Post 6 Grrrl — Lacie Babenco

by Alphaville Herald on 23/01/09 at 7:28 am

[The idea of the Post 6 isto feature different SL residents and let them talk about themselves – their (second)lives, their projects and their interests. This is the first time that a Post 6model wants to talk about someone else, the woman who inspired her so much thatshe gave her second life a certain direction. And while herself an amazing andinspiring personality, a woman with a great humor and many talents, LacieBabenco is paying tribute to the Grande Dame of Post 6. – Bunny Brickworks]


Marilyn Murphy! I'm herebecause of Marilyn Murphy! Now, even Marilyn will be scratching her head atthat one for a moment so I'll explain a little about all that.

In the summer of 2007, Iwas kind of aimlessly meeting people randomly when I came across Marilyn'sworld. I'd never met such a longtime avatar in Second Life and was captivatedby her beautiful avatar.  She was very sweet to me, helping with myavatar's shape and looks and took my first ever SL photos to go in my profile.   

From that one meeting, anda few chats afterwards, she impressed me with how much was possible here. Shehad a SL magazine, ran Post 6 and had all the celebrity that came with being 'Marilyn'which just stunned me. It inspired me to do so much more than I ever gave thisplace credit for.   I became fascinated with the idea of doing'something' here. I can't build, I can't code, I really was nothing more thanan outgoing wandering spirit. Marilyn told me anyone could do what they want ifthey want it badly enough.


Her magazine"Players" inspired me to try something I'd had as a secret passion inRL as an amateur writer of erotica. I crave sensual and erotic experiences thatmake the senses tingle rather than the 'hardcore' of some writers. So the ideaof my own adult magazine was hatched and "A Touch of Lace" wascreated to feature writers with that same spirit as mine.

The idea was simple, bringamateur writers and photographers together in a regular magazine for SecondLife.  Each issue has a central theme that the writers focus on and submitfor publication.  Those stories that are selected then get matched to aphotographer who can interprete it and apply beautiful, sensual images that areerotic to compliment the stories.  Making a magazine is not easy, but thepeople I've met ever since Marilyn have given me a rich and full experience inSL.  It has been a labor of love and after making 5 issues since Decemberof 2007. I've learned so much that I can honestly say that SL is a place whereanyone can achieve something great if they want it enough.  So if you'reinto writing, look me up.  If you like taking pictures, let me know. I'm always looking for the talented souls in SL and hope to continue to publishthe next issue this March. 

My desire to write hasgrown into an amateur career as a photographer and online publisher as well.I've had my writings published here in the Herald and always enjoyed the Post6! The chance of being here is really a shocking surprise that makes me feellike Karma is bringing it full circle.


Not only did Marilyninspire this magazine but she also introduced me to the most important personI've known in my Second Life: Sue Sands/Sue Spyker.  The night I metMarilyn, Sue was also there and we were instantly attracted.  In the timesafter that meeting we became friends, lovers and eventually partners. Through all these times, Sue has been my best friend and she is as been mybiggest supporter and I love her dearly for all she has done and what she meansto me.   

Thank youMarilyn, from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. ummmm

    Jan 23rd, 2009

    You don’t have to be unique in SL to get featured here, you just have to know people who work for the Herald. I get it now.

  2. Sophia~

    Jan 24th, 2009

    Your killing me here you have to kidding? I’ll be back I’m just so tired of all the news this is just to much to take.

    Im serious. and for you Oh SL is just a dam waste of time. Well go wha wha to your own mommies ok. This in not just a big deal its a big deal ok.

    We care and I may be one of the wha what gow ever we have to spell it out but.. I happen to like sl and LL to a degree but it is my constitutional right to say hey wait um is somthing wrong here?

    Do I have any rights? Please indorm me. I dont know? I have more to say lo l but im tired and I’m poor and im headinf to my eletric sheep i mean blanket ..excuse me i meant my blanket sorry there to much on my playe lol …lol lol lol

    hmm lol once again so i am going to bed thinking um,will it all be in vien I mean the time I’ve spent here in sl or crap just come away with some pretty pictures and films.

    Should i make a movie about sl ? well im working oin it and don’t anyone think of it because ….just because ..

    I’m thinking now. lol…hard and ready to pounce what ever..but i’llpounce something like the pavement but I dont care im thinking and your my biggy. All I can say as a catch phrase is u stink but love ya.. i’ll be back for an edit if they let me hehehe. Im so tires of sick kids and demented adults that I’m ready for a vacation and I’m off! Anyone have any tickets to ………?

  3. Skye Donardson

    Jan 24th, 2009

    Aww…this is so cool! Lacie is a good friend, and a lovely soul. Nice to see her here. :o )

  4. whatever

    Jan 24th, 2009

    Sophia, seriously wtf are you talking about?

  5. lolwut

    Jan 24th, 2009

    She is pretty like everyone else in SL. *yawn…

  6. marilyn murphy

    Jan 26th, 2009

    lacie. im kinda speechless. so happy that you made well of your second life. it humbles me that you give me credit for your inspiration. you were always a very good person and you deserve to do well.
    thank you for your kind words.

  7. Lacie Babenco

    Jan 27th, 2009

    Thank you Bunny for this chance to be in Post 6. Marilyn, I know our meetings were very brief and mostly through a message board and in offline IM’s but you gave a spark of an idea that makes me thankful. I’ll always have a hug for you for that time we meet in-world again someday.

  8. Celty

    Jan 27th, 2009

    Why don’t guys get such well made skin?

  9. Archie

    Jan 28th, 2009

    1st photo = ace
    2nd and 3rd….WTF

    A toddler with a craon could do better, these are just awful.

    Be ashamed.

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