Delora Starbrook — Post 6 Grrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 24/02/09 at 8:45 am

Hello! My name is Delora Starbrook, and I have been selected to run the Second Life Post 6 desk for the Herald.  I am well-versed in theprocesses required to turn the average person into a drool-worthy bitof smut artistic erotica for the internet's viewing pleasure.


Between longperiods of time spent cursing at photoshop and chatting with friends, Ifrequently take the opportunity to enjoy the myriad of bizzare thingsSecond Life has to offer a voyeur such as myself, such aspeople-watching at popular stores, partying and dancing on Saturdaynights with a gin-and-tonic on my computer desk, and annoying peoplewith large quantities of useless YouTube links sent randomly throughthe day to their IM box.


I amantisocial, grumpy, outspoken, rude, and incomprehensible, much of thetime.  I chose to, once entering SL and finding it populated withCalifornia-blond babes, buck the system and be a little different. I've taken grief for it, but whatever.  Being different is what mySecond Life is all about.  I like luscious, well-made digital erotica. I don't like bling or full-bright hair.

It is mysincere hope that I'll be writing for the Herald for many months tocome, and will get to feature some of you as Post 6 models, getting youto "bare it all" like I've done today in this quick introduction.  Ofcourse, if you decide you hate my photography, please let me know. I'll give you the finger, then figure out how much more skanky I canmake the pictures before I cross a line, get fired from the Herald,ending my budding career as a digital pornographer.

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  1. Peter Stindberg

    Feb 24th, 2009

    Welcome Delora! I look forward to the people you come up with. And congratulations on your exceptionally beautiful avatar. Among the few black avatars, the majority seems to be in the “big fat blingy gangst mama” category – your avatar is eye candy instead!

    All my best wishes from former Post 6 Guy Peter Stindberg.

  2. Stephie Dawes

    Feb 24th, 2009

    In b4 the next Post 6′s are nothing but her friends.

  3. Carmen

    Feb 24th, 2009

    Shame to see Bunny go but im sure looking at your photo’s you will be doing a great job. Nice to see a post 6 without blonde hair and huge boobs.

  4. Bunny Brickworks

    Feb 24th, 2009

    Welcome to the Herald, Delora and congrats on becoming the Post 6′s new Mistress. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :) )

  5. Gauge Laville

    Feb 24th, 2009

    While your photography seems quite satisfactory,
    please feel free give me the finger,
    and skank the shots up, anyway.

    -˚That Guy˚

  6. Professor C

    Feb 24th, 2009

    @ Stephie Dawes

    Shut the fuck up and give the girl a chance to fuck up before you cast judgment. Wait until she does post her friends then you can try and beat me to pointing that out.

    Please keep in mind that the only reason I am telling you to shut up is because I am actually upset you commented before I did, and I really hold no ill will against you. Truthfully, Good post there girl.

  7. Stephie Dawes

    Feb 25th, 2009

    @ Professor C:


  8. Baron Cuttlesmith von Blogharder, Esqu, MD

    Feb 25th, 2009

    And thus is another brilliant addition to the Herald’s team of abject failures. The “Post 6 Grrrl” section of this meritless rag has often been a source of great amusement to all, due to its presentation of the most vapid, ditsy bitches the world has ever known. I see by the hiring of one Delora Starbrook, this trend will doubtlessly continue in full vigor; given her self-stated emotional instability and fuckwittedness, she shall unintentionally bring the lol light to bear on drama queens much like herself.

    It amuses me how, like many attention-seeking slotcrotches, given the chance for a bit of voice, this Delora immediately makes a “OMG LOOK AT ME” post. She even calls taking nude screenshots “photography,” a ridiculous notion as it requires no skill whatever, and chiefly involves the consideration of which body parts to show. Protip, you damned trollop: that isn’t photography, it’s fucking meat advertising.

  9. Stephan Peck

    Feb 25th, 2009

    It dosent bode well when the very first girl from the new page 6 editor is herself.

  10. Jumpman Lane

    Feb 27th, 2009

    i hate ur pictures they truly truly suck.

    1.i’ll give ya a note on composition: fiddlin with the sliders in windlight and making the water or the clouds look nice while the avi looks like shit is NOT a good pic, unless your shootin water as the main subjact hehehehehe.
    2. LIGHTING use em, make em invisible. windlight is SSTEM OF lighting EVERY TIME OF DAY HAS SOM FORM OF SHADING (from darkness to the varyin shadin thoughout the day) CONTROL SHADOWS with lights.
    3. photoshop CAN make pix SEEM like art but if ur in a production medium fiddin with a zillion pix is a waste of time

    photogs like u are why i always send Pix pix lmao.
    i can be candid with ya caws i dont want to be post 6 w/e caws I’D HAVE TO TAKE THE PIX! LMFAO.

    I was taught to take sl pix by a rl photog who is in the class of 03 and who has been both an sl model and photog. she taught me to shoot inwindlight whenitwas in beta in mid 07

    this is something she shot in 07

    notice the differece between hers and urs

    that’s one of me caws im vain :P
    if ya need some practical tips im meh inworld
    i’ll help ya if ur not boring

  11. Just Me

    Feb 28th, 2009

    Baron said “She even calls taking nude screenshots “photography,” a ridiculous notion as it requires no skill whatever, and chiefly involves the consideration of which body parts to show. :

    so, by your definition, RL photography is just pressing a button, right ? Actually, 99 percent of any photograph is lighting, angle, and composition. The final act of pressing an RL camera button or snapping an SL screenshot is just the act of capturing the final result. It’s all in the preparation.

    And, those are beautiful shots .. great use of light and shadow, good composition and detail … nice work in every way

  12. @ Jumpman Lee

    Since you are so terribly polite to the poor lass, I’m sure she’s shivering with delight at the prospect of your assisting her.

    Oaf. Cad. Barbarian. Boor (look it up, if you can read).

    Advice if you want to shake some action: Learn to speak English properly.

    Oh, and she’s smoking hot, photo settings be damned!

  13. Archie Lukas

    Mar 15th, 2009

    You do that…..

    Then look in the mirror and see if your tits and arse really have hexagonal edges.

    Then read Vint Falkens blog and learn how to do it properly.

    Quote: Of course, if you decide you hate my photography, please let me know. I’ll give you the finger, then figure out how much more skanky I can make the pictures before I cross a line, get fired from the Herald, ending my budding career as a digital pornographer: End Quote

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