The Philosophical Parrot Of Socrates Cafe

by Alphaville Herald on 17/01/09 at 10:41 am

Authentic dialogue in a synthetic world

by Alessandra Narayan


Tired of contests, free sex, acoustic live music, poor roleplay… one of those days or nights when everything seems to go wrong? Ok, there might be a solution if you’re into philosophy. Check out Socrates Cafe and you might end up in an intense debate that will keep you endlessly pounding your keyboard.

In this interview, Socrates Cafe owner Parrot Ferrer, tells us not only how Socrates Cafe got started but reveals other “alternative” plans for the future. Besides his art gallery, an event area covering Open Space Technology will be rising soon.

Alessandra Narayan (AN) – You have a quite suggestive name. Are you half human half parrot?
Parrot Ferrer (PF) – Yeah! I used to raise and show parrots in RL for a hobby, sold nationally and when I came in-world I saw furries but no birds. So I searched and found Grendal’s children. Got the Parrot AV.

AN – What about Socrates Cafe? A drop in SL's ocean?
PF – One of my first mentors was Verum Vicirca, she and I started Socrates Café two years ago. It was originally centered to be a writers discussion area but folks veered to more current events and reasonings/debate. Verum ended up departing SL due to medical reasons and she gave all the properties for 1$L.


AN – What about these two last years?
PF – It has been a great event. Most of my friends I meet have, met them through here, running the event twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays 8 PM SLT, usually almost full.

AN – Do you think SL needs more original spaces like this one?
PF – I believe anytime we can engage in “authentic dialogue” then we, as people, get a greater sense of ourselves and of the world.

AN – How do you support tiers for land?
PF – I pay them. It’s my fun money. This land area is 3072sqm.

AN – What can you tell me about the art gallery?
PF – Well I got a new RL job and to keep my mind creative for that (day job) I started making stuff to keep mind creative. Had to put it somewhere so I built the gallery.

AN – Does it have many visitors?
PF – I don't track numbers but it has its share. I sell a good bit of stuff but that selling is an afterthought. Like Socrates Cafe the biggest value is that it enhances the community good and culture.

AN – Do you have more projects?
PF – I did my Masters research on Open Space Technology and am making an event area for that endeavor.

11 Responses to “The Philosophical Parrot Of Socrates Cafe”

  1. Bawwer Core

    Jan 17th, 2009

    Yeah great except, they’re a “Straight Chat” only… No gays allowed. They ejected me and my friends one night for being gay. Sorry guys.

  2. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jan 17th, 2009

    Cool story bro

  3. Parrot Ferrer

    Jan 17th, 2009

    In response……Socrates is very accomodating to all who come to the event. Ones “diversity” is never an issue. However griefing will not be tolerated. We do have a resposibility to our participants to ensure the event is allowed to happen without “griefers interruption”. During our last event we were visited by a group of griefers. They were handled appropriately. One griefer was allowed to remain becaue they participated “appropriately” in the discussion…no griefing….no problem!

  4. SomeRandomGuy

    Jan 17th, 2009

    I don’t really care about this article, but all articles in general, as this sort of crap is constantly being pounded into each brain that wanders by:

    “Authentic dialogue in a synthetic world”

    Yes. We already understand that SL is a virtual world. There is absolutely no need to continually refer to the fact; in fact, there isn’t even a want for it. Every time you publish something like that it further sinks SL, its users, and SLH into a pond full of rank water that no one cares to approach once they smell it.

  5. mootykips

    Jan 18th, 2009

    Cool story bro

  6. Sebastian

    Jun 20th, 2010

    Being gay is not being a griefer. That’s all I’ve got to say.

  7. Marx Dudek

    Jun 20th, 2010

    But being a asshole quite often is. If someone being an asshole, and you get kicked out for being an asshole … it’s probably not because they were gay while being an asshole.

  8. Marx Dudek

    Jun 20th, 2010

    *glares at own grammatical errors and walks away*

  9. Marx Dudek

    Jun 20th, 2010

    “No, but being an asshole quite often is. If someone is being an asshole, and they get kicked out for being an asshole … it’s probably not because they were gay while being an asshole.”

    *magic-markers out the first draft*

  10. Calvin Hyatt

    Oct 29th, 2013

    Great name and theme for a cafe’. Unfortunately, I found myself sidetracked by the comments left, interesting bunch. I’ve heard of drifters, but “griefers”? Nice application…

  11. Gribling Plume

    Nov 1st, 2013

    There are entire books about griefers, some written by publisher here. Welcome to the free-for-all.

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