SLB6 Is a Crypto Copycat

by Alphaville Herald on 28/06/09 at 5:58 am

Mysterious rot13 and secret decoder rings at SL birthday party

by Tenshi Vielle

SL6B is a copycat! Some darn robots copied Gigs Taggart's Shanti encoded promotion from last year for the Meerkat viewer, but twisted it, turned it, put it up on its side and included lots of fun puzzles – including a slider! Resident Joshua Nightshade was one of the first to discover and report this strange robot code from Epoch Aeon:

"– Instant message logging enabled –
[11:16] Epoch Aeon: (Saved Thu Jun 25 03:35:02 2009) }%? :) 99? @12? %}
[11:16] Epoch Aeon: (Saved Thu Jun 25 03:35:08 2009) 01110011011101000110111101110000001000000110100001 1001010111001000101110
[11:16] Epoch Aeon: (Saved Thu Jun 25 03:35:14 2009) 01110000011011000110010101100001011100110110010100 10000001101000011001010110110001110000
[11:16] Epoch Aeon: (Saved Thu Jun 25 03:35:19 2009) SL6B Callisto 182.851,115.018,22.077

I was gonna ignore it until I paid attention and got the binary part (Save her, please help, etc) and the location of the sim so for kicks I teleported in. I've no idea what the first line means or what it is.

Shortly after getting there I saw a notice saying to click the robot and got this along with an object (look by the flowers!):

[11:27] BuilderBot Pro V6.5: ERROR CODE : 01010011010101110100000101001001010011100010000000 11000100110011001101000010110000110001001101110011 100000101100001100110011011000110010
[11:27] BuilderBot Pro V6.5: DEBUG STRING : Terrgf, V pna abg fnl zhpu ohg nalbar jub ragref guvf cnepry va 2009 vf va tenirfg qnatre. Lbh zhfg svaq gur Cevzr Zbgure, Whatvna. V pna'g fnl jurer fur vf abj, ohg vg'f bhgfvqr bs gur tevq naq lbh arrq gb oevat ure onpx gb gur tevq. Fur xabjf abg jub fur vf lrg, ohg va lbhe gvzr vg vf abg gbb yngr lrg gb fgbc ure.

V nz Rcbpu, naq V nz jngpuvat."

Miriel Enfield, code and cracker extraordinaire, was fast on his heels with a decode:

"This is rot13. It says:

Greets, I can not say much but anyone who enters this parcel in 2009 is in gravest danger. You must find the Prime Mother, Jungian. I can't say where she is now, but it's outside of the grid and you need to bring her back to the grid. She knows not who she is yet, but in your time it is not too late yet to stop her.

I am Epoch, and I am watching. "

The game includes – wait for it – A DECODER RING. Oh, that makes me want to join right now, along with a gigantic bowl of Fruit Loops. You can view the cryptic ongoing thread at

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