Alien28 vs Plagiariser – part 2

by Alphaville Herald on 14/01/09 at 10:57 pm

An angry store owner, a suspicious alien face hugger — and a plot to bankrupt Zilu !!!

by Coke Supply


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16 Responses to “Alien28 vs Plagiariser – part 2”

  1. LOL

    Jan 15th, 2009

    Here is an Idea for part 3, why not get H.R. Giger and James Camron’s thoughts on this content thief. I am sure H.R. Giger’s Copywrite on the alien design may be able to shed some light on just who created what. Then give James Camron a call and see if he minds a bunch of video game geeks selling creatures from his alien movies. That should make for an intresting comic…

  2. JimBean

    Jan 15th, 2009

    So true, LOL.

    Only in SL can people be so brazenly ignorant. What’s wrong with all of you?

  3. janeforyou Barbara

    Jan 15th, 2009

    @LOL…James Camron wil be prowd, in fackt this is marketing of his work lol
    i bet James Camron wil be willing to support the whole sim/shop! Hes a smart dude :-)

    Besides i think if you look closer on a lot of item in SL you wil find moust “Ideas” to items and avs from RL, one are the Jessica Alba av and also costume from “sin city”

  4. stupidity is common

    Jan 15th, 2009

    “Only in SL can people be so brazenly ignorant. What’s wrong with all of you?”

    Not only in SL. The real world is filled with idiots. Just look at the situation in the Middle east and the fact that we still use oil to drive our cars, instead of the better alternatives. and that despite the technology being readily available. Diesel engines can run on sunfloweroil even without any big adaptations, and still they dont.

    People are stupid in general not just in SL.

  5. LOL

    Jan 15th, 2009

    @janeforyou Barbara

    I bet James Camron & Ridley scott would like the fact almost 30 years after the 1st alien movie people still like it! However as for Marketing, I am positive they have thier OWN MARKETING TEAM. Hell how else do you think they made SO MUCH MONEY already… I doubt it was by letting 3ird parties (coke & her buddie from area 51) sell thier ideas, and designs. And what about Dark Horse Comics, don’t they own the Trademark for the “ALIEN” & “ALIENS” comics? hummmmm…. I seem to rember the 1st Alien comic in Darkhorse presents back in the 70′s as a B&W comic.

    All that aside, lets get to

    “…James Camron wil be prowd, in fackt this is marketing of his work lol
    i bet James Camron wil be willing to support the whole sim/shop! Hes a smart dude”

    Ok, why don’t you contact James Camron, H.R. Giger, and Ridley Scott, ask them if you can sell the “ALIEN” name, logo, design, and concept and not share any of the Profit with the Trademark and copywrite holders, Oh yeah I am sure they will just throw money at you to finance a sim & let you keep all profits. Like you said “HE IS A SMART DUDE” They have made a ton of money in the past 30 years on alien by marketing it themselvs… I doubt they need to have Coke Head the 5th missing pilot from the roswell crash market it for them.

  6. chris

    Jan 15th, 2009

    All just crap. All just IP crooks, but what do you excpect with crap like “Free Culture” by lawrence looser being “advertised” for SALE at amazon as a PAYED for link advertising this website and Paying to keep it ONLINE.

    I drink your Milkshake!

    Can we see the end of this stupid set of “articles”. Besides all know that Xeno was also called out as a Alien avatar thief from the other – earlier Alien store avatar seller of Fox IP..over a year ago.

    All parties are just making a buck on others non licensed property and designs…
    Grow UP folk and show some adult responsiblities to others…

    Fox should sue you. Cause you to pay your entire savings account to a lawyer… what not gonna get one for free?. call oh wait , he’s to busy selling books and doing comedy central shows….-Colbert Report-

    Entitled Child-adults… God help your actual children.

  7. janeforyou Barbara

    Jan 15th, 2009

    @LOL There are Aliens and Predators avs in SL in diff shapes and all over the net in diif forms and shapes,the name “Alien” or “Predator”are not TM, and no i dont think James Camron or any other maker of stuff will start running after SL members to get a dollar a week lool.Bit i think James Camron wil se it as cool that somone created a kind of alien if he ever herd of it here.There are RL branded Jeans in SL also, i got a Fender guitar even in SL, and a ton of Star Wars items and Star Trek items and avs
    USS Enterprise are sold for 7 usd.And Indiana Jones items,, and Laura Croft and and and…

  8. LOL

    Jan 15th, 2009

    @janeforyou Barbara

    Just so I understand you correctly, are you saying it is OK to steal a RL idea, concept, or design and sell it in SL for a profit no matter how large or small, but it is not OK to steal an SL design and sell it in SL? If that is the case then why should anyone especally Linden Lab care or even enforce the DMCA process?

    As for all the Real life brands you mentioned…. some have actually sent notice to sites like XSTREETSL and ONREZ to have thier brand names and logos removed. Try this, List an item with an NFL logo or anything Disney related on XSTREETSL watch what happens. Even all Star Wars items that do not say “INSPIRED BY” will get the same result… removed due to Trademark violations.

    How would you feel if some one used your Isle of Lesbos Name and logo on items they sell in SL w\out your permission and not give you a share of the profits. I bet you would Flip out and rally all the men on your sims to start a smear campain alonf the lines of what coke head is doing with this comic here.

  9. janeforyou Barbara

    Jan 16th, 2009

    No i never say its ok to do any copy. but if you take a pair of shoes shape them as a shoe use colors and bling and call them “Lisas shoe” i bet you wil find the same pair som place in the world RL, Then can i go to Hong Kong and tell Miss pling to pay me if she sells the same shoe with same name?
    I dont think that will work. I made a fantasy if i go to a other VR world and i find that the “barbarin” store in CT sells the same sword i can get payed? This is SL ans yes the TOS tells that to name a place same name are not legal cuz you payed for the name. But this whole debate on RL/SL items and names been going on sins 2003 in SL, i am against copy in SL but to make a avatar or a item that ” looks ” same as a item in RL are done all over,, not only in SL, The best any can do are to e mail the RL creator or designer and get rights,, and i bet if i asked DG if i can use there design 100% in SL ans sell the item for 260 L$ = 1 usd Thay will prolly say thats ok.. i fackt i will ask a few huge brands on this just out of my own intress

  10. chris

    Jan 16th, 2009

    ok. you do that.-;)

  11. Coke Supply

    Jan 17th, 2009

    @ Chris

    “All know that Xeno was also called out as a Alien avatar thief from the other – earlier Alien store avatar seller of Fox IP..over a year ago.”

    What on earth are you talking about? If you LOOK at those avatars, you will see that they look nothing like the Fox avatars – so who “called him out” fo IP theft? Anyway, I’ve been friends with him for over 2 years now and he made those alien avatars before I ever met him. You know, the ones that Zilu still sells in his store today.

  12. Coke Supply

    Jan 17th, 2009

    @ “LOL”

    ” Hell how else do you think they made SO MUCH MONEY already… I doubt it was by letting 3ird parties (coke & her buddie from area 51) sell thier ideas, and designs.”

    Xeno’s avatars look nothing like the ones from the movies, so he’s not selling their ideas or designs. If anyone is selling their ideas or designs, it’s me. I’m the one trying to create the most realistic version.

    Which brings me to an interesting note – the only part of the alien that I copied from photos was the head – and even then, I stopped using the photos quite some time before I made the final version. The rest of the body was done from memory. Not that it changes anything of course.

  13. A. Noppers

    Jan 17th, 2009

    (TL;DR version: it’s not YOUR design and work being stolen, it’s someone else’s creations you yourself are ripping off, being ripped off. hypocrite.)

    Longer, more explained version:

    “and i bet if i asked DG if i can use there design 100% in SL ans sell the item for 260 L$ = 1 usd Thay will prolly say thats ok.. i fackt i will ask a few huge brands on this just out of my own intress”

    Asking the RL companies to the rights to remake and sell their designs in SL (or any virtual worlds platform, game or whatever) is always the right cause of action.

    But, do realize that while some companies would have no problems with it, more then a few will make you pay alot of money for just the rights, no matter if it’s only in a ‘fake’ world…

    Try to ask Disney, or Ferrari to use their brand and products… I am betting that you will have to charge thousands of L$ if not more for an SL Enzo for instance, as a licence for it will cost you all your life savings if not more. And who in their right mind will buy a fake car for over 1000 L$?

    (rhetorical question, dont answer that. I know there are idiots plenty in this game)

    Having worked for a RL company that makes models of several RL car brands, as well as some Disney products, I can assure you it wont be easy to get their O.K.

    I am mentioning Ferrari and Disney specifically, because they are very difficult to get to approve your design, even wanting a say in every single little detail of the looks, colour etc of the product you make… A very slighty colour difference, not even noticable by the naked eye, will be unacceptable.

    This has happened with one of our company’s models: the red of an Enzo model was too light, and as a result a whole series of products (that had already been made) had to be destroyed.

    Disney is just as difficult to please.

    If you want to do it the proper way and obtain the rights for any Ferrari or Disney product, it will cost you alot of money and trouble.

    The easiest way is to call it something different and only make it look remotely like the RL product, of course with the danger of getting said companies legal team on your ass. And believe me, it might seem like SL is not really worth their teffort and money, you would be mistaken if you think neither one of the big brands will let it slip if they find you out. (Especially Ferrari’s lawyers are sharks, able to smell blood miles away.)

    You can try to ask DG if you can use their design, success with that, but if you get permission… I dont think you can make anything more then a huge loss if you sell your items for 1 dollar. Licences are usually very, very expensive.

    I’d stick to the easy and cheap way and dont tell anyone; that is, if I would not have a decent bone in my body. (I do however, so I’m not going there. i’m not a thief.)

    But even if I *would*, I certainly wont go complaining if someone ripped off my ripoff. Cause that spells only one thing:


    ANYONE who cannot show legal documents of having permission to recreate any RL item in SL, should ever bitch and moan about their work being stolen.

    It’s like a bankrobber going to the police to moan about having been mugged…

    Good luck with getting your licence and making a proit off it, I give you less then 0.001 percent of success.

    To Coke supply: even ifyour desighns only remotely look like the Aliens from the movie… you’re still ripping them off. It is someone else’s designs that you make a priofit off….
    Even if you wouldnt make any profit, and just gave them away for free as a service from one fan to the other like some sort of virtual Robin Hood, you are a thief.
    And even less of a person if you bitch and moan about ‘your’ work being stolen.

  14. Coke Supply

    Jan 18th, 2009

    @ A. Noppers

    I have been an artist since I was old enough to hold a pencil in my hands. I have been drawing the alien, predator, super heroes, science fiction creatures and vehicles, and WHATEVER THE FUCK I PLEASE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH NOPPERS, for my entire life. I’m now 32. And not one single friend, stranger, tutor, employee, man, woman or child has EVER accused me of THEFT because of this.

    Except for you.

    Once, when I was about 15 years old, someone stole a picture that I drew of Freddy Krueger. I never got it back. It took me a long time, and I was very upset. I argued with that person and called them an asshole. But nobody ever, EVER called me a HYPOCRITE for that, simply because it was copied out of a movie and not from my imagination.

    Except for you.

    I spent the last 2 years of Second Life building this alien. I do it for pleasure and not for money. As an artist, I have spent most of my adult life creating artwork of this Alien, my favourite science fiction creature, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to recreate it in its three dimensional glory for the pleasure of both myself and the community.

    And yet, I am a theiving hypocrite? Despite trying to contact Fox on two separate occasions through their website to see if I could legitimately release this alien avatar for sale in the community? Despite giving it away for free for the last 6 months without cashing out one single penny, after I recieved no response from Fox???

    Wow, you certainly seem to have me all figured out, don’t you Noppers.

    Perhaps you think I am a thief because when we play Second Life, we are surrounded by a commercial environment in a virtual world where everyone else is doing their level best to make some money by selling their creations (copyrighted or otherwise), and you assume that this means that I must be doing exactly the same?

    AHHHHH I understand now!!! Forget the fact that I’m an artist and just want to take pleasure in seeing something that I CREATED being circulated in the community, forget the fact that the alien was probably in over 300 people’s inventories (that’s an estimate) before I ever made a single Linden, forget the fact that it’s in grids outside of SL where I CAN’T get money for it, forget the fact that pretty much anyone who asked me for it in the last 6 months got a free copy from me without my asking for anything in return, FORGET THE FACT THAT I HAVE NEVER CASHED OUT ONE FUCKING PENNY FROM SECOND LIFE SINCE THE DAY I STARTED, FORGET THE FACT THAT THIS IS THE ONLY CREATION THAT I HAVE EVER TRIED TO PROMOTE IN SECOND LIFE, FORGET THE FACT THAT I GIVE AWAY 100 PERCENT OF THE LINDEN CURRENCY THAT I EVER MADE IN SECOND LIFE ANYWAY, FORGET THE FACT THAT YOU READ ONLY A THIRD OF THE FULL COMIC, AND THOUGHT THAT YOU HAD ALL THE ANSWERS…

    Noppers, when I was about 5 years old, I drew a picture of Superman that was so good that the teachers hung it on the wall of the main assembly hall until I left the school at age 11. They could not believe that a five-year-old child could create such a fine piece of art, and decided that it would stay there to forever inspire the generations of children that passed through that hall.

    What would you like them to have done, Noppers? Destroy that picture, scold me as a thieving h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e, teach me that my behaviour is WRONG because they COULD have PAID for a REAL picture of him, and then snap my pencil in half? Perhaps YOU might have enjoyed looking at the picture too, Noppers, but what does it matter? I should never have drawn that picture in the first place, right? And the tutors were also wrong to have encouraged me to draw other pictures of other super heroes throughout my tenure at that school, right?

    What you can’t even see, Noppers, is that I’m a REAL, RED-BLOODED, HARDCORE ARTIST. Not the kind of person that makes cheap knock-offs to supplement my income. Not the kind of person who tries so very hard to become something that I never was. But a REAL ARTIST that creates the kind of things you see around you in everyday waking life. A REAL ARTIST whose talents are right up there with the very best. A REAL ARTIST who might never, ever have produced the kind of work that fuckers like you take for granted when you are too busy being an armchair critic, bitching about how the monsters in the latest first-person shooter (that you could never possibly create yourself) look like total shit, if only you had your way and had that fucking chance to snap my pencil in half when I was five years old.

    I am a student studying computer gaming and animation technology in one of the most prestigious universities in my country. I am hoping to spend the rest of my natural lifespan creating fantastic works of art for people like you to kill with your BFG.


    I created it because it is there to be created. Because it is there for people to enjoy. Because creating is what I do. Because creating is what I know. Because creating is who I am. Because creating is how I expect to pay for the food in my stomach and the roof over my head. Because if I did not create, like the artists before me, Noppers, then that first-person shooter that you enjoy playing so much would look like YOU fucking made it.

    If Fox has an issue with me, they can come and find me. I tried to contact them but I recieved no answer. I consent to them contacting Linden Lab to examine my account to see if any real life money was made from the sale of this avatar. I consent to Linden Lab removing this work, should they deem it necessary, with or without a DMCA filing from Fox or anyone else. I consent to the community admiring a fantastic creation, regardless of who owns a piece of fucking paper that says “that’s my copyright”. I do NOT consent to SOMEONE ELSE PLAGIARISING MY WORK, and in much the same manner I DON NOT LIKE TO SEE A KNOWN, PROVEN CONTENT THIEF PROFITING FROM THE HARD WORK OF THE RESIDENTS THAT MAKE THE VIRTUAL WORLD OF SECOND LIFE WHAT IT IS TODAY.

    With regards to the remark about my being a h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e, may I ask if you properly understand this term? Or perhaps you do not understand the full story of what has happened here? I have created this comic to expose Zilu Scofield for conning a friend of mine out of $190(USD) and EVERYTHING he ever built in Second Life at that point. I can tell from your h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e remark that you failed to notice that these items were completely original. The aliens that my friend created looked NOTHING like the aliens in Fox’s movies, and I doubt that they could ever file a valid claim of copyright infringement because of this very reason. And I seriously doubt that the US Government will be filing a copyright claim on Xeno’s Roswell alien. The only items that infringed any copyright in the comic was the face-hugger and alien statue that I made for the Burning Life festival in Second Life back in 2007. I GAVE that facehugger to Zilu (it was no-mod, and I was curious to see what he might do with it), and I GAVE the statue to various other people too. My concern was NEVER for the items that I WILLINGLY gave away. My concern was for the fact that a talentless, thieving asshole had hijacked the O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L hard work of an honest content creator.

    You see, in order to be a hypocrite, I have to steal something, have someone else steal that thing from me, and then complain that somebody stole that thing from me. Therefore, I completely fail to see the h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y that you speak of. Maybe I’m a bit t-h-i-c-k. Perhaps you might like to try to explain it to me again.

    Oh, and I like the comment about how I’m “even less of a person for bitching and moaning about my ‘work’ being stolen”… This comic was created 15 MONTHS ago and my alien avatar was stolen LAST WEEK! Therefore, it is not even mentioned in the comic (you know, the comic that you havent finished fucking reading yet).

    Now that Zilu has used his copybot to steal my work, I am *NOT* bitching and moaning about the theft, and I will tell you why; I WANTED Zilu to steal it. This avatar is FAMOUS within Second Life and it is the worst possible thing that Zilu could have chosen to steal. As soon as I saw that he was selling Mikeven Flow’s alien avatar in his store at the Black Sun region, I knew that he could not resist stealing mine too, if he ever saw it on display in a store somewhere. Therefore, I built a vendor and put the alien on sale at the price of 2000 Lindens as bait, in the hope that he would copybot it. Now that he is selling his own butchered knock-offs, everyone in Second Life will forever know that he is a plagiarising con-artist, liar and thief. If you read the second part of the comic on this site, you will see that this was my original intention, and I have achieved that goal. Therefore, what reason would I have to bitch and moan about somebody who has taken a copy of *MY* work, if that was my original plan? Imitation is the finest form of flattery, and I am delighted that Zilu is helping *MY* creation to circulate through the community.

    I am delighted that my comic has circulated around Second Life, detailing a story that could happen to ANY ONE OF US in Second Life. I am delighted that a known copybot thief has been exposed so completely. I am delighted that this whole furore has helped highlight the concerns and issues surrounding copyright ownership, protection and theft. I am delighted to expose the fact that in the last 2 years of multiple people filing complaints, Linden Lab has done bugger all. I am delighted to see that so many of the community support and encourage me in the creation of my work within the Second Life environment. I am delighted to see that so many of you love the comic and wish to see it continue.

    I will soon be finishing the Predalien avatar that I have been working on over the Christmas break. Part 3 of Alien vs Plagiariser will be released as soon as I have finished shooting it. You can read it here in the Herald before it is to be released in-world. Thank you everyone for your continued support and encouragement.

    As for you, Noppers, you can just go fuck yourself, can’t you.

  15. janeforyou Barbara

    Jan 18th, 2009

    I can comfirm that Coke are a awsome builder and artist.. i been standing next to her in my sim as she crated The gold lion-and one of her alian avatars-and one of her robot armours and a lot of other items, for weeks she was up on a platform i had to work on this, nothing i seen she did was a copy of was her own imagination and fantasy, Coke has never and will never ripp off anyone,,, in 2007 Coke was a huge donator and supporter for me and my SIMS! Coke been one of the huge sponors for me for a loong time in my sims :-)

  16. A. Noppers

    Jan 23rd, 2009

    So, you’re saying you’re the original creator of the Aliens as they appear in the famous movies? Then I stand corrected.

    If not, I stand by my words.

    And fucking myself, naah, I enjoy fucking others waay more kthanx :)

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