SLCC 2009: Location, Location, Location — Drama, Drama, Drama

by Alphaville Herald on 28/02/09 at 8:38 pm

Will anyone be there?

By Tenshi Vielle

Over last few weeks, the final stages ofplanning the '09 Second Life Community Convention have proved veryinteresting. There was a decision to be made – hold SLCC inSan Francisco or in Las Vegas. While NexeusFatale – a major project leader -  has claimed to have bowed to majority rule regardinglocation, it would seem that the louder and more colorful contributors to SLCC in thepast are planning on sitting this round out due to several blunders,including the location choice. While some residents will be attending bothconferences, I don't think it's too early to say that themajority will be in Vegas this year, entirely skipping thetraditional SLCC.

An announcement thread about thelocation of SLCC 2009 at the forums quickly spawned another thread, the Vegas Unconference, a movement spearheaded by a group of residents including Moo Money. The Vegas Unconferencequickly earned the name “The Second Tea Party”, referencing the'03 Prim Tax Revolt, when Philip Linden attempted to tax prims.

As the days pass, the fate of the SLCC conference in San Francisco looks grim.Residents began speculating that not only as their choice of location ignored – the majority voted to be in Vegas – it was ignored in favor of alocation closer to the Lindens.

After the location drama, the choice of the San Francisco SLCC hotel came underattack. The Marriott hotel in San Francisco was not only expensive,but shocking information was revealed and confirmed that the old Marriott mogulhimself donated money to Proposition 8 in California. At this point, severalmembers of the GLBT stopped short and started planning on Los Vegas.

Beyond monetary costs – almost double to fly, stay, in San Francisco compared to the Vegasstrip – another problem surfaces as the Education track of SLCC (SLEDcc)  split offinto their own convention.

There is speculation that theEducation track SLEDcc has decided to hold their own convention dueto being used by TFU as a reason for why Vegas wasn't chosen as a venue. In reality,SLEDcc has never mentioned that they felt Vegas was inappropriate fortheir track.

Adding insult to injury,Stroker Serpentine – a previous SLCC host known for his fabulous after-parties -  has pulled out of the San Francisco convention and has said hewill be attending the Vegas conference in lieu of SLCC. Mr. Serpentine is also allegedlyconsidering planning some entertainment at the Second Tea Party.

So, with the if Nex's Lonely Party the SLCC seems a bit questionable, you may want to consider The SecondTea Party, a Second Life convention for having fun and being merry,to be held August 6-9.

For more information, visit the SLUniverseforums ( ) and search “Second Tea Party”, or hit

20 Responses to “SLCC 2009: Location, Location, Location — Drama, Drama, Drama”

  1. Ann Otoole

    Feb 28th, 2009

    I thought Linden Lab was all about virtual conferences instead of meat space conferences.

    Therefore the tea party seems better. Just call it a big ass three day drunk with side room orgies “*! and real gambling !*” and it will get lots more attendees.

  2. Ciaran Laval

    Feb 28th, 2009

    Umm if they’d bowed to majority rule surely they’d be heading to Vegas?

    To err is human, they’ve made mistakes, they should never have said Vegas was a contender, they should have pointed out Marriott hotels excellent record on equal rights and told people to 0121 over the complaints.

    SLEDcc need to take a good hard look at themselves, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Ciaran Laval

    Feb 28th, 2009

    Oh and the more troubling issue is why nearly two weeks after the announcement there are no registration details about SLCC 2009. They should have signed the contracts by now.

  4. gross

    Mar 1st, 2009

    So whats wrong with Proposition 8? You looking to crap out a bunch of vaseline babys at the conference and want praise for it or something?

  5. LOL

    Mar 1st, 2009

    SLCC is a flop.

  6. Prokofy Neva

    Mar 1st, 2009

    I wonder if the organizers of the SLCC Tea Party realize that they chose a name for their action that is now also being used to organize mass protests all over the United States by right-wing conservatives in protest against Obama’s policies. Obviously, the concept of re-creating Boston-like tea parties is not new or trademarked lol.

    At first I was thinking that SLCC might be worth the bother this year, despite my giving a pass to it in past years because it is dominated by griefers and cybersex promoters. But…I guess I just don’t feel like I want to *have* to be overwhelmed by this stuff *in real life*. I’d like something more organized, by interesting topics and thoughtful debates — the during-and-after-party that it becomes just isn’t as interesting to me.

    I like Sarah Nerd and at first I thought it might be fun to come to her party, until I saw all the suspects all glomming on it like Joshua Nightshade. If I could be sure that all the people like Intlibber and the Woodbury goons and the BDSM queens and such were all calfing off to a separate party in Vegas, I’d go to San Francisco and stay at the cheap HoJo’s to avoid the Marriot’s questionable Prop 8 association and their prices as well. But since the gang has said they’ll go to *both* parties, maybe we could start a separate seminar in New York.

    In any event, my appetite has waned for Metaversal Meet-ups and I bet others have as well. The whole point of these friggin virtual world thingies is you are supposed to meet online.

  7. Rag Tag

    Mar 1st, 2009

    Have it in Vegas we own it! I dont mean the rest of yall in SL!

  8. Unicorn Vendetta

    Mar 1st, 2009

    WTF, Vaseline babies? That is why I’m goin’ to Vegas

  9. i wonder...

    Mar 1st, 2009

    So, comrade Neva, are you saying that you are gay and in love with Sarah Nerd? I bet its been going on a long time. So close and yet so far away… It must be terribly hard to take. Something like might make one go insane over time. Please, try to cope. The infatuation may wear thinner over time. Something to hope for. Hope is good…

  10. Baron Cuttlesmith von Blogharder, Esqu, MD

    Mar 1st, 2009

    San Francisco is the best possible of places to host- merely for comedy value. The bay area holds the greatest number of furries anywhere, mainly because of the large population of fucking neckbearded computer nerds in San Jose. SL is of course filled with furries, and given this, this year’s SLCC will doubtlessly be filled with furries, possibly including fursuiters. Plenty of real life opportunities for trolling. Drama will also abound, as it seems to follow fucking furries wherever they are.

    I will, without a doubt, be in attendance.

  11. IntLibber Brautigan

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    LOL Prok, you only missed last years SLCC. Previous years you’ve been there and trying to schmooze every Linden or FIC you could. We’ve all seen it.

    Obviously LL wanted it in SF so they can save money on employee expense budgets. Period. If LL needs to save cash they can hand out coupons to free shrimp salad buffets at the casinos.

  12. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    The Lindens want in in San Fran caws they know the po leece real good down there and gettin u wackjob stalkers lockedup is super easy, some come super greasy and have a good time in the local San Fran lock up. The got dildas (and i MEAN DAS caws it sounds funneh) waitin for ys asses! hehehehe

  13. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    and fuck prokofy neva we dont fuck with that gender bender n e more!

  14. Ann Otoole

    Mar 2nd, 2009


    oh wow another fashion niche to exploit!

  15. Witness X

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    “LOL Prok, you only missed last years SLCC. Previous years you’ve been there and trying to schmooze every Linden or FIC you could. We’ve all seen it.”

    Oh. Good jab, Int.

    Considering you shelled out for the biggest booze party at SLCC last year. Trying to buy Lindens by getting them liquored up. I was there, I drank some of it.

    And now WOOPsie, you accuse Prok of doing less than you did.


  16. Tycho Beresford

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    And thus began the great neckbeard race to market!

  17. Stephie Dawes

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    SLCC, where the biggest loosers in SL meet to discuss how much they fail at life.

  18. JayR Cela

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    What difference does it make ?
    Myself I have other things to do / like attend to my RL

    JayR Cela :_)

  19. lol

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    Firstly, you can’t donate money to proposition 8, proposition 215, or any other fucking proposition. You can donate money to a politician or a political organization. Also, it’s “Las Vegas” and not “Los Vegas”, dumbshit. Try not to sound so fucking inept next time, mmmkay?

  20. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Mar 5th, 2009

    Well might as well have it in San Fran, after all, it’s only appropriate that the last one is in San Fran. I’ll be shocked if SL is relevant in a year from now.

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