Sleeping Beauty

by Alphaville Herald on 23/08/09 at 12:56 pm

by Bunny Brickworks

Shhh… don’t wake her up. She looks so serene and dreamy as she’s lying there, bathing in sunlight, her head resting on her arm. There’s hardly any public chat around her, avatars just stand and stare, you occasionally hear the sound of the clicking cameras.


3D Soup has created a new sculpted masterpiece called The Grand Odalisque and it is presented on two locations – the Black Swan sim and Subversive Vavoom’s Subversions sim. One sculpt, one texture – so realistic that it seems disturbing and out of place among all those pixels.

It is a voluptuous female, a classical Rubens type, curvy and smooth. The details of her face and body are incredible and so are the reactions this sculpt provokes. There she is, the woman who seems so real, surrounded by perfectly proportioned avatars, which have probably set their body-fat sliders to zero. She’s a reminder that our real life bodies and our virtual existence are not really congruent.

Whether you just see her as a brilliant example of technically flawless sculpting and texturing work or a philosophical statement about fake beauty and illusions in a virtual environment is up to you but you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see her in world.

But remember, shh… don’t wake her up!

15 Responses to “Sleeping Beauty”

  1. Tina B.

    Aug 23rd, 2009

    “One sculpt, one texture – so realistic that it seems disturbing and out of place among all those pixels.”

    This piece is actually 55 sculpts and textures instead of one.

  2. Prof. Archie Lukas

    Aug 23rd, 2009

    Call Greenpeace, we have a towjob……..

    Seriously – NO

    Forget the pretentious bullshit and whining of the pseudo artists; its just self-indulgent delusion. I see bodies like that in my work and they are all unwell people.

    This is not art, it never was; its another case of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

    Total twaddle.

  3. Jumpman Lane

    Aug 23rd, 2009

    wtf lol

  4. Dick Necker

    Aug 23rd, 2009

    Thank you for giving me the location. So I can avoid it at all costs.

  5. Darien Caldwell

    Aug 23rd, 2009

    One case where lumpy sculpts is a plus I guess. lol

  6. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Aug 23rd, 2009


    Also, upon trying to TP in, I crash. I guess my client can’t handle the load.

  7. Miss Jay

    Aug 24th, 2009

    Immature men/women commenting on a plus sized woman.

    Most of you guys are probably 300lb overweight beef cakes as well. Grow up you guys.

  8. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Aug 24th, 2009

    I weigh 145 lbs lol.

    PS: I also think the same of chicks who starve themselves into looking like AIDS sufferers.

  9. archie lukas

    Aug 26th, 2009

    To At0m0 Beerbaum

    I am a big chap; just not whal sized.

    if someone obese wants to flash her /his flabby white body over the net -expect extreme horror and reaction.

    You are not going to get applause, except from other fatties and social worker types who have no life and call patients ‘clients’

    This woman needs stomach stapling and a ban from all fast-food outlets.

    She going to get sick and die, not before costing hundreds of thousands of pounds to the health serve (well in Europe – the yanks can’t pay, they die earlier)

    Trust me on this, I actually know what I am talking about.

    Prof Lukas

  10. dk

    Aug 27th, 2009

    @lukas: you’re misanthrope. in addition totally brainless when saying “This is not art, it never was”.
    i just say Venus figurines or Nana (Niki de Saint Phalle)…

  11. fabulous

    Aug 27th, 2009

    Whether people think this is art or not… it certainly does evoke emotions, doesn’t it? Which is… generally the point of art. lol.

    I don’t see it as something only “fat” people can relate to or “fat” people lovers… I see it as a reminder of the imperfections within all of us that are actually quite beautiful and interesting to our loved ones.

  12. Bunny Brickworks

    Aug 28th, 2009

    @ dk: Thanks for mentioning the Nanas. I seriously wonder if Archie would stand in Paris saying ‘dude, this Centre Pompidou is quite impressive but those fat colorful chicks suck big time’…

    On second thoughts, he probably would!

  13. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Aug 28th, 2009


    what. I was agreeing with you.

    Fat sacks of shit and skeletal remains are not remotely good looking or healthy. lol

  14. Leik Asbrink

    Aug 31st, 2009

    Awesome! In a good way.

  15. Leik Asbrink

    Aug 31st, 2009

    Fantastic stuff! Fantastic gallery. As usual too many prats in the Herald comments section.

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