Basement Dwellers of WoW — Lives and Loves On Film!

by Alphaville Herald on 07/08/09 at 7:59 am

Second Skin documentary online through August 13

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

WoW basement dwellers Raids, addiction, online love, and real life meet-ups of WoW players are featured in Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza’s award winning 1998 2008 documentary “Second Skin” – now screening online through August 13th via the distribution network.

While much of the content covers familiar ground for those immersed in online culture, Second Skin is a good introduction to the highs and lows of MMO’s impact on players’ lives for those outside the culture.

As for SLebrity sightings, the real life typist for Herald editor Walker Spaight makes a brief cameo appearance, fashionably attired in an EVE Online t-shirt. Stanford researcher Nick Yee and our friend Tony Walsh are also featured. Unfortunately, there is more than enough pontificating from Ed Castronova – but the film’s main focus is the player experience and how their real and virtual lives interact.

WoW2 The coverage of several players' marathon WoW session is priceless, as the competitive rush to level up faster than everyone else drives non-stop sleep-deprived gaming over several days creating in a sordid scene in the basement.

Of course, this sort of thing never happens in Second Life – or does it?

Second Life residents may be a bit disappointed thatWoW players are the main focus for the film, although awheelchair bound Second Life resident does appear late in the film.

Thosewilling to endure the Tide and Charmin ads inserted into the videostream can view the 1998 2008 documentary for free for the next week.

you mean I'm going to help sell toilet paper and laundry detergent?

[video after the jump]

After watching the 95 minute feature, I have been completely indoctrinated into the Tide, Downy, and Charmin cult – but free media always comes at price. In a week you'll be able to buy a DVD copy of Second Skin and skip the ads.

On the other hand, if ad-supported video streams take off, will there be a Tivo for streaming video?

3 Responses to “Basement Dwellers of WoW — Lives and Loves On Film!”

  1. Obvious Schism

    Aug 7th, 2009

    Another quality Herald report full of verified facts:

    From the Herald: “Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza’s award winning 1998 documentary”

    From “In March 2008, Second Skin premiered opening night of SXSW”

    From the Herald: “Those willing to endure the Tide and Charmin ads inserted into the video stream can view the 1998 documentary for free for the next week.”

    From “Second Skin was also voted the #4 Documentary of 2008 by internet juggernaut Ain’t It Cool News”

  2. Urizenus Sklar

    Aug 7th, 2009

    I saw this at SXSW at it’s 2008 premier. Very good doc. I recommend it highly. I also met some of the WOW peeps in the doc, and they seemed chill.

  3. Archie Lukas

    Aug 14th, 2009

    “Warning, Warning Will Robinson – loser alert is iminent”

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