MetaPRIDE Celebration – June 22

by Alphaville Herald on 22/06/09 at 1:20 am

by Idorua Wellman, staff writer

MetaPRIDE is a day-long Metaplace celebration of the diversity (racial, cultural,demographical, gender, and sexual orientation) featuring a variety of performers and speakers all day Monday June 22.  Theevent will take place in the north area of Metaplace Central (the event area), the Lotus Club, Chooseareality's Metaequality Center, and the Alphaville Herald offices where meta-DJ Pixeleen Mistral will run the gamut from jazz to j-pop to rock to hip hop.  You can access the schedule of events and the links to the participating worlds by heading to Metaplace Central and walking north.

The full schedule of events:

All times are in PST:
9am – 10am: meta-DJ Pixeleen Mistral at the Alphaville Herald offices
10am – 12pm: Karel Hallard – DJ (Rock Music)
12pm – 1pm: Sara Beth Brooks – Speaker, Executive Chair of the San Diego Equality Campaign
1pm – 2pm: Winter Mullenix – Transgender speaker, GenderVoice project
2pm – 4pm: Tank Thibedaux – DJ
4pm – 5pm: Colin Seraphina Brennan – Contributing Editor at Massively, transgender speaker
5pm – 6pm: Grace McDunnough – live musician
6pm – 8pm: Romeo Reardon – DJ
8pm – 9pm: Elron Priestman – Comedian

There will also be an art gallery in Metaplace Central by artist Marcel Reyes.

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