AbidE Blessed — Post 6 Grrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 10/11/09 at 8:47 pm

[AbidE Blessed aka patience contactedme ages ago about being a Post 6 Grrrl and I'm glad she did. I presentwithout further ado the gorgeous AbidE Blessed, aka patience, Post 6Grrrl -Timothy Morpork]

AbidE Blessed_Final1a

Words come more easily for mewhen they're not about myself, but I'll give it a go… I SO want toavoid the cliche's, like the "s" word that has caused this one to spendcountless lindens for an inventory full of things she'll probably neversee again; also, like the, "i came to SL after years on irc and yahoo,"which, though it's true, i shan't mention. instead, i'll focus on whati do here, in SL, along with a *few* of my personal motivations. if youfind it interesting, i'm glad; if you don't, i can't help it. lol ijust hope the feedback section won't be used for negativity as thespirit with which i am, here, sharing, is not a negative one. *smiles*

my passions arephotography, art, poetry and music. as an artist, rl, i find SL to beripe with inspiration. i am fascinated and enthralled and inspired bythe skill and imagination and creativity that is, so abundantly, aroundme here. SL has allowed me to expose my own artwork to even more peopleand even to create pieces that can be neither created nor viewedanywhere else. (My work can be see here.)

from my first steps into this new world, I was hooked and when ilearned I could even create my own avatar, she has been a work inprogress every since. i love to see how others choose to representthemselves, here!

AbidE Blessed_Final2a

Mygreatest pleasure has been the people I've met, for nothing here wouldbe what it is if i were alone in a vaccuum. it's the people sittingbehind the creations, typing their thoughts and feelings, sharinglaughter and tears and time and sweat, that makes this world what itis, rl or sl, and i'm glad to have brought  my rl daughter as well asfriends and co-workers into it to share it with me. they, too, havefound it as wondrous as I.

There have been those I shall alwayshold dear, who have passed on and through my life and my heart, and icelebrate them by sharing the joy they once shared with me, withothers. each person we care about becomes a part of who we are thatdoes NOT pass on. it stays with us to remember and to share and that isdone here as easily as in rl; and that sharing takes many forms.

MyMaster, Blade Kiranov, who has allowed this one the name "patience",for instance, must've had many wonderful people in His life, because tosay it is a true joy to spend time with Him is an understatement. Roleplay, as you've all read or know by now, whether Gorean or any other,is different for nearly every person who does it, so i won't go intothat. suffice it to say, it is everything you've heard about it andnothing like what you've heard and, i'd recommend that, if you thinkyou'd like to try gor, be prepared. it doesn't come easy and you'llnever learn it all, but definately try! it is very fulfilling whenexperienced with the right person/s.

as i said, it's different for everyone. My Master chooses to run a business, called The Animal House, that provides breedables and pets of many kinds, as well as theproducts needed to care for them, to goreans and non-goreans alike. ienjoy helping and have learned a LOT–something that must occur forthis perpetual student of life.

AbidE Blessed Final Final3

thoughi've owned and operated my own design studio,  i left that toconcentrate more on promoting my art which is found in variousgalleries around SL, with plans for a few in the works, as well as tocontinue creating. that accomplished, though never to a level ofsatisfaction that i could consider "complete," with my Master's help,support and encouragement, i'm learning jewelry-making–something i'vebeen meaning to do a long time; and will be helping with a subsidiarycompany of The Animal House, called Raw Onion Design, which will be an umbrella for the more artistic creations the two of us produce.

allin all, SL has been, hapilly, much more than i'd expected–much morefun; much more rewarding; much  more educational; much more beatifulthanks to the people i have and will continue to share it. You know whoyou are and i thank you! *smiles*

44 Responses to “AbidE Blessed — Post 6 Grrrrl”

  1. Kae

    Nov 10th, 2009

    Another boring, orange Redgrave-skinned Gorean dolt who thinks artistic skill is “putting together an avatar” with magic gravity-defying breasts and talking about herself in the third person.


  2. Mary Elizabeth

    Nov 10th, 2009

    I might have said it differently, but I agree with Kae. Her avvie looks….generic. P0rn barbie, perhaps.

    Interesting that she brought her RL daughter into a world in which she’s a sex slave. Should give the daughter a few things to talk about in therapy.

  3. Bunny Brickworks

    Nov 11th, 2009

    *spits coffee reading the first two comments*

    This one is at least good at marketing Her masters products… (Was that the right wording?)

  4. Alykia

    Nov 11th, 2009

    1) Who the heck cares what her avatar looks like? Text and personality are 90% of gaming anyway. I’d rather socialize with someone that is nice and entertaining with a crappy avi then a gorgeous one with an utter bitch behind it. All the lindens in the world to buy a avatar wont hide a crappy personality underneath. *cough*hint hint*cough*
    2) Her RL daughter likely runs in different circles, not the sexual ones, and she doesn’t state how old her daughter is. She could very well be (and probably is) 20 years old or so.
    3) There is no place in that post where she states if her character talks in third person, and even if her character did, who cares.
    4) don’t you have something better to do then to bitch on some stranger’s profile?

  5. Mary Elizabeth

    Nov 11th, 2009

    True, she did a fairly effective job of pitching her “masters” business. This could bring him a nice flow Lindens, allowing him never to leave his mother’s basement at all.

  6. sticky middle wicket

    Nov 11th, 2009


  7. jomin j

    Nov 11th, 2009

    ergh, bolted on boobies. The av is nice, the skin makes me hurl. End.

  8. What cha-cha bingos! Them things would send a feller straight to the Emergency Room!

    Lookee out, Gor-boys! The Blutarch of Buggtusslistan, Pappus Enochus, am a’comin to get “this one” and “that one” and all of them wash-rag wearin’ gals who cain’t recollect their names but knows how to do what a boy says when he wants them to bake pies, and clean the shack, an fetch beer from the Piggly Wiggly, and milk the grass-cuttin’ goat, and warsh up the dishes, and change the oil in the pickup truck!

    After Gor, and being on their knees all day, I reckon them gals will find Enoch Holler to be a reg’lar paradise. Hell, I’ll buy ‘em all new frilly tea towels to wear and some nice dawg-collars. Wal-Mart gots ‘em on special over in Wytheville.

  9. “1) Who the heck cares what her avatar looks like? Text and personality are 90% of gaming anyway. I’d rather socialize with someone that is nice and entertaining with a crappy avi then a gorgeous one with an utter bitch behind it. All the lindens in the world to buy a avatar wont hide a crappy personality underneath. *cough*hint hint*cough*”

    Bitch, please. 90% of the game is content creation, or at least should be. This dipshit just puts together expensive (but shitty) skins and expensive (again still shitty) e-clothes and then cybers all day with like-minded dipshits, until she(HE) dies alone and unloved in her(HIS) basement. A brief notice is sent to the rest of her gore group and everyone has three minutes of silence before they go back to their reprehensible slavery fetish sex.

  10. Suzie Skybeam

    Nov 11th, 2009

    The Post 6 interviews are all so similar! Surely Second Life is more diverse than this

    Is it Timothy’s personal taste, or is it that only a certain kind of person is willing to appear naked in The Herald?

  11. Half Brick In A Sock To The Face

    Nov 11th, 2009

    I liked the peacock.

    Everything else was a free advert for someone else’s store and the bog standard crap about Goreans, all of whom should be floated out to sea and harpooned.

  12. Mary Elizabeth

    Nov 11th, 2009

    Suzie has a good point. Timothy, you had a couple of really interesting people, now you are back to cookie cutter sex slaves.

  13. brandon

    Nov 11th, 2009

    you you harpies are really insecure arent you? I bet you spend your days running down anyone who doesnt look exactly like you think they should look in your feeble little minds.

    So what if shes a bit overbaked, and some of us like the big ass boltons in sl and in real life thank you.

    In fact, I bet YOU ARE the lonely little pathetic man alone in the dark.

    Instead of what should be a nice little footnote in her SL experience you make it a hate fest. Way to go! bravo bravo!

    You people are whats wrong with Sl. I hope you all fail to rezz next tiem you login. Your perfect as is, why use a body? Be a smoke cloud. You all think your gods anyways, so cast off that avatar shell.


  14. “The Post 6 interviews are all so similar! Surely Second Life is more diverse than this

    Is it Timothy’s personal taste, or is it that only a certain kind of person is willing to appear naked in The Herald?”

    Timothy can only be assed to take pictures when it involves massive digital tits. People who actually build their avatars and spend time trying to make quality stuff are overlooked for creepy guys who spend 9k lindens to slap some silk thongs on their barbie-esqe female avatars. And they all have the same “Lol, I love spamming retarded gestures and then hopping on an e-dick, lol” personality.

  15. Tessa

    Nov 11th, 2009


    Have you people got nothing better to do than to spend your time making childish, mean comments to people?? So what if you dont like her skin – she obviously does!! which is what matters because its HER skin – why does not liking something give you a license to try and make someone feel like shit???
    You sit there and bitch about Gorean players – what right have you got to make judgment on what those people choose to do?? Are your lives so empty ou have to spend all your time passing judgment on others, take a look in the mirror someday……you sit and bitch about this article yet the Author says nothing mean or horrible to anyone – not hard to see who the better person is!!

  16. Seraphina

    Nov 11th, 2009

    Until you have been in Gor and entered into it with the spirit it was intended, I then think that all comments about anyone in Gor, or for else where in SL should therefore be null and void. There are too many people out there who don’t contribute to SL in any shape or form except to spread their hatred for another fellow. It takes twice as much energy to hate then it does to like. As my dear mum likes to say, If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. By the way Abide, you look great *winks to her*

  17. Seren

    Nov 11th, 2009

    Thank you Alykia you are 100% correct.
    I am her rl daughter. I am in my 20′s. My mother and I do run in differant circles, but I’ve popped in on her and her Master, unannounced, and guess what?! she wasn’t even on her knees.

    She spends most of her time working in the pet shop or working on her art, Which she has in rl galleries, also. In fact, she is standing in front of one of her pieces in the 3rd picture. I would suggest following the link provided to just one of the locations she has her work displayed in SL before you say her idea of art is putting together an avi. She has been a rl artist more than 20 years and has worked in the PR and Communications field, so it comes as NO shock that her article WOULD read a little like a promotional ad. It is, afterall, SUPPOSED to be about HER and what she does on sl. I am proud of her as my mother AND as a woman.

    Oh, and yes, she made her shape herself, so how can an original be generic? You people forget that post 6 REQUIRES naked pics. So nnoo kidding your gonna see “boobies.” (really mature terminology by the way.) Look how the sun is hitting her on the face in the 2nd pic. It’s sunset. We all look orange in SL sunset. Come on people, think before you speak.

  18. Jessica Holyoke

    Nov 11th, 2009

    So let’s see;

    There are free sex areas where people hop onto poseballs to have cyber sex. There are escorts where people pay to have cyber sex. But Gor has the cultural backdrop that needs to be learned and assimilated to and that’s where the basement dwelling cyber sex perverts end up on?

    There might be a lot of arguments about what Gor is, even among people who take part, but its not a sex fest.

  19. Blade

    Nov 11th, 2009

    I’d like to take a moment to introduce my cookie cutter barbie sex slave with the bolted on breasts. Her name is patience, and I met her at an rfl function that I was hosting for the Gorean Relay team.

    What a beuatiful young lady she is. When this world seems to vibrate with its worn out angst, here comes this girl who looks up with the sun shining on her face and timidly hands me – a painting. “I was thinking of you when I made this” says she, her eyes riveted on the ground, her voice a whisper.

    Her vivid, spirited art work speaks of tremendous depth – often misunderstood depth. The language of the artist and the poet are by definition often misunderstood by most of the rest of the world.

    Not by me. I admit, the mildew in my grandma’s basement has caused me some mild brain damage, and I’m not as swift in my interpretations of metaphor as I used to be. Be that as it may, I know the QUALITY of the woman who brought those images so vivdly into being. John Campbell writes of “The Rapture of Being Alive.” And this young lady is about rapture. Living in the moment because the moment is fleeting. Living for the experience and celebrating it. Immortalizing it with a love that is sometimes painful, sometimes raw, sometimes joyful – but always stunningly honest.

    My cookie cutter barbie doll sex slave with the bolted on boobs is a joy to have, and I am proud of the accomplishments she has made, proud of the growth I have seen in her, and very proud to call her MINE.

    I am going to go do unspeakable things to my cookie cutter babrbie doll sex slave now – and wish you all a splendid evening.


  20. Takuya Kawashima

    Nov 12th, 2009

    I always wonder why people bash the models and celebrate the ‘photographer’. Sure, this one has nothing better to do than spend her SL on her knees – yes I read the comment and know she doesn’t do it – wears a collar like a dog and makes ‘SL art’ but what about the quality of the pics? It seems to get worse with every post.

    Let’s sum up: jagged edges that have never seen any liquifyer, hair stuck in shoulders, the mesh-critical areas such as ankles, wrists and elbows never get fixed. Bad angles, bad light, sometimes attachments are stuck in the body which can be easily fixed in Photoshop – if you know the basics, that is. These pics are obviously taken at screen size and this is the cardinal SL ‘photography’ sin no. 1… Timothy, read some tutorials. The shoot is only 10% of a good pic, the rest happens in post-processing. And I seriously hate the term ‘photographer’ for SL screenshot taking but that’s a different story.

    And could we please see someone for a change who doesn’t work in the SL sex business or is somehow affiliated with it. Yes, those people exist. You just have to look for them.

  21. nao-tan

    Nov 12th, 2009

    you’re a great artist. so, fix those breasts, for the love of god. why do so many female avatars in SL have breasts that actually look like giant implants shoved into tiny bodies by irresponsible surgeons? it isn’t sexy at all. it isn’t that hard to get a real-looking, large breast if that’s what you’re into. these grapefruits straining at a thin layer of skin make me feel queasy.

  22. Jenny Fallopias

    Nov 12th, 2009


    “Until you have been in the Nazi party and entered into it with the spirit it was intended, I then think that all comments about anyone in the Nazi party, or for else where in SL should therefore be null and void.” *fixed*

  23. Encrypted

    Nov 12th, 2009

    As someone who personally finds the whole Gorean thing beyond repulsive and fit only for the recycling bin, let me explain something to all the standard array of Goreans who have as usual leapt to the fore. Very few people have an issue with you roleplaying. Very few people have an issue with you having iSex with each other. Very few people have an issue with your clothing (or lack of it). A lot of people *do* have issues with the whole background culture of Gor. Many people however have an issue with the way you all shove your stuff in everyone else’s faces and try to drag them into your fantasy.

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had Goreans try to recruit me into their little rings in public areas and in open chat. And when I’ve said I’m not interested, they invariably go off on one at me, screaming how I’m a whore and a bitch. Hell, I even once cut and pasted a piece of a chatlog and used it in my profile for ages because I thought it was hilarious how this guy was ranting at me and probably frothing at the mouth in RL. Oh but then the usual faces show up and say “real Goreans don’t do that, it just doesn’t happen”. Well in my experience it does. A lot.

    Gorean is as Gorean does and what Gorean does is shove their shit in everyone else’s faces. In my personal experiences, Goreans have often lost sight of where roleplay is acceptable and where it isn’t and so they drag it into everyone else’s experiences and expect the roleplay to continue.

    As for the model herself, if she’d come in and said “hey I create this art stuff in SL and I also happen to be an artist in RL and I’d love to tell you about that” then it would have been great and interesting. Instead, she comes in and proves that she’s nothing more than a signboard for some retard’s pet shop. I mean WTF? We actually learned more interesting detail from her RL daughter when she posted! It was only from her daughter for example that we found out that the model was standing in front of one of her own pieces of art.


    “Instead of what should be a nice little footnote in her SL experience you make it a hate fest.”

    Everyone knows how Post 6 articles usually go. She went into it willingly (unless of course her “master” told her she had to do it to advertise his pet shop?) and knowing how past Post 6 articles have gone and as such she can’t complain “ZOMG MY NICE LICKLE FUTNOAT HAS BIN RUINED!”

  24. Bob Boothroyd

    Nov 12th, 2009

    Why is Bunny Brickworks so cunty? Why are all her friends snarky little asshats too? I think she’s a pretentious bitch, and since her friends have it too, she’s contagious.

    Takuya Kawashima would be a great photographer for Post 6 if we could stand week after week of the same desaturated facial emo close-ups of people with cigarettes, but personally Takuya, I got tired of your pictures before getting to the end of page one of your flickr photostream. It’s all the same dull “ohhhh I’m so sad and deep” black and white crap. Ooooooh! hold it, this one is different- black and white image with red! Original! (Well, when the 6th sense and Schindler’s List did it in the 90s it was…)

    I was lucky enough to work with Timothy a few weeks ago. His work astounds me because week in and week out he produces new pictures of people that are different from the week before. Different backgrounds, different poses, different models, different styles and effects just for us. Come back and criticize him when you’re more than just a one trick pony, you tool.

    Now Takuya Kawashima, go be a good little angry goth and put on some Cure, do your eyes, cry a little and STFU.


  25. Smarter Than Jenny

    Nov 12th, 2009

    “‘Until you have been in the Nazi party and entered into it with the spirit it was intended, I then think that all comments about anyone in the Nazi party, or for else where in SL should therefore be null and void.’ *fixed*”

    Yeah, the Nazis are a totally apt comparison for Gor. You sure showed her. I mean, the depth you must possess to come up with such brilliance. I’m in awe. Pure awe.

    Of course, criticism of a fascist regime that was responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews, plus the destruction of most of Europe, would be *exactly* like criticism of a virtual reality culture based on a science fiction series that a few consenting adults participate in for their own personal enjoyment. Who can’t see the similarities there?


    Now, it’s fixed.

  26. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 12th, 2009

    @ Mary Elizabeth, Suzie, Half Brick, Takuya, Jenny, and Encrypted: great comments that certainly echo my own impressions here.

    Jessica: You are absolutely right, of course: while sex is an important element of Gor (as, arguably, it is of much that goes on in SL), it certainly does not “define” it. It is not, in any case, the sex that is objectionable about Gor, except insofar as it reflects the general misogyny that characterizes that culture.

    Abide, I have to confess that your bio does, near the conclusion, rather sound like an advertisement for your “Master’s” business. In general, I can’t for the life of me understand why you would waste so much space on talking about HIM, instead of telling us more about the things that make YOU interesting, such as (most obviously) your art. A discussion of that might have raised this post from the mundane to something that actually had some interest. My tentative, and somewhat worrisome conclusion is that your role as a submissive is the cause of this deliberate self-effacement.

    And I do wish that the Goreans featured here would stop proselytising. If Gor is your thing, fine: I think it’s repellent and objectionable, but you’re free to have fun with it. What is annoying (and frankly offensive) is that virtually every Gorean who appears here inserts a recruitment ad into her bio. It’s like being mobbed by cult members armed with pamphlets at the airport. We know that Goreans have very active recruitment campaigns: must it extend even to Post 6?

    Timothy, to echo something that I’ve said before, and that Takuya articulates here: can we PLEASE, just for a change, move beyond the focus on sex? You have featured a few artists who actually spoke about their art; that was nice. Wouldn’t it be refreshing, just ONCE, even, to feature someone (for instance) who is at work in the SL community doing worthwhile things?

  27. Noirran

    Nov 12th, 2009

    Dear Bob,
    Where is the link to your work or any contribution you have made anywhere? Or are you limited to cursing and passing judgement on people you don’t even know? If you had left off the name calling and put forth your opinion in an adult manner I might have taken you seriously, for a moment. Now, be a good little troll and go back to philosophizing on forums about religion and STFU until you have the cajones to take your issue to Bunny or Takuya personally.


  28. Why are you all so dumb?

    Nov 12th, 2009

    For five years or so Post 6 has featured avatars who pose here and take their clothes off. The exception to that were the Fashion Years with Justine Babii and what us oldbies call The Bunny Fiasco. (Sorry Bun, your pictures were WAY more about you than about your models, filters and special effects should be to make your models look better. Your friend Takuya’s comment that 90% of the picture should be about photoshop filters is telling as to why your pictures were more about you than about your models).

    With the exception of those two blights, Post 6 has been about people gettin’ nekkid for The Herald.

    Why then, does dumbass Scylla, and her alt Takuya, insist on trying to make it something more. You don’t want naked pictures, go read another blog. Why would an article that culminates in someone being naked NOT be about sex? Why not ask a cat to be more like a giraffe? You want accomplished women, go read the Radcliffe or Wellesley College newsletter, not Post 6.

    Personally I think Abide looks good, but anyone who invests so much of themselves in a Second Life “Master” is headed for trouble. The shelf-life for SL relationships is too short to take them that seriously.

  29. Bunny Brickworks

    Nov 12th, 2009

    Funny that ‘Bob Boothroyd’ and ‘Why are you all so dumb’ send their comments from the same IP address. *rolls eyes*

  30. Takuya Kawashima

    Nov 12th, 2009

    Dear Bob (or should I say ‘Dear Timothy’?),

    If you can’t stand the heat, you better not try to be a Post 6 ‘photographer’. Seriously, this job requires some balls and a certain laissez-faire attitude. If you can’t just lean back and take some criticism, you might want to reconsider your SL career aspirations.

    My criticism is justified, your pictures are technically lousy and it was high time someone told you. Instead of leaving a snotty comment on my stream, your time would be better spent reading PS tutorials. But go on, leave some comments on my flickr, make yourself a complete idiot cause that will only make me comment each and every goddamn week on your Post 6s.

    I don’t care what others think of me… that’s the big difference between you and me!

    And now back to featuring girls whose imagination is obviously so limited that they spend their online time on their backs and knees.

  31. Tarissa Tripsa

    Nov 12th, 2009

    I’d like to point out that I’m not a “snarky little asshat”. I don’t wear hats.
    Yep, Bunny’s cunty…probably comes with the gender, but Takuya is definitely not sitting at home crying and emoing around. They’re two of the most friendly and most sincere people around and I’m more than happy to call them my friends.
    Yes, I’m just another alt and no, you can’t have the slimy cheese. :P

  32. Carmen

    Nov 12th, 2009

    I read some where that post 6 was based on the UK newspaper The Sun where they have a page 3 girl. The girl gave a very small bio and was pictured generally topless but never nude.

    Isn’t this what post 6 is meant to be? Its meant to be fun. If you want a fashion page or a discussion about anything other than how good a female av looks look elsewhere.

    I think the photo’s are ok and the model is ok though the breast implant look is not something i would go for. I do agree that it seems to promote her partners shop but so what who cares?

    I have looked at many of Timothy’s pictures from SL and for me i think they are great, though these are not as good as he has done in the past but neither model or photographer now or in the past or in the future deserves the hatred that is spat out here for something that is meant to be fun. You all and i do mean all take yourselves far to seriously. Considering how inteligent most of you seem to be (yes more inteligent than me i admit and accept it) im surprised you waste so much effort here. You could be spending time on issues where you could realy do some good!

  33. Bob Boothroyd

    Nov 12th, 2009

    @ Bunny and Takayuga,

    Sorry to disappoint. My IP is shared by thousands of people here. I probably know whoever “Why are you all so dumb” is and probably had lunch with them this week- there are at least a dozen of us who do SL and read the Herald here, none of whom are Timothy Morpork, at least to my knowledge.

    @ Noirran

    I would be more than happy to meet them, or you for that matter, in first life. Contact me in-world and we’ll set something up.

  34. Takuya Kawashima

    Nov 12th, 2009

    @ Why are you all so dumb: Your home is not really on the logical side of life, right? First you call me Bunny’s friend (true), then you call me Scylla’s alt (not true). Reading some of the older posts you might find out that these two surely won’t get married in either life!

    I never said I don’t want to see nudity here. Surely, not! I don’t mind pixel nudity at all if it meets two important criteria:

    a) The pics must show that the person who made them, and obviously got paid for doing so, has a slight understanding of what they are doing. This is not about filters or any Photoshop voodoo, this is about the standard basic treatment every good pic in SL should undergo. The avatar mesh is crap, someone who knows how to handle his tools can make up for that. Timothy doesn’t even bother.
    b) I want the person behind the pixels to show at least a minimum amount of self-respect and brains. Looking back at former models featured by Timothy I see only one girl that’s really hot in my humble opinion and that’s the army girl with the bruised skin and tats. (And this is the point that should prove I am truly NOT Scylla’s alt).

    Looking at the general press SL gets, I see only sex and fetishes. SL is more than that, there are people who don’t spend their evenings typing *runs his hands along her hips* or whatever turns them on… Creators, artists, writers, magazine publishers, designers, bloggers, social networkers – a lot of people spend their online time without ever hopping on a set of pose balls and even if they might do so, they actually know that there’s something else to talk about.

    Again, let me summarize for the not so sharp tools in the Herald readers’ shed: I do NOT mind pixel nudity. But I do mind naked pixels always being presented by people who have nothing else to show or talk about.

    @ Bob: Please learn to spell my name correctly. And what’s that stupid ‘let’s set something up in RL’ crap? Threatening Noirran, Bunny and me? Awesome, man I admire your balls. Even if they are only virtual ones…

    And thanks for visiting my stream. Your views are so much appreciated especially as I totally go off on this whole ‘I wanna be a famous SL photographer’ thing. And now please excuse me, I have to listen to The Cure and play with razors.

  35. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 12th, 2009

    Takuya has, again, already said much of what I would say here in response to “Why are you all so” etc. Just to reiterate, however: like Takuya, I have absolutely no objectons to nudity per se, here or elsewhere, nor to sex for that matter. (I am glad she didn’t spill the beans, however, on my upcoming nuptials to Bunny …)

    Takuya has an eye for and an expertise in SL photography, a skill I sadly lack, but I concur, in my own humble way, that these compositions do not seem very well done or interesting.

    More to the point, however, for me is that the bios and, unfortunately, subjects themselves seldom seem very interesting either. As I have said in relation to previous posts, this isn’t a knock against THIS subject; I’m sure Abide is a wonderful person. Possibly, had she spoken more about her art, and less about her “Master,” she might have demonstrated that she IS interesting. But she chose not to. And so, however brilliant and articulate and fascinating Abide may in fact be, we are nonetheless given here another vacuous account of … well, not much at all really.

    I understand that Post 6 is not hard-hitting journalism, but there is no reason why it should not be at least literate, interesting, and artful. There must be MANY men and women in SL who would be willing to pose for tasteful and artistically composed nude shots, who are also doing interesting and worthwhile things, and are capable of articulating them in a literate and entertaining fashion. We’ve seen, in my judgment, a few such people featured here, but overall Timothy seems far too reliant on returning again and again to the same generic format and the same rather limited pool of in-world “talent.”

    Nudity and sexuality needn’t = formulaic and banal.

  36. jomin j

    Nov 12th, 2009


    I guess my “bolted on boobies” comment was right on the money to elicit repetition in so many sockpuppet comments.

    Keep it coming, y’all, I’m enjoying it. :-)

  37. Quite Concerned Here

    Nov 12th, 2009

    If Bunny Effing Brickworks has access to Herald comments, and everyone’s IP address along with it, I will never read the Herald again.

    Pixeleen, Uri- you should have changed her password. I don’t think this will sit well.

  38. Robert

    Nov 12th, 2009

    @Tayuka…wow, what a bitch you are…..incredibly mean spirited comments.

    @Scylla…And I do wish that the radical feminists here would stop proselytising. If radical feminism is your thing, fine: I think it’s somewhat repellent and objectionable, but you’re free to have fun with it. What is annoying (and frankly offensive) is that virtually every time Scylla (our resident radical feminist) appears here she is attempting to recruit others to her cause through intolerant thought and lame argument. It’s like being mobbed by cult members armed with pamphlets at the airport. We know that radical feminists have very active recruitment campaigns: must it extend even to Post 6?

  39. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 12th, 2009

    “Scylla (our resident radical feminist)”

    Cool!! Does it include a stipend? :-)

  40. Takuya Kawashima

    Nov 12th, 2009

    ‘@Tayuka…wow, what a bitch you are…..incredibly mean spirited comments’

    Well, I’m male, maybe you want to change that ‘bitch’ into ‘bastard’ but I can live well with either. Incredibly mean spirited? Because I critized the quality of images that someone gets money for?

    Let me quote from the profile of the amazing photographer: You pay me a LOT of money. I enjoy taking pictures of people, I enjoy making them feel beautiful and special and getting the pictures exactly the way the model wants. That takes time. My time will cost you, again, a LOT of money.

    A lot of money for this quality? And he’s getting money for the Post 6 too… Taking money makes you at least semi-professional and as such you should be able to live with criticism.

    Oh and Bob, now I know who you are. The guy who wrote his bio from the dog’s perspective… no surprise you have a thing for collars and people spending time on all fours.

  41. Jessica Holyoke

    Nov 13th, 2009


    I don’t mind arguing about Gorean sexual politics and whether or not it is misogynistic as opposed to anti-feminist. Actually, that is a good argument; are religions and cultures that offer a secondary role to women misogynistic or anti-feminist? Does disagreeing with a mainstream feminist viewpoint make a woman anti-woman?

    Its like every couple of days we’re arguing about Sarah Palin all over again.

  42. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 13th, 2009

    “Does disagreeing with a mainstream feminist viewpoint make a woman anti-woman?”

    Well, in theory, the two should be the same: being “anti-feminist” is theoretically the same as being “anti-woman.” But that, needless to say, is simplistic and reductive, if only because there are so many different “feminisms” in competition. I’d probably prefer to invert the equation in any case: if you are “pro-woman,” you ARE a “feminist,” even if you don’t know it, or wouldn’t acknowledge it. Ultimately, “feminism” isn’t about one particular political or ethical position or another: it’s about bettering the social and political condition of women. Indeed, increasingly, feminism is moving beyond even this, and highlighting a broader perspective: issues like gender equality, ending violence against women, and so forth, are no longer thought of as “women’s issues,” but rather larger societal ones. And I think that is good, actually. For instance, ending violence against women is imperative. But so too is ending ALL violence, period. A feminist approach which is essentially anti-violence should be able to encompass both ends, because they are, really, one and the same.

    Another point, though. I’d always want to make a distinction between the person and the ideology. Abide, for instance, is engaged in a form or role playing that I, and (I suspect) the vast majority of feminists would see as anti-woman. That need not mean that SHE is anti-woman. Humans are far more complicated than ideologies.

    So, the short answer to “Does disagreeing with a mainstream feminist viewpoint make a woman anti-woman?” is, I think, no.

  43. DancesWithRobots

    Nov 18th, 2009

    Whats wrong with a little tolerance?

    Never mind that I knew Abide before she became a kajira. Never mind that she’s an accomplished artist who has created things the likes of which I’ve never seen on the grid. Never mind that I wish she’d talked more about her art than her master and Gorean lifestyle. Never mind that exaggerated unrealistic shapes are sometimes a result of accomodating the clothes we choose to wear. (How many of you women have a “skirt shape?”

    Becoming a kajira and a submissive was her CHOICE. If you folks don’t like Gor, (personally, I don’t care for it either) DON’T GO THERE. But there is plenty of room on the grid for Goreans, feminists, photographers, furries, rp’ers, merchants and just about anything else we CHOOSE to be. Naked kajirae are a fact of the grid, and some of us like to look at them, even if arguably, the “photography” isn’t the best.

    Lay off a little.

    Our diversity is our strength folks.

  44. jomin j

    Dec 14th, 2009

    lawl ^^

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