Alien28 vs Plagiariser – part 4

by Alphaville Herald on 21/01/09 at 6:00 pm

FOX arrives, followed by the landlord !!!

by Coke Supply


[click for full sized image]




…to be continued…

5 Responses to “Alien28 vs Plagiariser – part 4”

  1. Reverse Writer

    Jan 25th, 2009

    Go on your several month break already, spare us all.

  2. Coke Supply

    Jan 26th, 2009

    @ Reverse Writer

    I didn’t ask you to read it, Writer :) But here you are anyway… is that what they call Reverse psychology? ;)

  3. Reverse Writer

    Jan 27th, 2009

    And I didn’t ask you to write it, but you keep doing so anyway. :)

    It’s the Herald, the entire appeal here is reading terrible things about stupid goings on by sloppy people who think they’re talented. XD

    And on those merits, you’re clearly on your way to being the next Penance. D:

  4. Coke Supply

    Jan 28th, 2009

    Ghaa, I just saw this really good alien avatar in a comic by someone called “Reverse Writer”, it was SOOOO much better than mine, makes it all look SOOO sloppy, I feel SOOO talentless now :.(

  5. Reverse Writer

    Jan 28th, 2009

    “I feel SOOO talentless now :.(”

    Now you know how the rest of us feel.

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