I was also a little peeved that my name was dragged into the spotlight in that manner, as I only presented a theory, and what *I* believe to be true. After conducting his own investigation, Bruno Chose to act. In my opinion, that itself is substantial evidence, as it shows that Bruno found *SOMETHING* in his search that proved my theory to be correct.

    But let us not dwell on the past. Let us dwell on the future. A future where The Commonwealth is the name spoken of, rather than Ascendant Initiative. Where democracy prevails. Where Petty drama is a thing for other groups to worry about. The 2142 Armed Forces, SLSN, Guerella Rebels, Sparta, and 39th Blackwatch made a good call that day. It is a call to end an era, and to begin a newer, fairer one.
    Welcome to the era of pure, clean combat.

    -Fox Mulgrave,
    SLSN O-3
    Fleet XO
    Recruitment Core CO

    (This is how I sign myself, though I do not doubt that the impostor will begin to do the same, now I’ve said this)

  12. Witness X

    Dec 10th, 2008

    You’re not running a business, Int – you’re here to play toy soldiers! No wonder your dad has to float you every month. And come tax time, you’re going to have to show a profit, or the IRS is going to declare what you’re doing in SL a hobby, and you’ll have to pay back all that money you’ve been taking off as tax deductions! LOL

  13. Salone Runo

    Dec 10th, 2008

    To Fox..

    uh.. AI had a name for itself because AN was in it, Whatever little alliance group comes up next. I don’t even want to use the name you all chose for your alliance. Because it is in fact a pretty gay name.

    But that’s beside the point, All five of those groups have never been the most popular or respected or even well known compared to AN Vanguard Ordo Merczateers. You need a large group to keep the little ones in line.

    And your group isn’t going to affect very much.. I don’t get how it would be a change of an era.

    I’m actually wondering if near the bottom of your post you were serious.. Because if you didn’t think about how gay that sounds then maybe you should do it now.

  14. Inuyasha Deere

    Dec 10th, 2008

    Looks like AN are about to have their asses smoked. Now that they don’t have 30,000 Semi-autonomous vassals propping their ass up… I guess we’ll have some modern SL kleptocrat decide that happens. (Aren’t the IS just institutions designed to amass wealth these days?)

  15. Bruno Ziskey

    Dec 10th, 2008

    “But that’s beside the point, All five of those groups have never been the most popular or respected or even well known compared to AN Vanguard Ordo Merczateers. You need a large group to keep the little ones in line.

    And your group isn’t going to affect very much.. I don’t get how it would be a change of an era.”

    As I recall Salone you were/are VG. Hypocrite much?

  16. Salone Runo

    Dec 10th, 2008

    I put three categories. Popular, Respected and well known.

    We have two of those at the least Bruno.

    AN most likely didn’t treat you all to nicely, But come up with something more classy if you want to be a leading group.

  17. Steve319 cao

    Dec 10th, 2008

    Wow people have been letting the under 18s post messages again.

    Firstly good article vegna not often I say that but you seemed to go gather your facts and then report honestly on them and to be honest id be happy to sit back and watch the emo drama unfold except theres one little comment I feel compelled to reply to.

    “Jim Herbst: There’s some theories, but in a short conversation between me and Lordbob Boa the name Fox Mulgrave came up.”

    Jim id love to know where the hell your evidence of what your insinuating has come from , seeing as I highly suspect you don’t have any because quite honestly what would Fox or any SLSN member have to gain by spreading lies to destroy the AI alliance ?

    No its very easy to try to pin the blame on others especially somebody with a bit of a checked past witch fox freely admits
    to,In future I would thank you not to drag the name of one of my officers through the press as an attempt to cover up the fact that you go caught taking back handers of everyones stressed snow kitty .

    If you want to blame someone for the Alliance Navys diplomatic skills or lack there of id start looking at your marine commander who has systematically destroyed every decent alliance the AN has ever had.

    ok rant over

    Steve319 cao
    SLSN Fleet Admiral

  18. IntLibber Brautigan

    Dec 11th, 2008

    You know, Witness X, aka The Schwarz, among other identities, i dont think you’ve had a clue of what you are talking about posting commments here in over 3 months now. You’re perception of reality continues to diverge further from the truth. BNT is just fine, thanks for asking, and no dad hasnt put a dime into the company, he’s been busy hunting caribou in northern Canada this fall (freezer is stocked now).

    It will be a very odd day when you actually have something factual to say.

    That I find the time to relax and enjoy some combat now and then with my comrades and friends throughout the SL combat community, many of whome are also current or past land customers of mine (four sims of mine are rented by the mercz or their members, a fifth by a member of Ordo, and we’ve hosted 2142, Remnant Imperium, and Spanish SL Army in the past (and yes, even Vanguard, when Christoph was defrauding me of money)) only shows how stable our company is. The military market is our biggest sector and we enjoy a high degree of trust from many across the community. If a group needs a sim, they generally come to us.

    There are of course a few bad eggs who we’ve had to deal with decisively in the past, Christoph, Nanao, among them. Unavoidable in a community so filled with drama and stressed snow kitties, that a few immature and unethical individuals would run afoul of us one time or another. Whatever they have to say about us, judge the sources (something I dont have to say about Witness X, whose reputation has long been significantly in the negative.)

  19. Fox Mulgrave

    Dec 11th, 2008

    You ought to be careful Runo. Your use of ‘Gay’ might offend Christoph.

    -Fox Mulgrave,
    SLSN O-3
    Fleet XO
    Recruitment Core CO

  20. Mikael Khalamov

    Dec 11th, 2008

    Drama baaaaawww.

    Old story, stop whining, go home.

  21. Witness X

    Dec 11th, 2008

    “You know, Witness X, aka The Schwarz, among other identities, i dont think you’ve had a clue of what you are talking about posting commments here in over 3 months now. You’re perception of reality continues to diverge further from the truth.”

    You know Int, it could be due more to people impersonating me. You may have noticed that it is not especially hard to due on the Herald. Everytime I try to say one thing, some idiot anon comes and posts another, making me look like schizo. You yourself have been a victim of it many times and yet I have never held you to it.

    All I can say is that people can find the true facts amid all the noise from imposters. But it would be just like you to dismiss everything I have to say just because I hit close to home. And to be honest, trolls throwing misinformation out there are not that hard to pick out, so claiming you do not understand my arguments is your ignorance and attempt to dodge.

    And who the hell is The Schwarz? Are you getting paranoid now? I’m only one person and you’re certainly not worth the time to create alts to freak you out.

  22. LOL

    Dec 11th, 2008

    SL Military is a Failure diu to the fact that SL 1st person Shooter interface BLOWS! So many better Military stragity, RPG, FPS, and MMO games exist. SL will never compete with gave like Call of Duty, Far Cry 2, F.E.A.R, or Bio-Shock. Hell even the Original DOOM game is better then combat on SL.

  23. Salone Runo

    Dec 11th, 2008


    Almost every furry I have met, There is a chance they will either call themselves gay.. Or not admit to it.

    And even the chance that they aren’t gay even if that is unusual.

    I pretty much threw up after reading some of the chats between two furries, But I still think their private lives shouldn’t effect their public lives. If someone decides to keep one separate from the other. Then why should it change anything?

    Not that I fully believe it was him.. But if it is, than that doesn’t change how I see of him. And how I respect him for being the one guy who is up to leading me.

  24. Ivy Contepomi

    Dec 11th, 2008

    @ “LOL”

    I just have to laugh when people compare SL combat to that of high priced 1-person video games.

    The interface sure, is not the same. But SL combats major plus is the personality and the people. There is no clear objective in SL Combat, there is “last boss” to beat, there is no end to the game.

    Your video games don’t have you interacting with hundreds of soldiers, developing your own training programs for your branches, training individuals as they join, scripting your own technology.

    No, SL Combat doesn’t have the interface. But it has the interaction, and that’s why there are so many hundreds of individuals on both grids dedicated to it.

  25. Neo Citizen

    Dec 11th, 2008

    Hey, isn’t it funny how the only person who thinks Witness X is “discredited” is IntLibber? Amazing how that works. Yeah, some of the posts by Witness X aren’t the real guy. Assuming it’s a guy. What I find most interesting is how IntLibber wants to be the center of attention, except when he’s being nailed for some rotten thing he did to somebody and they’re holding his feet to the fire for it.

    You can’t be the center of attention, but hide when you want to, that doesn’t work. The PN found that out, that’s why every leader (including the current one) has been doxed so far.

  26. 2 cents

    Dec 11th, 2008



    you G.E.D. loserfuck!

  27. Voice of Reason

    Dec 12th, 2008

    I love these 5-way drama fights
    Usually Fox and Steve319 come out on top, but compared with the other 3, that is not saying much

    It is pretty pointless trying to get facts stright when everyone disagrees with one another, rather then trying to at least get everyone’s focus on the topc at hand.
    It alway ends up with everyone pointing fingers, making up rumors, battling in SL over, and etc. The problems never get worked out and everyone is unhappy and pissed.

    Well, that sounds like War to me….

  28. Zrazor Rozenstrauch

    Dec 12th, 2008


    “SL Military is a Failure diu to the fact that SL 1st person Shooter interface BLOWS! So many better Military stragity, RPG, FPS, and MMO games exist.”

    “So many better Military stragity, RPG, FPS, and MMO games exist.”

    “stragity, RPG, FPS, and MMO games”

    “stragity, RPG, FPS, and MMO games”








  29. mootykips

    Dec 12th, 2008

    protip: I doxed myself

    you can be the center of attention and hide yourself, that’s called effective anonymity measures

  30. Waykewljr Beerbaum

    Dec 19th, 2008

    o.o This story was rather confusing to me.. now my brain hurts.. I thought AN was the largest Alliance out there, and the Merczateers was the largest military out there. o.o Or are Ascendant Iniative and Alliance Navy one and the same? =/

  31. Izaea Qinan

    Dec 21st, 2008

    Fixing some factual errors, Int. Trin was never court martialed – she was voted out of admirality by a vote of no confidence, long, long before the VG fell. Trin had already removed herself from the AN and been in the Ordo for quite some time when that happened.

    I don’t know why I do this – but it seems like, if this is going to be recorded for posterity, someone needs to check facts.

  32. Andrew

    Dec 21st, 2008

    Your video games don’t have you interacting with hundreds of soldiers, developing your own training programs for your branches, training individuals as they join, scripting your own technology.

  33. General Drama

    Dec 23rd, 2008

    Actually, everybody knows who Witness X is. Witness X is anybody that wants to post baseless lies (or disclose info if you are a Linden) without accountability in order to stir up shit and drama. Those who have posted under the name Witness X in the past are: maldavius figtree, kalel venkman, angel fluffy, kiroja fluffy, kara timtam, christoph naumova, Frontier Linden, Plexus Linden, Harry Linden, Cyn Linden, The Schwarz, Koffing/FBIchan, mootykips, N3x15, frizzlefry, captcha, killua, prokofy, neo citizen, among others.

    The entertainment for those of us observing is to figure out which person posts each time.

  34. Witness X

    Dec 29th, 2008

    Oh, nice potshot, Intlibber.

    How do we know it’s you? Because you’re the only person who calls my statements lies. And why is that, the reader might suppose? Because you’re the only one who stands to lose big time from the stuff I say. That laundry list of guesses as to who I really am just shows that you have no idea who you’re really up against. It’s just a list of your enemies.

    Here’s an interesting observation: I said in October that you’d disappeared from search, because you hadn’t paid your bills. You laughed it off, saying it was because you were trying to get people used to talking to IntLibber BnT for business tasks. But here’s the interesting part: first, you can’t hide yourself from estate and parcel ban searches just by clicking a checkbox. You assume the entire community stupid by claiming that. We’re not stupid. Not all of us, anyway. And second, now ALL of your accounts are missing in search.

    Turn them all off yourself, did you? Or are you scrambling to make your sixteen thousand dollar payment this month?

    I know your secrets. For one, you’re insolvent and on the verge of a complete fiscal collapse. For another, you’re under investigation. Not saying by whom. That would spoil the surprise. Not saying how I know, either. You’d be able to remove me from your inner circle if I told you that.

  35. Fox Mulgrave

    Dec 30th, 2008

    Witness X -

    I think logic can tell you that I am not IntLibber Brautigan.

    You’re a liar, go away.

  36. Johney Giano

    Dec 8th, 2011

    Yeah Fox, u ghey. Runo won this one, again.

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