Debi Dastardly — Post 6 Grrrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 29/12/09 at 5:05 pm

[Debi Dastardly contacted me about Post 6 a couple of weeks ago and has proven to be one of my all-time favorite models. Charming, witty and very enthusiastic about The Herald and Post 6, Debi shows that sometimes wonderful things can come in small packages. I am proud to present this week's Post 6 Grrrl, Debi Dastardly -Timothy Morpork]

Debi_Dastardly Final1

Hello friends, and people I will call friends in the future: I am very honored to be in the Herald as this weeks Post 6 Grrrrl. Thank you Timothy – this has been a dream of mine for a long time.

So what kind of person chooses a name like Dastardly for her Second Life name? Well I'm probably not what most people expect. I have a very full and varied real life and my Second Life is very full and varied as well. I am many things to many people on Second Life but always the same person no matter what role I am playing at the time. In real life I work for emergency services it can be a very stressful job but very rewarding at times as well.

Debi_Dastardly Final2b

So I come to Second Life to escape and to dream of a more gentle world. I build and I love to create whatever my mind dreams up at any given time. I don't build for money – anytime I have accepted payment for anything, it was only a token of someone having appreciated my work enough to show it. I build because I can and because at the end of any build its really only important to me.

I am also a proud member and Non-Commissioned Officer in the Merczateers, and although I haven't been able to be there as much as I used to, my heart is still with my friends there, and I still swell with pride when I tell someone "yeah I'm a grunt!" There is nothing better than to feel part of a team that has made such an impact on a large segment of Second Life.

Oh yeah I must add this, I like to shop too.

Debi_Dastardly Final3a

One of the things I like about Second Life is the ability to be different. And the ability to be yourself at the same time. I chose to make my AV short because I am short. But I also chose to do things here on Second Life that I wouldn't be able to in real life. Like being the Post 6 Grrrrl. Of all my accomplishments in Second Life this one is monumental for me.

Now its time for your comments.  And so as we say in the Military community on Second Life, "Let's lock and load!"

Love, Deb.

19 Responses to “Debi Dastardly — Post 6 Grrrrrl”

  1. Tailson

    Dec 29th, 2009

    Wow, looking good Debi! You’ve waited a long time for this, it was pretty much a given you’d get here before long!

    Keep it up, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

  2. Gaffar Belar

    Dec 29th, 2009

    Oh Debi, I never expected in all my time of life to see your avatar naked from behind <.<
    Big congrats to the person who made thoise pictures, they are amazing.
    And Debi you should onde day invite me to build something with you, you know that I love to build stuff to (specialy weapons)
    Happy Christmas nad have a happy new year my friend.

  3. brenda

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Your kidding us right? Shes not attractive at all. No wonder theres so many confused people on sl. If this is your idea of beauty then just go back to walmart. Sorri Debi, but lookswise this is fail although you sound like half interesting as a person. But this isn’t about personality, otherwise we all would be out dating like mad little lemmings. (But your not, you play SL, so don’t lie)

    And whats up with that horrid light on the face? ewww.

  4. Debi Dastardly

    Dec 30th, 2009

    @ Tailson Thank you friend and thank you for teaching me so much about building
    @ Gaffar Thank you for your kind words, and my build platform is open to you anytime. Happy New Year to you as well.

  5. DIANDRA palianta

    Dec 30th, 2009

    hey sis debs you rock girl,havnt know you long but already see you as a close great friend and sister,i love your builds too ur kickass chick and im proud to have met you.we get on so well have many things in common so its nice to meet others on here that actualy can hold a decent convo that doesnt have the F words every second word hehehehe
    take care sis seeya on the highways
    rock on ur sis D aka SORCERESS

  6. Carey

    Dec 30th, 2009

    What a wonderful treat and lovely difference to the usual prefab Miss Prettys and Barbies that we are normally shown in the virtual world! This woman makes the difference I am sure a lot of us have been waiting for, not only with personality, but also with the looks of her sweet and natural beauty.
    Btw Brenda, some of us have RL jobs and it can be nice to get away from the stress of work, dating and those RL social activities and play SL… even if we do have a (pretty good real) life. ;)

  7. Timo

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Great Story & Pics Debs ! Not too cold for this time of the year ? And, i didnt read much about you being helpful towards others … :) )

    Be Proud !

  8. Aleteia

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Debi,sis,you look fabulous!
    And Brenda, not everyone in SL feels the need to shape their avatar according to the stick-insect tall and thin ‘beauty’ canon. It’s called imagination.

  9. Hollie Andel

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Great pics look ‘fantastic’. You didn’t mention what you do for other people did you..thats cos your modest so i’ll ‘brag’ for fact a large part of your time is spent helping others, you have always been there every single time i needed a hand. even forgoing sleep on occasion so you could help me out. You are one of the nicest people i have met on sl, and i am proud to say your a friend. So you go girl..

  10. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Dec 31st, 2009


    I’m afraid now.

  11. Vixen Kiama

    Jan 1st, 2010

    Con-go-rats Debi! Glad your dream came true to be in this.

  12. Debi Dastardly

    Jan 1st, 2010

    @ Diandra Thank you sis you are amazing as well
    @ Carey Thank you sweetie for all the nice things you say about my AV
    @ Timo Thank you for always being there to give me advice and being my loyal friend :)
    @ Aleteia Thank you sis
    @ Hollie: I’m very honored to call you my friend and you are so helpful to others as well
    @ At0m0 Be afraid be very afraid LOL
    Thank you everyone that has either looked or left a comment even the negative ones :) )

  13. archie

    Jan 2nd, 2010

    Decent photographs

    Well done, ohhhh and nice tits girl

  14. Marianne

    Jan 2nd, 2010

    Nice avatar, well shaped body. I wish you have had a more flattening light.

    Since the model is here to reply, can I ask how much control you have over poses and locations? Because I have seen the pose in picture #2 used often in Timothy’s pictures. And it’s a good pose, but it’s used too much. Time to buy some new poses.

    If it’s Timothy who supply the poses, why does he let some use only their AO, while some get poseballs? Lack of time that’s shown in the quality?

  15. Debi Dastardly

    Jan 4th, 2010

    Thank you Archie….I think lol
    And Marianne Timothy let me chose the place and chose from the photos he took. Thank you for the wonderful comments about my Avatar :)

  16. Errin

    Jan 8th, 2010

    “So what kind of person chooses a name like Dastardly for her Second Life name? Well I’m probably not what most people expect.”

    Yeah whatever..ffff..oh and Debi, for most of the picts…i thank you for being the cutest butterface i ever saw.

  17. Billyjoe Benoir

    Jan 10th, 2010

    Hey Debi!

    Looking good there girl! :3

  18. Zdax Hornet

    Jan 18th, 2010

    For the Iron Symphony!

  19. Debi Dastardly

    Jun 19th, 2010

    Thank you to everyone who has viewed my post, I love you all even the negative ones.

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