Is ToToM the Metaverse Soundtrack?

by Alphaville Herald on 28/10/09 at 6:15 am

Balancing creator, mixer, and consumer rights

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

While I was visiting Soviet Woodbury Saturday, the resident communists took time away from building their new workers’ paradise to rez a brightly colored dance floor and an impromptu worker’s dance party took place to an audio stream from – a French mashup site that seems to be  on the way to becoming the metaverse soundtrack of choice for both Second Life and Metaplace. At the Metaplace Fashion Show event on Friday we were also dancing to a stream from the site, and I can confirm maxxhitsbootlegs is an in-theme choice for user-generated content worlds in either 2.5D or 3D.

I've begun to wonder if audio mashups are the aural equivalent of the W-Hat goons' and Woodbury /b/tard's builds – unexpected juxtapositions of diverse elements to create a new and typically ironic work – sometimes for fun and sometimes as social commentary. A mashup like Black Butterfly Busters combining Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet with Butterfly Wings + Ram Jam – Black Betty + Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters seems to be saying something, but can the copyright laws and the sampled content creators keep up?

BisR3 artwork front cover 

brought to you by the Copyright Bureau of Resistance?

With mashup artists like ToToM intentionally pushing the copyright envelop it is unclear how sustainable this is  – but as Larry Lessig pointed out at TED last year, balancing the rights of creators, remixers, and consumers is in everyone’s long term interest if we are to have more than a read-only consumer world.

4 Responses to “Is ToToM the Metaverse Soundtrack?”

  1. Urizenus Sklar

    Oct 28th, 2009

    of course nothing tops the Biggie/Miley mashup:

  2. LittleLostLinden

    Oct 29th, 2009

    Hey I know this is off topic but I think there may be a story here due to the Lindens conspiracy theory I haved explored.

    So I go inworld, pissed as all hell about all the camping sites that still exist, and I start reporting them. I reported maybe 4 of them with snapshots and all.

    Then, 5 minutes later, my account gets logged out by an adminitrator.

    Can anyone tell me if this is normal Linden behavior or not?

    Did I report too many camping sites in too short of a timespan or something?

    Anyone else ever attempt this? I can’t be the only bot\camper hater here. I am so sick of looking at maps with all the dots and going there only to see a huge camping or bot platform. It’s worse than e-mail spam you get in your inbox by far and I wish more people would do something about it.

    This is why I think there is a conspiracy angle. You see, I want to see real logon statistics when I log into SL, not inflated bot\camper stats.

    Anyway, I don’t know if anyone cares but thought I’d check in case there were any other bot\camper haters hanging out here. thanks

  3. LittleLostLinden

    Oct 29th, 2009

    Sorry, wanted to add, not only did my account get logged out by an admin, but then it became locked out for an hour.

    Is this normal for abuse reporting if you do too many or something?

  4. Dirk Talamasca

    Oct 30th, 2009

    I thought back on when the French and any form of Rock and Pop music were cool, hip, trendy or even fun to talk about.. it took about a minute to confirm that it was NEVER.

    It still isn’t.

    Sadly, I can’t even say nice try because… it’s shit.

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