Silver Hawk Leaders Split After Mercenary Brother Commandos Alliance

by Alphaville Herald on 10/08/09 at 7:22 am

Command shakeup leaves Lockjaw and Fanzos in charge

by Metallicoe Keng, war correspondent

Last Friday, two of Silver Hawks leaders, Bicket Burt and Dayna Lavilleresigned from their positions in Silver Hawk leaving Corwin Lockjaw and Fay Franzos in control of SH. The Silver Hawk military that oncestood on two SIMs now resides on the one full SIM: Silver Side. I caught up with Dayna Laville on Silver Side Bay, the SIM she reclaimed from Silver Hawk after she left last week.

Silver Side – home of Silver Hawk

Metallicoe: So Dayna, what was the reasoning behind you leaving Silver Hawk?
Dayna: I didn’t like what Corwin and Fay wanted to do, and I was tired of arguing. A conflict of interest, you could say.

Metallicoe: What direction did Fay and Corwin want to take SH in? What caused the arguments?
Dayna: We always argued, but the thing that did it was the MBC Alliance. That was the breaker.

Metallicoe: The Mercenary Brother Commandos? Why did you disagree with the prospect of an alliance with them?
Dayna: No input about it. I found out from a notice. Then had to ask one of my officers about it…

Metallicoe: So they left you in the dark? Would you have disagreed with it if they had informed you?
Dayna: Yes I would have disagreed. I agree to disagree among us four. But when I am or feel like I am left in the dark about important SH decisions it frustrates me.

Metallicoe: Why would you have disagreed?
Dayna: I don’t want to get into why. It’s over.

Metallicoe: I understand. Did they not inform Bicket?
Dayna: From what they tell me, yes they did.

Metallicoe: Why did he leave, then?
Dayna: Same reason I believe. He also wrote a resignation notice. I think his explains more how we felt though. Mine is just general resignation.

Dayna’s Resignation Letter

I have decided to leave Silver Hawk Army. I will remain in combat; just not take part of any army.

As of today, I will no longer be acting in the role of ‘general’ for The Silver Hawk Army. I will be here to assist with this transitory phase and sincerely hope you will all be dedicated and proactive in assisting High Command through this transition. I will remain dedicated to this army through my loyalty to you as friends and my respect for an army that I help create.

Sincerely, Dayna Laville

So Silver Hawk members are left with two commanders, a full SIM, and an alliance with the Mercenary Brother Commandos. Dayna told me that herself and Bicket did not plan their resignations, they merely happened at the same time. Dayna, left with her homestead SIM attached to SH’s main SIM, Silver Side Bay, hopes to embark on a new project, staying active in the combat community but ‘without the drama’, as inevitable as it can be.

I next spoke with Silver Hawk Officer pjrey Writer, to gather a sense of the reaction to the resignation of their two leaders, and the alliance with MBC, lower down the ranks.

Metallicoe: Hello pjrey, could you tell me your thoughts on the resignation of two long-time leaders of Silver Hawk?
Pjrey: I don’t think out loud. I can tell you that we’ve been incredibly busy here and had a lot of people enlisting and returning. We have plans for a new base; we’re currently in the idea stages but one proposal is a prison theme where the enemy must escape.

Metallicoe: And what’s your view on the new alliance with MBC? Do you think it was a good move by High Command?
Pjrey: Sure, it’s nice to have an ally who is primarily a different time zone, means we can compensate for the lulls in activity.

Metallicoe: Have Silver Hawk and MBC been on any assaults together since the alliance?
Pjrey: No, so far just helping out with defence. We’ve been really busy lately with recruitments and base changes so aside from a few smaller assaults we’ve been quiet. That will change soon though.

So, it seems Silver Hawk will be facing a base change alongside the shift in command. Next, I thought I’d have a chat with Bicket, to see his thoughts on the matter. Since his resignation, his profile would suggest he’s joined the Tetra Combine, the group formed out of the rebellion within the Echelon Union a few weeks ago. Upon contacting Bicket, he didn’t want to talk to us about his resignation and was very dismissive. Suspicious. For the record, he doesn’t want to talk to us. It’s not that I’m being biased. We’ll leave out his side of the ordeal, and respect his privacy. It is a shame how some people don’t trust us. I was, however, able to get a hold of his resignation letter:

Hey Comrades, I am sorry to have to tell you all, but while you are reading this I am leaving Silver Hawk. I am very proud of what Silver Hawk has become, and of what it was like. But (during my absent) there have been some changes.  Also there have been some problems within the High Command these months, which makes it best for Silver Hawk to have me leave. I hope you all will support Marshal Lockjaw and Officer Franzos so Silver Hawk can start growing again, without me.

Anyways, to keep this letter short… I just wanna let you know that I’ve really enjoyed the good and also bad times I shared with you all. And I wish everyone in Silver Hawk good luck.


Officer Bicket Burt

It seems Bicket left under the same loose terms as Dayna. Changes in the military, which perhaps he wasn’t too keen on. To gather an accurate response, I contacted Corwin Lockjaw, one of the two now in command of Silver Hawk.

Metallicoe: Hey Corwin, what’s your feelings about Bicket and Dayna leaving?
Corwin: I am saddened by their departure. However, since they have left, several old members have returned, and we have gained new members which have strengthened us considerably.

Metallicoe: How did the alliance with MBC come around?
Corwin: Through negotiations over several days. Bicket and Dayna were both aware of it

Metallicoe: Dayna told me she wasn’t aware of it, and you kept her in the dark?
Corwin: When she was told, before the alliance, her words were, “whatever you guys decide”, so she may have put her involvement in differently, I’m not sure. And Bicket left over a different issue

Metallicoe: Oh, what was your understanding of the resignation of Bicket then?
Corwin: Essentially, he left because I would not follow his order to demote an officer. An officer that has since been ejected from Silver Hawk.

This is interesting. New information. Bicket left because Corwin wouldn’t demote an officer? Corwin told me that the officer was originally a Senior NCO. He continued to explain how Bicket ejected and banned him for riding a motorcycle on the base. Interesting. Could this be why Bicket refuses to comment on these current affairs? In Corwin’s eyes, this is a silly squabble. Corwin re-enlisted him, and promoted him to an officer. He assures me the NCO was in line for officer-ship before the squabble with Bicket. Bicket objected to this re-enlistment, and thereafter left Silver Hawk. Anyway, back to the alliance.  “Yet another silly argument, and we move on”, Corwin tells me.

Metallicoe: Why did you decide to ally with them, over other militaries without allies?
Corwin: As an insurance against several swarming attacks we had suffered, prior to that. To be accurate, against their reoccurrence. I admire Dav Broome, the leader of MBC, and his recent drive to ‘clean up’ his army. To my knowledge, we are the only two militaries in the alliance.

Metallicoe: Will Silver Hawk and Mercenary Brother Commandos be attacking other militaries together, as well as defending each others SIMs?
Corwin: Both armies are interested in fair combat, so that would depend on the opposing armies numbers.

Metallicoe: Does the new alliance have a name? Are you open for negotiation with other militaries, if they were interested in allying with you and MBC?
Corwin: Call it the SH CBM alliance if you will! And no, we are not open at present. We are not building an empire. Merely a pact of mutual co-operation.

Metallicoe: Alright. So, what changes do you and Fay plan to bring to Silver Hawk?
Corwin: We intend to build on the strong base we already have. Also, we plan to improve our relations with other militaries. Improving our reputation is important, as it has gone downhill as of late.

Focusing on the new alliance between SH and MBC, I took a trip down to the Commando’s base, in the full SIM of, appropriately named, ‘MBC’. I’ve heard of the Commando’s before, but have never seen any of their members in New Jessie, or attacking a military in the community. Perhaps it’s the time zone, but either way, their SIM seems to always have at least one member wandering around. Crossing the bridge embellished with Spanish flags, I spoke with Saraochi Uriza, overlooked by what appeared to be a crusader. With a sniper rifle.


Metallicoe: Hello Saraochie, what’s your take on the alliance between the Commando Mercinaries and Silver Hawk?
Saraochie: It’s a pact of non-attacking force, but helping each other out.

Metallicoe: Do you think the alliance was a good idea?
Saraochie: Yes.

Metallicoe: Why did MBC choose Silver Hawk over other militaries?
Saraochie: The fact that Silver Hawk are in the same position as us. We have lost personnel because of useless drama. Silver Hawk thinks like us, and they have roughly the same ideas.

Metallicoe: In your view, what will you and Silver Hawk gain from the alliance? What will the two groups do together?
Saraochie: For now, just defending each other. But, we’re also forming friendships.

Well, it seems like both parties agree on the alliance, because they share the same idea. Here, Saraochie seems to be referring the incident with the motorbike on Silver Hawks side, with useless drama. I do like the idea of an alliance over similar outlooks on the community. And,  the fact that the different in Time Zones between Spain and the USA exists, further makes another case for why the alliance could suceeed. Granted, there is a small communication barrier between some of the MBC and Silver Hawk, but nothing that can’t be solved with a bit of patience.

This was an interested article. Bicket, leaving over a squabble with a motorcycle and an NCO. Dayna, for disagreeing with an alliance with the Mercenary Brother Commando’s. And so, Silver Hawk continues. On it’s full sim. Bicket makes a name for himself in Tetra, still inactive, and Dayna works on whatever project she embarks on, in her still damage enabled SIM of Sliver Side Bay. And now, off to bed said Zebadee. Goodnight.

If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, the general is to blame. But if his orders ARE clear, and the soldiers nevertheless disobey, then it is the fault of their officers.

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

[this report reprinted from the New Jessie War Journal by permission of the author]

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