EVEonline Player Visits Second Life

by Alphaville Herald on 10/12/09 at 12:23 am

Killing time while EVEonline is EVEoffline

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Last night I ran into poopmaster Oh – an ex-Second Lifer who now spends quality time in EVEOnline. While poopmaster Oh waited for EVEoffline to become EVEonline again – the game had crashed – we discussed the relative merits of the worlds, the charm of spaceships and spacebux, and the impact of the fearsome Something Awful Goonswarm faction.

poopmaster Oh stops by Hyperborea sim

Pixeleen Mistral: great name!
poopmaster Oh: you dont remember?
poopmaster Oh: yea its great

Pixeleen Mistral: I meet a lot of avs in this business
poopmaster Oh: I am a reporter, or was a reporter for SecondLifeHarold.com
poopmaster Oh: damn domain expired on me

Pixeleen Mistral: the SecondLifeHarold.com was short lived
poopmaster Oh: 2 years
poopmaster Oh: very short yea
poopmaster Oh: time flies so fast in here

Pixeleen Mistral: so maybe you should write for the real Herald
poopmaster Oh: i found a new game last year and hardly ever come in here anymore

Pixeleen Mistral: what game is it?
poopmaster Oh: been playin EvEOnline.com

Pixeleen Mistral: Walker Spaight likes that a lot
poopmaster Oh: internet spaceships

Pixeleen Mistral: and spacebux!
Pixeleen Mistral: I wish LL had real spaceships and spacebux
poopmaster Oh: yea the sims r way way way too small
poopmaster Oh: you can fly around a bit but you just hit the walls
poopmaster Oh: it really is amazing how 2 cents worth of internetspace ship can get your heart beating so fast

Pixeleen Mistral: well – it might crash!
poopmaster Oh: it did crash
poopmaster Oh: thats why i came here

Pixeleen Mistral: to catch your breath?
poopmaster Oh: the whole game crashed

Pixeleen Mistral oh noes 


Pixeleen Mistral: so would you advice SL players to try EVEonline?
poopmaster Oh: i have been thinkin about doin a 'event' to do that
poopmaster Oh: its not the most easy game to learn
poopmaster Oh: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3088/2335016192_6003c39c4c.jpg

Pixeleen Mistral: if SL players want to meet you in EVEonline – how would they contact you?
poopmaster Oh: i should/could make a channel
poopmaster Oh: someone did make a channel called 'Second EVE' for SL players who also play eve to hang out
poopmaster Oh: ive never seen anyone in it tho

Pixeleen Mistral: so what did you think about the goonswarm guys?
poopmaster Oh: They are a large a powerful alliance
poopmaster Oh: From the something awful forums
poopmaster Oh: I don't play the same game they do

Pixeleen Mistral: yeah – and they took out the most powerful EVEonline alliance
poopmaster Oh: the universe is very large
poopmaster Oh: yea they have taken over large amounts of space in the south
poopmaster Oh: the most valuable space

Pixeleen Mistral: can anyone stop them?
poopmaster Oh: but they have recently added changes to the game (dec 1) to make resources more even
poopmaster Oh: They play in 0.0 space mostly and gank hi sec miners, neither of those two worlds do i enter

Pixeleen Mistral: so what is your game there?
poopmaster Oh: I am a low sec pirate and i play in faction war

Pixeleen Mistral: sounds fun
poopmaster Oh: PvP is allways fun
poopmaster Oh: when i was in the northern collition (mostly harmless) i did fight the goons a few times they can bring some big numbers


Pixeleen Mistral: I think it is a bad sign the goons mostly ignore SL now
poopmaster Oh: in EVE its a numbers game, the more ppl you bring the better you can kill, a gang of 10 ppl cant win vs 100, if we bring 150 they bring 300
poopmaster Oh: its about how many friends you have in 0.0
poopmaster Oh: or slaves
poopmaster Oh: in lowsec is less large gang more solo and small gang

Pixeleen Mistral: you seem to like it though
poopmaster Oh: yea its addictive
poopmaster Oh: it can make a very strong emotional response
poopmaster Oh: like sl

Pixeleen Mistral: does it have cyber like SL does?
poopmaster Oh: no
poopmaster Oh: there is no 'body' or out of ship avatar
poopmaster Oh: you can dock up and change ships but you can not walk around stations
poopmaster Oh: yet
poopmaster Oh: they been sayin they will add it for years

And with that, the other-worldly visitor disappeared. It was reassuring to learn that there is still a place for small gangs with internet spaceships despite the best efforts of the large factions – but how many other Second Lifers have moved on?

9 Responses to “EVEonline Player Visits Second Life”

  1. Alexander

    Dec 10th, 2009

    total crap

  2. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Dec 10th, 2009

    Is it just me, or did you just put up an article about speaking to someone who has a somethingawful forum account?

    I’m trying to find something else in there, but all I can see is ‘This guy’s an SA goon! WOOOOOO!’

  3. Emperor Norton hears a who?

    Dec 10th, 2009

    Shoddy journalism. “Does EVE have avatars?” What kind of nonsense is that? Who cares?

    Does EVE have Chickens? That’s what we want to know. There maybe interstellar chicken abuse going on in EVE right now and you Pixeleen missed the story with your sloppy journalism.

  4. icallbullshit

    Dec 10th, 2009

    sloppy journalism?


    sloppy yes, journalism?, not even close

  5. Chicken Liberation Front Of Second Life

    Dec 10th, 2009

    We, the Chicken Liberation Front Of Second Life hereby announce that we will begin investigations of EVE Online in search of the chicken abuses forthwith. A commemorative Chicken Liberation Front Of Second Life tee shirt and novelty egg cup (no mod/no trans/no copy/no rez naturally) will be sent to our brother Emperor Norton Hears A Who? for services to cyberchickens everywhere! Learn from his eggsample! <–See what we did there? 8D

  6. Emperor Norton hears a who?

    Dec 11th, 2009

    Chicken Liberation Front Of Second Life @
    Learn from his eggsample! <–See what we did there? 8D

    Thank you Brother! It is time someone stood up to these chicken choking poultry bullies.

    Shame on Pixeteen! For shame! Every cyber chicken who suffers virtual blood in upon your head now.

  7. Viktor

    Dec 12th, 2009

    In The News Today: SA Goons cant get attention anymore! Fish for moar at local blog!

    Next thing you know the PN will be whining for some.

  8. VoX

    Dec 22nd, 2009

    EVE players are a bunch of aspies who spend hours farming asteroids on an online game, hth.

  9. Grendel Footman

    Jan 16th, 2010

    I play EvE too, it’s a pretty good game once you et your mind out of mining and actually go out and do something. Usually on the rare moment’s i still mine, I usually got sl up too and talking to corp mates who aren’t logged on eve at the time, there’s actually a pretty big EvE fanbase on SL, and heard someone’s trying to replicate the inside of one of the stations on SL until CCP gets around to implementing it on EvE

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