Game Gods Play Nostrodamus – Metaplace Apocalypse Jan 1, 2010

by Alphaville Herald on 27/12/09 at 7:05 pm

User generated content world coming to end – doomed avatars plan killer party for 1/1/2010

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk


Raph Koster, overwhelmed by baby dragon gifts lays on the street in Metaplace Central

The winter solstice was a dark day for those who invested time in Metaplace – on December 21 players were sent an e-mail stating "over the last few months it has become apparent that Metaplace as aconsumer UGC service is not gaining enough traction to be a viableproduct, requiring a strategic shift for our company. We’re sorry to announce today that will be closing to the public at 11:59pm on January 1st, 2010."

The mood in Metaplace Central 45 minutes after the e-mail went out was chaotic – both Raph Koster and Community manager Cuppycake were present to answer questions as players wondered if there was any way to save the world – and their creations. However, little new information was available beyond what was already in the e-mail and FAQ. Raph's blog was similarly taciturn. An end of the world party is scheduled for noon PST January 1, 2010, and players were advised to save what they could and document their creations between before the party starts.

At one point Raph was almost entirely covered by baby dragon gifts from players who looked at their large hoards of experience-point-based coins and tried to burn through them while they still existed. The normally effusive Cuppycake stood facing away from the fixed perspective camera and could not be coaxed into facing forward by a player who wanted a picture. I gave Cuppycake gift fairies and Raph baby dragons for a while and watched the chat scroll by. At least I made it to level 101 before the world ended – which is a story for another day.


Raph receives <3 balloons after announcing apocalypse and end of world party

pyrocow: we need to capture the meeps. and hold them hostage.
Jamario: i think he needs to give it some more time
Feisty: well raph, if ur continuing on with the same technology, will it be possible for people to still make their own worlds under the new restructuring?
LunarRaid: I'm wondering if this even IS his decision.
Jamario: about this
freecoconuts: yh i dont think so

[Staff] Raph:  Heh….
kateskye: wat
Ladyrammie: Wynge!
DougQB: I imagine many folks discussed this decision at some length.
LunarRaid: Venture capitalism…

[Staff] Raph:  Even if you here all subscribed… it wouldn't make a difference
j9scarborough: hey all
[Staff] Raph:  No, the blame does not lie with investors
omgomg: I heard that metaplace is shutting down , Raph
kateskye: ur an azz hole raph
freecoconuts: its the moooney
Quicktexter101: why wouldn't it?
Tiggy: why is every1 harassing raph/ he hasnt got a magic wand

[Staff] Raph: The fact is that we just do not have enough traction
LunarRaid: I wasn't saying it was their FAULT
djtit: government
Azada: whats traction?
Pixeleen: not growing fast enough?
omgomg: hmm..
LunarRaid: I'm just saying venture capitalism in general
Soccer24 thinks, "Bailout?"
Jamario: who doesjust keep sending ur website out to more people
LunarRaid: lady, I swear….
Ladyrammie: Ladydorr, stop it ok?
freecoconuts: forget about the newyou
sapphire: ladtdorr shut up
Quicktexter101: thats not wat we are discussing!
LunarRaid: I am on a short rope today.
ladydorr: STOP WAT?
Jordstar: traction = growth not quick enough to keep things paid and expanding
freecoconuts: talking
Legend: there is no other place like this. this was the best ive seen. your staff is very talented and i wish u all the best. thank u for the memories here
Jamario: lol
omgomg: Lunarraid, I thought u couldnt swear
Feisty: the platform never had a killer app
Azada: oh
Soccer24: I'll miss everyone
Quicktexter101: tear
Obo: Was there a lot of churn?
ladydorr: OH

[Staff] Raph: You don't have to lose touch… we set up a site with forums just so that everyone can stay in touch
omgomg cries because metaplace is gonna shut down

[Staff] Raph: We do not want to lose touch either
Azada: good
j9scarborough: yes raph, i assume almost everybody here wishes the company all the best
[Moderator] ferall: reply no-one does
Quicktexter101: thank god
Azada: but what about our worlds and building
LunarRaid: Can you at least tell us that your future plans MAY brighten our day when we can actually hear them?
Azada: all other websites are sucky sept this 1
[Moderator] ferall: wrong tell -
Quicktexter101: I know, we put a lot of time into some worlds
djtit: yya
DougQB: Probably to soon for future plans, but it would be nice to hear! :p
Jamario: i know i did
Azada: can we stil; go 2 our worlds?
[Moderator] wyngedesigns: We all believe in your vision Raph, I hope that stays with you :)
omgomg: Raph are we gonna use our usernames and passwords in metaplace like we do in this site?
Azada: still
joe5: omg holy beep
j9scarborough: azada, it passes, internet is a performoing and transforming world
Jamario: took at least to daysor the hole day
Tiggy: There is nothing to discuss.. the site owners have made a descion, learn to respect it, get over it. make the most of the time your have left

[Staff] Raph: I hope so, Ray.
[Staff] Raph: it will be different
Quicktexter101: this is jank

[Staff] Raph: omgomg, no, you register separately, it's just a forum site
Ladyrammie: Aw thanks coco
joe5: holy #@&%
[Moderator] ferall: hi jan
Azada: thanks freecoconuts
omgomg: Meta has been the best site ive ever gone 2
sapphire: ty
Jamario: hi
Ladyrammie: brooke!
Quicktexter101: tot this is the best place ever
Truffle is still just shocked
Azada: but will our worlds b lost?
Jamario: well i never seen this many people at metaplace
chooseareality wow haven't been this sad in a while
[Moderator] chooseareality: Raph… wow!
joe5: holy #@#!
j9scarborough: thank you wynge
LunarRaid: Hi Brooke…
omgomg shares a teleporter to "omgomgs_World"
HoneybeeRose: Hey, Brooke
[Moderator] ferall: ty
[Moderator] ferall: hi brooke
omgomg: I invite everyone to this place
Jamario: bye omgomg lol
Jamario: no we r good lol
DougQB: heya Brooke!
omgomg: k
j9scarborough: i hope people will recall them and i will make fotos when i come back from paris
Quicktexter101: tear
DougQB: hiya HoneybeeRose! :p
LunarRaid: Don't even know if there is a point in saving stuff, frankly.
Jamario: raph r u there
Truffle: never gonna hit 1000 eggs :(
[Moderator] chooseareality: well I suppose this answers the unity question
(BALLOON GIFT) freecoconuts just gave you a bundle of Metaplace balloons!
j9scarborough: huggs ferall
Azada says THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LunarRaid: My scripts are worthless outside of MP
Quicktexter101: tot
[Moderator] ferall: hugz back
Truffle hugs Wyngedesigns
omgomg: j9 I never got to meet u
LunarRaid: Brooke, we gotta hook up about this Unity thing
joe5: this place is !@!&in full
sapphire: it gonna crash in here
DougQB: I suppose that depends on where Metaplace goes from here.
ladydorr: wow alot of people on one side
[Moderator] Logikal: Might be worth saving stuff in case some future iteration of Metaplace happens someday
Bray: azada
HoneybeeRose: Hey, Doug
Jamario: we should vote about this lol
joe5: bye ppl
Azada: YES
djtit: never seen so many people
[Moderator] wyngedesigns: lol – yes – I vote it stays up!
Ladyrammie: Doh everyone does..
Pixeleen: Raph can you say anything about what is next for you and Metaplace – anything about the new direction?
Jamario: lol me too
omgomg cries
Bray: this is a lot of people
Bray: y
[Moderator] chooseareality: wish the team was here.. I want to say good bye… Raph will they still be dropping in this next week?
Bray: why
omgomg: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Staff] Raph: I hope lots f folks show up for the party
j9scarborough: hugs omg :-)
Pixeleen: I will
Jamario: well raph u shold make another website lyk this
omgomg: what can we do to save this place????!!

[Staff] Raph: we don't want everyone to be sad the whole time
Jamario: and send it out
djtit: whens the party
Azada: WE WILL
(COMPANION GIFT) You gave Raph a baby dragon.

[Staff] Raph: I would much rather people celebrate the awesome than just be sad
Quicktexter101: hmmf

25 Responses to “Game Gods Play Nostrodamus – Metaplace Apocalypse Jan 1, 2010”

  1. tony danza

    Dec 27th, 2009

    “I gave Cuppycake gift fairies and Raph baby dragons for a while”

    That’s some great reporting there pixel

  2. Sigmund Leominster

    Dec 28th, 2009

    It’s a sobering thought that there is a real world of difference between a “good” virtual world and a “sustainable” virtual world. I shan’t comment on the good aspects of Metaplace as, like Lively, I only made a few visits, so it would be unfair and ill-informed of me to pass any comments on how “virtuous” the world was. Nor is there any need for me to question the passion and commitment of the folks who spent time creating and running the world because they undoubtedly had both.

    All that I can reasonably comment upon is that although the principles of creating a virtual world appear simple enough – and the technology is certainly there to the extent that everyone could create their own personal virtual world – making such worlds financially sustainable is no easier than running any real life company.

    Virtual worlds, like any other phenomena, will bloom like Maoist flowers as the technological cost of entry to the VW business continues to fall, but we should not be surprised if some 80-90% of them wither and die. Like evolution’s “hopeful monsters” they will compete for the attention, time, and funds of the internet-using population looking for new virtual homes. Yet although the number of homes may increase, the potential occupants still only have 24 hours in a day, and the choice comes down to dividing the number of worlds by the number of hours you have.

    It’s never enough just to have a “good idea” and “passion.” Sure, you hear the stories of the ones who succeed in a venture, and they tell you how they (a) stuck to their vision, and (b) never gave in. But as always, you only hear the 5% who win because the 95% who don’t make it don’t have a platform.

    Their press release phrase “as a consumer UGC service is not gaining enough traction to be a viable product, requiring a strategic shift for our company” pretty much reflects an underlying financial Truth; that unless you can create a business that generates profits, you’re likely to fail. It’s fine to talk about the excitement and ambiance of a new world, and also how “it’s not about money but about relationships and sharing a good time with like minded people,” but when the rubber hits the proverbial road, it has to either make money or rely on cash injections.

    It’s tough out there in both the real and virtual worlds, but what’s always tougher is realizing that it all boils down to profits, losses, ROI’s, and filling customer needs for a price. And in both worlds, the winners will not necessarily be the nicest or slickest or even most technologically advanced – they will be the ones with a tight business plan and a way to turn a profit.

  3. LittleLostLinden

    Dec 28th, 2009

    What have I been saying all this time?

    Metaplace is lame, lame, and double double lame.

    Finally the proof is in the chocolate!

  4. flippy

    Dec 28th, 2009

    And nothing of value will be lost.

  5. Ari Blackthorne

    Dec 28th, 2009

    Good riddance.

    Must be because the Herald embraced it so tightly like it was the be-all, end-all when it first went into beta, wetting all over themselves with glee.

    The real issue: it looked like a pre-school kiddie game. Oh wait, then it makes sense why the Herald thought it was the shit!

  6. Liquidator Neximus

    Dec 28th, 2009

    Glad to see this garbage go!

    Now to somehow find a way to make the Post 6 Grrrls go away too.

    The Herald normally is uninteresting to me when I see that junk all over the main page and I go on to other reading material. Only reason I clicked on this one is because it suggested it might be going away.

  7. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Dec 28th, 2009

    Delicious tears

  8. LittleLostLinden

    Dec 28th, 2009

    I thought it was very very annoying that the Herald thought Metaplace came anything close to SL. I mean, please. It was never anything like SL with it’s puny little graphics. So, it will be nice to see it gone.

    What does surprise me, and after posting this in the forums, I am sure will change. But what really surprises me is why the Herald isn’t embracing Blue Mars, which is much better of a VW than Metaplace ever was.

    I bet we start seeing a bunch of BM articles soon now that Metaplace is gone.

    The reason? For some reason, the Herald hates SL now and I’m not sure why. Some sort of vendetta that is apparent in any SL articles posted on the Herald.

    It did make me giggle when Metaplace was mentioned here. Now that it’s gone, I’m not sure I will be giggling as much. I guess that’s ok though.

  9. coco

    Dec 28th, 2009

    Every “Expert” Shown WRONG!

    Metaplace sucked. Blue Mars has no paying users and barely works on high end PCs.

  10. Senban Babii

    Dec 28th, 2009

    This is how New World Notes addressed this story.

    Thoughtful analysis of the hows and whys. A little background research.

    This is how the Herald addressed the story (once all the repeated Post 6 Grrrls had had their second bite at the cherry).

    kateskye: ur an azz hole raph
    Azada: all other websites are sucky sept this 1
    Azada says THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omgomg cries
    omgomg: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whilst Pix handed out balloons or whatever it was.

    Awesome. Sheer unadulterated awesome.

    The Herald has gone from fail to fail recently, skipping merrily as it goes. What the hell is going on? And I’m not trying to lay the blame for this on Pix or indeed any other individual. There’s supposedly a t-e-a-m of reporters and other staff working for the Herald. Where the hell are they? You all need to stop being self-identical and decide whether you’re reporters or whether you just like the kudos of wearing the group tag. Where are the editorial staff kicking the reporters out of bed in the morning to go get stories?

    There was a time when the Herald was worth a book being published, remember? Ask yourselves this – “would we honestly be worthy of a book being published as we are today?”

  11. Leftist Right-Hander

    Dec 28th, 2009

    “The reason? For some reason, the Herald hates SL now and I’m not sure why. Some sort of vendetta that is apparent in any SL articles posted on the Herald.”

    The fact that the herald doesn’t always suck Linden Labs’ cock like it’s going out of style or pretend like you all aren’t a bunch of terrible people is the only actual thing about it that I can respect. Second Life is a horrible thing and if there were any good alternatives all the sane people would leave.


  12. brandon

    Dec 29th, 2009

    This little “event” should be a wake up call to residents of Second Life. At any moment of anyday an announcment like this could happen and your dear world goes away just like that. Those of you who use it to support themselves should be even more terrified. But they arent I am sure because they are stupid.

    Second losers. Your world Your fail.

  13. Senban Babii

    Dec 29th, 2009


    “This little “event” should be a wake up call to residents of Second Life. At any moment of anyday an announcment like this could happen and your dear world goes away just like that. Those of you who use it to support themselves should be even more terrified. But they arent I am sure because they are stupid.”

    You know, I’ve just been out to buy milk from the store at the end of the street. I could have been hit by a car and killed. At any moment of any day, something like that could happen and my dear world goes away just like that. But then isn’t this what makes every day worth living to the full? Are we ultimately just fooling ourselves even out here in meatlife because if our world can be taken away from us just like that, surely it’s not worth bothering with at all? Because that’s the argument you’re using, isn’t it?

    Or perhaps we should just be bitter and twisted against life and live in a cave, angry that we can’t ultimately control our lives? I know which one I’d prefer! Now shut up and let me finish my coffee in peace :)

  14. Sigmund Leominster

    Dec 29th, 2009

    @ Senban: The anti-Linden Lab perspective of the Herald is, as you point out, not exactly hidden. Furthermore, I’ve always understood the masthead’s claim of being “always fairly unbiased” as something of a warning that articles within the Herald may need to be read while holding a pinch of salt and placing your tongue firmly in your cheek. In its defense – and I admit to having “taken the King’s shilling” (which is a possible etymology for the word “shill” as a back formation) for articles written here – the Herald probably reflects the real-life virtual life of Second Life residents and affairs in that most of it is trivial. The Post 6 Grrls (or whatever gender they may be) represent the vapid, ephemeral aspect of Second Life existence for many, where what’s “important” is nothing more than the representation of Self as being “interesting.” For a proportion of folks in the SL environment, creating an image of Self that feeds back to a narcissistic center is truly what it’s all about. The “Second Life as Freak Show” perspective is alive, kicking, and in-your-face as far as the Herald goes.

    Your implied point about the declining quality of articles and writing that nestles inside the phrase “The Herald has gone from fail to fail recently” is actually a very good point. The “writers” for the Herald are certainly out there and the quality and quantity of their work is variable. Of course, they are also likely to “have a life,” as the phrase goes, and so writing for the Herald has to be placed in that perspective. This isn’t an excuse for bad writing or poor research but it certainly goes toward explaining why there are “hits and misses” in the reports.

    One other thing that is really worth mentioning is that the value – if you believe there is any – that comes from the Herald is not in the articles per se but in the dialog that follows; the comments from the readers. Such dialogues can range from the patently absurd to fascinating discussions on a wide range of topics (my favorites being anything to do with Free Speech and Censorship). So even this thread about how the Herald is going to the dogs – a thread that comes up frequently, which is ironic for the longest running online periodical in Second Life – has value.

    My experience is that editorially, there is a lot of latitude, and if a story arrived on Pix’s desk that praised Linden Lab, its chances of being published are the same as any other article. Should anyone reading this want to test that assertion, I suggest writing something that is pro Linden and submitting – then we can read the comments of the many anti-establishmenterati who typically read the Herald.

  15. Senban Babii

    Dec 29th, 2009

    Hi Sigmund :)

    Just to clarify, I never stated that the Herald had an anti-Linden Lab perspective. That was “Little Lost Linden” and later “Leftist-Right Hander” I believe. I don’t personally believe that Pix or anyone else at the Herald is especially anti-Linden Lab. If anything I sense more of a desire to get Linden Lab to raise their game on the behalf of the Herald (although as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, the Herald did have a run of describing Metaplace as the greatest thing since the self-wiping arsehole if you’ll pardon the phrase, which I felt was misplaced but then we all have differing opinions of course).

    I agree of course; the writers for the Herald do have lives beyond the Alphaville Herald and indeed all other aspects of Second Life and so forth. Absolutely, this is how it should be! But I’m just one person with the same sort of life over the busy Chrimble period and I managed to put six whole blogs together including research and still have two more waiting to be finished off and published in the next day or so (of course, whether people think they’re valid or worthwhile is another question). And that’s just me, working alone. The Herald has a team of writers and associated staff and so there should be a relatively constant flow. According to the SL Herald Editorial group list (I’m in-world looking at it right this second), there are currently forty five people listed in-world as Herald reporters/editors. Forty five! Allowing for the fact that some will have moved on or whatever, you still appear as if you should have a solid team. If they’re not digging up articles then bin them off and find people who are. I understand it’s difficult to get people to write when you can only pay 1000-2000L$ per article but people don’t write to make money (in SL); they write from the enjoyment of the process.

    I absolutely agree with your point also about how the Herald is a reflection of what is going on out there in cyberspace. In fact I once had that very same discussion with Pix in-world on the day the Chicken Liberation Front Of Second Life was created (yes, I’m behind that but I was led astray by bad influences XD). However, I’d counter the spirit of your argument if not its validity with the following. Why was the Alphaville/Second Life Herald set up originally? Why was Peter Ludlow kicked off The Sims Online? It was because of his investigative journalism, right? The whole history and raison d’etre of the Herald was as follows (from your own page

    “The Second Life Herald was founded on October 23, 2003, by philosophy professor Peter Ludlow. Its mission, as described the next day, was to observe, record and study “the legal, social, and economic implications” of life in the virtual world. Originally established as the Alphaville Herald and reporting for the most part on life on the Alphaville server of The Sims Online, the Herald soon branched out into coverage of other massively multiplayer online games and virtual worlds — helped along by the murder of Herald publisher Urizenus (Ludlow’s avatar) after Electronic Arts got wind of the stories the newspaper was printing about the scams and cyber-prostitution that were taking place within its game, and the company’s indifference to reports of real-world violence. (Note: The paper has never been part of nor formally associated with TSO, Electronic Arts, Second Life nor Linden Lab, but is an independent entity dedicated to gathering news from around the metaverse.)

    EA’s termination of Ludlow’s account made international headlines, but only stiffened the Herald’s resolve to pay witness to the societies that were emerging in this new corner of cyberspace. In June 2004, the newspaper was reborn as the Second Life Herald, under the managment of the resurrected Urizenus Sklar, and began concentrating more closely on the virtual world of Second Life. In January 2005, the avatar Walker Spaight — the online representative of journalist Mark Wallace — joined the paper as Editorial Director. On Urizenus’s retirement from the virtual Fourth Estate one year later, Walker stepped up to the helm. In October 2006, the avatar Pixeleen Mistral — an online representation of news idoru Pixeleen Mistral — became Managing Editor. One year later, the Editrix began her watch at the Herald’s helm.

    In the more than five years of the Herald’s existence, it has gained a reputation as one of the hardest-hitting news sources covering virtual worlds. Unflinching both in its taste for a dramatic story and its demand that those who govern virtual worlds do so fairly, the Herald is often called a muckraking tabloid or worse, but its loyal readers (numbering several thousand per day) love — and often love to hate — the unique service it provides: to take a good, close, often snarky look at the online worlds that are becoming a more and more important part of everyone’s offline lives.”

    Look at that last paragraph especially. Does it still deserve that reputation or are you resting on your laurels?

    To continue, I’d also agree with your analysis that much of the Herald’s value comes from the comments which follow the articles. Even the trolling ones make me laugh out loud and that in itself can bring value to my day. But certainly the in-depth discussions in the comments sections add value to the Herald. But they must be extensions of decent articles. Decently written and decently researched. Well in all fairness, I say “must” but of course I have to restate that as “must, in my opinion”. It’s not for me to say what the Herald “must”.

    All I’m personally asking is that the Herald raises its game. What you need is a blend of the investigative journalism it began with and a reflection of the ephemeral nature of virtual worlds. There are plenty of people out there writing great blogs, investigating SL and all the other virtual spaces too (I don’t count myself amongst these; I’m a blogging n00b and accept this). Try recruiting them as staff. Raise your game and people will raise their game as a consequence and bring the Herald back to its rightful place.

  16. LittleLostLinden

    Dec 29th, 2009

    Senban, I agree with your statement about investigative journalism.

    That said, lets have a story about how bots and campers are still running wild in SL.

    To prove a point. I challenge anyone to be able to stop the camping going on at the Fussy location for the past year or 2.

    The reason nobody can stop the camping, even though Linden Labs frown on it now supposedly according to Jack Linden, is because it will hurt the SL daily logon numbers too much. There is such a story waiting there I don’t know why it hasn’t been posted yet. It’s the closest thing to an RL SL conspiracy and nobody has touched it yet, not even the Herald. (Herald only reported on Camping BEFORE Jack Linden’s recent announcement, and not after).

    Anyway, the challenge is one.

    I will pay $1L to anyone who can prevent camping at Fussy, Inc. for 2 months straight. Here is the Fussy location, currently filled with 20 Campers.

  17. Senban Babii

    Dec 29th, 2009


    I’m there right now although I only count eleven at this point. If you want to IM me inworld, please do. For my own curiosity, I have some questions you could maybe help me with. I’ll even wear my Alphaville Herald tee shirt and pretend to be a reporter ;)

  18. LittleLostLinden

    Dec 29th, 2009

    Hey Senban.

    Sounds like a plan. We will have to meet sometime.

    I always mixup Fussy with Kenza.

    Kenza has 20 at the moment, Fussy, usually between 13 and 19.

    Here is the Kenza location, the campers are of course in the sky on a platform:

  19. LittleLostLinden

    Dec 29th, 2009

    Usually 20-25 at Club Tagada as well:

  20. Jumpman Lane

    Dec 29th, 2009

    metaplace blew, blue mars blows, time to make nice with those pesky Lindens. Second Life is all we got ! heheheheheh

  21. Senban Babii

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Waiting on you now LittleLostLinden. Bring me your story. Anonymity isn’t an issue, just come and talk to me. It’ll be fun! I’ll even make cookies 8D

  22. Senban Babii

    Dec 30th, 2009


    Feel free to contact me off-world via email if you prefer. My email address is in the link in my name.

  23. Lilwaynezoom

    May 14th, 2010

    did u hear me DID YOU HEAR ME. No and I mean NO virtual world was better than metaplace. not Habbo,Second Life,Blue Mars, or Active Worlds is better. Raph Koster Don’t know wat the heck he talking about. Metaplace is CRAP now!

  24. Lilwaynezoom

    Jun 2nd, 2010


    metaplace is not lame smallworlds is lame

  25. Ledomaylnosti

    Oct 22nd, 2010

    You can make a SecondLife clone in Metaplace.
    That was the vision, and what would have happened if Metaplace had more financila backing.

    Metaplace could have produced a SecondLife clone EASILY.

    This is something I think many people here don’t understand.

    The cutsey-2d stuff was just the beginning, to demonstrate the concept. There were hard, solid plans to have 3D capability to the quality of World of Warcraft etc

    This is what Metaplace was REALLY about.

    I hope google ‘borrows’ the vision of Metaplace and does it better.

    They’re good at making profit from online services.

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