Ashyne Demonista — Post 6 Grrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 24/11/09 at 9:32 am

[AshyneDemonista hit me with an IM about becoming a Post 6 Grrrl at exactlythe moment I had decided to go find this Week's Post 6 Grrrl. Beautifulwoman at the right place at the right time- I love it when a plan comestogether.  Ashyne exudes charm and bubbly fun, and it is a treat and anhonor to introduce her as this week's Post 6 Grrrl -Timothy Morpork]

Ashyne Demonista_Final1

Helloeveryone, I guess I'm the first Post 6 Grrrl to be from Singapore, I'mvery happy to be able to have this photoshoot and interview done.

Istarted playing SL only 3 months ago, but this digital world has becomemore than just a virtual reality for me. Second Life is a place where Ican live and play out my childhood fantasies, or do things that Icannot possibly do in the real world.  

I am a student in reallife, and you know the stress that students sometimes go through. So, Ilike to take a break from my first life and visit SL, which is like asanctuary for me. Here I can be whatever I want to be, and exploreplaces and alien worlds that could only exist as imagination otherwise.

Ashyne Demonista_Final2

Oneof my favorite activities is dressing up in a wide variety of uniqueoutfits which I get by combining different sets of clothes together. Ilove playing as a mermaid most. I also have avatars of other mythicalcreatures like fauns, sirens, fairies, naga.

I explore a rangeof themes in SL, including bondage, pony-play, lolita (gothic fashion),erotic-grotesque, bunny-girl, schoolgirl, demon, alien, dollification,etc.

My favorite activities in SL are exploring, as I'vementioned, shopping, roleplaying, dressing up and taking photos! I aman amateur photographer in RL and SL has actually helped me to improvemy photography skills, and now I pay much more attention to poses,lighting, angle of shot, and the personality of the people involved!

Ashyne Demonista_Final3

Don'twe all wish to take a little time off from the RL and take a walkthrough paradise? I know I do, and that is the most important reasonfor my love of SL and its many interesting and often beautiful sights.

I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures, and if you want me to model for you, contact me in-game! Thank you very much!

47 Responses to “Ashyne Demonista — Post 6 Grrrrl”

  1. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 24th, 2009

    Ashyne, I find it curious that you don’t make mention of Vore or Dolcett amongst your personal “faves,” given that your blog includes some of the most grotesquely explicit and brutally violent snapshots of a flayed, impaled, and dismembered female avatar that I have ever seen. And I say this, mind you, as someone who has explored Dolcett sims, and sat on a few butcher’s tables myself. What a very interesting part of your personality to leave out here in your description!

    I’d post the URL here, but that would probably be a violation of something or another. And I wouldn’t want Herald readers vomiting all over their desks.

  2. Takuya Kawashima

    Nov 24th, 2009

    Bondage, pony-play, dollification… we are back in the sex business! Awesome job, Timothy. I really had high hopes when you presented a pretty surgeon last week who was actually capable of writing a half-way interesting bio that did not include any sex at all but then you present the little stereotypical Asian fetish doll and shatter all my dreams.

    And though you’ve managed to choose some interesting angles for your pics this time, the quality of the images still sucks more than your questionable taste in models. Maybe next time? Come on, you can do it, I trust in your abilities, little padawan!

  3. janellem capalini

    Nov 24th, 2009

    These posts are getting funnier and funnier as we go along, to comment on the quality of the photos would be way too easy. So, I will just move along to the content of these articles, no one truly cares how well you can just jump on a poseball. You have most certainly proved that you are only three months old, for many reasons.. let me list them for you

    Reason 1 You want to be a Post 6 Girl

    Reason 2 See Reason 1

    Reason 3 Your skin looks like you are about 16 years old and is from like 2007, step outside out sex freak crazed world and instead of searching for bdsm sims, trying searching for some good quality skin places

    Reason 4. You are sex crazed bdsm freak,like there is really nothing else to do in sl. Funny, how the first picture is of you in a dress so big that it could cover five of you and oh the tiara, nice touch….so princess like of you, i think i need to throw up now. Oh, the wings and bunny ears, lets not forget this…those are priceless too and omg lmao…if you need model.. please someone give this poor girl a clue and a few lm’s, she has already embarrassed enough, *pats your head, poor little newb*

  4. Rosa Cabbages

    Nov 25th, 2009

    Oh come on Scylla! You can’t tease us like that! =D

    Post the URL so we can all see how depraved this one is. I promise, if I vomit I won’t hold you personally responsible. I may however be tempted to upload it as a texture so I can build a house of vomit O.O

  5. Niko Bellic

    Nov 25th, 2009

    :Chili Burp:

  6. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 25th, 2009

    Sorry Rosa, I have no intention of providing more publicity for Ms. Demonista’s brutal and hate-filled misogynist crap than I already have. Perhaps she’s sufficiently proud of her little foray into snuff porn that she’ll post the URL here herself.

  7. Mary Elizabeth

    Nov 25th, 2009

    Something is wrong with the alignment of Ashyne’s snake tail in the last photo where it connects to the torso. The textures match badly and the prim part projects out forward at a strange angle.

  8. Mary Elizabeth

    Nov 25th, 2009

    …and speaking of that snake body thing she’s got on….why would a snake woman have butterfly or fairy wings? Just wondering.

  9. Skye D.

    Nov 25th, 2009

    I’m with you, Mary E. The faerie wings with the snake body are just *shudder*. I thought it was a mermaid tail at first, and that I could kind of see, otherwise…no.

    Fuzzy fins with bunny ears don’t really fit either though…if you think about it. ;oP

  10. Selonna Torok

    Nov 26th, 2009

    @Mary Elizabeth’s “…and speaking of that snake body thing she’s got on….why would a snake woman have butterfly or fairy wings? Just wondering.”

    Why not? It’s interesting. The cool thing about SL is that you can literally look any way you want. At least she has more creativity in her avatar design than the usual too-thin, too-blonde bimbos.

    @janellem capilini’s “Reason 1 You want to be a Post 6 Girl”

    That in and of itself means nothing. Some of us that read this rag think it’s fun, if only for its kitsch value. I have no idea what her reasons are. But, y’know, that’s just not reason enough to hate on the poor little thing.

    And… “Reason 3 Your skin looks like you are about 16 years old and is from like 2007″

    It’s pretty obvious she’s wearing a skin from a Japanese designer (hair and other avatar items too, I think). I also think she’s allowed to look any way she pleases. If you think that high quality = high L$ cost, then you’re wrong. After all, look at those hideous Curio skins. Everyone thinks they’re fabulous and I still can’t get past those hemorrhoid lips and the odd contrast.


    … As for the rest of her sex fetishes? Yeah, that’s just weird. I’m not going to back her up on that. ;)

  11. Obvious Schism

    Nov 26th, 2009

    Don’t dragons have wings?

  12. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 26th, 2009

    It’s actually not so much the issue of her sex fetishes, Selonna. What Ashyne chooses to do in the privacy of her own grotty little torture chamber is between her and her therapist.

    What is disturbing about Ashyne is that she chose to publish, on an open blog, nine intensely graphic images of a woman skinned, disembowelled, dismembered, and/or impaled. All in a highly sexualized context. For instance, the images of the woman impaled show the stake driven through her vagina and out her mouth, in a sort of grotesque parody of both sexual intercourse and fellatio. In at least two of the pictures, the woman’s reproductive organs, and breasts, have been set on plates for eating. The victim is, of course, naked in all of the pictures.

    To repeat, this is snuff porn, pure and simple.

  13. Jumpman Lane

    Nov 26th, 2009

    @ janellem capalini i usually mock the crap posted here but its tastless to pick on a 3 month ol new person lmao when you can BUY everything and not look bad…and 4 three months old she doesnt look bad at all and who aint noob horny at three months lmao an edu tard or a business noob lmao and THEY use alts!

  14. brandon

    Nov 26th, 2009

    Scylla Rhiadra are you damaged or something? Is it your personl vendetta to attack any and all who don’t think like you. Big deal, there is freaky stuff. Give it a break.

    You act like its the end of the world and its 2012.

    I’m not into snake bodies but if she wants to play it whats it to you all? I have never seen a bigger bunch of bitches in my life than the crap I see posted here.

    I’d like to see a hot shemale again or maybe lets have a great demoness. Perhaps even a real barbie doll needs to be featured. I know the doll sims have some great living examples.

    Scylla Rhiadra I think you need mental help, I also think you need to leave sl. It is obviously to much for your brain to handle. Or maybe are you only 16 and confused or brainwashed by some feminazi in RL.

    Whatever it is I think she (the 6 grrrl) is interesting. Even if the text is a bit bland. Alpha why don’ you interview a real woman with fire? Theres a few on the forums I can think of. I can think of some right now, Katty, Ciera, Love, Brenda any of these I would love to hear speak their minds without fear of LL bannage.

    But I imagine the little merry group here would tear them to shreds even if they were Mother theresa.

  15. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Nov 26th, 2009

    That’s a Sweets Party skin and shape. I have the glitter version and I’ve worn it a few times when I’m not in my custom avatar. (^_^)

    For the rest… Meh… “My kink is fine but yours crosses the line”. It’s just pixels. Y’all are taking products of the mind far too seriously. (^_^)y

  16. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 26th, 2009

    Actually, Brandon, any of the women you mention would be admirable subjects of Post 6: Love and Brenda in particular are articulate and thoughtful women who are capable of exchanging ideas and differing opinions without engaging in vicious name calling, a skill you seem not to have mastered yet.

    As you seem to have rather missed the point, let me make it once more, slowly. What Ashyne “wants to play” is entirely her own business. What she posts publicly on the internet, however, she makes everyone’s business. Let’s be clear about what exactly she HAS posted. This isn’t a bit of titty and ass (although her blog has that too). It’s not even merely hardcore porn with penetration. It’s not just “freaky”: “freaky” is a half-serpent, or a ball gag and “kinky” BDSM paraphernalia.

    No, what Ashyne has posted, publicly and proudly is a series of extremely explicit representations of a brutally murdered woman, whose corpse has been sexually mutilated. This isn’t “freaky,” it is — to use a term that I employ very sparingly indeed — sick. And probably illegal in many jurisdictions.


    Item #1 (of 9)

    A dining room table, set with plates, and as a centerpiece, the dismembered torso of a woman, her eyes open and wide in terror, and a ball gag in her mouth. She has been skinned from the neck down, so that her internal organs are visible; parts of her bowels have been pulled out, and are splayed across the torso and the table. Both legs have been amputated, with the protuding bone and flesh from the stumps clearly visible. Her arms and torso have also been punctured with numerous spikes. The table is streaked with blood. On one of the plate settings can be seen a section of her intestines. On another, her vulva, uterus, and ovaries are laid out for eating. A third plate contains a bloody amputated breast, what looks to be foot is on another, and a final unidentified internal organ sits on the last plate. Behind the head of the corpse, on the table, are the victim’s severed legs, with the feet amuputated.

    There are other details, and 8 other snapshots, but I think this conveys the point.

    Pretty “freaky,” eh Brandon?

  17. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 27th, 2009

    “My kink is fine but yours crosses the line”

    You know, Immy, you pull this quote out an awful lot, but it occurs to me that it seems rather open-ended.

    Ashyne has treated us to a series of graphic and near-photorealistic images of a murdered and mutilated woman that pretty clearly communicates the idea that women are at their *most* sexually desirable when they’ve had their throats slit — because you DO realize that this is a sexual “kink” (as you so delicately put it), rather than an anatomy lesson, right? The “product of the mind” in this case is the very clear assertion dead women are . . . “dead sexy.” I mean, “pixels” or not, someone, presumably Ashyne, or maybe her lover, is really getting off on this . . . but that presumably doesn’t concern you?

    So, let me ask you . . . if jacking off to images of a murdered and mutilated woman is ok, where exactly DO you draw “the line”? Or IS there a “line” as far as you are concerned?

  18. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 27th, 2009

    Timothy, I’d like to hear from you with regard to this. Do you do ANY research when you choose a man or woman for Post 6? Would you mind commenting on how you managed to choose someone who posts snuff porn on the internet?

  19. df

    Nov 27th, 2009

    @ Scylla: What she posts on her blog is everyones buisness who *chooses* to look at it. You yourself made it your buisness, nobody forced you to look at it in the first place, nor to look further at it when you saw the images she posted werent to your liking. Its ok for her to enjoy these kind of things as it is fine for you to have your opinion about it. However, going on about how sick you think it is tells more about you then this girl. Thanks to your comments for example, i have formed an opinion about you… which i will politely keep to myself. Ashyne, kudos to you. Dont ever let anyone tell you what you should or shouldnt like.

  20. Mary Elizabeth

    Nov 27th, 2009

    How about Imnotgoing Sideways as a Post 6 Grrrl? The photos of her avvie look pretty and an essay from her would definitely be interesting.

  21. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 27th, 2009


    If Ashyne had kept her snuff porn on her hard drive, or in a private photo album, then MAYBE the argument might legitimately be made that I have no right to comment upon it.

    But she didn’t. She posted it in the public sphere, on a completely open-access blog. Hell, she doesn’t even include a warning about the content: anyone could trip across this.

    When we post things — words or images — publicly, we are accountable for them, just as I am accountable for what I am writing now. And, because they constitute a public statement — in Ashyne’s case, to the effect that murdered and mutilated women are a turn-on . . . they are fair game for comment, just as my remarks above are fair game for your criticism. And comment I will, on ANY hate-filled public statement, be it misogynist, racist, or homophobic. Silence in the face of hate is tantamount to complicity, and I will not be silent, or complicit, in the face of an online document that effectively asserts that dead women are a sexual thrill.

    Oh, and speaking of accountability, “df,” why the initials? Why not a full SL name at least? Funny how, when it comes to defending things like snuff porn, the pseudonyms suddenly come out. There wouldn’t be any reason why you wouldn’t want people to see you publicly defending the sexualization of slaughtered and mutilated women, would there?

  22. Obvious Schism

    Nov 27th, 2009

    So, df, do you like snuff? Yes or no?

  23. brandon

    Nov 27th, 2009

    So Silly Scylla, What crawled up you butt and anointed you lord and king over all things not to your liking? I’ve seen worse things in my lifetime than whats on a piece of digital paper there at ashs. Much worse.

    Do I like it? No its not my first choice, but the point is why do you have to continuely whine whine whine here and on the forums and that piece of trash you call a blog?

    I know why, because its called freedom of speech. So guess what bitch, Heres a big cup of STFU because the same rules apply to Ash that apply to your poor twisted outlook.

    I think kid avatars are disgusting too but unlike some I’m not calling for their heads. I just don’t like them so I ignore the little bastards. Immy is a total ‘On ignore’ person AFAIAMC.

    Posting Immy here would be fire and bordering on child porn. I don’t give a fuck how Darkly cute he thinks she is, hes gets Ars anytime I happen to run across him. Obviously they havent worked as he must be sucking someones dick somewhere to not be banned yet. No I am not Liar prok ciera or any of the other nutjobs. I am one of the untold lurkers who hate the whole kid power thing as well but we keep our mouths shut most times. Although that dakota fuck is getting his soon.

    Back to Ash. Shes pretty and I am betting she had fun doing this so leave her the fuck alone you dried up old feminazicatwomanoncrazystreetwholivesalone.

  24. brandon

    Nov 27th, 2009

    Lets see Mary E and Scary Scy as a post 6 girl! I bet they dont have the balls to do it. (Oops, I lose I’m sure they do have balls.)
    Let these two harpies pose and see what shitstorm rolls their way then? If they look nice I’ll tell them,hell I’ll even compliment them but if they look like hell you can bet they’ll hear it too.

    Mary and Scy put your booty where your mouth is. Step up and lets see how perfect you all are.

    I hear crickets.

    Mmm yeah thats what I thought.

  25. Skye Donardson

    Nov 27th, 2009

    Scylla, I’m just wondering how you found this blog with this offensive pictures. Out of curiousity I’ve Googled Ms. Demonista (Web and Images), and the only thing I can find are links back to this site. Nor does her profile list anything, at least not when I checked it.

    I also find it curious that you’re that interested in a Post 6 Girl that you’d go out and do what sounds like a background check on them. That seems really odd to me.

    Not that I don’t find snuff porn repellent…indeed I do…but it’s not something I go out looking for, either.

  26. What's Her Problem?

    Nov 27th, 2009

    Scylla Rhiadra
    Week after week you come here like some sort of conservative keeper of the moral truth. One week the model is not accomplished enough, one week she’s accomplished enough but too naked (I think that was last week in fact), now you disapprove of this girl’s blog? Who the hell are you and what on god’s green earth makes you think you have any sort of say in how other people live their life? Seriously. It’s really ironic that you are such a feminist because in this, the “I know I’m better than you so let me tell you how you should live” mentality that you have, you have more in common with Sarah Palin than Hilary. Maybe you need a new hobby, because being the unofficial self-appointed conscience of the Second Life Herald seems to be driving you crazy.

    @Scylla Rhiadra said
    To repeat, this is snuff porn, pure and simple.

    No, it’s not, there is no “snuff” here at all. IF YOU LOOK AT THE PICTURES ABOVE YOU SEE NO SNUFF. The only person that brought it up IS YOU!

    @Scylla Rhiadra said
    if jacking off to images of a murdered and mutilated woman is ok…


    Scylla Rhiadra- YOU are the one that brought the snuff and the mutilation here. Apparently this woman keeps a blog that offends you. SO WHAT? That has nothing to do with this blog. Go to HER blog and write that you’re offended. Seriously, there is no snuff or mention of snuff, or any of the gruesome things you describe here, that’s SOME OTHER BLOG. GO THERE AND COMPLAIN, NOT HERE!

    Here’s why you’re HERE talking about this- You’re an attention whore. You want people to read your words and think you’re brilliant and have people bend to your narrow little view of how life is supposed to be. If that weren’t the case, you would have commented on this woman’s blog, that no one reads, and that would be the end of it. Instead, you brought it HERE, where lots of people can read your words and talk about how brilliant you are. All of the pseudo intellectual crap you spew, (much of which contradicts itself from week to week, and sometimes from post to post by the way), is your lame attempt to make this ALL ABOUT YOU.

    So, Scylla Rhiadra, let’s stop the bullshit. You should ask Timothy if you can pose, get your own week as a Post 6 Grrrl and really make this all about you. Write a bio that will show all models how it should be done, and advise Timothy as to exactly how much nudity is just enough.

    You talk a good game (ok, well, not really) so why not show us how to play?

  27. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 27th, 2009


    I DO go out looking for snuff porn … and lots of other things too. It’s part of what I do in both SL and RL as an activist, researcher, and writer. If you follow the link on my name below, you’ll see some of the SL portions of that work.

    That said, I do not do “background” checks on Post 6 Grrrls. (In fact, if you check out Jaime Wheeler’s Post 6 feature from Halloween, you’ll see that I obviously SHOULD do background checks sometimes, as I made an error there, which I have now, I hope rectified.)

    The answer, in other words, is that I knew of Ashyne’s blog before she appeared here.


    Not much to say here, as you really don’t seem to have much of a point to make beyond insulting me personally. Your language speaks for itself.


    A point that I have been trying to make in the comments to Post 6 for some time is that a feature that merely treats women as conglomerations of curves and interesting apertures is a feature that is doing a disservice to all women. I — and others — have accordingly been asking, repeatedly, that women of some accomplishment, and with something to say, be featured here.

    Well, as it happens, I knew something of Ashyne’s “accomplishments” before she popped up here. She is not merely a sort of virtual pornographer, but one who specializes on her blog in some of the most violent and misogynist pornography going. That, so far as I am concerned, is a pretty dubious “accomplishment.” And that is why I comment on it: Ashyne has gone “public” both here, and on her blog. She has been given a kind of public 15 minutes of fame here, and has chosen to remain silent about the less reputable activities in which she also engages. Had those activities been truly private in nature, I wouldn’t have said a thing. But they are not: they are public, for all to see. The kind of public statements about women that she makes there through her images need to be answered.

    Let me turn it around for a moment. Let’s suppose Prok was featured as a Post 6 Boy. Would your comments restrict themselves entirely to the content of the bio? Would you ignore HIS blog?

    Btw, Hillary called. She wants you to know that she’s not really into snuff porn either.

  28. marilyn murphy

    Nov 28th, 2009

    i don’t want to bring the passion to this that, whats her problem, has. i would suggest that scylla should pose for post sixx. i did it. i did it exactly because i felt you should put up or shut up. i told girls for a long time it was fun to pose for post sixx and so i felt i should since i reccommended it. if the ladies who post here cannot write, then show them how you think it should be done.
    there is no rancor in this suggestion, i am very sincere.

  29. hoobedoo

    Nov 28th, 2009

    same c r a p, different day.

  30. Poppy

    Nov 28th, 2009

    I have seen Ashyne’s blog (but I will not be posting the URL here, find it yourself), and the ‘Gynaphgia/Cannibalism’ part is only a very small part of her blog.

    Why is it that you, Scylla, are only commenting on the ‘gory’ photos and seem to be completely ignoring the other, I must admit, quite artistic shots of her avatar scattered throughout her blog?

    If you had opened your mind, you would have seen that she does more than just ‘gory’ photos, she is apparently trying to attract a wider audience to her blog by posting pictures of as many different themes and fetishes as she can.

    I’d probably call it a ‘museum’ of sorts. Have you heard of the ‘Body Worlds’ exhibition? That is very much a public exhibition showcasing skinned corpses in different poses, some even having sex with each other.

    IMHO, I view Ashyne’s blog as some kind of ‘Body Worlds’ exhibition, except that it’s all completely virtual.

  31. Corona Anatine

    Nov 28th, 2009

    to ‘whats her problem?’

    while what demonista posted has no relevance to the pictures above it reflects on her personality whereever posted

    supoose you had a peadophile whose blogs was full of associated pictures
    would you want to know about that if they were a post 6 girl?

    I would imagine that scylla highlighted this issue for information purposes
    in the same way that knowing a musician has connections with hunting /animal mutilation detracts from their music

    the other point is demonistas national location
    maybe the culture in singapore is more accepting of such images
    making it an issue of whether we should be universally offended or just culturally offended

    suppose she had those ideas and did not display them on her blog
    she would still be the same person

    however scyllas initial point is very clear
    Ashyne, I find it curious that you don’t make mention of Vore or Dolcett amongst your personal “faves,” given that your blog includes some of the most grotesquely explicit and brutally violent snapshots of a flayed, impaled, and dismembered female avatar that I have ever seen. And I say this, mind you, as someone who has explored Dolcett sims, and sat on a few butcher’s tables myself. What a very interesting part of your personality to leave out here in your description!

    she does not condemn the images
    Scylla merely points out an apparent omission from her description

    ps are all dolcett victims female in SL ?

  32. Mary Elizabeth

    Nov 28th, 2009

    The “vore” folks were a bit slow in coming in to comment in Ashyne’s defense. Must have been otherwise engaged.

  33. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Nov 28th, 2009

    I draw a line when an actual human is harmed or when an actual freedom is violated. Virtual is virtual. Words are words. Drawings are drawings. To give them any other preemptive attention is excessive. (=_=)

    I personally don’t do dolcett. To me, it’s in bad taste (pun intended). So, I go on with my life in other persuasions. (^_^)

    Now, if someone in RL was expressing REAL intent to ACTUALLY eat someone… I’d call the cops. But, let dreams be what they are and give them the unimportance they deserve. (^_^)y

  34. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Nov 28th, 2009

    Oh, and I left out, it doesn’t have to be a girl. I’ve seen bloody doods too. Not my thing, but, no harm done in my point of view. It’s just pixels. (^_^)y

  35. Skye Donardson

    Nov 28th, 2009

    Well, after a little more digging, I found the blog Scylla mentioned.

    Wow. Just…wow.

    I’ll say simply that Ashyne’s been a busy girl in her first three months inworld!

  36. LittleMe Jewell

    Nov 28th, 2009

    I found her blog and I personally just chuckled a lot. It reminded me of some of the old porno comic books. SL is all about play and fantasy — to each their own. I personally think there a a few folks in SL that are way too judgmental (granted, that holds for RL also).

  37. Brenda Connolly

    Nov 28th, 2009

    First off, I am flattered by the impromptu nomination, but I will respectfully decline. I have some eclectic intersts in SL myself, although not as eclectic as the current featurette perhaps,but I do not wish to be in a position to watch them being debated and picked apart, nor having to defend them. A for SL Dolcett, it is something I choose to avoid without passing judgement on those who may engage in it. Equating it to RL child porn or any RL criminal behavior is a bit much for me, I don’t make the connection between the real and virtual that some do. I do feel that bringing her blog up in this context was a bit of an ambush. Some have asked why she chose not to mention in an accusatory way….I ask: Why is she required to bring it up?

  38. Pulled Under!

    Nov 29th, 2009

    Of course Imnotgoing Sideways comes to defend this person.

    Imnotgoing “Immy” is also a long-haired, neckbearded serial-killing looking person who used to publicly advertise that they went to 7chan’s “/cake/” forum– a forum dedicated to getting off on drawn pictures of children being sexually assaulted. Is it any wonder that this little ageplayer-avatar’d “person” would come here to defend this shit?

    This is a person who literally lives by the “just pixels” mantra, because it’s the only defense for their fetish-bordering-on-mental-illness.

  39. Mary Elizabeth

    Nov 29th, 2009

    Why critique the look of the avvies photographed for Post 6? An avvie is a digital image that a person creates, not the person themselves. It’s like commenting on any other creative work posted for comment, not like walking up to a woman at the mall and telling her she has a fat ass. The Post 6 models CHOOSE to put their avvies up for public viewing.

    Why can’t Timothy land more avvies who are interesting? Some have suggested that he frequents the “wrong sort of place”. I don’t think it’s that. Most successful female avvies, particularly those with actual women at the keyboard won’t want to turn their avvies into wank material, particularly on a web page with fairly obvious sympathies to PN and other griefer groups. So, Timothy lands mostly superficial people who want to show off an avvie they made that they think is sexy or provokative and crave adoration or wanking that they may not be getting in RL.

  40. Selonna Torok

    Nov 29th, 2009

    Would you find someone that draws children performing sex acts on adults to be offensive?

    Now, would you find someone that uses virtual avatars to make pictures of children performing sex acts on adults to be offensive?

    Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it can’t be (or shouldn’t be) offensive. If someone was drawing pictures of kiddie porn, I would seriously question their ethics. I think that’s the point that’s trying to be made… the virtual medium is an art and is just as capable of offending.

  41. Skye Donardson

    Nov 29th, 2009

    I’m actually questioning whether Timothy even *took* these pictures. All of these outfits she’s wearing, she wore in prior photoshoots that she took of herself. ‘Cause judging by the pics of her and Timothy on her blog, there was a whole lot of other stuff going on instead of taking portraits.


    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

  42. Mary Elizabeth

    Nov 29th, 2009

    So, Skye, if you said that she chewed Timothy up and spit him out you might literally mean it in this case?

  43. Skye Donardson

    Nov 29th, 2009

    *Snerk* No, not in this case.

    Let’s just say I’m wondering if boinking the photographer has become a pre-requisite for becoming a Post 6 Grrrrl. If so, I’m thinking the line of wannabees might be greatly reduced…at least among those with a modicum of self respect.

  44. Scylla Rhiadra

    Nov 30th, 2009


    I accept that your suggestion that I pose is entirely sincere; I can also see some merit in it, even. However, surely you can understand why a feminist concerned about the objectification of women would not agree to pose nude in a context like this. It’s not that I’m a prude: I’m quite happy to get naked, even publicly, when it seems appropriate. Indeed, I’d probably agree to do an “artistic nude,” but the photos here just don’t qualify: this is, as you have yourself said, a “fluff” piece, and the pics are pure cheescake. So I am going to decline the suggestion.


    I have seen Body Works; indeed, it is showing in my city, in its most recent incarnation, right now. There is a HUGE difference between an artistic/educational use of flayed bodies, and in highly eroticized pictures of a woman who has clearly died violently, and under torture. The point isn’t that she doesn’t have skin; it’s that she has obviously been brutally tortured, murdered, and then turned into a sexual fetish. I’m amazed you even make the comparison.

    As for the rest of her blog, I find virtually nil artistry to the compositions or the photography. Exactly how many other pictures does she need to have to cancel out the effect of nine snuff shots? You talk as though you could “water down” their impact. You can’t.


    You don’t really answer my question directly, but the implication of your post is that pretty much anything that is “only pixels” is permissible. So, let’s follow this through to its logical conclusion, as Selonna does. What about SL snaps representing a child being molested? Or perhaps murdered? Is that ok? Let’s switch gears: what about pixellated representations of blacks being lynched by the KKK? Or Jews dying in gas chambers? After all, no one was “hurt” in real, right?

    If that is your principle, how about we apply this to RL? Would it be ok to post a representation of child molestation on your front lawn? Still no one being “hurt,” right . . . ? And Ashyne’s pics are a hell of a lot more accessible online than is your front lawn.

    How about a racist image? Is that ok, in real life?

    The point that you seem to be missing is that this is not about consent: no one is denying that these pics were consensual. Nor it is about harmed in the literal sense that you intend it: of course no one was “harmed” physically. And I have NOT questioned Ashyne’s “right” to play at Dolcett, merely her right to post these pictures publicly.

    The point is about the IMPACT of these kinds of images, about the way that they desensitize people to violence, and communicate the idea that it’s really kind of a turn on to murder and mutilate women. Obviously some people think so, are they wouldn’t play at Dolcett in the first place, would they? (And I HAVE spoken, one-on-one, to Dolcett players who confirm that it IS a sexual turn on.)

    If images don’t impact on our perceptions, why do corporations spend billions of dollars annually on advertising?

  45. Senban Babii

    Nov 30th, 2009

    @Skye Donardson

    “Let’s just say I’m wondering if boinking the photographer has become a pre-requisite for becoming a Post 6 Grrrrl.”

    While I can’t speak for any of Timothy’s other models, Timothy was a perfect gentleman during my shoot and on the few occasions I’ve spoken to him since, he’s been polite and friendly with no sign or mention of “sex for Post 6 article” or anything even slightly of that nature. If he’s in a relationship with this model then that’s entirely his business and I can’t speak for that of course but I thought it only fair to point out that on at least one occasion, he acted like a complete gentleman to his model.

  46. Skye Donardson

    Nov 30th, 2009

    Senban, I understand. I meant that to be tongue in cheek, and maybe it came out a bit nastier sounding than I intended. Such are the limitations of having things in print only.

  47. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Dec 11th, 2009

    “What about SL snaps representing a child being molested? Or perhaps murdered? Is that ok? Let’s switch gears: what about pixellated representations of blacks being lynched by the KKK? Or Jews dying in gas chambers? After all, no one was “hurt” in real, right?”

    >> I would personally consider all examples to be rather disturbing. In reaction, I would not picket for their removal. I would simply go somewhere else. In addition, each example you’ve provided is potentially against the TOS/CS in SL. If I were to observe it inworld, I’d likely AR it. (^_^)

    At the same time, there is currently a Holocaust Memorial Museum build in SL which includes a quarter sim sized depiction of kristallnacht. In context, all the propaganda, pain, and suffering is being depicted there in a visceral and emotional presentation. I would NEVER want such a thing removed from presentation. (>_> Do you have sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife? Do you put up sign boards of your various erotic acts on your front lawn? I don’t either. Everything has a place and a means of access. Comcast delivers “Teletubbies” and “Asian Anal Adventures – part 4″ on the same cable. It’s up to you to decide what you look at and what you avoid. (^_^)

    Girly-girl’s blog? You seeked it out, you found it, and it’s your fault it was on you computer screen. I have no desire to see he blog so I make the logical decision to not seek it out. Her blog is not her “front lawn”. (^_^)

    “The point is about the IMPACT of these kinds of images, about the way that they desensitize people to violence, and communicate the idea that it’s really kind of a turn on to murder and mutilate women. Obviously some people think so, are they wouldn’t play at Dolcett in the first place, would they? (And I HAVE spoken, one-on-one, to Dolcett players who confirm that it IS a sexual turn on.)”

    >> Different strokes for different folks. I’m very squeamish. I can’t even look at a syringe without getting woozy. Others fap to a bloody mess. As long as they’re not spilling real blood I say let them fap. (^_^)

    I, personally, despise the word “desensitize”. It’s over used and has lead to a desensitization all its own. It’s an easy word to use yet a difficult one to explain. (>_<)

    I have faced years of simulated violence in movies, games, and roleplay. But, hearing someone shout loudly in a shopping center or seeing a real fist-fight from a distance still scares the crud out of me to the point of cowering, running away, or even experience extreme nausea. I, for one, am NOT desensitized in any way even though I have experienced simulated violence all my life. I’m sure there are plenty of people just like me in this respect. (=_=)

    So, if she likes to simulate things that arouse her, let her. If she publicizes it on a blog, let her and don’t visit the blog. If you want to crusade against violence, go find the people who are actually violent. (=_=)

    Somewhere in this world; there is someone having some good clean fun doing the one thing you hate the most. (^_^)y

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