It’s 4/20 — Do You Know Where Your Medical Marijuana Is?

by Alphaville Herald on 20/04/09 at 9:45 pm

Part time griefer and journalist advocates for medical marijuana

By Doctor Ocularis, Herald Medical Desk


photo stolen from Metro Spirit

Today being April 20 (aka 4/20) it is only fitting that we link to a story about weed. In this case we link to a story by Joshua McCracken in the Augusta Georgia Metro Spirit. Josh, if you don't know, had a former incarnation in Second Life as Deadly Codec (d3adl3yc0d3c); he had an impressive career as a griefer and tied for third place as 2008 avatar of the year. He is also a former Herald Contributor. 

Joshua is now in Metaplace as Satan (not griefing so far as we know). Josh is also an AIDS patient, and this has led to his interest in medical marijuana. From the story:

Because I cannot have legal access to potentially more effective (and less addictive) medicine — such as marijuana — I am prescribed meds such as hydromorphone for pain caused by golf-ball sized lymph nodes in the sides of my neck. Hydromorphone is an opioid painkiller that is five times the strength of morphine. It is also known by the brand name Dilaudid. For the record, I am grateful that my doctors gave me the relief that they could (some of them might be reading this).

But Wilsey and I both could be helped by something much cheaper and less dangerous. I believe our pain and suffering is being compounded by draconian drug policies. Government entities such as the DEA continued to push their agendas without regard to people like us, or the millions who support our option to be treated with the medication called marijuana

Blaze on, C0d3c. Blaze on.


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  1. deadlycodec

    Apr 20th, 2009

    I am very grateful to the Second Life Herald for calling attention to this issue. The fact is that there are many people out there that are in dire need of medical marijuana and the government needs to abide by the wishes of the American people and make it available at pharmacies like any other prescription medication.

    As for the griefing stuff, don’t worry. I’m making no trouble in Metaplace. In fact, I have been instrumental in the discovery of some critical security problems. I won’t go into a whole heck of a lot of detail, but the changes going into effect on 4/27 are relevant to some of those. Security problems are normal in beta so don’t be alarmed. MP staff have a good handle on things.

    >Blaze on, C0d3c. Blaze on.

    About to do so right now <3

  2. deadlycodec

    Apr 20th, 2009

    I forgot to mention that today on millions of televisions all across America, NORML’s Ad advocating marijuana law reform aired. A milestone for the cannabis community.

    Happy 4/20 folks!

  3. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Apr 21st, 2009

    In other news, it’s also Hitler’s birthday, and the 10th year anniversary of the Columbine lulzfest.

  4. Eva Ryan

    Apr 21st, 2009

    /me conjures up an old movie quote:

    Pedro: Man, what is in this shit, man?
    Man Stoner: Mostly Maui Waui man, but it’s got some Labrador in it.
    Pedro: What’s Labrador?
    Man Stoner: It’s dog shit.
    Pedro: What?
    Man Stoner: Yeah, my dog ate my stash, man.
    Pedro: Yeah?
    Man Stoner: I had it on the table and the little motherfucker ate it, man. Then I had to follow him around with a little baggie for three days, man, before I got it back. Really blew the dog’s mind, ya know?
    Pedro: You mean we’re smokin’ dog shit, man?
    Man Stoner: Gets ya high, don’t it?
    Man Stoner: I think it’s even better than before, you know?
    Pedro: Uhhh, I wonder what Great Dane tastes like, man.

  5. LOL

    Apr 21st, 2009

    Thad bud looks like it is under cured… Purple… aka Mould, somking that would make anyone with a medical condition even worse of. GROW YOUR OWN! SMOKE HOMESTONE!

  6. juanita

    Apr 22nd, 2009


  7. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 22nd, 2009

    Um, Happy Lenin’s Birthday everybody!

    Has anyone at the Herald actually bothered to see if this codec is in fact really the RL person said to be “Joshua McCracken” as they say they are (as they post with multiple names and IP addresses). Oh, and has anyone checked in RL whether that RL fellow is in fact sick with AIDS, i.e. by visiting him in person and seeing if he really does have tumours the size of golfballs?

    Then has anyone actually gone to his doctor’s office with him (because otherwise documents could be faked, doctors could say they don’t give out medical information, etc.) to see if in fact he really has AIDs? Also, have they interviewed the dear, sainted, etc. Mum who is so upset about it all?

    Youth wants to know.

  8. A guy

    Apr 22nd, 2009

    Man, what are you talking about? You’ve never heard of any purple strains? Those actually turn purple towards the end of flowering. More or less so depending on how low the temperatures are. Lower temp == more purple. Anyways, purple strains are often amazingly potent. However, I recommend Barney’s Farm Blue Cheese for a decent medical strain. Nice blueberry smell and flavor with the yield and potency of Skunk #1. Light blue, frost covered buds valued at over $500 an ounce. It’s indica dominant.

  9. We

    Apr 22nd, 2009


    For a person I seem to remember being rather perturbed at what I may consider invasive inquiries into your real life by others, I’m a bit dumbfounded that you would call for the same or higher level of invasion on others.

  10. deadlycodec

    Apr 22nd, 2009

    Prok, you have my email address. If you feel inclined to visit me in my home in Augusta in order to ‘verify this’ you can feel free to give me a holler but you better damn well be respectful while you’re here. The Metro Spirit also has a phone number on their website which you can call. Tom Grant is my editor and point of contact there. He has seen corroborating documentation, prescriptions, my mother. He has also seen the scars on my neck from surgery (biopsy) AND the swollen lymph nodes. Additionally, the publication has offices smack dab in the middle of downtown Augusta located directly across from the offices of the Augusta Chronicle on Broad Street.

    BTW, I don’t have ‘tumours’, the size of golf balls. They’re swollen lymph nodes and there is a huge difference. You have lymph nodes too. When they’re swollen in a healthy person, %99 of the time it is an indicator of lymphoma.

    Or you can simply call University Hospital in Augusta and ask for the RVD program. They won’t tell you anything without me signing a release but you can gauge their reaction and that will often be enough. I guess not for you though.

    Geez, I am publicly admitting that I have a stigmatizing disease and you are trying to imply that I might be lying? Are you stupid??!

    BTW Prok, you’re forgetting that there is an article that ties my rl name to the name ‘deadlycodec’, which was also printed in the Metro Spirit. You know, the one that mentioned that I was a griefer that wrote for the Second Life Herald. You’ve also referenced it in your own blog, dumbshit. Fail troll was fail….stupid bitch.

  11. deadlycodec

    Apr 22nd, 2009

    BTW Prok, there is only one codec and I am that person. There is no ‘they’. Christ you’re so dumb for such an intelligent person.

  12. deadlycodec

    Apr 22nd, 2009

    And Prok, you’ve already proven that you don’t need justification for your blind hatred. Why you’re so insistent about this is beyond me. What? I can’t be dying because OMG you’re pissed that I bothered you in a fucking video game?

    I want you to imagine for a second what it’d be like if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness and you wrote about it on your blog. How would you feel if someone said they thought you were lying? All that suffering you and your family put up with and then some asshat tries to minimize it and suggest you’re lying. Feels great, let me tell you. The suffering is real for my family, friends, and for me. Common decency would be to acknowledge it or not say anything at all.

    We both know that if I hadn’t dropped boxes on your e-land or spammed you this wouldn’t even be relevant to you in the slightest. Seems to me that you’re being an evil bitch.

  13. LOL

    Apr 22nd, 2009

    @ A GUY

    “…$500 an ounce. It’s indica dominant..”


  14. Soviet

    Apr 23rd, 2009

    Trying to decide if Prok was actually celebrating Lenin’s birthday. I’ve seen weirder from her and basically everything she says conflicts with something else she said earlier so I suppose it’d come as no surprise.

  15. They

    Apr 23rd, 2009

    “there is only one codec and I am that person. There is no ‘they’.”

    I think Prok was trying to avoid the awkward ‘he or she’ :

    “Has anyone confirmed whether ‘he or she’ has cancer?”


    “Has anyone confirmed whether ‘they’ have cancer?”

  16. deadlycodec

    Apr 24th, 2009

    We’re talking about AIDS but I guess cancer is relevant since most AIDS patients die of either some form of cancer or pneumonia. That’s because with almost no immune system a person has an amazingly high risk of developing cancers. Before I was formally diagnosed, in mid 2008, I did indeed think I just had cancer. So did my family. This was all based on CBC results that suggested I either had AIDS or cancer. I never in a million years thought it was AIDS so I immediately assumed cancer. For months after I was diagnosed, I still told people I had cancer whenever I mentioned that I was sick, which I suppose is partly true (lymphoma, which I have, is a common opportunistic infection for AIDS patients, Google it. My biopsy was for nasopharyngeal carcinoma, which thankfully, I do not have) but I deliberately lied on several occasions because it is extremely difficult to come out and say that I have AIDS. I overcame that fear, first on my own website where I knew I only had a small following, but even more so when I wrote my article advocating marijuana law reform because I saw an opportunity to use a terrible and stigmatizing disease for the betterment of society. I haven’t regretted it. The idea that I could use something so horrible to actually improve lives still appeals to me.

  17. deadlycodec

    Apr 24th, 2009

    I think that most AIDS patients are reluctant to admit that they have AIDS not so much because of the stigmas that come with it but rather because they know that they can’t get laid anymore after coming forward. In fact, many people who are infected with HIV intentionally spread the disease which IMO is deserving of the electric chair. The knowledge that this very attitude is what likely resulted in my becoming infected is so infuriating for me that I have done quite the opposite. The very moment I found out that I had it, I decided that I would avoid spreading it at any cost. My unwillingness to infect innocent people comes with an overwhelming sadness at times because that also means that I will never find what it is that I was searching for. In spite of that, I have avoided situations that would result in my contributing to the problem. This attitude is what made it possible for me to come forward because I had absolutely nothing to lose. My editor knew about my diagnosis as did the majority of my closest friends, and the way those people treated me did not change with that knowledge in the least.

    In many cases, AIDS patients can live much longer in today’s world than in the 1980′s when the disease first surfaced. I know that in my case, the fact that I have become so sick so fast means that this is likely not so for me. When I die, I don’t want to reflect on what I did during my life with the knowledge that I pursued my own selfish pleasure at the expense of destroying lives.

    I sincerely hope that the person who did this to me will lay there at their last moments with an overwhelming sense of guilt that is almost suffocating for them at the realization that they destroyed my life and possibly the lives of others.

    In a way, using my disease to try and fix injustices such as the government’s draconian marijuana policies that have ruined countless lives is a way for me to leave behind a legacy that is much more than simply being the guy that dropped self replicating boxes all over Second Life. I recognize the importance of this work and that his how I want people to remember me.

  18. deadlycodec

    Apr 24th, 2009

    While it’s easy for people to say that I talk about AIDS and death too much, those people aren’t realizing that I speak of it because it’s factual and not in a ‘omg why me’ sort of self-pity way. In fact, the knowledge that I am dying has made the time I have left infinitely more meaningful. It has also caused me to reconcile with the people that mean the most to me because I realize that I might not be able to do it tomorrow.

    I know that there are some of you who like to think that OMG codec doing something right it must be fake because he dropped boxes and Second Life and that guy can’t have a good bone in his body, but I have always understood that there is a very real difference between the things I did in Second Life and causing real life harm. Sadly, it seems like that is an understanding that many of the most hardcore Second Lifers seem to lack and it makes them pretty weird.

    I think Prok is even worse than the weirder ones that cant seem to separate fantasy from reality because Prok has come to think that those who bothered her aren’t even human. That they can’t or don’t suffer and have problems. Whose the real sociopath then though? Someone who recognizes that even Prok has problems and sometimes even feels sorry for her when she is abused or a person who regards their enemies as cardboard, without any sort of thoughts, dreams, or feelings? I know I did things that were wrong in a very mild sense but that doesn’t mean that I am incapable of having compassion even for my enemies.

  19. music fan

    Apr 24th, 2009

    I have several codecs for playing music. Some are new codecs and some are old. Some of the old codecs aren’t used anymore. Their day is done. I call them Dead Codecs.

  20. We

    Apr 24th, 2009

    “Trying to decide if Prok was actually celebrating Lenin’s birthday. I’ve seen weirder from her and basically everything she says conflicts with something else she said earlier so I suppose it’d come as no surprise.”

    SO TRUE!


  21. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 24th, 2009

    I don’t believe in invading any one’s real life. That’s unjust and improper for any SL avatar.

    But when you have someone who griefs and destroys property and stalks and harasses, it is absolutely just and proper for the free media to examine what this person is up to — not give them the blowjobs that the Herald endlessly does. Uri set down those sacred principles himself when he went to invade Evangeline’s private life and talked to Evangeline’s mother — and sicced a RL journalist after the whole sordid mess (I’ve always thought that it was the mom who was really the character, whom I don’t think anyone, RL journalist or Uri or anybody, has ever actually met.)

    If a griefing group that constantly makes as an element of their griefing a ridicule of gays and those with AIDS, and an obsession with AIDS, produces someone who led that group who now claims he had a gay encounter and now has AIDS and seeks sympathy, you have to question it. That’s what journalism does. It’s not about being “nice”. It’s not about “somebody’s mom”. It’s journalism.

    Internet histrionics — people making up stories just because they can online, and getting others to believe them — and manipulative, psychopathic legends told to harm people — these are rampant online. So it’s absolutely right and proper for me to raise the questions that I do here. Absolutely.

    If you don’t want your RL invaded, don’t get on the Internet and tell everyone you have AIDS suddenly because you suddenly turned gay, after, um, recanting from being a griefer who used to go around harassing everybody with obsessive themes relating to gays and AIDS. Duh!

    Sorry, but I’m not required to get involved in newspaper investigations in Augusta, and certainly not with all kinds of caveats like “but you have to be respectful”. That’s bullshit. My job here as a member of the reading public of this rag is to ask the Herald to do due diligence. That they can’t or won’t is clear. Perhaps someone else will pick up on it. I’ve fired off a letter to Tom, who of course may be in on the conspiracy himself, much like the Woodbury professor was.

    Calling the editor of a shopper in Augusta to ask whether his manipulative online columnist really has AIDS or not is not the way to gain the truth of this story. Interview this faker in real life, and accompanying him to a doctor’s office to get some documentation is really the only way the truth could be established, given the very, very high probability here for a very, very deliberate and sinister Big Lie that even that editor could have been duped by.

    Calling a person’s doctor is never, ever the way to get medical information. Everybody knows in this day and age, with medical privacy forms signed multiple times during treatment, that no clinic, especially a reputable one attached to a university, will ever, ever do such a thing. And that’s what this hoaxer is counting on — the inability to anybody to really get themselves to Augusta and come along with him to a doctor’s appointment and get it proved there on the spot. You don’t prove anything by calling some clerk answering a phone, that’s retarded.

    No, I’m crying “foul” on this very hard, because I think what’s going on here is really a nasty piece of griefing manipulation, and I don’t see why anyone should be falling for it. It’s purpose is to get more attention for this sick psychotic — a “cyberpath” as they have been aptly called.

    If I were dying from a terminal illness one of two things would happen:

    1. I wouldn’t tell people, because I’d likely prefer to spend my last days with family and close friends, not yacking with idiots online.
    2. If I chose to tell people online who are essentially strangers, and I found they didn’t buy it (having been exposed many times to the Big Lie of Internet Histrionics before), I’d have absolutely no problem telling the truth, and publishing my medical statements online. I’d work with a reputable journalist if I had to, to give them permission to get my records, if that’s what it took.

    What I *wouldn’t* do is act all butthurt, neuralgic, and defensive about even being asked, invoking more drama and histrionics, or say that “here’s a number of someone who may be in on this with me who is also a cynical geek, go ahead, call it, I double dare you.”

    No sane and reputable person would do that.

    People who are really dying, in my experience, generally don’t have time or inclination to come online and tell you all about it.

    I’ve had quite a few friends and colleagues die of AIDS. I’ve never known any of them to die quickly, except for one who suffered AIDS from a bad blood transfusion. I’ve known some who thought they were dying and then didn’t. I’ve known some that had lymph nodes swell up and go through all kinds of suffering. They never sounded flippant about this as this psychopath is doing. That’s why I smell a rat.

    The idea that someone who questions this mythologizing is somehow harming some family somewhere is all part of the idiotic manipulative game.

    In real situations where people with online lives get sick and die, family members not involved in that online community could absolutely care less what is being said online. They are obviously preoccupied by other things. There’s a basic illogic to all the statements here, as anyone can see, but that’s because they are done with only one purpose: to shame and bully and harass people with a new form of griefing, called “I’m dying of AIDS, and don’t you dare question it or I will try to make you look like an unfeeling piece of shit”.

    Um, go ahead. I don’t care. I cry “bullshit” on this top to bottom, and I also am not interested in continuing this conversation and continuing to feed this sick mind online. I thought it was worth flagging for Uri. Uri loves a good story, and has a nose for bullshit, too. He may have gotten sinusitis, however, and not be smelling this one.

    I didn’t forget anything about this asshole. I don’t know where that idea came about. We all know the RL name was given, and we’ve all heard ad nauseum the “gay harasser turns gay and gets AIDS himself” line.

  22. deadlycodec

    Apr 25th, 2009

    Um, I’ve already made it quite clear that I’m not gay. Maybe you didn’t get the memo, Prok. And what the fuck do you know about dying or how a dying person should act? What the fuck am I gaining from sympathy here at the herald? Tell me what the fuck my motivation is, Prok?

    Tell you what, I’ve been open enough that I really don’t give a shit if a real life journalist follows me around. If they feel inclined to do so they can meet me at my next appointment on 4/28 at the University Hospital in Augusta, GA at the Retroviral Disease/Disease Management Program at 1pm. If they feel inclined to do so they can also call ahead to find out exactly where the program is.

    And telling you to be respectful if you have the gaul to come in my home to verify that I’m telling the truth about all this shit isn’t bullshit. We’re talking about you cutting in on my time just because you’re fucking paranoid. What do you do when someone is disrespectful in your home? Tell them to get the fuck out.

    I am getting really sick of this shit. I read your huge fucking rant on ‘cyberpaths’ and people faking deaths online. I’m not faking and the Metro Spirit isn’t a shopper and I’m not just an online columnist. My work is in print all over town also.

    I never ridiculed gays either. I ridiculed furries. Apparently you are under the mistaken impression that all gay people are dressing like animals and sucking e-dogcocks. I’ve never met a single gay person in real life that does that shit. Furries are the weirdest.

    I do spend time with friends and family but *SHOCK* most of them have full time jobs, which I don’t because 1) I have enough cashflow from occasional writing and other projects to sustain me and 2) I am too fucking sick to hold any sort of full time job, obviously.

    I’m not saying journalism should be nice. It rarely is. I AM saying that if you’re going to call me a liar you should at least have some follow-through and be prepared to verify whether I am in fact lying. I’m not.

    You have absolutely no idea how you’d react if you were in the same situation and some stupid bitch wrote long rants about how you were lying. There is something infuriating about that and I am unable to understand why that is so, but it is.

    Your whole approach really pisses me off because you’re all like ‘omg he can’t prove it online because shit can be forged and you can’t believe everything you read’ and then you come out with shit like this:
    ‘The idea that someone who questions this mythologizing is somehow harming some family somewhere is all part of the idiotic manipulative game. ‘
    Discouraging people to check in person because you’re make believing that it’d harm some innocent person. In essence, you’re trying to make it lose-lose for me. I believe that you know the truth and I am convinced that this is a conscious effort on your part to inflict pain because you’re just an evil soul sucking bitch. I have really had it up to here with you and your paranoia.

    Another thing, I never stalked anyone. I dropped dox on a few people but none of that is STALKING. Wrong in a mild sense? Yeah but it doesn’t equal stalking.

    And my family does care about what is being said about me because they’re hypersensitive about me right now which is actually fucking NORMAL for a family in this situation.

    They should really give you some kind of award Prok because you have trolled the fucking shit out of me. Congratulations, you stupid fucking woman.

  23. mootykips

    Apr 25th, 2009

    yeah obviously you should take fat women trying to be men in video games so seriously you publish your medical records so you can prove you have a terminal illness to them. obviously otherwise you’re a faker. go back to eating haagen dazs, porkofy.

  24. deadlycodec

    Apr 25th, 2009

    And I’m not upset about being asked about the truthfulness of my diagnosis. I am upset about being asked by someone who would refuse to see the truth no matter what happens because you’re sitting there on your fat fucking ass trying to make it sound like there is actually a chance that I could prove my diagnosis if it’s true while at the same time you’re making it impossible for me to prove it by calling every single means I could use to prove it into question. I can’t defend myself in this situation and YOU are the one counting on the fact that another real life journalist won’t come here to see if I’m being honest. I hope they do but I have my doubts as to whether or not it’d be satisfactory for you. Nothing would. You are speaking out in a conscious effort to ruin my reputation while I am sitting here DYING.

    If a real life journalist came to my appointment and wrote a story on how I am telling the truth, we both know you’d call his or her credibility into question too. If you attended my doctor’s appointments in person, you’d likely insist that the doctor was bribed. I don’t know what to make of it. Are you really as paranoid as you make yourself out to be, or are you just the most vindictive person I have ever come into contact with?

    I wish I understood fully WHY this bothers me so much. It does though. It bothers me because this is all so real to me. I am experiencing it every single fucking day. God knows, of all people, I SHOULD care less what you have to say.

    It’s fucking amazing. The first time you called me a liar on this shit, I thought it was funny. The irony is there for sure. It isn’t funny anymore though. It’s god damn frustrating.

  25. the west is the best

    Apr 25th, 2009

    “Well, out here in the West, all us Country Folk are very hospitible, and don’t you forget it pilgrim…” thats my best John Wayne impression. That quote from the old west (hollywood circa 1960) leads nicely into me wondering how many more lies this Codec is going to tell, because right here in the good old USA marijuana IS legal. I will say that again. Don’t believe it when someone writes that he can’t get relief from life because he cant smoke pot legally. He can. Right here in the USA. I have been sitting in someone’s living room talking to them when all of a sudden the Police come barging in to his house unannounced. They just open the door and come right in. They say hello to the owner in the front room who is sitting at his coffee table smoking some bud from his water bong. Blurble blurble. After saying hello they proceed down his back hall into his back bedroom. The lights are already on in his back bedroom. A tinkly sound proceeds the cops as the aluminum foil that covers all the walls in the bedroom responds to them walking in. There are no beds or reclining positions in the room, only maturing Marijuana plants, sitting around growing under the lights. The Drug cops count the number of his mature plants and his seedlings and note just how big and juicy the coleus’ are becoming on the tops of the tall ones. A scent was in the air. They breathed deeply, smiled and then turned and walked back out to the front room where I was talking to the owner of the house. He was loading another bowl. The cops came back in where we were on their way out, which was the way they came in. They smiled at the owner and told him his plants were all the right number and were looking good. As they left one of the cops turned and filled in the time and date and his signature on a small Official Drug Police card which was attached to his front door warning any possible thieves that this was the home of a Medical Marijuana patient and it contained an Officially Protected Medicinal Marijuana grow operation. Out here in the west you dont need to hide and be all paranoid with Marijuana. You dont even need a prescription. All you need is a simple note from your doctor saying that the use of marijuana would be beneficial and medicinal for his patient. And this is happening in thousands of places as Marijuana is legal in most all of the western states as a medicine. So don’t give us that bawwwwwwwww Codec you could be doing that too.

  26. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 25th, 2009

    Curiously, editor Tom Grant has not written back to me, although he seems a rather open and gregorious sort of fellow on the website where he gives his address publicly:

    So any other readers may wish to write him, too.

  27. Marx Dudek

    Oct 23rd, 2010

    And when Josh finally succumbed to AIDS, Prokofy Neva stalked the corpse of Deadly Codec to the funeral parlor where his body lay, waiting to be interred.

    And required proof from the funeral director before she was able to cross off his name from her Enemies List.

    And defended her actions, claiming to be acting in the interest of “journalism”.

    But the internet never forgets.

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