The Graphics on Metaplace are Crap! Or maybe not…

by Alphaville Herald on 21/03/09 at 8:13 am

Utopika World

by The Allseeing Eye, staff reporter

While Pixeleen and Uri sit in Metaplace and marvel at its egalitarian tools and its democratic Terms of Service and its we-are-of-the-web philosophy, I've been wondering about something else. Given that it's more or less flash based or whatever, aren't the graphics going to be craptastic? That's what I thought until I bumped into some self-described Metaplace pixel artists the other night. Here are some screenshots brought to you at great personal risk, given that Raph enforces his NDA with led pipe wielding thugs — the kind that kneecap figure skaters without a second thought! Anyway, pics are below the fold.

Athkala World



Dreams World

11 Responses to “The Graphics on Metaplace are Crap! Or maybe not…”

  1. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 21st, 2009

    hey somebody send me an invite to metaplace

  2. Darien Caldwell

    Mar 21st, 2009

    looks like clipart pasted into a scene. Meh…

  3. SusanC

    Mar 21st, 2009

    Most of the Metaplace screen-shots that have been released so far look pretty bad. I think this is because the builders of those example worlds were inexperienced/not artists, and I’m expecting to see better in future. (There are poor-quality builds in Second Life, too…)

    As I understand it, Metaplace is designed so that anyone can write a client with extra graphics abilities, like 3D. If lots of people want a client with 3D and texture mapping, I’m sure someone will code it up.

  4. Cuppycake

    Mar 21st, 2009

    The art in Metaplace is as good as the artist who created it. Since you can import anything you create in various modeling programs or Photoshop – the quality ranges greatly. :)

  5. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Mar 21st, 2009

    I’m not one to defend SL or anything, but does anyone remember the last wannabe SL-killer that the herald jerked off?

    It was Lively.

  6. chris

    Mar 21st, 2009

    Yea. metaplace can display a jpg file from 1992…wooo wooo.

  7. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 21st, 2009

    went there (thanx tizzy for the invite) It SUX!

  8. Frans

    Mar 22nd, 2009

    Most of the first art in sl looked crappy too. Metaplace is still in beta and thus has a small userbase, which more enthusiasts instead of skilled game designers or artists. This also similar to the early time of SL.

  9. CronoCloud Creeggan

    Mar 23rd, 2009

    Good point Alyx.

    I’ve seen nothing out there that’s the equal of SL. SL has survived all comers in the virtual world space and I expect that will continue. From what I’ve seen, “There” came close, but there’s a reason there’s an SL last name of Thereian…for all the There expatriates. Kaneva, meevo, Metaplace, There, IMVU, Dotsoul, none of them come close to what SL is.

    If SL was to shut down tomorrow, where would we all go?

  10. mootykips

    Mar 23rd, 2009


  11. Mrs. Ruff Ruffman

    Mar 23rd, 2009

    to a shrink,

    then outside, where you would be blinded by natural light and choked by fresh air before coming to the realization that you’ve turned into a lifeless pixel idiot!

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