Sim Boundary White Line Fever – Bad Roads in Zindra

by Alphaville Herald on 29/06/09 at 6:34 am

by Suzie Skybeam


In Second Life, crossing a boundary between sims is slow, and, to be honest, a bit buggy. So most designers create their builds so that the sim boundaries are in places where there will be as few people as possible crossing across them, or where people won't mind a few seconds of lag as they cross – but not in the new adults-only continent of Zindra.

As I was driving east along the highway in Zindra, I sped through Tovaris, Ironauld, Pfeiffer, Uxert and Tyrnaeur. I was, of course, driving on the right-hand side of the road – British drivers please take note!

Meanwhile, the sim on the other side of the white line down the middle of the road was respectively Morgarsen, Keraxic, Van Tessa, Jonesford Heights and Gianno. If I had pulled out to overtake someone, my vehicle and I would have been handed off to another sim – after a second or two of delay, and with a distinct risk of being transported somewhere else entirely.

If I wanted to turn left and go north, I had a choice of driving through Keraxic (Morgarsen on the left), Van Tessa (Keraxic on the left) and Jonesford Heights (Van Tessa on the left).

As well as the dashed white line down the middle of the road, a vertical barrier flickers in and out of existence – presumably, to warn you not to overtake here. Someone needs to write a Zindra version of the highway code that explains these wierd Zindran road markings — and move the road somewhere more sensible.

8 Responses to “Sim Boundary White Line Fever – Bad Roads in Zindra”

  1. typical

    Jun 29th, 2009

    When have the Linden’s *EVER* done a road properly? Vehicles in SL are a joke because of it.

  2. LOL

    Jun 29th, 2009

    hun, your dealing with a Linden Mole build here, what did you expect? A well built and functional area to use and set up in? If you want that you may as well go buy a private island or find another game to drive in!

  3. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jun 30th, 2009

    >Implying Vehicles are actually usable on linden continents.

    El. Oh. El.

  4. Jumpman Lane

    Jun 30th, 2009

    christ zindra sux hairy nut sax we all know that. then again so did the ol mainland

  5. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jun 30th, 2009

    Why aren’t adult continent sims named after, say, porn stars?

  6. Karl Reisman

    Jul 2nd, 2009

    as a vehicle maker, and cars among them, I find this development unfortunate. Well I’ll talk to my scripter about it, but a sideways entry into a sim along it’s edges is a recipe for the 30 second rollercoaster to hell, known as abad crossing. Sims should be crosed directly, perpendicularly, and at no greater speed than 20m/s. (also in the best case wearing no scripted objects or shields.. sorry furries).

    We arent’ moving there, but we have discussed the option of opening some vendors there.. maybe not..


  7. Prof. Archie Lukas

    Jul 7th, 2009

    White lines on Roads/

    Its a British road then,
    if you drove on the LEFT,
    you would not verge into another sim by accident would you?

    See its all easy when explained.

    Prof Lukas

  8. Prof. Archie Lukas

    Jul 9th, 2009

    Went to Zindra

    Its all ocean,

    bugger all else,

    except so much lag I crossed a sim whilst walking 5 steps.

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