Fashionista’s Process: A Retrospective

by Alphaville Herald on 09/03/09 at 7:59 am

by Tenshi Vielle, classy and fabulous fashionista


There are many processes any goodFashionista goes through when becoming properly attired for an eventor blog post. Tonight, my friend Niki played National GeographicPhotographer to my wild African Lioness as I got dressed for a blogpost at Shopping Cart Disco.

In good NG fashion, Niki joined me forshopping at “&bean”, a newer store in SL and promptlydiscovered, unlike myself, that I was actually shopping in mypanties. The fantastic glitches between the Linden Lab viewer and thenow-debunked Kristen Viewer caused me to believe I had “pants” on– in fact, I did not.

Stage1 copy

Oh well. I was well aware that I was shoppingbald though, and in a pair of totally inappropriate boots.

In hindsight, least I was WEARINGunderwear

&bean had a preview of their“Angry” skins for a big whopping $1L, and in my fashionableboredom I picked one up. Angry is a fitting moniker- the heavy browsare enough to shame any McQueen model. I looked perfectly emo-angsty;the Herald commenters wouldn't find me in this getup! I'd blend rightin!

Stage21 copy

The tutu was something I just couldn'tpass up. Every girl dreams of being graceful and strong like aballerina, I think. Unfortunately, some of us were dealt the“Computer Geek” lot of cards in life and all we can do ispretend, locked in our basements. Le sigh.

There was a problem with the tutu- itshowed my panties like I was a $2L truck stop whore in Ahern. Thepanties had to go. So did the hair I had picked out of my inventoryon first shot… I looked ridiculous.


I dug through my inventory some moreand found the right hair from Zero Style. (Yup, that's right, I haveZero Style. I know. Irony.) I also found some nice accessories fromFour Yip hanging around in my inventory. I tried her polar bear bootswith my skirt, but, meh. Too much carry over from winter – itdidn't go together well. What DID go together well was a few bitsfrom her Spring ensemble from last year – the flower belt over thetutu, and the cute bugs. Yes, that is a bug over my right eye. Yes, Iam going to rock that like it's 1999. It fits, and it's cute. The bugstays.

Stage3 copy

Hrm. A little more inventory diggingbrought up some adorable ankle boots from Tesla in a not-matchingpurple color. You can tell how excited I am by how wide open my mouthis. I just hope the bug on my eye doesn't decide to go for my mouth.

Stage32 copy

One more layer because Spring tends tobe the season of strange weather. Denim jackets are indeed back thisseason, at least temporarily – I'm rocking one from En Svalde.


Niki's last picture of me was taken intrue blogger fashion, high-rez with a plain white background. We likea little vanilla with our fashion.


And now, just to round off my post withsomething totally cliché:

“A girl should be two things: classyand fabulous.” –Coco Chanel

Fashionable Credits can be found @Shopping Cart Disco. (

15 Responses to “Fashionista’s Process: A Retrospective”

  1. Just Me

    Mar 9th, 2009

    Quote: The fantastic glitches between the Linden Lab viewer and the now-debunked Kristen Viewer caused me to believe I had “pants” on – in fact, I did not. Unquote

    That’s exactly the reason that most people go into “Appearance’ immediately after every TP .. to make sure they aren’t ruthed, their clothes are actually on, etc. Is it stupid that we still have to do things like that ?

  2. Unfortunately Not Just You

    Mar 9th, 2009

    @Just Me

    Unfortunately it’s not just you;
    “Isn’t it stupid that we still have to do things like that?” …what?…you mean play second life and waste away your pathetic life? ROFL…ya it’s f**king stupid alright, no argument here! Have you picked up a newspaper, turned on the news or actually read about the shit that going on in the world – on the internet at least – dipshit? You can’t hide in second life and expect it to all to just go away you know…and so far as going into ‘appearance’ immediately after teleporting is concerned – ah – ARE YOU SERIOUS? ROFLMAO!


  3. Lizzie Lexington

    Mar 9th, 2009

    @Unfortunately Not Just You

    Ok that was just odd. I hope you are being sarcastic.

  4. chemonro

    Mar 9th, 2009

    Oh Tenshi, I’m just glad that we have fabulous people like you to give us little ordinary boring girls hope!!

  5. Paxl Rose

    Mar 9th, 2009

    Why is Garth from Wayne’s World in a dress?

  6. AlphaBits Hurl'd

    Mar 9th, 2009

    @ Lizzie

    * YOU ^^^ have to be f**king kidding right? oh wait, youre manifest(ed) destiny is revealed for all on your wurldpress.
    * ah
    * so sorry
    * my mistake,you aren’t kidding! you bawwwww!


  7. Stephie Dawes

    Mar 10th, 2009

    “&bean had a preview of their “Angry” skins for a big whopping $1L”

    This is what pisses me off. What kind of a designer would make people BUY a DEMO? They can’t wear it and it’s got watermarks all over it and yet the person who made it is still greedy enough to make people pay for it. Sure it’s only 1L, but come on. It’s a demo, it should be free.

  8. cheapskate

    Mar 10th, 2009

    Stupid manginas. 1 Linden = less than 1/2 of 1 penny. Stop baaaawing, get off of SL and find a job in RL before its too late. sheesh.

  9. We

    Mar 10th, 2009

    @Stephie Dawes

    Putting it at 1L$ is just for sales tracking purposes usually, since 0L$ wouldn’t cause a notice to pop up when someone buys it. Mostly it’s probably just out of habit now. Either way, it’s such a fractional amount of real life money that neither the seller or the buyer gets/spends much money on it.

  10. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Mar 10th, 2009

    @ We

    Why do you care who buys your watermarked demo?

    $1L isnt free anyway. Unless you kno,w you gave that $1L back right away, but of course, you don’t do that, do you?

    So it isnt for tracking purposes, it’s because you’re greedy and “oh it isnt that much money anyway”

    20-30 people demo your stuff a day? $30L.

    Sounds profitable, good for 3 texture uploads. back up your claim and return the $1L on the spot. It’s doable.

  11. We

    Mar 10th, 2009

    @At0m0 Beerbaum
    “Why do you care who buys your watermarked demo?”

    Are you serious? You, as a designer, wouldn’t care to compare how many people are buying demos as to how many are buying full skins? That’s pretty vital information.

    1L$ is worth 0.3 cents: less than 1/3 of a cent. Mind you, demos are NOT a privilege, they’re a service, and a somewhat risky one at that, as someone can openGL the texture, photoshop out the watermarks, and have themselves a free full perm skin. If you can’t be bothered to scrap up 0.3 cents for that service, who is really being greedy?

  12. Stephie Dawes

    Mar 11th, 2009

    If someone wants to rip your skin, they’ll find a way regardless if they buy that demo or not. Also:


    You mean making one shitty skin and then slapping over different tones to make 20 others that all look the same? Dohoho. Stop kidding yourself, there is no such thing as a ‘designer’ in SL.

  13. We

    Mar 12th, 2009

    “If someone wants to rip your skin, they’ll find a way regardless if they buy that demo or not”

    Yes, they can buy the skin itself, which costs them money, or they can find someone else who bought the skin, but then they won’t have a choice in which skin they get, and it’s quite tricky to rip a skin off of someone who isn’t actively aware and helping in the process.

    Having Demos up is not the sole way to rip a skin, but it certainly helps.

    “You mean making one shitty skin and then slapping over different tones to make 20 others that all look the same? Dohoho. Stop kidding yourself, there is no such thing as a ‘designer’ in SL.”

    I think you are over glorifying the word “Designer”, the term “Designer” doesn’t deem originality or quality, it just means a person who devises and executes designs especially “esp. one who creates forms, structures, and patterns, as for works of art or machines.”.

    If you are making choices in where to put “forms, structures, and patterns”, as anyone who builds or textures their own work in SL is, you are a Designer. It doesn’t matter whether these choices are good, bad, or original.

  14. Archie Lukas

    Mar 15th, 2009


    denim jackets?

    I laughed so hard I crapped meself.

    Damn that woman!

  15. CronoCloud Creeggan

    Mar 16th, 2009

    ————-was taken in true blogger fashion, high-rez with a plain white background. We like a little vanilla with our fashion.————-

    Darn tootin!

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