Shika Nakamura — Post 6 Grrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 26/01/10 at 7:19 am

[RegularPost 6 Photographer Timothy Morpork continues to gorge himself on thelido deck buffet while Daeynaries Lane keeps us stocked with Post 6Models.]

(So if you guys couldn't tell, I've been picking quitea few roleplayers from the Carp and Midian community. This is becausewell.. I know a buttload of girls who deserve recognition. Shika beingone of the main ones. She has turned midian city into a playground ofepic win and rainbows. I thought she deserved a little limelight and asoapbox for once. -Daeynaries Lane)


I came here from a gamecalled TSO in 05.. so i know  Alphaville all too well, had an oldfriend there. Mr JC Soprano, let's say that I am currently in the mafiarelocation program.  I was a very bad girl in TSO, and to be honest..Im not sorry for it. It was a blast.

In trying to dosomething different, I started the first LaSombra group in sl.. yeah..I did.  Along with  a few other amazing VtM players like Tyler Vox (Brujah), Rain Williamson ( gangrel), Dominae Desmoulins, and  GabrielMontagne ( torries).. so on we had a pretty good rp group.  But somany  branch out. and well.. I need rp


Testingother waters I went to Crimson Falls.. what a Kick ass group of playersat that time.. It was a horror roleplay.. and I played  an owner of aDiner  called " Leeroy Jenkins' Chicken and waffles".  About a yearafter playing there, there was creative differences.. and the rpdisbanned.   One of the players was in a sim called Midian, roleplayingYakuza, His name was Izuru Nakamura.. owner of the Snake pit at thattime.  He asked me to join.. and I brought a few  players with..Aravasha and the twins ( Ryuu and tTatsuo).. the rest is history to behonest

Through many good and bad times, I am happy tosay that I am a Midianite. For those that think that I got things theeasy way in the sim.. think again. I didn't marry into anything, itwasn't given to me.. it happened throughout years of learning to playwith everyone. and through being fair to all players.


Marriedin SL to the most kick ass person ever, Nerio Yoshikawa.  He is  one ofthe best roleplayers that you will ever meet in all of sl.  I wentthrough a very hard time  in my real life.. and through it all Neriowas there. I adore him.

Now located in Leviathan ( Midianmainland).  Along with Sl Husband Nerio Yoshikawa, we own Blood andChrome ( a biker bar) and Crimson Lock ( upperclass BDSM  club). Stopin sometimes.. Love us or hate us.. it's all roleplay. It's alwayswelcomed.

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  1. Senban Babii

    Jan 26th, 2010

    I honestly tend to just skim the Post 6 arrrticles these days but I had to ask something here regarding the second picture.

    WTF is going on with her armpit? I mean okay, we all understand the avatar mesh has these little quirks and imperfections, especially when poses and animations get applied but come on, it’s the job of the photographer to choose angles and lighting to minimise those perfections and show the model at his or her best. This is a glaring oversight!

    And okay, now that I’ve opened my pie hole, I may as well raise a point I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, namely the tremendous pixellation in almost all these images. We all know it’s unavoidable to some degree but these look like they were cut from a basic snapshot and then zoomed in. I’m the last person to claim any skill with software like Photoshop or GIMP but then I’m not claiming to be a photographer. But even without any extra software, you can still take pretty impressive images using just the basic camera with all the graphics settings turned up to eleven (including the hardware settings). Come on Daeynaries, raise your game, show us what you’re capable of :)

  2. Joe Cool

    Jan 26th, 2010

    Nice to see that you’ve been scouting the rape sims for people to interview, Daeynaries.

    So let’s see, we got a sad wretch of a person who’s only joy in life is roleplaying a whore. Good to see some things never change.

  3. Carmen

    Jan 26th, 2010

    I agree with Senban some of the pictures seem a little blurred or pixelated which is a shame as the model appears to be realy lovely.

    I have not visted these sims im guessing Joe cool must have to know what the role play is there!!!

    Seems sadder to me to attack someone on a blog using an anonymous name than to enjoy role play. At least Senban no matter how critical uses an SL name.

  4. On the DL

    Jan 26th, 2010

    Loved the pics, especially the one with her hands out displaying her ring. The subject in this set is actually quite lovely and I think the subtle beauty of the shading compliments her av quite well. Well done, keep up the good work.

  5. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jan 26th, 2010

    “So if you guys couldn’t tell, I’ve been picking quite a few roleplayers from the Carp and Midian community.”

    Yes, Daeynaries, we could tell. Thank your for your unstinting and apparently inexhaustible efforts to provide an utterly distorted and ludicrously narrow view of the role of women in SL. Between you and Timothy, is it any wonder that the outside world views SL as little more than an animated playground for violent kinks?

    I’d heard rumours that there were women in Second Life who did other things: ran successful businesses, produced fascinating art, coordinated social networks, and engaged in meaningful social activism. You’ve convinced me that such rumours were unfounded: all the women here are clearly far too busy reinforcing rape myths and stuffing ball gags into their mouths to be doing anything nearly that constructive.

  6. Zoey Tungsten

    Jan 26th, 2010

    Haters shut their trash pleas, midian isnt a rape sim and if you joined it you would know better so kiss my fat ass like tyra banks would say.

    As fer the pictures, they all have their imperfections and this one has less flaws then most =o i like it <3

  7. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jan 26th, 2010

    “Haters shut their trash pleas, midian isnt a rape sim and if you joined it you would know better so kiss my fat ass like tyra banks would say.”

    One very random selection from a very wide choice of available evidence to the contrary, Zoey.

  8. Skye

    Jan 26th, 2010

    I, too, am rather tired of roleplayers. Surely there have to be women out there that do something other than that with their Second Lives?

    As for the pictures, I can’t tell whether Shika is pretty or not…her face is either so washed out, or so encased in shadows, that it’s impossible to tell. (Love the dress in the second picture though!)

  9. Senban Babii

    Jan 26th, 2010

    @Zoey Tungsten

    “midian isnt a rape sim and if you joined it you would know better”

    Hey! Great idea! I’ll go visit! Here you go, I literally just went to Midian and took these two pictures 8D

    What fun 8D

    (Sorry for the quality of the images btw, I was rushing and just did some standard snapshots)

  10. Mary Elizabeth

    Jan 26th, 2010

    “I’d heard rumours that there were women in Second Life who did other things: ran successful businesses, produced fascinating art, coordinated social networks, and engaged in meaningful social activism.”

    But will those accomplished women pose their avvies naked for the Alphaville Herald.

    This week’s avvie looks to have a nice shape, but the photos are particularly craptastic this week.

  11. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jan 26th, 2010

    Thanks, Senban, for the photographic evidence. I’ve been to Midian myself, but for this purpose just googled “Midian City” and rape. There were over 1,100 hits.

    @Mary Elizabeth

    “But will those accomplished women pose their avvies naked for the Alphaville Herald.”

    I don’t know. Do you suppose they’ve been asked? Within the last half year, there have been a handful of women I thought worthwhile profiling, most notably Toxic Menges and Senban herself. I’ve no doubt others can be found without too much effort.

  12. Reverse Writer

    Jan 26th, 2010

    Apparently the photographer has no idea how shadows work. Unless you mean for the crappy backdrops to look like crappy backdrops instead of actual backgrounds, shadows usually fall on the ground, not up across the horizon like out of focus giants.

  13. mh

    Jan 26th, 2010

    “I’d heard rumours that there were women in Second Life who did other things: ran successful businesses, produced fascinating art, coordinated social networks, and engaged in meaningful social activism.”

    Its a rumor. Some are just alts role playing being good girls. Many are guys.

  14. Skye

    Jan 26th, 2010

    I think part of the reason that the accomplished women don’t pose, is because a couple years back if anyone mentioned that they had a store, website, club, a magazine, or something else they were proud of, then the peanut gallery would complain that the photographer was just helping their friends promote whatever, and that they wanted more tits and less substance.


  15. Odette Lunardi

    Jan 26th, 2010

    So I don’t normally comment, but I wanted to say -

    @mh: hey watch it there! I’m a good girl! :P And not a guy or an alt. (Also, I like to think of my avi as quite fetching. ^^)

    okay…all done. I was just pointing out I’m not a total myth and do exist. :) I admit tho, I don’t run businesses, produce art or really network on SL much. Too shy for that. I like my quiet SL life, no drama just me and the prims and all the awesomeness they can become.

    I’m going back to lurk now.

  16. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Jan 27th, 2010

    “I’d heard rumours that there were women in Second Life who did other things: ran successful businesses, produced fascinating art, coordinated social networks, and engaged in meaningful social activism. You’ve convinced me that such rumours were unfounded: all the women here are clearly far too busy reinforcing rape myths and stuffing ball gags into their mouths to be doing anything nearly that constructive.”

    I teach building classes, manage a mall, help keep sandboxes safe, and help new residents through the learning curve that comes with joining SL… When I don’t have a ballgag in my mouth. =^-^=

  17. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Jan 27th, 2010

    “But will those accomplished women pose their avvies naked for the Alphaville Herald.”

    … Only time will tell. (^_^)y

  18. Marianne

    Jan 27th, 2010

    I don’t want to comment more on the quality of the pictures here, because it feels too much like kicking somebody that lie down. So no more talk about that. Most has been said already. I am tired.

    I agree with Skye, that it was tons of crap when the model had a shop or a business in SL. Cries of self-promoting. Well isn’t all we do some kind of self-promoting, even posting comments.
    I can call myself a long time reader of The Herald and Post6, and no one – NO ONE – has avoided snarky remarks and complaints. Either the models are to “common pretty”. Then show a furry and it’s all “Ewww”.
    So it’s not easy to pick models. And Roleplayers are used to drama and shitstorms of harsh comments. Pick your ordinary goodlooking AV who’s only been exposed to flirt and nice comments, and she would read some Post6 back and be horrified and say “No thanks”.

  19. ” all the women here are clearly far too busy reinforcing rape myths and stuffing ball gags into their mouths to be doing anything nearly that constructive”
    well I dont do any of that and I managed to gather 2 pages of abuse so yes there are women out there who do inspirational stuff but frankly if they were asked I doubt they would agree lets see 3 shots that dont always show you in a good light and then 2 pages of people abusing you “man the harpoons” is one of mine that will stick forever in my memory,and going on the quality of last few months of Grrls and I include my own in that statement, is it any wonder were left with personal friends of the photographer
    Mairead out

  20. Senban Babii

    Jan 27th, 2010


    “”man the harpoons” is one of mine that will stick forever in my memory”

    I haven’t looked at mine in a long time but I recall my most memorable was something along the lines of “tits like a twelve year old boy” XD

    In all fairness, it can be hard for the photographer to find models who are willing to pose and that may in part be down to the flak that the models almost always take in the comments section. I can’t speak for other models naturally but I certainly went into it knowing that flak would follow and even looked forward to it because I do love a good fight XD

    It’s also true that a while back, there was a period when the models were being given in effect a platform to advertise their businesses. Not just a passing mention but literally a virtual free advert. And they were all personal friends of the photographer which led to accusations of favouritism and so forth. Naturally there is a difference between someone scouring their friends list for models and someone using the Post 6 platform to promote their friends’ businesses.

    I’ve got no issue personally with Daeynaries using people she knows as models and after reading Post 6 over the years, I know it’s par for the course that a lot of the models will be Goreans/CARPers/Rape Players who love to shop and/or be eaten. On occasion we’ll be handed someone who really stands out and that’s great. My only issue with Daeynaries work is the actual photos themselves or rather, the quality. She’s done some really nice ones that would have been vastly improved if they’d been of better quality. The best example I can think of was the first one of Rachael Fraisse recently. I loved the first image and wish it had been done with a higher quality and that’s the only reason why I said earlier that Daeynaries needs to raise her game a little. Don’t use pose stands and backgrounds, get out on the grid, scout for locations and use higher graphics settings so we can see what you’re capable of :)

  21. Mary Elizabeth

    Jan 27th, 2010

    “… Only time will tell. (^_^)y”

    Immanotgoing is next week’s model, Pixaleen models the following week.

  22. Skye

    Jan 27th, 2010

    Hell, I’ll even stick my ass out here too…but only if I can use pictures that I take and process. ;o)

  23. Persephone Bolero

    Jan 27th, 2010

    @ Mary “But will those accomplished women pose their avvies naked for the Alphaville Herald.”

    Yes. Yes, they would.

  24. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jan 27th, 2010

    I believe that “accomplished” women would pose here: as I’ve noted, a few already have.

    Part of the problem, however, is the perception that Post 6 is about bimbos, sex slaves, and naked shopaholics. And the only way to overcome that perception is to start focussing more upon subjects who challenge that stereotype.

    Start employing women (and men) who have something more to offer than large breasts and a “nudge nudge wink wink” attitude, and this could potentially become a place where more accomplished women WANT to be featured. Choose articulate people who have things to say, and this may become a feature people WANT to read. Make the full nudity optional: anyone with an intelligent attitude towards sex knows that it is entirely possible to be erotic fully clothed.

    Mostly, however, offer more diversity than what seems to have become the norm, sex role players. Part of this involves featuring different perspectives on body image: Mairead, your feature was a refreshing break for that reason. But diversity is about more than what skins, shape, or hair we choose to wear: it’s also about our attitudes and what we “do.”

    Marilyn made a game attempt in her feature to try something different, but concluded that the experiment was a failure because she wasn’t satisfied with the level of debate that ensued. In the end, her criticism of that debate speaks to the level of discourse on the internet, rather than to the idea that Post 6 might feature intelligent discussion.

    I don’t think that making Post 6 more interesting and relevant means turning it into a political / philosophical forum: rather, it should be about highlighting interesting PEOPLE. Subjects like politics should arise organically from our introduction to a person: someone who is political in their SL or RL will naturally be introducing politics into their bios, but it doesn’t need to be about tub thumping. If an artist is featured, maybe that artist could speak about her or his art, and what it is supposed to accomplish? If a business person is featured, what would be more natural than a brief discussion of (for instance) the fashion industry in SL?

    As for the calibre of the comments here, well . . . this is the internetz. There will always be trolls and morons here. But they are a lot less likely to waste their time on a feature that demands some reading and comprehension skills, and that is less about sending the blood rushing to their nether regions than about challenging their intellect.

    And finally, I hate to say it, but . . . this feature needs better and more interesting photography. Point-and-click is to some degree fine when all you are interested in doing is displaying lingerie and bare skin, but week after week of even the prettiest pixelated nude is simply dull. Why not seek out the best photographers in SL? There is no shortage of them. Feature a new one each week, and let THEM use their pics to express their own aesthetic, and their “interpretation” of the man or woman featured that week.

    We don’t NEED to settle for mediocrity and inanity. For god’s sake, Herald: make a bit of an effort!

  25. leto albatros

    Jan 27th, 2010

    Role playing is so lame. So much more to SL than silly role playing. I especially abhor Gor and any trivializing of slavery. Play your little games if you want, but keep that to whatever sim plays stupid games and do not bring that attitude into nonrole-playing sims.

  26. Shika Nakamura

    Jan 27th, 2010

    Ah Lovely.. The parade of tree huggers that assume that an avi, or a roleplayer does the same thing in real life. let me guess, none of the women have ever gone to a movie.. guess what? Those in a sense are Role players.

    Because I didn’t say that I was some clove smoking feminist, then all of a sudden I stuff ball gags in my mouth. On the contrary.. many women like yourself.. role play the people that come to wear those same gags on ” rape sims”.

    The face that you have never roleplayed in a role play sim, only shows that you would rather troll the AH, and sit at the back of the class.. possibly like a high school ” mean girl” that just had to talk about others

    It doesn’t phase me what people do in Second Life, because how I live my life in the first one is far different. Perhaps you should remember what happens when you make assumptions, Scylla. Maybe YOU should make an effort, and attempt to write for the paper. We’d love to hear about how your rl weekend was

  27. Jessica Holyoke

    Jan 27th, 2010

    I think the problem is that the type of person who would be interested in posing naked for a newspaper is going to be the same type of person who would be interested in doing something sexually charged in their virtual world spare time. If a person, there have been women, men and miscellaneous posing on these pages, wasn’t interested in being sexually charged in SL, i.e. stripper or sex slave, then why would they be interested in being sexually charged in these pages? Other than free advertising.

  28. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jan 27th, 2010

    Well, actually Shika, I don’t think I address any of my comments at all directly to or about you. I certainly don’t assume that your SL experience reflects your RL one: if it did, you would probably be dead or in jail. In fact, I don’t think I “assume” anything about you at all beyond what is clear from your own statements: that you RP in Midian City, a dark sim that features violence, sexual and otherwise, in many forms.

    Since you ask, however, I can assure that my objections to this kind of RP are not, and have never been, based upon some kind of crude idea that RP rapists are also busy being RL rapists, or that SL murderers are itching to try it out for “real.” I’m sure you are a perfectly respectable and unexceptionable person in RL. My objection is that such activities reinforce attitudes and myths that, in a broad way, feed into the very real violence that continues to plague the physical world.

    My actual point here in these posts is that there has been too little diversity in the Post 6 offerings of late. In particular, we are being fed a pretty constant diet now of RPers specializing in Gor, rape RP, BDSM, or Dolcet. And you will note that my initial post is directed, not to you, but to Daeynaries. But if you wish to take this as a personal attack upon you, that’s entirely your business.

    PS. I haven’t actually hugged a tree in ages. Poor things must be feeling terribly neglected!

  29. skye

    Jan 27th, 2010

    Ah! The subject of the photo shoot speaks! :o D

  30. Id never read or seen the herald until Timothy asked me and I read a few back grrls so yes I knew I was in for some slack being a bbw av its and everyday occurance pretty much but prepared or not of course it stings a little, what might help is as someone mentioned ..get out of the studio take shots on location more also I feel the text might be better written by someone else writing about yourself I found rather difficult and reading it back I made a right hash of it! so perhaps a mini interview with someone might be the way to go.

    Mairead out

  31. Shika Nakamura

    Jan 28th, 2010

    I don’t know if you know most players in Midian..
    However there have been many, many sponsored events.. and an ongoing one where all players donate to ” Midian Cancer Crushers” and so many other funds.. To assume that all that happens there is rape, or an occasional ass kicking.. you are wrong.. Ok maybe a lot more asskicking than anything.

    At the end of the day, people want to get in a game to have fun. I say let them. many many Players in Midian are children, or Non sexual players. Can’t have those in Rape sims. You should visit sometime.. I will give you a personal tour.

  32. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jan 28th, 2010

    I might well take you up on the offer of a tour, Shika.

  33. We

    Jan 28th, 2010


    I wouldn’t compare Roleplayers to actors, while in a sense you’re both playing a role, actors generally play a role that someone else made up by reading lines someone else wrote and only do it because they’re paid to do it. Roleplayers make a role that they made up, and write all their own lines themselves, and do it for fun. So I feel if a person who roleplays chooses to be a Rapist serial killer who has sex with intestines, that says something about that person; especially since often times, people “roleplay” using their own personality and choices.

  34. Shika Nakamura

    Feb 18th, 2010

    Then you would not know about a thing called ” Improv”. As an acttress rl, this is one art form we do. Many freeze while trying it..because it is not easy to do. So, sorry to burst that bubble.

    It can be compared to acting. If it does not harm you one way or another, how a person spends their time in sl shouldn’t matter.

  35. Shika Nakamura

    Feb 18th, 2010

    In case ya didn’t feel like looking it up.. here we go.

    Improvisational theatre (also known as improv or impro) is a form of theatre in which the improvisational actors/ improvisers use improvisational acting techniques to perform spontaneously. Improvisers typically use audience suggestions to guide the performance as they create dialogue, setting, and plot extemporaneously. Improvisational theatre performances tend to be comedic, although some forms, including Playback Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed, are not necessarily intended to be comedic.

    Many improvisational actors/ improvisers also work as scripted actors, and “improv” techniques are often taught in standard acting classes. The basic skills of listening, clarity, confidence, and performing instinctively and spontaneously are considered important skills for actors to develop.

  36. Skye Flaks

    Mar 17th, 2010

    I have skimmed over the comments on this forum and discussion about role-playing and the slew of misconceptions regarding such. I have RPed in Midian City (and the surrounding sims) for about half of a year now and I’ve only once in the duration of that time engaged in any sort of sexual play. In fact, in the entirety of my Second Life career (2+ years), which has consisted of much RP experience including being a Sim Manager/GM for a particular sim, I’ve only ever RPed any sort of sex on three occasions….

  37. Skye Flaks

    Mar 17th, 2010

    ….Roleplaying is not about sex, yes some use it for that but that is not the general purpose. RPing at large, in fact, in SL and chat-based RPGs operates in a manner similar to the nature of internet-based communities and proscription for society at large discussed by Donna Haraway in her essay “The Cyborg Manifesto”. An RP community is a collection of writers who come together and through their discourse manufacture a joint sense of the world around them. It is social constructivism in play, a microcosm of how social constructivists believe the world to function at large. In such, through discourse, players have the opportunity to redefine gender roles and empower women. This is what I do and have always done, I place my characters in powerful positions and assert such as valid female roles. Constant exposure to women in power, intelligent women and women generally defying the roles forced upon them by society, even if artificial and expressed in a roleplay community, has an effect on the understandings of the players who engage in it…

  38. Skye Flaks

    Mar 17th, 2010

    …Through roleplay I am achieving post-colonial cyberfeminist goals and empowering myself as a woman. Your misconceptions of what roleplaying is cause you to dismiss it at large and in such, you allow various roleplay communities to be conquered by sexist idioms that allow people to continue to proliferate an understanding of women as inferior and sexual objects. In such, in my opinion, dismissing roleplay communities is no different then playing a flirtatious, submissive disempowered woman as your general Second Life persona — the end result is the same.

  39. Wax

    Nov 19th, 2010

    I have investigated Midian City, it is a rape sim with child avatars allowed. That alone should have it shut down and not certain why Linden Labs allows Jade Steele to keep it running. Sure, not everyone in the sim does sex roleplay but sex and violence is what they advertise and what you get. Trying to put a glass slipper on a toad does not change the fact it’s a toad.

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