Chipmunk Warns Against Second Furry-Troll YouTube War

by Alphaville Herald on 17/08/09 at 8:09 am

Time is better spent on Second Life, fur affinity account

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Tamias the Chipmunk – a war weary veteran of troll/furry conflict on YouTube – issued a new video warning against a second furry war in the user-generated content battleground that is YouTube.

Although Tamias feels that repeating pro- and anti-furry arguments serves little purpose, he is concerned that the trolls he refers to as "stupid pinhead morons" may continue a program of flagging, vote-botting, and issuing false DMCA take down requests against furry videos.

Tamias goes on to say that furrys should prepare themselves with DMCA counter claims and mirrored content to protect against successful account suspension efforts against high profile furry advocates. The outspoken YouTube video warrior details DMCA takedown tactics in this video

Many of the Tamias the Chipmunk's warning were echoed by rebel wolf Wolfee Darkfang who points out that in e-wars, "the harder you fight, the dumber you look" because "trolls say the same stuff like a brain damaged parrot".

For those unfamiliar with votebotting attacks, Darkfang offers this shocking video of votebotting atrocities.

The stakes are high in the YouTube furry wars for the hearts and minds of Second Life players. Vikivaki is a case in point – the reformed fur is now getting in touch with her inner troll after switching sides. Her change of heart came after some serious internet research – primarily on YouTube – led to the realization that the true furry fandom and fursuiters are not for her.

Athough Vikivaki has cast her lot with the trolls, she does still really love her super-cute kitty avatar in Second Life. But if cute kitty avatars could disguise a latent troll, who can the furs really trust?

The conflict is put in perspective with this video that shows the impact of the furry war on society at large:

41 Responses to “Chipmunk Warns Against Second Furry-Troll YouTube War”

  1. Steam Bunjie

    Aug 17th, 2009

    Listen to what he says, true or not its not worth another war.

    Just get on with your furry stuff and don’t get sucked in.

  2. MachineCode

    Aug 17th, 2009

    Disregard everything and watch:

    This video will have no effect, however, because furries ruin everything.

  3. FrizzleFry101

    Aug 17th, 2009

    This is basically all about wolfeedarkfang aka Yiffy Yaffle in SL, he’s the purple wolf thing, the chipmunk mostly just acts like his press secretary and is mostly irrelevant, they want to be furry leaders and they go stir up trolls all day to be famous, at least among trolls if not other furries.

    PN’s kept an eye on this since the guys whole “troll saga” started when he wanted PN to help him get back at some furry, this furry broke up with him or something, back in 2007, Watermill Barbosa leaked the irc logs of him to secondlife which got him banlinked and thus began his troll war.

    Last time I checked he got disowned by furaffinity (trollaffinity as he called it) for being dramatic and trying to challenge trolls all day, declaring beastiality-hating furries intolerant traitors and starting “hacking sites” where he and some others planned to plant child pornography on troll computers.

    As far as youtube goes it’s just trolling as usual, the guy was notorious for fake dmca’s under a fake corporate name wolfeedarkfang inc and so some troll dmca’d him and his circle of friends to be ironic, and he declared it an attack on all furries.

    I’d say stop whining and grow a thicker skin, don’t spend 2 or more years yelling at trolls to become famous if you can’t handle the result, but he’s just doing it for attention so whatever let him dig himself deeper.

  4. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Aug 17th, 2009

    If he doesn’t want another youtube furry war, why the fuck is he making a video reply?
    Either he is completely stupid, or he is simply a troll himself trying to start shit up again.

    As for Vikivaki: I can’t stop thinking of this one time, at band camp.

  5. durf

    Aug 17th, 2009

    Not SL-related.

  6. Achalel

    Aug 17th, 2009

    These trolls should stop trying and stop picking on the furry fandom

  7. Primal Weyland

    Aug 17th, 2009

    OK. About every month or so I get something in my ass that makes me just pissed off as hell, and it makes me just wanna go rape the closes cute and cuddly forest animal I can find. USUALLY, it’s over something small and pretty insignificant, like how I misplaced my Kit Fox or some idiot popping up on MSN to annoy me.

    However, this time it’s gotten to a deep nerve, and if I don’t get this one out, then I’m gonna really explode in my pants… and not in the way I want.

    But good God, Primal, what are you bitching about now? What have you got to be pissed off about? You’ve got months off of university and you’re going to America to get shagged! Things are about as peachy as they can be for you! Yeah, fucking right they are, and I’ll tell you why.

    I’m cruising MSN, being my good, happy, faggotty self, browsing FurAffinity and wondering exactly how it’s possible for one person to have favourited almost every single male yiff picture there is on there, when I get an Add request pop up for me in MSN. And, I’m a cheerful fur, and I like to meet new people, so I add this guy. He starts talking about how he saw me in Rainbow Tiger on Second Life, and that’s all cool. How he got my email address from Second Life, I don;t know, and in hindsight, this alone should have made me wary. But, we talk for a little bit, and he offers to show me his character.

    Well, sure. Why not, I’m a friendly fur, I like to see other furs and get to know them. So, he posts a link to PhotoBucket, and I open it.

    Next thing I know, my screen’s filled with a pretty disturbing and sickening picture of a severed wolf’s head in a toilet. So, I calmly close the window and ask him what the hell this is supposed to be. To which he replies “yiff in hell, furfag! Long live Patriotc Nigras!”. The guy gets an instant block, and I’m on the line to Nexis, about to feed this asshole his teeth.

    So, yes, I got burned by a fur-hater. Whoopdie-do, you might think, but this has happened to me far too often and I’m sick of being nice about it.

    What is it with people that feel a need to bash the furry fandom? I’d seriously like someone to explain this to me, because the logic of the situation escapes me. There’s nothing big or special about it, and it’s very insulting and degrading.

    I’m not bashing non-furs here at all. I’m seriously not – MOST of the non-fur world is OK. But when you get some asshole walking up to me and screaming ‘you’re disgusting, you fuck animals’, you have to wonder what the entire point is. And it’s all through either an inability or refusal to cope with different interests. The misconception lies herein:

    We, as a fandom, create anthropomorphic representations of ourselves. That’s not too hard to understand, is it? It’s exactly the same as someone making an avatar for themselves in WoW, or Second Life, or The Sims, or any other game that allows you to create a representation of yourself. The only difference here is that we, as furries, represent ourselves as animals with human characteristics. You can be a wolf, a fox, big cat, dragon, unicorn, orca, spider.. hell. Absolutely anything. No discredit to Feesh, but I even know some tentacle monsters.

    And you know what? It’s all cool. It’s just a way of representing yourself. So, there’s no need to bash someone for being a fur just because they happen to express themselves as an animal, because we could just as easily turn around and slap you silly for wandering around with a generic trucker-capped redneck avatar. Variety is the spice of life.

    But this isn’t just about representing yourself as an aminal. You see, furs, rightly or wrongly, enjoy the thought of their avatars having sex. Yeah, that’s right, furs have sex, and it turns us on imagining our anthro personal giving/getting a nice cramming.

    So, what’s so bad about this, I ask? You people bashing us furs would just as soon hop up and laugh/jerk off if your beersoaked rednecked avatar got it on with some anime chick, right? We’re fantasy characters, living in a FANTASY world. You non-furs can sit there all night and spooge off to as much anime porn as you want, but as soon as someone admits that they’d much rather think of a fox getting knotted by a wolf, you’ll alert the interwebs and cause the biggest shit-kick in history!

    It’s a DIFFERENCE IN INTEREST. And before I go ANY further: the next non-fur to pop in here and wail ‘well, you furs always shove it in our faces and rub our noses in it’, I am going to brand ‘fur-fag’ on his (or indeed HER) forehead with a branding iron.

    We furs didn’t seem to be having any problem with you guys until you popped up and started shoving our faces in the dirt! We were quite happy o go about or happy, merry little lives not bothering anyone, until you fur-haters made OUR lives a problem. And now, you’re all sitting there, whining because furries are taking action against you?

    Get a fucking grip, people! You created this problem! Furs only make life a little more miserable for you ignorant fucks because YOU PROVOKED US. You’re all gonna sit there and bash furries for being intolerant of everyone else? you made us this way! The only REASON we’re so withdrawn about the fandom and unpleasant to you guys is because that’s how you moulded us. We’d have all been happy and co-operative, but you guys had to go stuffing your noses in it.

    Prime example is the guy who flamed me on MSN. His details are going on Pounced, the MUCK tapestries… god. I don’t even know where to begin, but the account he was using isn’t long for this world, because as soon as this gets around, he’ll have one hell of a time trying to salvage what’s left of his burning, smouldering handle.

    So, what does it boil down to? What does all of this mess actually stem from?

    I’ll tell you. You’ve got rude and intolerant assholes who can’t seem to stand the idea of people slapping their meat (or indeed, greasing their gash) at the thought of two anthropomorphic characters getting it on.

    And you know what? Sod off. Just because I’m thinking of Falstaff or Nekogami when I paw off instead of Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom, doesn’t give you the right to be a complete and total prick about it! And that’s not even the worst part of it!

    Some people even have the rocks to pop up and say ‘well, you only get it because you shove the fandom in our faces’. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? I have yet to meet a fur who will take a yiffy picture and MAKE SURE that fur-haters get a hold of it. You have to WORK to find our pictures! You can’t stumble across them, and if you DO, then turn around and walk away! Don’t sit there and stare at it, slwoly getting madder and madder, because it’s YOUR FAULT! Nobody is forcing you to look at our artwork, and if the only way for you pinheads to get off is to sit there and look at the stuff you hate, then you’re even sadder than you claim us to be! This isn’t some kind of masochism, and Internet Explorer is not so hard to work. If you don’t like it, click the ‘X’ button and walk away. DON’T sit there hating every minute of what you see, because we know you’re either secretly enjoying it or just looking for someone to have flame at!

    If it’s the first, then do yourself and us a favour by just coming out of the closet. It’s OK to be a fur, and it’s really quite fun once you get into it. Nobody will bash you for it apart from people like you who have to sit there hating stuff for no good reason.

    And if you’re looking for someone to flame at then it’s OK. Because most of the fandom is a good deal more Internet-savvy than you, and we know what we’re doing. The moent we get some ignorant prick jumping on our backs because he or she can’t tolerate our preferences, then we tear these assholes a new face.

    So, I guess all I’m really saying is this: drop the furry hate. We didn’t do anything to provoke this, and if the only way for you to drop your nut is by insulting and flaming innocent individuals, then that’s fine. BECAUSE I CAN FLAME BACK JUST AS HARD, BITCH!

    Psycho’s gonna kill me for ripping this next bit, but what the hell, I think it’ll be fun:

    This is Primal, the FURRY Prowler, and that’s all I have to say about that, for now, I think…

  8. We

    Aug 17th, 2009

    Pix, your composition piece above shows signs of personal wear and tear. Didn’t you slow down enuff to proof your own sh!t?
    Change in the ole “medication regimen” perhaps?

    massive FAIL.

  9. anon

    Aug 17th, 2009

    ahahaha holy shit if you can get some furfag to write a hundred paragraph essay complaining about how he is being “flamed” on the internet you have done your work well guys

  10. MachineCode

    Aug 17th, 2009

    Oh man, how many examples I wish I could cite. Lost to the tides of forum deletion are many threads about how furries are cool and we should join. “They’re really quite fun once you get to know them.” I’m sure that works wonderfully for a flaming retard such as yourself. I don’t care if someone is gay/furry/tentacle-monster as long as they don’t use unwieldy sexual reference in conversation, like ‘pawing off’ and the slew of words with fur jammed into them in any possible way. It launches my brain into “there’s a dumbfuck annihilating the english language!” mode.

    It’s that all the avatars are so obviously intended by their artist to be exaggeratedly sexy. When you see that, you know it can’t possibly mean anything except that the person wearing their commission as a badge of some kind of misplaced pride is trawling for cybersex. Maybe you really aren’t into it for that exclusively, but it is the basis of your entire online presence. Everywhere you go, you exude faggotry and people want you to go away. You and your friends refuse, of course, because you argue that we don’t have to like it, but we have to deal with it.


    If you want to know why trolls trolled their first furry, you need look no farther than your origin. You emerged, and the internet was displeased. If you had never brought your AIDS along with you when you left your dark lairs you wouldn’t have painted a target the size of Canada on your fuzzy heads.

    And I didn’t say that you force it upon people. I said you exude faggotry.

  11. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Aug 18th, 2009

    @Primal Weyland:
    tl;dr. You must be quite the butthurt faggot to write all that.

  12. anon

    Aug 18th, 2009

    “And you know what? Sod off. Just because I’m thinking of Falstaff or Nekogami when I paw off instead of Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom, doesn’t give you the right to be a complete and total prick about it!”

    someone record this in the most ridiculous dramatic voice you can and upload it somewhere

  13. LOL

    Aug 18th, 2009


    Pierce your lips shut with a barbell and do us all a favor STFU

  14. Obvious Schism

    Aug 18th, 2009

    There was a first furry/troll war?

    Like furries and trolls fighting?

    Who’d have thought…

  15. SirLordChikkinz

    Aug 18th, 2009

    Look son, the false DMCAing furqueers are complaining about false DMCAs.

  16. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Aug 18th, 2009


  17. IMHO

    Aug 20th, 2009

    As i see it,people should learn to put up or shut up,because if we furries/scalies don’t hurt anyone then people should mind their own damn business!

    Because i’m offended by the anti-furries,anti-scalies looking for a reason to be offended.

    That’s right.

    You don’t have a right to be offended!

  18. anon

    Aug 20th, 2009

    we both might be equally offended, but you’re still the dogfucker

  19. Nidol

    Aug 20th, 2009

    Primal, go back to SoaH you flaming faggot. As soon as I saw how long that paragraph was, I knew it had to be you. You’re so easy to piss off, and YOU shove “HEY I’M A GAY FURRY” all over the place, so what the hell are you talking about? You suck dog cocks and always will, and I lol’d numerous amounts when N3X15 recorded you a while back trying to “hide” from the eeeevil greefurz in Rainbow Tiger.

    How come you haven’t noticed that people attack you because of the hilarious amounts of rage induced keyboard bashing you release onto the smallest of arguments.

  20. A Random Furry

    Aug 21st, 2009

    Reciting Encyclopedia Dramatica = Instant Fail. The site explains it is a parody site for satirical humor. It is not to be taken seriously. If you do take it seriously, you need to get off the internet… There is no entry on banlink for Yiffy Yaffle. Yiffy Yaffle is actually a sim owner using the banlink system.

  21. Anonymous

    Aug 21st, 2009

    Wow you would think the PN would handle this a bit more civil. They all sound like a bunch of whiny babies “WAAA! FURRIES MAKIN DA NEWZ! BAWWW!!!!!111″. Also comment moderation is rather pointless if your just going to accept any old douche bags comments flaming and crying like I’m seeing over 9000 of here.

  22. Felinoid

    Aug 21st, 2009

    Notice most of the comments are trolls over reacting to furs while bitching about furs who over react to trolls.

  23. anon

    Aug 21st, 2009

    yo if you have to resort to complaining about how the other side cares too much you have lost. hope this helps

  24. FrizzleFry101

    Aug 21st, 2009

    @”A Random Furry”, “Anonymous”, Felinoid (aka probably all felinoid)

    Oh boy 3 comments with the same writing style and horribly warped “everyone who laughed at this is taking internet too serious” opinion that no one else, furry or not, shares, all posted within an hour.

    If I didn’t know any better I’d say the Wolfee Zoo Crew just discovered the comment section.

  25. anon

    Aug 21st, 2009

    it looks as the frizzlefry the leader of the internets largest insane crew of failures is being a bit paranoid here

  26. lulz4Kane

    Aug 22nd, 2009

    “it looks as the frizzlefry the leader of the internets largest insane crew of failures is being a bit paranoid here”


    The PN has achieved more than you can ever do yourself, also has gone though many challenges. Unless you know what what your talking about, then STFU because no one gives a shit.

  27. FrizzleFry101

    Aug 22nd, 2009

    Seems I’ve made felinoid upset.

  28. Gigs

    Aug 23rd, 2009

    Just wanted to point out that the penalty of filing a false DMCA is up to 5 years in federal prison.

  29. A Random Superhero

    Aug 23rd, 2009

    Everything PN has done was for the purpose of terrorizing the lives of other people online and offline. Nothing they achieved will even matter in a few years because only they give a shit. Any sim they crash is back online within a minute with no traces of their presence. Any person they bully gets right back up and continues doing what they always do. The rest of the world sees PN as bullies and nerds who got picked on in high school so think they can go online to pick on people they think are nerdier then thou. Even Anonymous sees them as a cancer.

  30. lulz4Kane

    Aug 24th, 2009

    >Everything PN has done was for the purpose of terrorizing the lives of other people online and offline. Nothing they achieved will even matter in a few years because only they give a shit.

    They are greifers, meaning they fuck your game for the lulz and give a crap less what happens in SL.

    >The rest of the world sees PN as bullies and nerds who got picked on in high school so think they can go online to pick on people they think are nerdier then thou. Even Anonymous sees them as a cancer.

    That is according to Chanology moralfags.

  31. FrizzleFry

    Aug 24th, 2009

    @A Random Superhero

    “if u laf at sl then u were picked on at high school u a nurd god damit stop lafing at me”

    I know you’re just scraping the bottom of the barrel out of anger but I’ll just explain it away anyways, goofing around in a game with dick guns isn’t nerdy, pretending to be the green lantern or some sort of erotic weasel is.

    Funny thing is this article wasn’t even about PN or Secondlife, not like we DMCA’d wolfee, the trolls on youtube have barely even heard of secondlife, so clearly everyone’s getting mad about what I posted right after.

    And show me this anonymous “pn is cancer” thing.

  32. FrizzleFry101

    Aug 24th, 2009


    Yea, technically false dmca’s are illegal, but it’s not enforced. The false dmca has been a big anti-troll tactic for years now, mostly used by youtube pedophiles (old men advocating legalized man-boy sex aka nambla) and rarely by furries (aside from wolfeedarkfang/theblackhand2/felinoid of course).

    No one really gets arrested, even when it’s done under a fake corporate name (a worse crime), as seen on the wolfeedarkfang ED article.

  33. Hepworth Blonde

    Aug 24th, 2009

    I sit here and as i read through the artical and the comments below do i get wound up? does the rage flow from inside and pour onto the screen? no. i sit here and laugh my ass off. Trolls are out to have fun. by winding furrys or anyone else up, getting them stressed and angry, getting flames on threads to fire up, they win. they have “Lulz” then watching the furrys (and im myself a furry) fight back throwing insult after insult is just what they want. chimpmunk on youtube throws a paddy.. yay.. lets start a war.. i have seen some of the stuff trolls on Sl do, some is just plain stupid, but others it takes brains to come up with some of it. some of the PN attacks a year or so ago were awesome in their planning. the effect was just as awesome. it just comes to a point where you can only ban or kick or shout at someone so much before its boring. its more fun to laugh with them. enjoy life. you only get one true life. second life is just life.5

  34. Clyde

    Aug 26th, 2009

    Out of all people, “rebel wolf” Wolfee Darkfang is the last person that needs to be handing out condescending comments on knowing better than to e-war. He has a nasty habit of attacing even other furries in order to further his agenda, so why he now suddenly assumes he will be taken as this wise furry sage is beyond me.

  35. mootykips

    Aug 26th, 2009

    i think “planning” is really the wrong word there but by god we made them work

  36. Alexand

    Aug 27th, 2009

    The fact that two grown men are ganging up on this teenage girl trying to trying to paint her as this evil “troll” is one of the more pathetic and hilarious things I’ve seen in quite some time. Rebel wolf indeed…

  37. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Aug 31st, 2009

  38. lol

    Oct 31st, 2009

    IMHO Wolfee Darkfang goes on and on and he sounds like he needs a cock put in his mouth.

  39. Seigfreid Zelfreid

    Jan 26th, 2010

    Situations like this will only cause pain.
    why cant people just look at the center and leave each other alone. is it so terrible to find compramise with what people like or dont like?.

    Seeing things first hand like this is rather unbearable.although i sound like some preechy nut im neither.
    i just speak with what knoledge i have in what should be considered right.

    Things like this arent worth fighting over. some would have you believe that fighting trolls is worth it. but tell me. is it really? you go out into the world and beat the crap outta some guy or girl. and what do they get? a couple a stitches and a black eye. but you get Assault and battery charges with 3 years in prison, a Law suit and possibly get your salad tossed in the shower of a Federal Jail.

    now let me ask you. does that sound like its worth it? personally i can agree with Tamias and Wolfee not cause there furries but cause there smart enough to use there god forsaken brains when it comes to these kinds of issues.

    But those who dont and who intend on taking crap like this so seriously. have fun with your war but when the shit hits the fan i hope your ready for it.

    Seigy Out.

    ~”As a person. seeing people fight over what could be settled with words just makes me sad”~

  40. Axel Oakleaf

    Mar 10th, 2011

    This. I’ve been discriminated for being a furry. I hope one day God shows people that discrimination is wrong no matter if someone is black,white,furry,bi,or whatever.

    coming from a Christian fur.

  41. Axel Oakleaf

    Aug 26th, 2011

    What i like about the furry fandom is how accepting the fandom is,compared to mundanes who freak out at stuff like plushies and such,as well as the fact that the fandom also has people who help others with stuff.

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