Sigsbee Fuller — Post 6 Grrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 08/09/09 at 6:42 am

[I met Sigsbee Fuller while walking around one of my favorite haunts for finding beautiful and interesting Post 6 avatars. The fact that Sigsbee immediately jumped out at me among all the gorgeous pixelflesh there speaks volumes about the quality of this week's avie. I was thrilled that Sigsbee agreed to model for us, if for no other reason I count her among my good friends in SL now, and for that alone I sincerely hope I've done her beauty the justice it deserves. -Timothy Morpork]

Sigsbee Fuller 1

HI!  My name is Sigsbee and I never imagined I would be a Post 6 model.  But that's just how SL is, you never know what adventures you might end up having when you log in.  I've been in SL for a while, over three years now.  It's amazing how fast time goes by.

I've never had any interest in any other online worlds or "games."  What i love about SL is the total lack of purpose to it, no hit points or quests or any such nonsense.  Here in SL I get to do what I like to do in real life, hang out and waste time talking to friends.  And of course there is shopping for clothes, although I seem to have more fun in SL taking off my clothes than putting them on.

I have had a few different looks over the years and a few different jobs dancing at clubs, but I never last very long at them.  For some reason, logging in just to go to a virtual job  sort of defeats the whole point of SL for me.  The closest thing I have to a regular SL job is DJ, I spin music at a few different places as my other avie, Amara Shino.

Sigsbee Fuller 2

As you can see, I'm an SL t-girl.  One of the fun things about SL is the ability to mess with gender and sex identity and be whatever we want to be.  Not everyone appreciates my unique anatomy, but those that do really seem to like it.  I used to think I was pretty kinky until I came to SL as saw the entire range of fetishes, kinks and just plain sexual weirdness that exists here.  It's always fascinating and a bit scary to see all the things that people come up with.

Sigsbee Fuller 3

You can usually find me hanging out at either the Blacklist bar or Fill Her Up Bar.  If you see me, say hi and let me know you saw my Post 6 picture spread!

29 Responses to “Sigsbee Fuller — Post 6 Grrrrl”

  1. Marianne

    Sep 8th, 2009

    I think you are beautiful! Girls with dicks isn’t my type of thing, but I can admire how well you crafted your avatar. Your penis is a bit large for your body, and I giggled when I imagined you fitting it in your tiny, tiny shorts! But the rest is very nice. You are the second avatar pictured here that I actually study close. I am almost tempted to buy prim nipples, lol. Your breasts is overall very nice, especially in pic #2. Interesting face too, a bit tomboy, very cute.

  2. Dina Sakigake

    Sep 8th, 2009

    Yay! What can I say about Sigs besides that she is full of win! She’s definately one of the nicest people I’ve met in my years in SL and just a whole lot of fun to hang out with. Be that from listening to her spin tunes to just chatting the hours away.
    Love the pics Sigs and you, great job! Even if you do cheer for that ‘other’ team ;)

  3. Archie Lukas

    Sep 8th, 2009

    Bet ya can hammer in nails with that huge donger, can’t you just?

  4. Carmen

    Sep 8th, 2009

    A little dissapointed with the transgender thing but i think you look quite unique anyway, love the hair and great pics.

  5. Senban Babii

    Sep 8th, 2009

    @Carmen “A little dissapointed with the transgender thing”

    Transphobia much?


    w(. )( .)t w(. )( .)t!

  6. Mary Elizabeth

    Sep 8th, 2009

    Great hair and skin. Whoever painted that face is talented.

  7. wow

    Sep 8th, 2009

    hawt. omg, hawt.

    thank you for this beautiful creature.

  8. James Joyce

    Sep 9th, 2009

    Note to self – avoid the Blacklist bar and Fill Her Up Bar

  9. Carmen

    Sep 9th, 2009

    No I don’t have any phobia against such things nor homosexual or anything else. Just i believe that women should be women and men men unless of course you were born a hermaphrodite.
    Doesn’t change the fact that i said she looked nice and im sure she is a lovely person, but typical of someone picking at the negative.

  10. Senban Babii

    Sep 9th, 2009


    So we’ll just ignore the fact that one in every two hundred children are born with a form of intersex condition, making the current estimated intersex population of the planet Earth approximately 34.5 million shall we? (The Transgender Debate, 2000, page 12)

    What an inconvenient fact for you! Never mind, you go back to enjoying your mythical gender binary and have a nice day :)

  11. Senban Babii

    Sep 9th, 2009

    Oh and just to add to that point Carmen, that’s just the anatomically intersexed and not even counting transgender/transsexual individuals. Have a nice day now :)

  12. Sigsbee Fuller

    Sep 10th, 2009

    Thanks to everyone for the positive comments ;) I didn’t know my pictures were going to spur a debate on sex and gender identity! I’m sorry to hear that James Joyce doesn’t want to stop by any of my hangouts, we just started reading Finnigans Wake at the Blacklist bookclub and we really could use some help understanding it.

  13. Mary Elizabeth

    Sep 10th, 2009

    Senban, why do you hide your transgender/intersex status when you are dressed? Have you considered having a slightly different shaped pelvis or crotch area when dressed that hints at what’s under your clothes?

  14. General Drama

    Sep 10th, 2009

    Um, shouldnt this story be titled “Post 6 DickGrrrl”???

  15. Senban Babii

    Sep 10th, 2009

    @Mary Elizabeth

    Mary, I think your comment was addressed to Sigsbee, not myself :)

    I agree though, interesting observation :)

  16. Carmen

    Sep 10th, 2009


    Please read my comments clearly before responding

  17. SIgsbee Fuller

    Sep 10th, 2009

    Mary, assuming your question was for me, I don’t hide my T-girl status while dressed. I state that I am a t-girl in my profile and I do have several prim bulges in my inventory i wear sometimes. Unfortunately, the prim bulges can be very hard to match to certain clothes. There are some vendors that carry some good quality prim bulges, so the situation is getting better. Lately my simple solution to the problem is to just forgo wearing clothes at all.

  18. Senban Babii

    Sep 10th, 2009

    Thank you Carmen, I will :)

    “Just i believe that women should be women and men men unless of course you were born a hermaphrodite.”

    Yes, yes, I see exactly what you’re saying here. Thank you for asking me to clarify my understanding. Turns out it was right the first time but always best to be sure :)

    You don’t like transgender/transsexuals, you believe that men are men and women are women unless they are born hermaphroditic. So even allowing for the fact you’re apparently misunderstanding that term, you’re either not explaining yourself so well or you’re ignorant of the facts or you’re bigotted. I’d prefer to believe it was simply that there’s something missing from your explanation and thus there is confusion.

    If you’d like, I could point you in the direction of some good books to help you further your understanding of this often difficult and misunderstood subject :)

    Incidentally, you say it’s typical for someone to pick at the negative in a comment. Isn’t it though? But then I have to ask why you felt it necessary to pass comment and indeed judgement on TG/TS in such a way in the first place. If you don’t want people to pick up on your negative comments, don’t make them :)

    We now return you to your regular scheduled programming…..

  19. Cindi Wyler

    Sep 10th, 2009

    Sigs honey, you look fantasic. I’ve known this girl for about 2 years here in SL, as both of her AV’s. Shes always been quite a hottie, at every stage of SL. As SL has improved, so did she. Congradulations on being selected as a Post6 Girl.
    Now heres one thing for a couple of you out there to chew on, there is a thing called “Brain Sex”. This is the gender of your brain and there are signifighant differences between the male brain and female brain, so what I’m trying to say here is that just because you are not intersexed physically, and/or a hermaphrodite doesn’t mean you you are not without gender issues nor that you are not intersexed.

  20. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 11th, 2009

    heheheh i aint sayin shit! but i am rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off!

  21. Senban Babii

    Sep 11th, 2009

    Thank you for bringing that point up Cyndi, I believe you’re referring to gender identity and the condition of gender identity dysmorphia. Our gender identity combined with our gender role and our anatomical sex are three elements which combine to create an overall “gender”.

  22. Carmen

    Sep 11th, 2009

    @ Senban i did not mention transexual but as i know someone who is and felt they were a women in a mans body i know a little of this but unlike some i dont profess to no it all.
    They have chosen gender reasignment and will not walk about with breasts and maintain male parts.
    My point is that as i said men men women women. If born transgender fine but being part man part women through a deliberate choice of surgery i find distasteful as its not natures hand. Sorry if this bothers you!
    I maintain that the person behind this avatar is probably a very nice person and i would not avoid them in sl or rl for that matter.
    I didn’t think that post 6 which is a fun thing needed a huge essay on my exact thoughts on if a girl wanted to have a cock and so made a short comment. The pics are great, she looks great and quite unique but i think i said something to that effect but you chose to ignore it.

  23. Bunny Brickworks

    Sep 11th, 2009

    The best thing about this week’s Post 6 is that Scylla doesn’t bother anyone with her ‘I wanna be a feminist when I am big and save this girl’ comments.

    And that is indeed a beautiful pixel face!

  24. LittleLostLinden

    Sep 12th, 2009

    I think this postgirl looks alot like Kim Katrell, famous actress.

  25. LittleLostLinden

    Sep 12th, 2009

    See for yourself:

    That’s Kim from her classic role in Big Trouble in Little China. Striking resemblance to this postgirl.

  26. Senban Babii

    Sep 12th, 2009


    I think you’ve tried to give me something in SL but due to PC issues right now I can’t log in to accept so you’ll have to excuse me if I appear to be ignoring you. You can find an email address on the link to my blog if you’re trying to get hold of me for some reason. If it’s not you then please ignore this message :)

  27. LittleLostLinden

    Sep 12th, 2009

    I still think this postgirl looks like Kim Katrall, no matter what anyone else says.

  28. Blue

    Oct 9th, 2009

    Blue blows kiss from Hathian – great pics, Sigs!

  29. Tihokhan

    May 12th, 2013

    i would love to devote myself to you and become your sex slave ^^

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