Wallace Linden Outs His Alt Account — Holy F.I.C. !!!

by Alphaville Herald on 16/01/10 at 4:11 pm

Alphaville Herald's Walker Spaight's secret alt is new Linden "Conversation Manager"

Special to the Herald by staff reporter Idoru Wellman

Wallace Linden shocked the metaverse with a tell-all Linden blog post acknowledging his close ties to the Alphaville Herald and his formerly secret alt account — none other than Walker Spaight. The announcement sent shock waves through the blog-o-sphere as some worried that the Herald's well-know incisive analysis, independent voice, and cutting edge journalism might be compromised by association with the Linden game gods.

Asked to comment, Herald editrix Pixeleen Mistral said, "Maybe now therewill finally be a Linden that will answer my calls – Plexus Linden seems a bit shy lately and M Linden has beenalmost completely hopeless since that unfortunate incident in the hot tub. Readers shouldn't worry though – there was a complex debt for equity swap that Urizenus and I executed a year ago which gave me the controlling interest in the Herald. But I do hope Walker Spaight will get around to interviewing Wallace Linden for the Herald at some point – maybe that will finally put those ugly F.I.C. rumors to rest – Walker should know exactly what to ask Wallace."

In addition to preceding Ms. Mistral at the helm of the Herald, Spaight also dabbled in writing from time to time in less prestigious venues including 3pointD.com, Wired, PC World, the Financial TImes, and the New York Times. With Herald founder Urizenus Sklar, Spaight also co-authored a must-read book about life in the metaverse: "The Second Life Herald – The Virtual Tabloid that Witnessed the Dawn of the Metaverse".

In his new role at the Lab, Wallace Linden will help tell the Linden's marketing story to both current residents and those who have not yet fallen under the spell of M Linden's walled garden of cyber delights – or virtual hot tub.

Ms Mistral pointed out that a revolving door between media outlets and marketing is not uncommon in real life and observed, "In their hour of need, with sliding concurrency threatening the viability of Second Life, it is only natural that the Lab turned to the Herald, but I am worried about LL fanboi #1 Hamlet Au. I thought I heard him scream right after the announcement went out – was he crying over spilled Koolaide?".

Could this be why the Lab hired Walker Spaight? Can anoutsider who has not been mainlining Linden Koolaide for several yearshelp turn Second Life around? Let us all hope so, for the sake of the metaverse.

10 Responses to “Wallace Linden Outs His Alt Account — Holy F.I.C. !!!”

  1. Mary Elizabeth

    Jan 16th, 2010

    How about a Page 6 photo spread of Wallace?

  2. marilyn murphy

    Jan 16th, 2010

    the real truth is to be found in the fourfecta deal worked out in my hot tub/sauna area about two years ago with special guest appearances by other unnamed manipulators of the burgeoning new hidden general metaverse fic faction that remains anonymous. book will be out in 2010 with film deals already being considered.

  3. pixeleen mistral

    Jan 16th, 2010

    @Mary Elizabeth

    a Post 6 Linden feature has seemed like an impossible dream — until now.

    but now, anything sems possible. perhaps Walker could pose together with
    Prokofy Neva to show that there are no hard feeling about the name calling
    incident on the Linden blog?

  4. TT

    Jan 16th, 2010

    Story title FAIL — it’s Wallace Linden, not Walker Linden.

  5. Ener Hax

    Jan 16th, 2010

    Wallace Linden! well, so far i am unimpressed with him. his first 8 or so tweets were RTs and quotes from blogs

    i thought most people started a conversation with “hello”

  6. Ener Hax

    Jan 16th, 2010

    lol on Wallace turning arond SL. let’s see if he will at least say hello to me. not that i am a bigshot, just a customer. the average esate is 2.5 sims, makes mine 4.8 times bigger. i blog daily, i have 6000 pics up, 8000 twitter followers – my subQuark speaks at conferences about sl and has made vids used to promote sl

    so together, we are influence, not because we know anything, but we ar out ther and out there promoting sl

    to me, Wallace will need to be one HUGE rockstar to carry out anything. and i mean like twice as big as Torley’s reach and influence

    Wallace – try saying “hello” in the twittersphere first, that’s how conversations have started for a long time . . .

  7. Senban Babii

    Jan 16th, 2010

    @Wallace Linden

    I’m sure you’ll do a fine job in the days ahead :)

    But there’s a far more important question at hand.

    Can I have your Linden Bear for my collection now please? 8D

  8. bladyblue Bommerang

    Jan 17th, 2010

    Idoru Wellman – why not the obvious reference to teh Herald being GOM’d – no mention of sell-out, etc. Just a resume, book plug and hints that your boy is the saviour of the metaverse.

    Herald goes from offering Justice Keague docs for download to anyone to selling out to Linden Lab and then fluffy nonsense. Removed from data feed.

  9. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 17th, 2010

    them pesky lindens shoulda hired pixeleen! hehehehehe

  10. Obvious Schism

    Jan 17th, 2010

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    Are these Lindens important or something?

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