Linden GTeam and JLU – Improper Conduct?

by Alphaville Herald on 12/01/10 at 8:56 am

BrainiacWiki papers claim Lab staff leaks to role play game cops

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Plexus Linden

A troubling pattern of what may be Linden governance team staff collusion with the Justice League Unlimited is beginning to emerge after the JLU's BrainiacWiki papers were leaked to the internet at large by the Wrong Hands infiltration group. Linden staff coaching on abuse reports, sharing alt account identities, apparently using JLU's database and avatar scanners – the list goes on and on. Perhaps most telling are claims that the JLU accounts for 1/6th of all abuse reports on a weekly bases as of the summer of 2009. Have some Linden GTeam members decided to take sides in the game – and keep the volume of abuse reports artificially high by indulging the JLU with special favors and special access? Fueling the faction wars between the JLU "superheros" and the supervillain griefers might be a form of game moderator job security after all.

Given the volume of the papers – imagine trying to report on an encyclopedia – it is likely to be some time before all of the gems have been uncovered. For readers without their own copy of the JLU BrainiacWiki papers here are some highlights:

Plexus Linden using JLU database and wearing JLU avatar key logger

"Not the leader of the LindenLabs Governance and Response Team, butcertainly one of its more influential members. Of the G-Team, Plexus isthe most conversational and responsive, and is currently listed in theBrainiac database as an external operative. This gives him access toour communications system, and the ability to wear and use the avatarkey logger in the commlink (which he uses in full knowledge of what itdoes) and the ability to use the Brainiac Mini terminal he now wears onhis right shoulder.

At one point he was also is a memberof the GLC/JLU Tactical Groupand could see and respond to messages there. However, in the interestsof complete transparency and equanimity towards all groups, herelinquished his membership in this group.

Plexus was made a part of the Linden Maintenance Groupon Nov.8, 07, and was a forthcoming and valuable asset to the Justice League,frequently volunteering information relevant to the anti-griefer workwe do."

Plexus Linden revealing alt account identities to JLU


JLU generates 1/6th of all Abuse Reports


Notices for June 30, 2009 – August 1, 2009
TheLeagueitself generates about one-sixth of all the abuse reports filedon the entire grid on a weekly basis. By giving the peacekeepercommunity specific targetted instruction on the quality of filedreports, Harry Linden improved the system by making it easier andfaster for Lindens to evaluate and to respond to emergent situations.This was a surgical strike on a growing problem by the GTeam.
The GLC are focused on a "magic number", making the same error thatmost ordinary citizens do – that the abuse report system is a machine,and that decisions are made solely by that machine.

–KalelVenkman 14:52, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

The source of the above information is, unfortunately, secure GLCforums. Yes, the GLC is leaking information, and this is informationthe GLC would probably prefer not to have been disclosed to anynon-Core reader. The closed nature of GLC internal politics suggeststhat most of the rank and file know little to nothing of thisdiscussion. As with anything else in the BWiki, it is important indeference to the GLC's own needs that we allow this information to gono further than it already has, so any discussion must remain here. Iunderstand that this information was just dropped in our laps, but wemust take better care of their information than the GLC apparently did.

–Kalel Venkman 01:32, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

Not the leader of the Linden Labs Governance and Response Team, but certainly one of its more influential members. Of the G-Team, Plexus is the most conversational and responsive, and is currently listed in the Brainiac database as an external operative. This gives him access to our communications system, and the ability to wear and use the avatar key logger in the commlink (which he uses in full knowledge of what it does) and the ability to use the Brainiac Mini terminal he now wears on his right shoulder."


Teagan Linden coaches JLU onabuse reporting

[21:12]  Kalel Venkman: Hey, Teagan,quick procedural question: the AR queue still triggers
on multipleAR's filed in an incident to escalate the urgency of a noted situation,correct? 
I just want to make sure we're not wasting the RESI team's time siftingthrough extra AR's if
this doesn't actually help.
[21:17]  TeaganLinden: One person filing over and over on an incident doesn't doanything to
enhance the urgency really, no. One AR is all that's needed.
[21:17] Kalel Venkman: No, we knew that.
[21:17]  Kalel Venkman: One personper incident, and as detailed as possible.
[21:18]  Teagan Linden:yes, exactly :)
[21:18]  Kalel Venkman: What happens if more than one person files on anincident.  Does that
escalate the incident in the queue?
[21:18] Teagan Linden: details details details, but just the facts
[21:18] Teagan Linden: too many variables to really say. It's a complexsystem :)
[21:18]  Teagan Linden: sometimes it might, sometimes not, all depends
[21:18] Kalel Venkman: Back in October, Socrates Linden told us that yes, itdid, that it was
[21:19]  Teagan Linden: It didthen, yes. We've made changes and improvements since then
[21:19]  Teagan Linden: so now it doesn't necessarily
[21:20]  KalelVenkman: But you are not aware of the situational triggers at thispoint.
[21:20]  Kalel Venkman: We have noticed that responsiveness isup over this time last year.
[21:21]  Teagan Linden: oh good! seems to be working much better for us;glad it's showing up
for you guys too!
[21:21]  Kalel Venkman: Iapologize for the questions – I'm just trying to make my team's work
as efficient as possible.
[21:22]  Kalel Venkman: If there are thingsthat waste everyone's time, we shouldn't be doing
[21:23] Kalel Venkman: Energy and effort in SL is so hard to come by, and allthat.
[21:23]  Teagan Linden: No problem :) Same thing as always really – ifit's an attack at an
event where it's disrupting many people, thenit's important to get everyone affected to send
an abuse report.It's best if they do it in their own words; I dont know if the systempicks
up on copy/paste ARs where everyone sends the same text (we see thatsometimes) but it might.
[21:23]  Kalel Venkman: It probably does.
[21:23] Kalel Venkman: If I were programming it, that's what I'd filter for.
[21:23]  Teagan Linden: also everyone doing their own perspective of itgives us better details
and a better idea of what's going on
[21:23] Teagan Linden: yes, makes sense :)
[21:24]  Kalel Venkman: Iunderstand – so that pretty much answers my questions, it's working
pretty much as we had theorized based on our observations.
[21:24] Kalel Venkman: Thank you, Teagan!

A Caution:
Wedo not have permission from Teagan to distribute these chatlogs, sothey should not be retransmitted in any form. The BWiki is a securelocation, and most people are not even aware of its existence. Theselogs should be safe enough left here.
–Kalel Venkman 05:13, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

JLU'scozy relationship with Teagan Linden – ban powers fail on God Modegriefer

Meeting of June 28, 2009 morning

[9:15]   Maverick Grunfeld: Shortly after all this is happening, Teagan Linden
showed up on site followed by Harry Linden.
[9:15]    MaverickGrunfeld: I did my usual hello to Teagan
[9:15]    Kara Timtam: YayTeagan!
[9:15]    Melanippe Karas: Yay Teagan!
[9:15]    MaverickGrunfeld: And explained the environment
[9:15]    Maverick Grunfeld: Teagan at that point tells me to IM herdirectly
[9:15]    JB Hancroft: and Harry? interesting….
[9:15]   Maverick Grunfeld: And bypass the ARs.
[9:15]    DianaPrince Carter:Coolness!
[9:15]    JB Hancroft: excellent!
[9:16]    BilliAnn Bravin: Wow.
[9:16]   Maverick Grunfeld: That basically if I spotted a person or a
troublemaker,to IM her and they would jump on it.
[9:16]    Kara Timtam: Teaganknows she can trust you. That's BIG.
[9:16]    Melanippe Karas: Awesome.
[9:16]    DianaPrince Carter:Bugger than big, huge!
[9:16]    JB Hancroft: .me hands Princess an"i"
[9:16]    DianaPrince Carter: *bigger, I meant bigger! OhBugger :P
[9:16]    Maverick Grunfeld: It was quite the colaboration yesterday.Estate
banned, LL account banned, and JLU was the eyes and ears.
[9:17]   Kalel Venkman: I don't want to get into breakdowns of sentences that
involve the words "bugger", and "huge".
[9:17]    DianaPrince Carter:XD
[9:17]    Maverick Grunfeld: The most interesting case thoughshould be noted for
the record, an abuser claimed to be Dick Burns tome in IM after he did the usual
[9:17]    Maverick Grunfeld: The issue was, he IMed meafter having his accoutn
[9:18]    Kara Timtam: Goodtrick.
[9:18]    Maverick Grunfeld: I pointed out the abuser outrightto estate and Teagan
[9:18]    Maverick Grunfeld: It gets worse.
[9:18]    MaverickGrunfeld: So estate banned him, which meant he went to the
regionnext door to lay out his party gifts.
[9:19]    Maverick Grunfeld: Atthat point, Teagan banned based on my IM id and an
AR I fired off for good measure
[9:19]    Maverick Grunfeld: Theaccount then basically entered into God Mode
[9:19]    Kalel Venkman:Note that at this point Lindens are now talking directly
to JLU, notreading the AR logs.
[9:19]    Maverick Grunfeld: As he was banned from LL, he was no longerAR'able
[9:19]    DianaPrince Carter: eek!
[9:19]    MaverickGrunfeld: And was no longer visible in the GTeam's tools or
[9:19]    JB Hancroft: Excuse me… the griefer went into God mode?
[9:19]   Maverick Grunfeld: And as SL no longer saw the account
[9:20]   Kara Foley: how is that possible?
[9:20]    Maverick Grunfeld: He wasable to bypass the region ban
[9:20]    Samantha Lowell: Hooboy
[9:20]    JB Hancroft: Do we knowwhich client he was using?
[9:20]    Kalel Venkman: No, we don't knowthat.
[9:20]    Maverick Grunfeld: And was able to bypass the nobuilding on the parcel
[9:20]    Maverick Grunfeld: So he was able to rez right on top of theevent stage.

[9:21]    Melanippe Karas: And Teagan wasmade aware of these irregularities?
[9:21]    Samantha Lowell:*exploit
[9:21]    Maverick Grunfeld: Yes, that's the concerning part-Teagancouldn't
believe it herself.
[9:21]    DianaPrince Carter: LLshould implement Kal-El's JIRA :/
[9:21]    Kara Timtam: Dick Burnsis a PN
[9:21]    Maverick Grunfeld: Asked me to TP her right on top of theabuser.
[9:21]    BilliAnn Bravin: On a related note, New Oa wasattacked last night by the
PN during our Doors concert.
[9:21]   JB Hancroft: There are a *lot* of exploits in SL.. but most are kept
closely by the people who discover them, so they won't get fixed.
[9:21]   Maverick Grunfeld: Dick Burns was also known to be a highly talented
scripterfor the PN.
[9:22]    BilliAnn Bravin: At least one Dick Burns wasthere.
[9:22]    Maverick Grunfeld: Usually, PN claim the memes but aren'treally the
[9:22]    Kalel Venkman: This must have beenafter I left.
[9:22]    Maverick Grunfeld: I've had people tell methey were Dick before or
[9:22]    Kalel Venkman: Hold that thought, Billi.
[9:22]   BilliAnn Bravin: Yes, after the Doors stsrted.
[9:22]    KaraTimtam: Whomever this was, they surely had the scripting chops.
[9:23]   Maverick Grunfeld: But, given this guy's abilities and use of asecurity
exploit, he had the skills.
[9:23]    Maverick Grunfeld: It was as ifthe ban enabilled him to have greater
powers/permissions on thegrid.
[9:23]    Samantha Lowell: SO, what is the worst-case scenariohere?
[9:23]    Kalel Venkman: Worst case scenario is that a PN can be givenpowers even
Lindens don't have.
[9:24]    Kalel Venkman: Goanywhere, do anything, destroy anything.
[9:24]    Gawyn Philbin:Which in short, means the entire grid is pretty much boned
[9:24]    Maverick Grunfeld: With that said, eventually, LL was able tokill the
[9:24]    JB Hancroft: Before we jump from thewindows (not flying… ;)
[9:24]    Maverick Grunfeld: But, that wason their backend, not sure what magic
they had to work.
[9:24]    JB Hancroft: have we seen anything likethis before?
[9:24]    Samantha Lowell: I suggest, for the timebeing, we keep a very low
profile in the field

111 Responses to “Linden GTeam and JLU – Improper Conduct?”

  1. Estate manager

    Jan 17th, 2010

    GreenLantern Excelsior: “Just because you haven’t heard of something doesn’t make it nonexistent. Go to Wikipedia and look up “Auxiliary Police” for a quick education about volunteer police units. For extra credit you can also look up “Auxiliary Constable” and “Special Constabulary.”

    Then you need to be kicked out of that force, as you are clearly unfit. Your illegal stalking in Second Life and your weirdo fascist cop fetish prove it. Weirdoes should’t be allowed to run around with guns and impersonate police officers in their spare time.

  2. Estate manager

    Jan 17th, 2010

    GreenLantern Excelsior: “The police wouldn’t lift a finger to investigate a Trick or Treat incident if no one was injured and no threats were made.”

    For once you’re right. And why wouldn’t the police lift a finger? Because this was an harmless incident and not a crime in any way.

    GreenLantern Excelsior: “It’s up to the victim to take the first step”

    No, the “victim” is not entitled to take the law in his own hands (or invent his own law). Making death threats is a serious offense, and if the victims of the death threats had pressed charges against him, he could face several years in prison.

  3. Doc

    Jan 17th, 2010

    lol, a teen, or a young adult shows up at your frontdoor, dressed as a amine character for Trick or Treat.

    what would be the adequate reaction?

    I think a normal person would give him some candy, or a beer or something.

    But kalels reaction shows that he takes SL to serious, and it would be better for him to have a other hobby.

  4. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jan 17th, 2010

    @ n00b Stories

    “I Know About the new hackers, The New Threats to second life Security. I know people who have been hacking secondlife since early 03, and not even JLU knows about it.”

    And you have reported these miscreants to Linden Lab for the problems they have caused, right?

    @ At0m0 Beerbaum

    “Saying that you help promote WB’s IP in SL is pretty arrogant. IMHO, you promote it terribly. From your portrayal of Green Lantern, I’d take it that GL is about a fascist, backstabbing spy who collects info on people and gives superman handjobs on the side.”

    Then you are part of a very small minority of SL residents. The overwhelming majority of people thank us for reporting griefers and getting their objects removed. The griefers themselves dislike us intensely, but that’s to be expected. After all, they’re griefers.

    @ Senban

    “Nice avoidance of addressing your own comment as I previously highlighted.

    “But the most rewarding thing to me is watching a griefer attack start up in the middle of a bunch of people who are just trying to build something nice – GreenLantern Excelsior”"

    The rest of that comment is about writing the AR, and watching the RESI team clean it up, and seeing people get back to enjoying SL again. You posted only the first sentence and omitted the majority of the comment, and by doing so you changed the whole point. The point is that helping people get rid of griefers is rewarding to me and to many others. But I think you knew that, didn’t you?

    “How does Kalel even *know* it was Tizzers btw?”

    Tizzers said something to the effect of “Say hello to Kalel from Tizzers.” And by the way, I believe Tizzers said that he regretted showing up that evening, and Kalel said that he regretted the comment about the bullets. They would both love to push “Reset” on that evening. By the way, a RL photo of Tizzers is available on this very website in the article “Avatar of the Year 2007 – 3rd Place: Tizzers Foxchase”.

    “That doesn’t then entitle you to go out and start gathering vast amounts of data…”

    There was some amount of RL data, yes, name, height/weight/description, state of residence, 3 photos. That’s not “vast amounts of data.” What you consider to be vast, other might only see as half-vast (sorry, couldn’t resist that old joke).

    “…which, and I really should stress this, go way beyond a basic google search.”

    In what way? If you’re stressing it, you must believe it’s true. What information is on that page that couldn’t be found using Google?

    “You can keep trying to say it was a basic google search but in truth, the contents of those JLU files are creepy in their level of detail.”

    Have you even looked at the wiki pages? If so, what, specifically, is so creepy about them? If not, same question but also how do you know? And no fair saying “They’re just creepy and wrong, that’s all.” You made the comment, now please explain it.

    Here’s an example of how the search can result in a photo. This is a quote from…guess who?

    “Jordan Bellino (”Tizzers Foxchase”), self-identified griefer, banned from Second Life

    “The metaverse is a very good mirror of the old Web 1.0 world. Linden is like AOL or Prodigy, eventually no one company will have central control.””

    You can search Google for that quote and find the page. There’s a photo of Tizzers on that page, and the photo ended up on the JLU wiki page. There’s nothing creepy or unethical about gathering this information, because it’s already out there on the Internet for anyone to find. If you’re upset about that, then talk to Tizzers. He’s the person who provided the quote and his SL name and his RL name and his permission to use the photo. But please stop the artificial indignation over this freely available information.

  5. Estate manager

    Jan 17th, 2010

    GreenLantern Excelsior: “Then you are part of a very small minority of SL residents. The overwhelming majority of people thank us for reporting griefers and getting their objects removed. The griefers themselves dislike us intensely, but that’s to be expected. After all, they’re griefers.”

    What is your source? You are a griefer. You and people like you are banned for cause from countless sims because of your griefing. You go to extraordinary lengths to circumvent your bans, griefing landowners, harassing and filing false abuse reports against landowners who ban you from their property. Most residents dislike you intensely because you are a griefer. Heck, even Prokofy dislikes you and consider you to be no better than the people you allegedly fight.

  6. whatever

    Jan 18th, 2010

    “What is your source? You are a griefer. You and people like you are banned for cause from countless sims because of your griefing. You go to extraordinary lengths to circumvent your bans, griefing landowners, harassing and filing false abuse reports against landowners who ban you from their property. Most residents dislike you intensely because you are a griefer. Heck, even Prokofy dislikes you and consider you to be no better than the people you allegedly fight.”

    Amazing. You demand a “source”, and then in the same breath, you do the exact same thing he’s been doing, making up your own statistics without having anything to back it up.

    You’re a dipshit.

  7. Kitty

    Apr 23rd, 2010

    The JLU are a bunch of idiots, they invite people into their group without any kind of checks so they are easily infiltrated and I know all about this as some loser who was a well known griefer was in their group under an alt. They do have alts, they do victimise people. They are a bunch of bullies in superhero suits who really need to get a life.

    Some idiot dropped some replicating hitler boxes on a sandbox once, my friend and I were sat laughing at how stupid it was. Just because we were laughing at the stupidity of it two of those JLU idiots started mouthing off and accusing us of having something to do with it, that Sairi Matova is one of the worst for this… jumping in before she knows any facts and she just can’t wait for her itchy finger to click on that AR button. I wonder how many innocent people have suffered at their attempts to protect the innocent. It’s such nonsense and open to abuse….. and I’ve seen a lot of examples of this abuse.
    They are not remotely helpful and if anything they encourage more and more griefing.

  8. IntLibber Brautigan

    Apr 23rd, 2010

    @Hewee Zetkin

    “Jan 15th, 2010


    You’re right. There IS a lot less griefing these days than there was a couple of years ago. Care to guess one of the big reasons for that? ;-)

    The big reason for that is I worked my ass off to defuse the situation by cutting ties with JLU and Angel Fluffy, exposing the fact they used their spy alts to organize the PN as a means of making themselves seem more important and gain influence, and drained the PN manpower by working with Woodbury University to give /b/tards creative outlets and economic opportunities where they could enjoy SL without worry of the ban hammer if they behaved themselves. The decrease in AR’s to LL began the very week I changed strategies. They fell even faster when I outed Angel’s spy alt so he couldn’t continue to help organize raids, and banned the JLU from my sims. AR’s continued to fall when Furnation banned JLU from their sims, and other estates began to follow suit.

    Meanwhile, JLU has kept at their old strategies that were failing them mightily in 2007. Their strategies of treating griefing as a “war on e-terrorism” intentionally turned SL into one big First Person Shooter game for bored individuals, all so that your leaders could build their influence on the grid. JLU created far more griefing than they ever stopped. You, Hewee, and all the other drones on Justice Island have done more to contribute to griefing than anybody else in SL history.

  9. Kitty

    Apr 26th, 2010

    I would like to add that Flew Voom is a member of the JLU and has been seen sporting a ridiculous Superman costume….. he sells attack Huds in SL…… I find it odd that someone who makes money from selling Huds that contain attacks that are regularly used to attack innocent people in the sandboxes to be a JLU member, but then again maybe this just proves the point that they are a bunch of useless hypocrites.

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