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by Alphaville Herald on 31/03/09 at 1:00 pm

[Note from Delora: This week'sPost6 Grrl, alika Yue, is someone I've known for a long, long time. She's not one of my best friends, before you hecklers start in on me;she's just someone who I've ended up running into time and again,almost everywhere I go. I think she might be secretly stalking me orsomething. Maybe a few minutes in the spotlight will get her attentionoff of me for a little while... I can only hope.]  

Alika clothed
Hey, hi, how ya doing? I'm alika Yue. No, not A-lick-a You, notA-like-a You, just Ali. I've been in Second Life for a little over twoyears and I seem to be slowly losing the battle between good and evilover my soul to this game. Little by little, I am becoming the SecondLife addict. I can't complain though, it's a drug I'm willing to take!

My interests include, but are not limited to,making clothes, doing photography, roleplaying in Gor/Fantasy/Urbansims, hanging out with friends and being an all around trouble maker. Ilove changing the look to my private land. It seems that I decide totake down and set up new themes on a two or three month rotation.Currently, I have been fascinated with the Alice in Wonderland/Macrabestyle of living. Perhaps it has to do with my inner child crying to goback to Disney World and live with Alice, Captain Hook and shootbeebee's at the It's a Small World children.

Alika topless

I have a wide aray of styles, includinggrunge/dirt, dress up lolita dollies, costumes, and Gorean clothing.This being said, I fear that I am going to have to file Chapter 13 if Ikeep spending as much as I do.*inserts witty Lulz here*.  I have beenknown to stomp around in my unreleased Gutterblood zombie skin, dressup like a latex barbie doll, panther girl from the wild forests of Gorand many many more that I'm most likely going to forget to mention.

Alika nude 

I love to roleplay! Everytime I hear about a newroleplay sim coming into action, I'm one of the firsts to hop in andtry and start trouble. But as quickly as I hop in, I tend to loseinterest and leave before I can fully develop my characters.

   Thank you for taking a read and have a good day!!!!

10 Responses to “alika Yue — Post6 Grrl”

  1. alika Yue

    Mar 31st, 2009

    I SO do not stalk Delora Starbrook. I only sneak into her bedroom at night and sniff her panties. That isn’t stalking, is it?

  2. Carmen

    Mar 31st, 2009

    I usually like post 6 but the pictures have cropped the models head so its not very good this time, shame

  3. Sigmund Leominster

    Mar 31st, 2009

    Nice to see the Herald going back to its roots with more naked chicks. And because this is post-modernist nudity, it’s not degrading, exploitative, or sexist, but a statement about female awareness of objectification and hence a satirical comment on male superficiality. The model is clearly aware of the power she has and that she is in full control of her sexuality; confident in her self-awareness; cognizant of her acknowledgment of her right to choose; secure in how she presents herself; and open in her defiance of attempts to control and impose upon her personality.

    And showing titties is always a good idea.

  4. Darien Caldwell

    Mar 31st, 2009

    lol, another of my friends. :) Congrats Alika! You’re looking good as always ;)

  5. janeforyou Barbara

    Apr 1st, 2009

    nice :-)
    Why not get cuples “post6-Cuple” Hetro cuple-Lesbian cuple-Gaymale cuple, that be cool, no sex, just erotic :-)

  6. whatever

    Apr 1st, 2009

    More lame pics, especially now that the chics head is cut off in all of them. And wtf is she doing in the third pic? Looks like she’s ready to take a dump.

    Not hot, again

  7. Stephie

    Apr 1st, 2009

    > is someone I’ve known for a long, long time.
    > doing photography
    > skinny blonde gorean RPer barbie doll

    Can you get any more boring and generic?

  8. anon

    Apr 1st, 2009

    As soon as she said Gor, i realized just another bozette. Too bad.

  9. Archie Lukas

    Apr 12th, 2009

    Oh stop the bitching

    the photo is sharp, the right colour and density
    and the girl is actually pretty

    Thgis is a MAJOR change from last year

    and about fecking time.

    every improvement is welcome

    Well done that man/woman/thing/furry object


  10. Bunny Sucked

    Apr 27th, 2009

    Bunny sucked. God even Penance did better pics, at least she tried to be creative. And Justine, even when she posted not fully rezzed screencaps of her models they were still better than bunny’s shit. And whe very first post 6 lady whatsher’pickle Murphy was all class with her work. So far this new girl puts Bunny to shame.

    Top Ten Post 6 Managers
    1- Murphy
    2- Satereu
    3- babbii
    4- New girl, could rise higher
    5-9- the next 5 woman to hold the job after new girl quits
    10- Bunny. Maybe.

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