Will Nomadic Furs Nest in Metaplace?

by Alphaville Herald on 29/03/09 at 9:31 am

FurCity under construction

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

MP FurryA few intrepid scouts for the furry community are now investigating Raph Koster’s still-in-closed-beta Metaplace platform – despite the very limited options for customization of the avatars.

While personally customized avatars are presumably to be available in the future, MP worlds currently can override a player’s avatar on entry to a space, so it is possible to make all visitors to a fur world take the form of animals. This is demonstrated in Zoo Escape – a roadkill-orientated game of skill that challenges animals to cross busy highways.

A short-term avatar override approach may have some appeal to the fur community, by forcing any would-be trouble makers to become furs themselves when visiting a world. Would the prospect of exploring their inner fursona put would-be griefers off?

Responding to my questions about the fur future of MP, one fur pioneer pointed out that the hardware requirements to run Second Life force many into IMVU and Habbo as alternatives – and went on to highlight both the limits and potential of Metaplace from a fur perspective.


Visiting Zoo escape makes everyone an animal

Hello Pixeleen,

I do not have a fur avatar on here as yet, and as far as I have explored I don't know if custom avatars are even possible I kinda did what most would rush though the avatar setup faze in order to test out the environment. While there was only 19 people online last night I am not sure corsi mousehold has anything to worry about when it comes to meta place and a furry community, I invited some of my furry friends and ones first reaction was "I prefer second life". I tend to do alot of exploring checking out most services.

Meta place did pull me back I believe the achievements are an added bonus to the overall experience just like with "steam" there games have achievements which second life does not, maybe we will see achievement farming in here as I have seen within Team Fortress 2 if there worth anything, but graphics wise its hard to compete with second life though socially Second Life has become boring and drama filled almost like a corporate "gray suit" I can speak from four years usage of Second Life still plenty of colour within it but a mine field of main land junk.

Another added bonus is not having to download and install the client unlike with second life, which seems to always need updating at least it shows progress, but comparing meta place and second life is not really the best way to explain this virtual environment well there are many factors that would determine how a virtual world is taken up by a community.

If custom avatars are possible now or in the future I believe meta place will probably have a quarter of the number of furry's second life has, I believe many furry's are priced out of second life most likely due to not having the bandwidth or PC capable of running it which is why they have congregated within IMVU, keep your eye on "blue mars" this is the one that's supposed to give second life a run for its money and which is were I will be too as soon as the servers are online testing that out.

I do remember reading something either a comment or a reply to an article on the Alphaville Herald, about the PN having a Fort Longcat here if that is true and I have not researched deeper it will be a habbo hotel drama fest all over again, I last year created an article on the PN and laughed at them as most would. and continued to joke with other furs while there attack was going on my website from there Second Life scripts "ddos".

The most unexpected thing was an out of the blue attack by Corsi Mousehold

"[2008/11/11 14:16]  Corsi Mousehold: Okay …. One person telling me is one thing. But when I have many many furs telling me that you are attacking the PN's on their website or seeking them out to instigate them …. I get pissed the fuck off cause I have to clean up after their retaliation against the furry community. If I hear you have uttered so much as a BREATH to the PN's I'll make damn sure you are banned from every furry commuity in the fucking fandom is that PERFECTLY FUCKING CLEAR??
[2008/11/11 14:18]  Corsi Mousehold: I Am FurNation and I have been dealing with this shit for Three Goddam years. I am sick of it.!

I don't speak for the furry community like Corsi Mousehold does, but I have earned my burned fur.

I will be developing some furry worlds and furry orientated products and experience's here, and if you know a furry there welcome to come hang out or you may come visit when I and my partner complete something.


MetaPlace FurCity, closed untill completed

13 Responses to “Will Nomadic Furs Nest in Metaplace?”

  1. Satan

    Mar 29th, 2009

    Earned your burned fur? Can you even get any weirder? And if you’re referring to my comment as far as the PN Fort Longcat thing goes, you are very misinformed.
    I’m not in MP to break stuff and I’m not a PN member. Nor is the Griefer Herald PN-owned, poorly named though it may be, since it has become my personal blog rather than a news site and has been that way for awhile due to lack of interest in keeping up with the thing.

    The regret I had with Second Life is that I didn’t actually realize how awesome it was until after I had been permabanned several hundred times. SL was and still is an awesome idea that has been squandered by poor management. Anyway, I actually learned to script and build in SL while I was griefing. Griefing only held my interest for a relatively short period of time compared to how long legit content creation could have interested me. It was a shame, and as many of you know, there are no clean slates to be had in Second Life for people who decide that they don’t want to grief anymore. I was permabanned repeatedly after attempting to settle down quietly.

    I won’t make the same mistake twice. MP has a really robust set of tools for content creation. It has a lot of potential and if Raph follows through on everything he has promised, then MP will be an SL competitor and then some. They will wipe LL off of the internet by creating a much better alternative.

    People complain about the graphics but that’s only temporary. MP is going to go 3d and that is a fact. I don’t know for sure, but I’m almost positive that they will be implementing avatar customization capabilities that at least rival those of LL.
    Some people are complaining because they want to be able to design things as a group in real time. Apparently they are still pretty unfamiliar with MP though, since you can give other people admin rights through world settings so that you can work together like you would in a sandbox in SL. You can also grant those rights to anyone who visits on a temporary basis (or specific people) using simple scripting.

    Other people are complaining about world and place inter-connectivity (worlds and places are actually two different things but that knowledge is only really necessary for scripters so I assume most don’t know) but the MP setup actually limits the ability of groups like the PN to grief. For one, you can’t bring objects you own into another world like you could in SL. You might be able to do it if you’re a superuser in a world, I’m not sure. I’m willing to bet that MP will eventually allow objects to move between worlds with their owners to a degree but I could be mistaken. It just seems like a logical assumption.

    Mr Furry up there is also misinformed about Habbo Hotel. PN hasn’t griefed Habbo ever. PN wasn’t even founded during or before the habbo griefing took place. That was the chans, where PN originated. So you’re screaming “ZOMG ITS LIKE TEH HABBO” is just retarded. Habbo was never even seriously affected by griefing amyways.

    P.S. The URL in my name goes to my world. So come check out Hell to get a small taste of the possibilities, for those who aren’t already aware of them. Over time, I’ll have some pretty interesting stuff there. I’m working on some animated sprites, particle effects, and AI that should make things interesting when they’re ready. I thought about creating some novelty self replicating lulzturtle cubes for my own place that use controlled self replication (cleaning themselves up afterwards) but I guess that’d just feed the ridiculous misconception that the PN is present, or that I am the PN presence. Typical furry shit like that, drama mongering,etc.


  2. Corsi Mousehold

    Mar 29th, 2009

    @ SteamPunk Gears (Steams SL account)

    Interesting letter there. But why name drop me out of all the other furry communities. Officially, yes I did say those things after I had more than a dozen furs telling me you were stirring up trouble for the griefer group. And I was shown parts of several different articles not just the one like you are saying. Were you that pissed off that I had to yell at you that here months later you bring it up to the Herald?

    If you really have been around for 4 years (SteamPunk Gears is less than a year and a half old) you would know what we have dealt with. And from the interview with Frizzle previous to this, you would learn that you are the exact target that the PN’s go for. Anyone that will respond to and whine about or attempt to slam back at. Stop being part of the problem.

    I would put money on it that this note would be seen as unexpected and out of the blue too.

  3. mootykips

    Mar 29th, 2009

    obviously someone needs to start dissuading them before the cancer grows

  4. SweetAlabama

    Mar 29th, 2009

    Note this is not an interview posted, it was a private IM to Pixeleen.

    and Corsi you did not bother to ask him what was going on, you just started yelling and threatening him. I would have muted you too.

    SteamPunk has an older account which he hardly uses anymore and had one before that he’s forgotten the name of. I can attest he has been in SL 3+ yrs. You truly can not tell by an avatar’s age how long someone has been in SL, people create alts and new accounts for various reasons.

    If anyone is tryna stir up things I would suspect it is Pixeleen since she felt the need to post this in liou of real news or even ideas of her own.

  5. Horse of course

    Mar 29th, 2009

    Corsi does not represent the whole fandom. Just the dumb stereotypical furs that run FN with their dog cocks hanging out of their diapers. Leave the rest of the fandom out of the conversation when talking about that embarassing mouse. Corsi has no real influence outside of the fn secondlife sims. Even other furry community leaders in sl know corsi is a joke.

  6. FrizzleFry101

    Mar 29th, 2009

    Outside this sentence I’ll just ignore SteamPunk McTears, whatever happened to him he brought onto himself intentionally for attention, he’s better off ignored by everyone including corsi.

    Metaplace looks like furcadia with a slight resolution upgrade, the idea of a furry sim where everyone is forced into being a giraffe is hilarious.

    We at PN don’t really have an opinion on metaplace yet, still exploring around, but I generally prefer SL. If you can’t run SL, you should stick to your 1995 games.

  7. Corsi Mousehold

    Mar 29th, 2009


    You are right on both counts. However you seem to still think that attacking the PN’s is a good thing when it is not. Yes there are better ways I could have handled that situation but still. Attacking the PN’s is like throwing sticks at a wall. Sure you might knock a bit of plaster off but you won’t take the wall down. Same with the PN’s. As FrizzleFry said, furries make a great target because they whine and bitch and cry and moan and try these feeble little attempts to get back at the PN’s. What do you solve in taking down a website for an hour? Nothing. What do you think the repercussions would be? The PN’s are going to just hit harder to make us all more and more pissed off so they can laugh at us.

    In the end I don’t care what is going on. Plain and simple fact is Steampunk attacked their website using the same DDoS attack they do against the other furry sims and websites. That puts Steampunk on the same level as them. Congratulations.

    Now is this a way for the Alphaville Herald to stir up drama? Of course. But then again that is what makes news headlines afterall. Drama.

    Now you want drama? Take note that the conversation took place in mid November. That’s FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS ago. Hold a grudge much? Also take note that Steampunk was never banned and never IM’d since the short VERY short conversation. I had entirely forgotten about it and stopped caring about it. I let go. He didn’t.

    Now. Do I hate FrizzleFry? No. Why should I? He’s having himself a bit of fun. DID I hate him? Hell yes I did. With what they did to me personally sending the police to my door and calling in a raid is a bit over the top. But since then they have kept it to SL. And as long as they leave it there and not take things too far, how can you hate them?

    So here’s a question. Was SteamPunk in the right for attacking the PN’s Website and what the hell does that all have to do with Metaplace? No and Nothing. So why add that to the article? Ask Pixeleen.

  8. Corsi Mousehold

    Mar 30th, 2009


    You know? I think this is the first time ever I will actually take your advice. I will just move on and do the usual. Thanks Frizz.

    And honestly? Sorry if what I said did get you flak at the Herald anniversary. If it was not you crashing the sim that day you didn’t deserve to get shat on for it. And honestly I doubt it WAS you. You were trying to get me there to meet you. I was just too pissed off at you at that point to want to see you. If you asked me nowadays? I likely would. Depends on the mood and if I am in the middle of a project. If the latter I would teleport you to me instead.

  9. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Mar 31st, 2009

    “This is demonstrated in Zoo Escape – a roadkill-orientated game of skill that challenges animals to cross busy highways.”

    Yes, now only if that were applied in furcity, except the sane people get to be the cars.

  10. Emperor Norton hears a who?

    Apr 1st, 2009

    “by forcing any would-be trouble makers to become furs themselves when visiting a world. Would the prospect of exploring their inner fursona put would-be griefers off?”

    Like that would have any appeal the furries. The whole point of a fur is to be a visual irritant so they can be a the center of attention. You can bet your bottom Liden that in a world full of furrie avatars the current furries would be demanding to use normal human ones.

    Something all you griefers like the PN might want to consider. Whose really greifing who?

  11. Stephie

    Apr 1st, 2009

    Fuck, I giggled at something Atomo said.

    Brb, killing myself.

  12. Pounce

    Apr 7th, 2009

    by:Emperor Norton “The whole point of a fur is to be a visual irritant so they can be a the center of attention.”

    Everyone who knows me in SL knows that I rarely to never visit areas you could call “non furrie” and that goes for quite a big part for others I know.
    Not EVERYONE thinks like the PN and makes griefing the center of its life, cuz, you know, griefing is so yesterday and boring.
    I have better things to do than investing time into annoying other people, it is something most people stop doing after they turned five or so.

    But i am all for diversity and that everyone can be an individual, and that is what pisses griefers off big time, people who dare to rock there little world.

    Do i hate griefer? No, i pitty them. They never made it past there early childhood.

  13. drOffset

    Apr 9th, 2009

    It’s worth noting that Metaplace so far is a pretty open-minded group of people. You make your world what you want it to be, including having whatever av art style you care to make in your own place if you can script and create art. I don’t know when/if the customized avs across all MP worlds would happen, but you could make a whole network of connected worlds between like-minded users if you really wanted to. It’s just not the same thing as SL. Anyway, m2c…

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