Daeynaries Lane — The 12 Days of Post 6-mux Grrrrls

by Alphaville Herald on 22/12/09 at 6:22 am

[In going through the many models in the Post 6 group it occurred to me that many of the models are themselves talented SL photographers, and to successfully pull off 12 days of avatars, I should employ some of their awesomeness. At the same time, I was hoping to find someone who would be willing to step in and be the substitute Post 6 Photographer when I go on vacation. I found both in the wonderfully talented Daeynaries Lane, who took the pictures you see here and who will be filling in for me from time to time in the months to come. -Timothy Morpork]
Daenaries Lane Final 1

I'm roughly a 30 year old mmorpg junkie/exotic dancer. Weird? Alright Ill explain.. I started off playing Ultima online when I was like 16 or 17 years old due to an old boyfriend getting me involved. At this time, UO was the ONLY mmo on the market and kind of paved the way for other games. I role played there on Atlantic for the longest time and opened of course a virtual strip club. At this time in gaming, THAT was still taboo, but I did it very cleverly. I would sell 1 year memberships for 1 million gold pieces, and have the person send me a copy of their drivers license to verify their age. The GM's saw this and saw no issues with it so they kinda… let me be. Very similar to rl strip clubs and how they work in conjunction with their local police.

Daenaries Lane Final 2

After UO got boring and bigger and better things (3d) came out.. I went to Star wars Galaxies for a bit! Epic game until they totally messed it up by adding Jedi as a starter profession and months of peoples work went down the frickin tubes. I ended up running a guild there focused also on role play and held the longest standing city with the most citizens for the first 2 years of the game. I quit an elder politician.

From there I went to WoW and found it weird to me having NO personalization or homes to customize. It didn't bode well with me and I quit..

THEN! I found Second Life and just about died with all the personalization of av's, and customization of items and homes. It made role play… ALIVE! I was instantly addicted and have been a Midian city junky ever since. I've been there for almost 2 years now and have finally gotten admin status!! (takes ages in midian.. they make you really prove yourself) I've been role playing there under the character The Infamous Daeynaries Lane, owner and operator of the Kitchen.. Midian's culinary jeremiad. If you're ever around, stop on by, you could end up in one of my many meat pies!

Daenaries Lane Final 3

Other than that.. I'm just your normal girl gamer, sometimes blasting people in Call of Duty, other times role playing a sadistic, merciless, witch of a woman in Midian.

Thanks for taking this opportunity to get to know me better. Post 6 gurrl rocks.. and it's an honor to take part in it. Check out my profile in game for more information or just to say howdy!

7 Responses to “Daeynaries Lane — The 12 Days of Post 6-mux Grrrrls”

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    Dec 22nd, 2009

    Nice write up, odd photos. You can’t really see the avvie’s face in any of them.

  2. Jumpman Lane

    Dec 22nd, 2009

    lol timmy should take a permanet vacation! hi gal how ya been!

  3. blossom ixitio

    Dec 22nd, 2009

    Apsolutley faabulous i would love to photograph you some ime have u ever thought about doing this work full time

  4. Lola

    Dec 22nd, 2009

    Cute pictures, but way, way too much contrast (especially on the second photo). The last photo makes you look like a Simpsons character.

  5. Bootsy

    Dec 22nd, 2009

    You sound like a very interesting person and acomplished gamer Your bio is well done and your Av is lovely, but I find your photos too busy, for this medium, anyway. I would expect to see work like this in a more artistic atmosphere.

    I would like to see Timothys representation of you, in his more simplistic style of photography.

  6. Jumpman Lane

    Dec 25th, 2009

    @Bootsy i agree these pix are a little too busy, the background distracts from the subjuct (Dae herself) but these pix are a zillion times better than tim’s crap (he did take a nice pic he posted on flickr once lmao) tim needs to keep practising lol

  7. Marcus

    Dec 27th, 2009

    Go Daisey, Go Daisey !

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