Mairead McConnell — Post 6 Grrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 21/09/09 at 6:00 am

[Isaw Mairead McConnell at the beach one day and begged her to pose forus here at Post 6. Thankfully, she agreed. She is beautiful and smart,and it was a pleasure to work with her, I only hope I've done herjustice. -Timothy Morpork]

Mairead McConnell_Final 1

I'venow been in SL for almost three years. Like most, I've had my phases-been winged,  a vampire, a pole dancer etc. etc., but now I've settledwith being me. Well that is to say me with a  few subtle improvements.I'm not heavily tattooed and I don't have cat ears or a tail in reallife. So the more observant of you will notice I'm a bbw. I don'treally like that as a moniker, but it's what most people use, so I willstick with it. I am in short a big woman, fat if you like. That's up toyou of course.

Now I could say of course I'm some kind ofambassador for bbw's, working for size acceptance everywhere I go butthat's not true. I just want everyone to be happy- fat, thin, furry, winged whatever- it's all the same to me.

Mairead McConnell_Final2

I help to write a magazine for larger avatars called Big Beautiful Women.  [available here - the editrix]Ultimately, it centres around shopping, as most women's magazines do,but I also have page of my own to rant about whatever I want which isgreat. By the way,  I stuck that in just as the obligatory  shoppingcomment- seems to be a theme with the comments and didnt want to breakthe trend!

Mairead McConnell_Final3

There are some sims catering for bbw avs although Idont frequent them as much as I used to. I prefer sitting at LagunaNude Beach and chit chatting with whoever's there. So that's me- I'mbig, myself, and I sit on a  beach all day.

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  1. DF

    Sep 25th, 2009

    Hmmm I’m confused, how is “haha ur a loser” insightful?

    About wasting time… Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time at all. Like now, I have ‘wasted’ time reading this article and the comments, and in a bit I’m going to waste some time having fun at playing Second Life.

    And if there are people who think I’m a loser and wasting time for that, hey, all is cool, not like I care about other people’s opinions anyway :) Specially of people who I have never met, will never meet and are probably living on the other side of the planet.

    PPS: your PPS only half made sense to me Mooty… maybe some punctuation and not making one horribly long hard to understand sentence makes it easier to understand what your point is, especially for people who’s first language isn’t English. Are you saying that whining about people’s comments is a positive, or negative in your opinion?

    Anyway, kudos to Mai for daring to stand out of the crowd, and to Timothy for bringing in other people then what seems to be the norm in SL. I’m going back to virtually sucking virtual cock, wasting my free afternoon and loving every second of it ^.^

  2. icallbullshit

    Sep 25th, 2009

    @ The Grow(n)[tiresome]Ups

    You said:

    I am not butt-hurt, not BAWWWWWWing, or even all that interested in this. I’ve been reading the Herald since at least 2005 and I get tired of people like Oh Dear and MachineCode trolling these threads, so it’s time someone trolled back.

    I say:

    Your self absorbed defensive possession is the reason why a vast majority of participants here, ah, participate. You’re about as laughable as this fat chick extravaganza! ///ROFL/// And seeing how youre probably much older than most of us on the other side of that proverbial (your) “white picket fence”, it’s funnier even more. I maintain my position -

    I laugh at your spew, it’s more entertaining than anything to be found on the Anderson 360 blogs.
    Follow your own f**king advice and get a life; and I only say this b/c it would appear that you have a seizure in your future…



    “Certainly there’s nothing wrong with a little pizza (blog banter) on our time.”
    - Spicoli
    Fast Times

  3. mootykips

    Sep 26th, 2009

    that’s okay “df”, i quite frequently jettison grammatical formalities in favor of satirical flexibility because it is certainly pretty dull to have to boil everything down to pure true/false polemic for the benefit of those who use “^.^” unironically.

    so anyway internet blog poster “The GrownUps” you seem to love proudly enunciating that nobody gets your point in the manner of a 14 year old boy complaining about how just nobody understands him maaaaaan. perhaps you should meet up with this ‘df’ person and a few dozen marketing or PR people. in some artificially-lit boardroom you could probably discuss synergizing your leveraged action potentials or something to more clearly make your point about video games where people pretend to be animals, as it seems that your vast intellectual insights are being overlooked by those horrible, horrible PN proles who are admittedly pretty bad at actually “trolling” anymore for how much they make of it but seem to understand how stupid you are pretty well.

    so far though, as far as my tiny brain can comprehend it, your main “point” itt has been useless platitudes about the fact that the english language simultaneously has two different meanings for the word “ass”. you must be a hit at parties, letting the various attendants know that when they say that the music is “the bomb” that in actuality, that’s really dumb because a bomb is typically an explosive weapon and that music technically cannot be an explosive weapon being made up of variations in air pressure. maybe i’m missing something but it sounds like you just desperately want to have a superiority complex about something.

  4. DF

    Sep 26th, 2009

    I still have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about Mooty, or what your point is. But I guess it’s not too important to get your point across, but more important to stuff as many big words in there to seem itelligent? is that it?

  5. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 27th, 2009


  6. Selonna Torok

    Sep 27th, 2009

    Mmm… so many cocks have been whipped out in this attempt to assert virtual superiority over one another.

  7. Mai Mcconnell

    Sep 28th, 2009

    Selonna maybe we should just let them see who can piss up a wall the highest to get it over and done with

  8. Sigmund Leominster

    Sep 28th, 2009

    I just wanted to point out that no-one seems to have commented on the delicious irony of this particular photo-set coming from someone called “Morpork.” The potential for riffing off of this was huge – and folks avoided it.

    This comment is not intended to be pro or agin the shoot – it’s purely an observation on how restrained the haters have been to ignore the obvious pun.


    Oct 3rd, 2009

    All I can say is lol son lol.

  10. kesseret

    Oct 13th, 2009

    Day late and a dollar short on this one but us bigger girls finally get some recognition! Thanks!

  11. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Oct 17th, 2009

    coming up next, virtual heart attacks.

  12. Alex Lulu

    Oct 18th, 2009


  13. Prof. Archie Lukas

    Oct 20th, 2009

    Hello Maired!

    Long time no see,
    I missed all this fuss cos I burnt my PC out in a spectacular fashion, crashing everything and all a sundry.

    Good for you girl!
    Kudos to the max


  14. Mai Mcconnell

    Oct 21st, 2009

    Thanks Arch, sweetie you do everything in spectacular fashion why should a pc blow out be any different?

  15. Sway

    Dec 23rd, 2009

    I have nothing against bbw but she could have at least make an effort to look pretty for this article.come’on didnt you think that that post will be here forvever,omg

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