EXCLUSIVE: FrizzleFry Interview — Part 1

by Alphaville Herald on 28/03/09 at 7:04 pm

Griefing gang leader explains his game

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

The notorious FrizzleFry  – a shadowy figure from the griefing underground – recently made arrangements for an exclusive interview with the Herald. While Second Life can be used for meetings if you don't mind waiting for the scenery and the avatars to rez, this was not the sort of meeting that is best conducted in Second Life. After a few false starts, we eventually met in Skype text chat, where I learned how FrizzleFry's meta-game revolves around disrupting other players' Second Life, how targets are selected, his motivations, and how he would reduce inter-player chaos if he ran the game.

Pixeleen Mistral:   FrizzleFry – you are known as a griefer – but why do it?
do you hate SL? or is this something you do for the lulz?
FrizzleFry101:   that word was pretty new to me when SL'ers started calling us that, I always used the word trolling, since it was for fun. however I learned to hate sl for it's catering towards furries and the eventual problems that would come of it. furries are known to push their fetish aggressivly onto others as ameans of marking their own identity as a furry, in other words, theyhave an obsession of letting it be known that they are a furry, givethese people more leeway than others and you have a big problem

Pixeleen Mistral:   so this is all about furs?
FrizzleFry101:   no, but I believe they impact the game the most

Pixeleen Mistral:   have you ever been abused by a fur?
FrizzleFry101:   the closest example i can come up with for "abused" would be the annoyance encountering them on a regular basis or them entering forums just to preach the "furry way"

Pixeleen Mistral:   so this is more like swatting mosquitoes? annoying – but not life threatening
FrizzleFry101:   well in PN's case with SL it's more about recognising that they often make for the best comedy, since they often see themselves as a race of sorts

Pixeleen Mistral:   ic
FrizzleFry101:   well yes, annoying but I dont think I could justify calling any of it abuse

Action and Reaction

Pixeleen Mistral:   so furs are useful because they react strongly
FrizzleFry101:   yes, they are very defensive yet refuse to look into why they are mocked

Pixeleen Mistral:   what about Prokofy Neva? Prok has been known to react a bit
FrizzleFry101:   prokofy neva is a relativly rare case

Pixeleen Mistral:   how so?
FrizzleFry101:   shes more interesting as a trolling target than the average furry but you don't see people like that very often

Pixeleen Mistral:   agreed – Prok is "special"
FrizzleFry101:   for an average troll, mocking furries would be a matter of convenience since they all tend to behave the same, they have a sort of behavioural pattern that they push on each other

Pixeleen Mistral:   how do you pick your targets? is it based on how strongly they will react?
FrizzleFry101:   yes, that and how depraved or weird they are

Pixeleen Mistral:   so you see yourself as a sort of counterbalance to the depravity of SL? or are you more like the court jesters?
FrizzleFry101:   I don't think I would have that kind of effect, since harassment in SL is pretty much contained in a game, and wouldn't make people second-guess what they spend their time doing
if things spill over into IRL however, it would
the jester reference might me more appropriate since I don't really care for the state of SL

The FrizzleFry Mystique

Pixeleen Mistral:   how is it that you get blamed for all the high visibility sim crashes?

FrizzleFry101:   me personally?

Pixeleen Mistral:   for instance, at the 5 year Herald anniversary event everyone was saying we were crashing out because of Frizzle Fry
FrizzleFry101:   Corsi Mousehold spent awhile trying to claim that I was the only active pn out of the current 30-ish, that may of had an effect, nigras often show off SL chatlogs of _______ thinking the nigra in question was actually me, often furries.

Pixeleen Mistral:   so you aren't crashing sims?
FrizzleFry101:   Some just pretend to be me thinking they would get a better reaction out of the target
yes I am, but not nearly all of them.
Definatly not all the "high visibility sim crashes"

Pixeleen Mistral:   how do you decide which are worth taking the time to crash?
FrizzleFry101:   depends on the group in question, some have a higher priority than others, either old-time targets or people we consider well known, which would result in alot of whining
 like GYC, or gay yiffy club, for example, I would spend a few hours freezing their sim during one of their big orgy events

Pixeleen Mistral:   is it hard to crash a sim?
it's definetly gotten harder since PN's early days, when a self replicating cube was all you needed, it's realtivly as easy now, but involves alot more lag
now for example one of our usual methods involves drowning the sim in asset requests

Pixeleen Mistral:   why doesn't Linden Lab make it impossible to crash a sim – that would be in their business interests, right?
FrizzleFry101:   It's a matter of what can be blocked without destroying the game for legitimate people

Pixeleen Mistral:   if you were going to design a game what would you do?
FrizzleFry101:   I would make content creation a privledge that either must be earned or can be revoked, If someone starts a shop for erotic diapers or animal dildos, they lose their privledge

Pixeleen Mistral:   so anonymous content is the problem?
FrizzleFry101:   Freedom of speech guarantees people the right to say most things, but society in general pressures people from becomming too depraved
you dont have this self-correcting pressure in SL.  I understand the value of freedom but people who take it too far can ruin it for others

14 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: FrizzleFry Interview — Part 1”

  1. Witness X

    Mar 28th, 2009

    As the owner and creator of “Animal Diapers & Dildos”, I have to say I am appalled that the Herald would run such racist trash. Do you really think that its fair that we as a race can be singled out like this? How dare you report on such drivel when there are far more important matters to talk about, like some pubfags Post6 or maybe a gay poem written by some lady that is really a guy that never finished high school, or even a war between mafias or the Mercatears Navy. This is trash and I will not stand for it and neither will my boyfriend Maldy.

  2. Ann Otoole

    Mar 28th, 2009

    Was this was an interview with Mitch Kapor?

  3. Flash Hanks

    Mar 28th, 2009

    SL herald to pn is as Daily Bugle to Spiderman.


  4. o.o

    Mar 29th, 2009

    2 cents tells me that Frizzlefry is Mudkips.

  5. ban furrys

    Mar 29th, 2009


  6. Groupie

    Mar 29th, 2009

    Frizz, you’re my hero! and the hero of a growing number of peeps looking for THE example! Groupie? maybe to some but not really relevant. Inspired soldier? damn straight!

  7. ugh!

    Mar 29th, 2009

    If furries are ever banned from Second Life then there should be a big protest of furry supporters. Because, you facist, you can’t tell me what to do!

  8. mootykips

    Mar 29th, 2009

    o.o: compare relevancy of PN in mid-2007 to relevancy of PN march 2009 and tell me that again. it’s almost an insult, frizzle is a p cool guy but there’s something wrong with the PN and hell if i know if it’s his fault or anyone else’s

    if i were interviewed you’d see a lot more discussion of why there’s a backlash against furries and their ilk, rather than the “oh i guess we don’t like them cause they’re weird and they respond really well. hurr. yiff in hell” bullshit that seems to bounce around the PN nowadays

  9. Baron Cuttlesmith von Blogharder, Esqu, MD

    Mar 30th, 2009

    The reason why furry is so horrible and a clusterfuck of self-reinforcing bullshit is one reason: there is completely no self-regulation in its “community.” Normally, in nerdoms (Lets use Star Trek as an example), the crazies, mentally shitstained, and bizarre fuckers of all varieties are naturally culled out. If you go to TrekCon 09 and announce that you have the soul of a Klingon, watch as you get laughed at by a hoard of overweight scifi neckbeards. Display and sell pornographic art of underage Star Trek characters in diapers, and you’ll likely get the shit kicked out of you (or more likely, scratched) by howling nerds. Even in undercultures, sub-cultures and the like there’s a natural sort of regulation.

    Not so in furry. In furry, any attempt at self-regulation is fiercely fought against. When someone proclaims they have the soul of a dragon, that their “spirit guide” is a four-dicked Walrus with giant tits, or whatever the fuck, anyone who states that such people are quite correctly OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MIND is deemed a troll, and then probably banned from whatever sort of furry clusterjerk forum or place. Stating that there’s something fucking wrong with drawing pictures of half-human babies fucking, sexualized murder, or characters expelling pounds of shit onto the face of a Pokemon character will get you RAGE for “kink bashing.” If someone makes drama posts exhibiting their profound inability to deal with other human beings, you are again banned. All the while the cesspool of tolerance in Furry grows, with shitfucks of all types flocking to furry because NOBODY ELSE WANTS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEIR INSANITY.

    That is why Furry is such complete shit. The fact that pedophiles, dogfuckers and otherkin are so prominent is just a symptom of a disease that is this utter lack of self-regulation. Fortunately for us, the RAGE of furries’ defense mechanism against common decency is completely fucking hilarious. Even posting things such as honest but harsh art critiques will inspire huge rants. That is why furry is trolled so hard. Myself, I’m waiting for the biggest troll of all; when the mainstream media will find a slow news week and reveal what furry _really_ is for the whole of the US and Western World. It is inevitable, given the growth of furry and the exponential decline in any decency whatever.

  10. We

    Mar 30th, 2009

    Baron needs to get a job on the Herald staff and write a regular piece of commentary, for spacebux! Even with all the displayed rage, this is some seriously enlightening journalistic material.

  11. kanomi

    Mar 31st, 2009

    Is everyone on this blog like 12 years old?

    As for this: “furries are known to push their fetish aggressivly onto others as a means of marking their own identity as a furry…”

    Listen to me very carefully, you small, silly, insecure child: somebody dressed up as a cartoon animal is not a threat to you.

    Now get off that ritalin, it’s making you crazy! Smoke a peace pipe or something.

  12. Kiddoh

    Apr 2nd, 2009

    @Konami: Way to go with the ‘confirming everything in the article’ thing you did there.

  13. Axel Oakleaf

    Jul 4th, 2012

    Primus sucks!

    That is all.

  14. IHM

    Oct 23rd, 2014

    Miss you guy.

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