Stop Being So Damn Skinny – Real Life is Enough!

by Alphaville Herald on 25/02/09 at 7:55 am

by Alessandra Narayan


Lilley Albanese talks SL fashion

It’s a new form of SOS: just change ‘O’ for ‘B’ and you’ll find the new message: Stop Being Skinny, stop believing everything the TV tells you – men like curves, not the ‘plain’ models you seen in the runways; do you feel good having to eat like a bird? Why doing the same in SL?! 

I spoke with L.A. Modeling Agency’s boss Lilley Albanese to find out a bit more about the expansive industry of fashion in Second Life while also trying to understand what direction it’s taking. Is it the Real Life path, with dangerously skinny models that don’t seem to be attractive to anyone besides the ‘haute couture’ designers? Or does it have its own course in Second Life, a free world where maybe people could more easily make a stand and say ‘no’ to fashion’s dictatorship?

For a variety of reasons – since the messages sent by the media to TV runway shows passing by clothing sizes and even the simple mannequins in the stores (have you noticed there ain’t curvy ones?) – the truth is everyone seems to be ‘brain washed’, a tendency Lilley Albanese herself watches everyday in her agency, trying to fight back betting high on curvy models that remember the former glamour stars such as Cindy Crawford, Helen Christensen, Elle McPherson or Claudia Schiffer…     

Alessandra Narayan (AN) – What are the physical parameters to be hired by your agency?
Lilley Albanese – We don’t have any set parameters. We like to have a variety of models, an array to suit every clients needs.

AN – Ok, but that's not what we see in RL…
LA – Right. We seem to be seeing the dangerously thin models in RL these days.

AN – And is it different in SL?
LA – This is our virtual world to create how would we would like and that’s what I wish to see in RL as well.

AN – So, you don't notice an in-world tendency for extreme thinness?
LA – Not necessarily. Our clients want us to send any models that we have. That doesn’t seem to be the case since they want us to use our judgment and they have been completely satisfied. I was reading an article about what the perfect measurements should be for a model but to me there is no perfect model.

AN – Have you encountered excessively thin models in-world?
LA – We have our image consultant that our models have to meet with when signing with our agency and a lot are extremely thin and we have recommended they add a bit of curves to look more natural. But we also just want to enhance the looks they already have not completely change them.

AN – So, RL parameters do affect people even in-world?
LA – I do believe so. I don’t see as many full figured beautiful women running around
SL so I would have to say it does have an effect.

AN – Why do you think most women in SL have small breasts?
LA – I think it may be the clothing. When you have a bigger breast with a print pattern it sometimes will distort the top and it’s not that way in RL.

AN – Why do women in SL prefer to be skinny than having beautiful voluptuous curves?
LA – I am not sure. I wish I knew. They should be happy with curves, they are beautiful.

AN – Are all agencies as open-minded as yours or do they prefer skinnier models?
LA – I don’t think they are as opened minded. Just judging by what I am seeing all the models seem to be thin. But I feel that not all clients are going to want the same thing.

AN – Remembering beautiful RL models like Cindy Crawford or Elle McPherson, which were not skinny and were references for modeling, how did those references got lost in the process?
LA – Yes, they certainly aren’t like the models you see right now and I don’t think that’s healthy. Also it causes a lot of issues with the children today trying desperately to be perfect as the models they are seeing all over the covers of magazines and in the media. Also, if skinny is the reference why are they selling to all sizes just not to the extremely thin women? Besides, recently we’ve seen a study and men prefer women with curves, a lot more really.

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  1. Stephie Dawes

    Feb 25th, 2009

    I stopped reading when I saw the title, then a skinny blonde underneath it.

  2. Kai

    Feb 25th, 2009

    One reason for designers not choosing curvy models, i would say: the more curves the less pixels you got!
    The textures are lacking in resolution in the areas that are especially vulnerable to curves. To avoid pixealtion you choose a model with less curves…

  3. A guy

    Feb 25th, 2009

    Um, you obviously have no idea what men like. Most guys do not like fat chicks. We love the runway models and everyone knows it, that is precisely WHY they look the way they do.

    Your whole “men like curves” thing gives you away as a fat chick. At least we can tell you’re obviously not a guy (since a guy would know how other guys think) pretending to be a chick……this time.

    Also, SL fashion? LOL at fake clothing experts. Who gives a shit.

  4. a girl (not a guy pretending to be a girl)

    Feb 25th, 2009

    There are extra curvy ladies roaming around Second Life, just have to find them. I agree most men do like the skinny ladies, but as with anything you can always find men who like curvier women. I always use a curvy model for my stuff (myself) but in a recent fashion show I am requesting the ladies be curvy because that is important to me.

  5. Miley Stewart

    Feb 25th, 2009

    In real life, there are plenty of horny boys out there who would drool at curvy girls, but that’s the key thing. Real life. Outside of real life, in a game where you can choose any figure you want, standards naturally become incredibly harsher in regards to appearance. And it’s not just girls that are judged harshly either, boys who don’t make themselves ripped beyond Schwarzeneggarian standards are viewed as girly or weak, even if the avatar is simply regularly proportioned. When perfection is simply a mtter of plugging in the right numbers, standards accordingly punish different sets of numbers. Trying to discuss attractiveness from a realworld perspective is an exercise in futility.

  6. Julio Garcia

    Feb 25th, 2009

    Typical. This is obviously a fat chick overcompensating by being jealous of hot girls, so she lashes out on the internet while drowning her sorrows in a gallon of ice cream.

  7. Jumbo

    Feb 25th, 2009

    Models in SL? What a stupid concept. Now I understand models in RL. Only 2 2 ways to get exceptional looks in RL. Good plastic surgeon or getting lucky with your genes. The first option is expensive and the second is not under your control.

    In SL, anyone can be a model… Move those sliders around, get a decent skin, and some prim hair and tada!…. A supermodel. These SL modeling agencies are a joke. If I were a “designer” for my fashion show, I’d just doll up some bots or pay some noobs a few L$ and some freebie skin and hair and I’d be all set. Cut out the middleman.

  8. likes the curves

    Feb 25th, 2009

    Are you all stupid or what? A woman does not have to be fat to have curves, and frankly no man worth the name wants some stick figure woman. Give me a woman who looks like Jennifer Lopez any time, curves are in brothers, be man enough to admit it.

  9. Pappy Enoch

    Feb 25th, 2009

    Curvy, skinny, betwixways? Picky Picky Picky!

    Jist as long as they am as willin’ as I are des’prit.

    Only wun proberlum in the fake paradise:

    Them-thar swizzel-stick gals breaks rite easy wif a prosperus-belly boy like mee wrasslin’ them. Sumtimes we slips in the mud an’ I falls wif a “kerbloowie!” rite on top. An that am all she dun wrote, so tu speak. Aftur that kind o’ treetment, a gal ain’t good fo’ nuffin’ savin’ a trip to the hosspittal.

    Fo’ the big gals, howsodoever, havin’ fun am easier’n gittin’ drunk on free likker: I puts on ol’ Spinal Tarp’s “Big Bottom” song on the Victrola n’ says:

    Bring it on, mama, n’ make it qwik!

  10. Deimos Yumako

    Feb 26th, 2009

    I hate when fat people call themselves ‘curvy’.

    This woman has curves:

    This woman does not:

  11. skills

    Feb 26th, 2009


    SBS means sudden boner syndrome

  12. Stephie Dawes

    Feb 26th, 2009

    @Deimos Yumako:

    That’s not fat, that’s morbidly obese. There’s a huge difference.

    This is also curvy:

    Note the differences in one curvy to another. It’s all about personal preferences. Some people want to fuck a stick. Others want to fuck a whale. Some like middle-ground like the link I posted above. How hard is that for people to understand?

  13. Cai Pirinha

    Feb 26th, 2009

    @Stephie Dawes

    This is also curvy:

    That’s not curvy, that’s chubby.

    This is curvy:

    /me starts to like this thread …

  14. Marine Sniper

    Feb 26th, 2009

    They do it cause there fat as hell anyway.

  15. Jumbo

    Feb 26th, 2009

    @ Stephie Dawes

    No No No. The women you posted are not “curvy”.

    This is “curvy”:Definition of a curvy hot woman

    Notice the nice curves?

  16. We

    Feb 27th, 2009

    Yeah, the “curvy” thing through me off, I thought it meant actually, you know, curvy. Like what Deimos and Cai posted.

    Seems this “curvy” was used in more of the “I’m not fat, I’m big-boned!” sorta way.

    Also, yeah, irony soaring when skinny blonde calls for less skinny blondes in modeling.

  17. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Feb 27th, 2009

  18. Stephie Dawes

    Feb 27th, 2009

    curve (kûrv)

    1. A line that deviates from straightness in a smooth, continuous fashion.

    >deviates from straightness in a smooth, continuous fashion.

    Chubby can also be curvy. If your figure curves in a smooth, fluid motion, fat or no fat, it’s curves. However when you’re morbidly obese it’s certainly not SMOOTH, more like lumpy and when you’re anorexic it’s bony instead of smooth.

    ‘Curvy’ is not solely for skinny chicks with big asses. It’s range is a lot bigger than that.

  19. The Man

    Feb 27th, 2009

    First of all, this article mentions several times that curvy is in regard to the Cindy Crawford look. That is the type of curvy they are talking about, not fat or obese. I look at the blonde in that pic and I see some curves, trust me I deal in fashion in SL and most of the women that come before me look like sticks, no shape…its not attractive

  20. Wes Albanese

    Feb 27th, 2009

    What lilley was saying is at la modeling there are no prerequisites for the models all are welcome she has the agency to enhance others game play it seems that several of you are very vicious with your comments with fat comments and such its a shame she spends so much time trying to put together a forum for others to enjoy and realize there dreams in second life to be attacked in such away its a shame and as far as look at the skinny girl ,or the fat chick please see her profile pic she is as beautiful inside as outward appearance although some of you really are very ugly it shows in your comments thankgod for someone as sweet as lilley in sl she is an asset to sl and btw she was approached for the artical because she does hire all who want to model and dosnt make them feel bad about themselves shame on you ppl for your nasty comments

  21. Wesley Butler

    Feb 28th, 2009

    miley is way off base please see lilley albanese 1st life under profile pics you cant shine her shoes your dream in sl would be to have an avi that looks half as good as lilley in rl

  22. Rag Tag

    Feb 28th, 2009

    Can you say why hate? I know a doc that does tummy stables,tucks and plastic surgery. He is my College Roomie. I can get his number for ya.

  23. Marcy Thorne

    Feb 28th, 2009

    Good Evening All

    I am the Image Consultant for the LA Modeling agency in SL. Now before you scoff at what I do, let me give you a little bit of insight into it.

    There is many people in SL Looking for work and when they choose a career in modeling there is certain expectations put onto them. Designers, photographers and magazine publishers are the one that put these expectations on them. The most basic being up-to date avi. Desingers looks for models who wear clothes well. Photographers well there skin and shape is and so on.

    When a new potential model walk into my studio for a consult I take many things into consideration-skin, shape overall appearance, personal style and so on. If a model want to be curvy I do my best to help them to acheive that look. I Do NOT use a set of predetremine numbers to achieve “perfect” model. I do , though, ” smooth” the proportions

    I also discuss with them practically of shapes. A model with a large booty will have a difficult time for last minute runway work because sizing is required for prims attachments, such as jacket prims, skirt prims and belts. Lag at a runway show is brutal, making editting impossible

    Lilley Albanese is basically saying her models have their own style and shape, One may have a slimmer waist, another with shorter legs or wider hips I read an article froma rep of another agency who made comments like … your eyes need to be a 1/3 down from the hair line. LA Modeling Agency doesn’t follow these rigid guidelines

    One more thing….

    In RL female models can become sexual icons …like an unattainable treasure that guys pin for .. In SL Models career are used more for marketing reasons.

    There is alot of different avis in SL. Something for everyone.

  24. wes albanese

    Feb 28th, 2009

    can u ppl understand lilley didnt name the article ,if you had a brain you could see the bitter person here is the interviewer not lilley READ !!!!!!!!!!!

  25. We

    Mar 1st, 2009

    Speaking of shames Wes, that one comma cannot manage the entirety of punctuation in that rambling paragraph you have there. Look at it, buckling under the weight of your nonsense, silently pleading that you get a basic education to teach you the fundamentals of communication.

    That’s just abusive, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  26. AlaskaMetro

    Mar 3rd, 2009

    I’m not really sure that the author of this article or many of the commenters really “get” the fashion industry in RL or SL. Saying “men like curves, men don’t like curves” is really a separate topic completely. Men aren’t supposed to be the ones looking at fashion models anyway. Women who spend lots of money are.

    Fashion models in both RL and SL exist as clothes hangers. That’s all. They’re not SUPPOSED to be a standard of what women should look like; rather, they’re a canvas for fashion designers to work with. That the media glommed onto supermodels in the 80s and 90s as glamourous trendsetters was really unexpected, and happened partly because more and more fashion models were “breaking into” acting and therefore became more visible to everyday people.

    If you take a look at fashion illustrations, the starting point of most fashion designers… you’ll see the models are grossly elongated and skinny. THAT is why fashion models are thin. It’s what the designers want and expect. I think the larger problem is that high fashion typically is designed for skinny body types. I’m sure not being able to wear your favourite designer because you don’t FIT it is a bigger blow to self-esteem than models being skinny.

    As for fashion in Second Life, it’s whatever the designer wants. Club wear and silks look stupid on overly skinny avs. Many designers (um, Cubic Effect, for one!) fit their prims to a microscopic avatar size, so models would HAVE to be skinny just to fit the clothes. That’s why it’s prudent for an agency such as LA Modeling Agency to have a VARIETY of body types.

    It would be nice if people would stop blaming the fashion industry for their own insecurities though. Runway models aren’t personally telling you you’re fat and ugly. You’re telling yourself that, so stop and go for a run or something.

  27. Dharma

    Mar 7th, 2009

    Actually, no men like thin women, not “curves”, AKA fat asses.

  28. wes albanese

    Mar 11th, 2009

    Let me guess We is the person who wrote the article ,I was told what a bitter person you are im so sorry you dont like my grammar its an obvious smoke screen for your terrible article . BTW hows that modeling coming for you is every agency still turning you down all i was doing is pointing out to your readers all 10 of them is that lilley was ambushed by your bitter slant on modeling in of luck to you you fat tub of shit.

  29. Archie Lukas

    Mar 15th, 2009

    I found an SL model site that only took anorexic style models and made a comment.
    they got all nasty.

    Tough titties (they have none BTW)

    I watched a few RL women die in front of me and there’s bugger all you can do as its their wish and their right under law.

    It’s not nice and its not clever and they still thought they looked ‘fat’. (BTW, Heart muscle gives out)

  30. Miss D

    Mar 31st, 2009

    I would say some very nice men prefer petite women, some prefer bigger women. The reason high fashion (not glamour or men’s magazine models) models IRL are skinny is because gay men control the fashion industry and they’re looking at the clothes. I have no problem with this.

    I’m a skinny girl myself (as in really skinny, as in flat chested and 23 in. waisted at 5’7) I don’t starve myself, in fact I can out eat men twice my size, why because I just happen to have a fast metabolism and a small frame. My boyfriend thinks its fucking sexy that he can fit one whole boob in his mouth, some other men wouldn’t be caught dead with me. It’s a matter of taste.

  31. Boz

    Apr 3rd, 2010

    As has been touched upon in an earlier comment, ‘curvy’ should not mean ‘fat’. It’s entirely possible to be very slim but to be curvy: having a small waist and rounded hips. Most of the catwalk models lack curves because of their straight up and down body shape, not because they are thin. And yes, the converse is true – plenty of large women have no curves because they are obscured by fat.

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