Lusty Millions — Post 6 Grrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 21/07/09 at 7:35 am

[It is an honor to introduce to you what I hope will be an occasional and popular treat for Post 6- the "where are they now" feature. Lusty Millions, a Post 6 Alum from 2005, contacted me with the idea of posing again and I jumped at the chance to work with a Post 6 Model from the early days of Second Life. You can read Lusty's original Post 6, with pictures by Marilyn Murphy, from April 2005 by clicking here.]

Lusty Millions_final1revised

Hello, My name is Lusty Millions.

I have been Playing SL since Dec 2004 and I never regretted one day of it and as you can see, after all these years, I'm still here.  I left the game for a while to play WoW but like always, I came back to SL. Actually never left, I always checked in off and on. I  missed my sl family to much, so here I am back, playing what I love to play- SL.

I have met soo many good people through out the years. Some I am very close to. Actually, one man has been with me since I posed back in the  Second Life Herald in 2005, and here I am again. I enjoyed posing last time, and figured I would do it again. :)

Lusty Millions_final2

One thing I love about SL is you can do and be whatever you want. Im'm  also a clothing designer which I will take up again shortly. They say it's like riding a bike, you don't forget ..NOT !.. I forgot, lol so I'm learning again but shouldn't  be long and I'll have new stuff out in my stores :)

Lusty Millions_Final3
I enjoy exploring all the places SL has to explore. My fav is mouse world- i have been to Disneyland over 1000 times and I do say they did a wonderful  job creating that place. The thing I love doing most is shopping and shopping and more shopping. I think I find myself buying hair a lot and the reason for that I think is because in real life you can't change your hair or color it or cut it everday like you can in SL!

I would like to say Hi and send my love to all my SL friends and family for making my SL a Great  experience and I would like to say thank you to the Second Life Herald. I am extremely honored to be here. It was a lot of fun :)


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  1. oh dear

    Jul 21st, 2009

    When were you lobotomised?

    “I enjoy exploring all the places SL has to explore. My fav is mouse world- i have been to Disneyland over 1000 times and I do say they did a wonderful job creating that place. The thing I love doing most is shopping and shopping and more shopping. I think I find myself buying hair a lot and the reason for that I think is because in real life you can’t change your hair or color it or cut it everday like you can in SL!”

  2. ~~~

    Jul 21st, 2009

    Absolutely hot! hot! hot! Photo. Lusty looks to be an exciting Post 6 model in 2005, and still in 2009. I hope to see much more from her in the future.

  3. Mary Elizabeth

    Jul 21st, 2009

    Something is wrong with her shape. The breasts are large but in proportion. It’s the hips and waist that are wrong.

  4. marilyn murphy

    Jul 21st, 2009

    @ oh dear:

    it’s, “lobotomized”, and when did you have yours done?

  5. Alexander

    Jul 21st, 2009

    There’s no accounting for taste people, age does not a gorgeous avatar make!

  6. oh dear

    Jul 22nd, 2009


    It’s an alternative spelling, lmao you fool.

    ‘z’ and ‘s’ are interchangeable in many words.

  7. Edna Bucket

    Jul 22nd, 2009

    @marilyn murphy

    Actually both “lobotomized” and “lobotomised” are correct.

  8. A Nony Mouse

    Jul 22nd, 2009

    For someone who’s been in SL since 2004, you’d think she would have done something about her t-rex arms by now.

  9. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jul 22nd, 2009


    My name is Scylla, and I am just DESPERATE to become a Post 6 Grrrl! I’ve paid a LOT of attention to these posts, and I am pretty sure I have all the qualities that your readers want from a girl!

    First, I LOVE being drooled over and objectified by men! Nothing makes me feel hotter than being viewed as a sort of walking-talking bundle of holes and openings just MADE to pleasure men! But, hey! I don’t want you to think that I just pay attention to the tightness of my cute little butt! You can be sure that my breasts (oooooooh! can I use that word here? ;-) ) are impossibly large and completely free of any of that NASTY saggy thing! No gravity at work here!

    I work VERY hard to make myself YOUR wet dream, and I’m pretty proud of my accomplishments! I think of my body as a sort of piece of performance art. And I DO love to perform *tee hee hee*!! I want to be your COMPLETE fantasy! That’s because pretty much all of my self-esteem comes from the wolf whistles I get when I shake my shapely little ass!

    I love meeting and talking to people, especially appreciative men LOL!! You know, like when a guy says “U R HOT!!,” and I say “thx!!!” Hahahah!

    I adore shopping. The CEOs of almost ALL of my favourite clothing companies say that it is my patriotic duty to buy buy buy! And ’cause I’m such a PATRIOT, I do, especially here in SL! Thank GOD we all live in a world where it is a VIRTUE to be a mindless consumer!!!

    I design clothes too: the skimpier the better! That’s really cause I am an envronm … enviramen … um … eco friendly person! So I do MY bit to save the Earth by keeping pixel usage in my designs to a minimum, and encouraging my clients to wear their new clothes at least TWICE before losing them forever in their inventories, and buying something new!

    I don’t care much for politics … it takes time away from butt-wiggling and shopping LMAO! But I DO consider myself a feminist, because I REALLY value the FREEDOM it has given me to be a laminated and sand-blasted toy for men, and blow to hell 50 years worth of work changing negative stereotypes about women :-) ! Gosh, isn’t Feminism FUN!!!

    So, um. Do I get the gig? Huh? Hmmmm? :-) )))

    (BTW, aren’t there too many “r”s in “Grrrl” . . . ?
    /me counts on her fingers . . .)

  10. We

    Jul 22nd, 2009

    ^ ^ ^ ^
    now that is some funny sh!t right there

  11. Trundler

    Jul 22nd, 2009

    Ignore the trolls, Lusty, I think you look smokin’ hot and I’d do you all night long. Great bod, great pictures. MMmmm.

  12. oh dear

    Jul 22nd, 2009


    You would ‘do’ her ‘all night long’? Where would you put your penis? Into your DVD drive, or maybe a USB port?

  13. Trundler

    Jul 22nd, 2009

    @ Oh Dear

    Didn’t you give up second life for some fabulous first life crap you were bragging about? Why don’t you go be fantastic somewhere else. No one here likes you.

  14. We

    Jul 22nd, 2009

    ^ ^ ^ ^
    Now that’s some funny shit right there!

    Not b/c it’s attacking ‘oh dear’ but b/c you are butthurt beyond recognition! LMAOROFL
    Your immersive cartoon lifestyle is being threatened, even on a blog site like this one. you pathetic worthless piece of excrement no one cares about oh dear people just like to hear you
    thoughtful retort on matters of importance, ya kno, topics of debate that are relevant is admirable. your bawwwww is immediate proof of your obsessive compulsive behaviour to be a cartoon flounding sod off of a bitch with no significant importance, not even to yourself. spot on and solid right there!

  15. Buttercup

    Jul 22nd, 2009

    Lusty is smoking HOT as always WTG Momma:))

  16. mike

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    you are extremely honored…to pose naked basically?? >_> okayyyyy. why are ho’s and sluts the only types of girls on sl anymore? where are the decent down-to-earth girls these days? I really don’t understand these post 6 grrrl posts at all. any female avatar can become smoking hot and sexy within minutes by choosing some nice skin, hair, and clothes. everyone looks pretty much perfect in sl too, soooooo….yeahhhh.

  17. Cactus Terwilliger

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    Hey We,

    In a couple of years, when you’re old enough for high school, I recommend that you give up the internet for a while and read some books. Your sentences don’t make any sense, even after translating the lame 4chan speak. Not that I really give a shit, but your idiocy will be just a further drain on the dole, and Britain is in enough trouble without having to support your dumb ass also. Seriously, you’re a fucking retard. No one here is “butthurt” we’re all just tired of illiterate mouth breathing basement dwelling fucksticks like you wanking with one hand and typing hateful, stupid things with the other.

    Sorry you have to deal with these losers Lusty, keep smiling.

  18. Edna Bucket

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    Mike said – “I really don’t understand these post 6 grrrl posts at all. any female avatar can become smoking hot and sexy within minutes by choosing some nice skin, hair, and clothes. everyone looks pretty much perfect in sl too, soooooo….yeahhhh.”

    True. Anyone can with time, money and effort, create a stunningly good looking avatar. But whether the person behind the avatar is interesting is entirely another question and what makes a Post 6 Grrrl worth including is whether they themselves are interesting or whether they have something interesting to bring to the table. Sadly, some actually are of the “teehee I shop for shoes and wiggle my butt” variety. This particular Post 6 was interesting in a “where are they now” kind of way but otherwise, pretty empty of value or interest.

    Nice idea to do something of a “where are they now” article Timothy but in this case, it seems that Lusty is exactly where she was four years ago. Why not instead round up a bunch of the early Post 6 models and do a single one-off piece about where they all are now? That way there can be no complaints about people getting two bites at the cherry like Lusty here asking for a second article about herself (seriously wtf?) and it would actually be an interesting little piece to pursue.

  19. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    Well . . . here, in the responses of Trundler and mike, we see the epitome of just about everything that is most repellent and wrong about the effects of this kind of soft porn.

    Trundler: You display absolutely no interest whatsoever in Lusty as a person: she is a blow-up doll to you, a kind of fantasy sperm repository. More ridiculously still, she is a cartoon blow-up doll. Congratulations: you are the poster boy for the moronic “a woman is only as good as her body” school-of-thought. Do you think of REAL women in this way too? All evidence would suggest that you do . . .

    mike: Your response is a bit more complicated, but still highly problematic. This division of women into “hos” and “sluts” on the one hand, and “decent down-to-earth girls” on the other reduces Lusty, no less than Trundler’s idiotic leering attitude, to her sexuality.

    How often Lusty has sex and with whom is entirely her own business, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with how “nice” she is. I suspect a double standard here – do MEN become “sluts” if THEY are promiscuous? Even if you are not implying a double standard, you are still suggesting that Lusty’s only real “value” resides in how she employs her (pixelated) body. The notion that she should “save herself” for that “special man” reinforces the notion that it is not really HER body (or cartoon, for that matter) at all, but rather something merely being kept “in trust” for a future male lover/husband.

    Lusty: I don’t mean to sound harsh, but posing here is roughly the equivalent of a black man performing in a minstrel show: you are actively choosing to participate in a process that is not merely belittling YOU, but reinforcing sexist stereotypes about ALL women. You have the “right” to do so, but I DO wish you would reflect a bit more deeply on the implications.

    Neither Trundler or mike sees you, in either RL or SL, as anything more than a body to be used by men sexually. Is this REALLY how you want to be viewed? Is this REALLY all you have to offer as a person? What’s more, the attitudes that you are reinforcing – that women are sex toys of value merely as penis receptacles – contribute directly, in RL, to the devaluation of women’s intelligence, abilities, and worth. By extension, it contributes to the attitudes that lead to rape and other forms of violent abuse.

    Herald: How about giving us, in place of these mindless displays of naked cartoons intended for ogling and jacking off, a few profiles of some of the TRULY impressive women in SL? Of someone, perhaps, whose accomplishments extend beyond knowing how to use the sliders in Appearance mode, or where to buy the best hair? SL has women who have achievements are really impressive, in the realms of social activism, charity work, art, and entrepreneurship. How about an article or two focussing on women’s brains and hearts, instead of their boobs? I’d be delighted to suggest a few names.

  20. Carmen

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    I think the Avatar looks nice but have to agree the write up lacked any interest at all. Maybe some more fashion shots a little less flesh might make people more happy? More guys definitely.

    I must say though that i think people do take it all just a little too seriously! After all i don’t remember the film Rodger Rabbit being banned because Jessica was causing women to be valued as sex toys!

    You are all realy very sad and more than a little disturbing in the way you first attack the model and then each other over something that frankly is just fun!

    Lighten up people its a cartoon its not RL and the vast majority of people can seperate the difference.

    Feel free to rip into my post it will confirm what i said above.

  21. Senban Babii

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    Scylla said – “Lusty: I don’t mean to sound harsh, but posing here is roughly the equivalent of a black man performing in a minstrel show: you are actively choosing to participate in a process that is not merely belittling YOU, but reinforcing sexist stereotypes about ALL women. You have the “right” to do so, but I DO wish you would reflect a bit more deeply on the implications.”

    Scylla, I do know where you’re coming from and to a degree I agree (I guess). But then I myself was a recent Post 6 model ( and I certainly didn’t see my pose as “the equivalent of a black man performing in a minstrel show”. Some of the models, yes, they do reinforce a certain stereotype but don’t paint us all with the same brush. I mean, would you class my article in that way or for that matter, me?

    IMHO Post 6 Grrrls, Guys, Furries, White Clouds and even Post 6 Plywood boxes should be people who have spent time creating excellent avatars and who have ALSO got something else of value to bring to the table such as an interesting viewpoint, an interesting background, an interesting experience, just SOMETHING that makes them stand out in some way IN ADDITION to having a good looking avatar. With all due respect to Lusty, she may be a lovely person and her avatar has certain charms but she had one chance at the Post 6 slot and four years later demanded a second try at it simply to tell us that she’s doing exactly the same things now as she was four years earlier.

  22. oh dear

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    “Lighten up people its a cartoon its not RL and the vast majority of people can seperate the difference.”

    The reason I post here is because the vast majority of people in SL cannot tell the difference.

  23. marilyn murphy

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    being aware of the amount and variety of sexual extremes practiced in sl, i always considered post sixx about at the level of baywatch. no pixels are harmed during the photography.
    a lot of women have this sort of low level fantasy about being in a magazine or photo spread of this nature. its not deviant or stupid. its just there. its certainly no more bizarre or stupid than the people who buy the magazines or view the photos and find them appealing.
    its a bit over the top to find some social importance in all this.
    i am a sexual being as are others that i know. its ok. and its ok for you to be sexual also. relax.
    and concerning how interesting lusty is. i have met and been with lusty for a while. she is very nice and unassuming and friendly. i enjoyed talking with her and found her to be very pleasant.
    im not sure why she has to have invented a cure for cancer or made some fabulous something in second life in order to be a post sixx girl. being a good person is enough for me.

  24. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    Hey Carmen. Just a quick response, which I hope you DON’T see as my “ripping into” you, because that is certainly not my intention.

    I think it is interesting, and not inappropriate, to bring up Roger Rabbit. One of the important differences between that movie and the Post 6 Grrrls is that the movie actually has things to say; it’s really a pretty clever and intelligent movie. And, in particular, Jessica in that film is used as a kind of deliberate satire on or parody of “cartoon sexiness.” It is Jessica, after all, who denies that she is “bad”: she’s just “drawn that way.” So she is self-conscious of her own status as a “naughty cartoon” in a way that I am afraid Lusty isn’t.

    I have no objections whatsoever to nudity, in SL, in the Herald, or in RL for that matter. The issue is with how that nudity is used. Is it artistic? Does it produce meaning? What are those meanings?

    Where my objections arise is when the ONLY “meaning” that it produces is that women are or should be air-brushed plastic sex toys for men. Which is, I am afraid, very much what these posts are about.

  25. @

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    I have been following the various posts on my latest picture in the Herald and although they are quite different from the ones in 2005 I have learned a few new things and I appreciate the useful inputs. SL is ever changing and the new will have new views and the older of us may change our views. It’s exciting to see how many post negative and positive have been stimulated this go around. As I said I will be taking comments that I ca improve on and do the necessary workouts to continually improve and I look forward to my next opportunity to share my gains/losses through the pages of the Herald. Take care and keep the comments coming…no on gains in life without the inputs of family, friends and yes even the unknown others. Take care, thank you and enjoy your SL.

    Lusty Millions

  26. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    Graciously said, Lusty.

  27. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jul 23rd, 2009

    No, Senban, I would not classify your own Post 6 Grrrls article in the way I have Lusty’s. Your avatar is interesting and unusual, and your comments are literate and thoughtful.

    You may be right, in one sense, about painting with too broad a brush. That said, much of my main criticism here is directed at the Post 6 Grrrls feature itself. Not merely because it is (apparently) restricted to women only, nor even because it features nudity (I’m no prude, I assure you), but simply because, however valid individual articles might be, the overall intent of the Post 6 Grrrl is clear: it caters, quite consciously and deliberately, to the Trundlers of this world, and in so doing really DOES do a disservice to women by merely reinforcing their outmoded and harmful preconceptions.

    I think that, with some reforms, this feature COULD be interesting and worthwhile. Must it ALWAYS be women? To focus only upon women implicitly suggests that they should be “seen” differently (and, given the context, as inferior to) men.

    Must EVERY article feature such blatantly sexualized nudity? The appearance of the naked shots at the conclusion of each article reinforces the notion that this is kind of a strip tease, with the “prize” for those men who read to the end.

    Most importantly, however, those chosen to appear should have SOMETHING to say. A beautiful and articulate naked woman is one thing; a beautiful and naked airhead communicates quite a different message.

    I hope these qualifications make my position a bit clearer.

  28. Senban Babii

    Jul 24th, 2009

    Scylla I actually agree with you more than I disagree with you, it has to be said.

    But while the majority of Post 6 models are in fact Post 6 Grrrls, there *have* been Post 6 Guys, Post 6 Griefers, Post 6 Furries, Post 6 Robots and so on. The balance does seem inclined towards the Grrrls though, it’s true.

    A good Post 6 model should have an avatar that is nice to look at; that’s a given at the end of the day because that’s partly what Post 6 is about. But beyond that a Post 6 model needs to be far more than an air-headed bimbo that giggles and wiggles. When the Herald publishes such empty and valueless Post 6 articles as Lusty’s (and I honestly mean no disrespect to Lusty I promise) then yes, your argument sadly holds water.

    Timothy is a good photographer in my opinion and a great guy who is working hard at doing a creative job of his Post 6 role (“Where are they now” articles, Post 6 parties etc) and I honestly think he can change Post 6 into something that has a bit more meaning while retaining an edge of titillation which in itself is part of the charm of Post 6.

    Post 6 needs to be less about reinforcing the “women == fuck toy” image and more about highlighting beautiful and interesting avatars of *all* types whilst just keeping a subtle edge of titillation.

  29. oh dear

    Jul 24th, 2009

    Most of you are all still pathetic.,28804,1638344_1638341_1633628,00.html < ------Marilyn, Lusty, and the rest of you that post in every thread, every day, without fail.

    ...finally, in all seriousness people.....go here:

  30. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jul 24th, 2009

    Senban, I’ll take your word for it that Timothy IS trying to take this feature in new and more intelligent directions . . . and trust that he has been reading this exchange. And, I’ll keep a hopeful eye on this space in the future.

    oh dear, it is precisely because the relationship between SL and RL is so complicated and slippery that issues like this become important. Do you really think that even someone who is very conscious of the divide between RL and SL does not carry the impact of the experiences of the latter into RL? Are we similarly unaffected by what we read, and what we watch at the movies or on TV? Are companies that spend billions of dollars on advertising foolish, expecting that we will be influenced by the “unreal” images and information that they offer us?

    SL may not be “real life,” but it’s still very much a part of our experience.

  31. oh dear

    Jul 24th, 2009


    Most of the people here would have much healthier lives (emotionally and physically) if they backed off from SL; why is this such a hard concept to accept? Marilyn and Lusty seem to be particularly caught up in it all.

  32. Carmen

    Jul 24th, 2009


    Thankyou for the response and also your responses to others. I maintain though that only a very small majority would realy be excited by such nudity and its just fun, though i grant you that some men do see women as sex objects i don’t know of any myself in rl or sl.
    I have to say that i also dont feel that nudity is realy required for a good picture. Im keen on sl photography both avatars and nice sim’s and enjoy posting them for others to enjoy. The only nude ones i have are a fairy theme and my friends love them. Others are all fully dressed. The point i make and agree with you on is does post 6 have to be fully nude to be fun? I actually look at the picture quality, scene, pose etc before i look at the av. I would love to do post 6 but im 1) not interesting and 2) not into nudity for nudity sakes.

  33. Honest Girl

    Jul 24th, 2009

    Whats the point in making negative comments?

    To attack? Belittle? Try to change the world for all mankind? Or maybe to make yourself feel better?

    Get the point people this was just a “where are they now” kind of post. Sure she needs to “fix” her avie a bit but as long as she likes it then who cares?

    The problem I have with Models and Fashion things of SL is that its all geared to the wanna be barbie. I have seen MANY shorter avies walking around that are put together better then tall ones. Maybe someone should start a thing for the “Real Ones” of SL. The ones that don’t want to be a barbie but rather just normal looking and not so normal looking (Tech, Goth or Furry).

  34. Senban Babii

    Jul 25th, 2009

    @Honest Girl

    “The problem I have with Models and Fashion things of SL is that its all geared to the wanna be barbie.”

    The internet and especially Second Life is the ultimate consumer democracy. Create your own world (Hey, that would make a great slogan for one of those virtual world things I keep reading about!)

    Create your own outlet for your expression and create your own world the way you’d like it to be. Set up your own blog to highlight the less “Barbie” avatars and show people what can be done. Set the example for others to follow if they see value in it.

    Create your own shops selling creations that you’d see every day walking down the street rather than club/fetish fashions. If people find value in it then they will follow.


    Just a small point but I should add that although I’ve spoken to Timothy and think he’s a really great guy who is working hard to make Post 6 something of value, my comments in an earlier post should be taken as “I think” rather than “I know”. I’d hate to think I was seen as putting words in Timothy’s mouth :)

  35. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jul 25th, 2009

    oh dear, I certainly agree that there are those in SL who do get “lost” in it, and live vicariously through their avatars. But I have no idea, based on the little evidence we have here, whether that applies to Lusty or Marilyn. Nor, I think, do you.

    Carmen, I think you are wonderfully fortunate if you have NOT run across many men who do not view women as sex objects. In SL and RL, I can pretty quickly ascertain whether a man thinks that way, and I don’t associate with them very long if they do, but in SL certainly, where anonymity makes it easier to be sexually aggressive, I probably can’t get through an average week without SOME man (most usually a noob; those who’ve been around longer are a bit more subtle) hitting me up with some variation on “I want to find the the sexy …” It’s a pretty minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but it can often come close to a mild form of harassment, and it is, in any case, rather indicative of the fact that, though they ARE a dying breed, such still very much exist.

    I’ve never really got cartoon sex and nudity. I find prim penises entirely unappealing in appearance, for example. Mostly, I find the whole thing pretty silly, although I probably shouldn’t: I like dancing, for instance, which isn’t THAT much different in principle.

    That said, its easy to argue that “cartoon” nudity and sex aren’t very “serious,” until you remember the enormous popularity of things like hentai, lolicon, and shotacon. Most of the really horrendous rape play games commercially available use animations: “RapeLay,” a game recently targeted by Equality Now, uses “cartoon” sex and violence to allow players to rape a 12 year old girl and her family, with the idea that if you do it “enough,” they will come to “like it.” You can read about this here:

    So, as silly as cartoon nudity and sex most usually seem in SL (and SL has more than its fair share of “rape play” or “snuff” sims too), there is a continuum here, which ranges from the admittedly VERY mild soft porn in Post 6, to some really disturbing stuff.

    Honest Girl, you bring up an interesting point about SL and body image, which is a whole OTHER topic of conversation, but very pertinent to Post 6. I agree: I would really really like to see someone featured here whose avi DOESN’T reinforce the impossible and mostly sexist standards for the female body that we still seem to apply in RL.

  36. JustMe

    Jul 27th, 2009

    Scylla Rhiadra ….. you have a good idea about the Herald featuring people who actually make a difference or do something constructive in SL.

    Perhaps a new category,not Post 6, could be created to feature those people. I’m talking about the people who raise money for AIDS research and cancer research, the people who create meditation centers and churches, the people who create builds that can be viewed as works of art, the people who hold poetry readings, art shows, etc. Also, there are performers who share their voices and musical ability with us in their live performances. I’m sure there are other categories as well, these just come to mind off the top of my head.

    And I also have some names of people who I could recommend.

  37. Honest Girl

    Jul 29th, 2009

    @ Senban

    I have thought about it. I think its about to time to see the “normal ones” no matter how twisted or small sized they be.

    I just don’t agree with the whole Barbie out look SL has taken over the years. Where people say “If you don’t look like this then you are ugly” In what world does everyone look the same? If SL is supposed to be like RL “So many state” then show the beauty in the NONE barbie wanna be’s also.

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