Senban Babii — Post 6 Grrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 30/06/09 at 6:38 am

[Senban Babii is, to my knowledge, the only Post 6 Girl to get hit by a train during her shoot. She was there on the tracks, she saw it coming, she threatened to haunt me if it hit her and then it hit her. Later in the shoot she accidentally started an animation that caused her head to explode, which, oddly enough, was probably not a first in the annals of Post 6. I am thrilled to have made the acquaintance of the funny and charming Senban Babii, and am equally pleased that she's modeling for us. I only hope I do her justice. Timothy Morpork]

Senban Babii_Final1

Hmm, "write something up for your bio" says Timothy, like I can just do that!  I mean, how do you sum up who you are and two years of SL experiences in three or four paragraphs?  The truth is, I can't.  No matter what I tried to write, I couldn't do it justice.  So instead, I'll start with why I came here in the first place.  When I first heard about SL, I had no preconceptions of what it was.  I went into it with a sense of exploration; both of this new space and myself.

Senban Babii_Final2

In those two years I've loved and lost and loved again.  I've performed on stage to huge audiences.  I've fought and argued far more than I should.  I've debated philosophy and psychology.  I've given interviews from SL to people out there in meatspace.  I've been involved in performance art installations.  I've hated SL and wished I'd never even heard of it.  I've loved SL with a passion and been enthralled by its richness.  I've gained plenty of scars and bruises but plenty of happy memories too and I'm the willing result of everything I've encountered so far.

Senban Babii_Final3

My true passion in SL though is trying to understand the concept of identity in the dual world we live in; to understand just who is behind the avatar, whether the avatar is the one made of meat or the one made of light.  My avatar may not be the most unique or the prettiest or the classiest or the best dressed.  But it's a perfect expression of the 'me' behind the eyes, just like everyone's avatar is an expression of the 'me' they keep behind their own eyes whether they realise it or not.

Can we do sexing now? O.o

12 Responses to “Senban Babii — Post 6 Grrrl”

  1. Senban Babii

    Jun 30th, 2009

    I still say we should have gone with the Robin the Girl Wonder outfit ;)


    Seriously though, I had a lovely time on the photoshoot and Timothy was great to work with (how he put up with me I’ll never know, keeping him waiting while I had last minute panics about what to wear!)

    I’ve spent enough time on the comments section of Post 6 to know how this goes now =P I’ve thrown enough peanuts myself so it’s time for me to take a few I expect but I’m doing it with a grin :D

  2. so cute

    Jun 30th, 2009

    I love the neko look, it’s adorable!

  3. Jaime Aloha

    Jun 30th, 2009

    Beautiful pictures Timothy! Are those backdrops or SL?

    Senban you are adorable! Let your boob sliders out a little on the neko body, you look pinched up top, but otherwise you are a stunning chick, gorgeous! Your skin is fabulous, who made it?

  4. Raposa

    Jun 30th, 2009

    Meow grrrl ;)

    Yes we can do sexing nao. *nods*

  5. Senban Babii

    Jun 30th, 2009


    *Grins* Nawty fox ;)

    @Jaime Aloha

    Jaime, I’ve had that shape since day three, having found it on day one. I’ve never worn another in fact! It’s the exact same one in each picture. Unfortunately it’s non-mod although the only thing I’d change ever so slightly are the boobs as you say. But it’s a very minor price to pay for having the shape I love and a little imperfection can be nice sometimes :) Oh, the skin is lovely, you’re right! But I can’t claim credit; it was bought from Redgrave. Like I say, I’m not the most unique or original person in SL :D

  6. Timothy Morpork

    Jun 30th, 2009

    @Jaime Aloha
    The background is the scenery in Caledon, one of my favorite builds.

    /me smiles, applauds Senban and shuffles offstage.

  7. Carmen

    Jul 1st, 2009

    Wonderful shots of a beautiful avatar, well done. The Neko look is very cute but the very first pic gives you a very aproachable look which many av’s seem to lack. Nice honest bio too. Well done again to you both post 6 is starting to look good again.

  8. roxannequest

    Jul 2nd, 2009

    ohhhhhhh – duh. i dint realize that the Page 6 Gurrl was sposed to be a nekkid blingtard. Cuz i was gonna nominate MYSELF! as the next Page 6 gurrl, and i have the smallest boobies in sl. But dam im cute as hell, and i dress really nice, too. Plus lots of ppl know me cuz im lulzy. i think im like the den mother to a bunch of griefing furfags too. I really think id be an asset to yer newspaper if you put up Page 6 pics of me. Plz consider ME as a future Page 6 Gurrrl. -roxanne

  9. jomin j

    Jul 5th, 2009

    Whoo, now this is one Post 6 Girl I’ll definitely not forget! You can bring that cute neko butt around me anytime, gorgeous. ;)

  10. Stella Stapleton

    Jul 6th, 2009

    Great work Timothy! *waves*

  11. Prof. Archie Lukas

    Jul 7th, 2009

    Damn nice,
    just a thought – get the cat to wipe its feet next time,
    only sensible really.

  12. Prof. Archie Lukas

    Jul 7th, 2009


    Smallest boobs in SL?

    Thats a pre-pubescent boy – and that’s to kinky even for SL

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