Naturism Comes to Metaplace

by Alphaville Herald on 02/10/09 at 8:09 am

Players shuck their inhibitions — and avatar clothing

by Suzie Skybeam


Metaplace's new avatar implementation still doesn't let userscreate their own clothing, but with Tachevert's "Naturist Avatars"module they can take it all off – assuming they have 5500 coins to purchase the module.
The Naturist Avatars module description says, "This behavior allows you to add scripts that let avatars and playersindulge in their Barbie-and-Ken-doll 'naturist' existence. Includessample objects to enable and disable this mode… This module allows players to shuck their inhibitions — and avatar clothing.  Censor bars keep everything PG-13-friendly!"

The black bars (seen in the photos) do protect the avatar's modesty, and conceal the male avatar's lack of a dick.

Herald writer sunbathing at the beach in Metaplace Central

15 Responses to “Naturism Comes to Metaplace”

  1. JustMe

    Oct 2nd, 2009

    I tried Metaplace a few months ago when you had your first article on it. It felt like I was back in 1992 or so ! It’s hard to believe that the creators actually think something like that is going to catch on. After being in SL, MP feels like a kids cartoon.

  2. Mahala

    Oct 2nd, 2009

    If they’re winky free then why do they need a black bar?

  3. icallbullshit

    Oct 2nd, 2009

    “If they’re winky free then why do they need a black bar? ”

    brain damage

  4. Suzie Skybeam

    Oct 2nd, 2009

    The censor bars aren’t really there to conceal the avatar’s naughty bits — they conceal that there are no naughty bits.

    Fans of Jacques Lacan or Jean Baudrillard might take this as a metaphor for the whole virtual worlds experience.

  5. Miss Petunia Amaryllis Courtney Taliaferro, Metaplace League of Decency

    Oct 2nd, 2009

    Fie, Fie, Metaplace! Now perversion and smut spread like an oil-slick from that haven of decadence, Second Life, to another world.

    Oh, is there to be no place of untarnished bliss, no shining sanctuary upon a hill where we may escape from so-called “winkies?”

    MLOD demands mandatory head-to-toe gowns and bonnets for all avatars! Mr. Koster, you have been served notice by our crusading organization!

  6. LOL

    Oct 2nd, 2009

    If how nude and naughty an avatar looks is how Second Life users judge a new platform then well, looks like all the degenerate perverts will have a place to pound pixels and commit acts of cyber sex.

  7. coco

    Oct 3rd, 2009

    At this scale it appears the best one can do in Metaplace is to “pound THE pixel”

    Hmm, can two pixels take up the same space at the same time? Might make insertion difficult.:)

  8. Ranma Tardis

    Oct 4th, 2009

    this whole thing seems very boring…PG-13? Oh the joys of communicating with children. Can not stand the little monsters outside of my family. Now I am expected to sit for them online?

  9. Amanda

    Oct 5th, 2009

    The graphics for Metaplace look like something designed to run on a Tandy 1000 or IBM PC/XT. I’ll take another look when and if It grows up.

  10. Urizenus Sklar

    Oct 6th, 2009

    The graphics of metaplace will grow along with Flash animation. The idea is that someday in the not too distant future our web browsers will catch up with the graphics of places like Second Life. When that happens robust virtual worlds with lots of eye candy be as common as blogs. Metaplace will perform a WordPress-like function, providing tools and hosting for our virtual worlds (but also linking them so that we can move between them with ease).

  11. icallbullshit

    Oct 6th, 2009

    ur an idiot Uri. dont speak about things you know little or nothing about. it makes u look foolish. web-based/browser based 3d immersion already exists and its fairly mature (by todays standards). so the “not too distant future” is actually the not so distant past d!psh!t. and flash isnt the end all/be all btw, you stOOge.

    google/wiki that sh!t einstein!

  12. Urizenus Sklar

    Oct 6th, 2009

    icall, I reported about examples of web based 3D environments in the Herald a couple years ago. But the point here is that web based “standard equipment” browsers are as of today not sufficient to run things as complex as SL and WOW, but that in the fullness of time this will change. Metaplace is “of the web” in that it requires nothing more than standard browser equipment and it will grow in sophistication along with the browsers.

  13. Chicken Liberation Front Of Second Life

    Oct 6th, 2009

    Does anyone know if they have chikkins in Metaplace?

  14. icallbullshit

    Oct 6th, 2009

    browser based 3D environments with based 6-7 MB browser plugins exist today that blow away metapuke and secondlife for that matter; e.g. quakelive

  15. habbo

    Oct 8th, 2009

    Habbo fucking hotel.

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