ADV: Sensuous Avatar Photograhy by Tali Rosca

by Alphaville Herald on 27/03/09 at 4:35 am

TaliI'm pleased to announce that I’m exhibiting a small range of in-world avatar photography.

The idea of the pictures has been to make artistic nudes in much the same way you’d do in RL, yet at the same time meeting SL on its own terms, creating pictures which look like they belong in SL rather than being imported from RL.

The exhibition is hosted in the Abbey Island Dance Club – head northwest between the buildings from the landing spot.

We are opening the doors for an event at noon SLT, Saturday the 28th of March, 2009. While it is not technically an opening event – the pictures are already on display there – it is still the official launch of the exhibition.

Harpo Jedburgh will provide live entertainment with his eclectic mix of acoustic, ranging from Bach to Britney Spears, perhaps including his infamous mandolin rendition of Anarchy in the UK.

I will be there to talk about the techniques, ideas and inspiration, if you’re interested. –Or you can just visit to take in the sights and sounds.

I hope to see you there
 – Tali Rosca

2 Responses to “ADV: Sensuous Avatar Photograhy by Tali Rosca”

  1. Stephie

    Mar 29th, 2009

    Hitting the screenshot button isn’t photography.

  2. Lazylover Aedipo

    Dec 17th, 2011

    I agree hitting the screenshot button isn’t photography… but the creativity is about making virtual photos realistic that too realistic. I am also in the same genre as Tali Rosca so believe me I know.. it takes too much work to make the pictures realistic.

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