Nuts Bakalava — Post 6 Grrrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 23/02/10 at 8:30 am

A former Post 6 Model contacted me and told me that I should meet Nuts Bakalava.  As I'm always willing to follow the game related advice of oldbies, I did, and as you see, I was impressed. Nuts is as charming and friendly as she is gorgeous, and I hope that you agree she makes a fantastic Post 6 Grrrrl. -Timothy Morpork]

Nuts Bakalava_Final1a

I am really just a character, not a builder or mover or shaker, but I have been here since 2005, the old days when you could fly across SL in an afternoon, or thereabouts.   I got into Gor early, went panther and never really looked back.  Had some great friends and great times.  I had a black skin early, ‘cause well that is who I am RL and I wanted to see me when I logged on. My early one was CMFF (TY for blazing the trail!), with an “ethnic” shape – big butt, which is so NOT me RL.  Anyway, got lots of looks.  Over the years I have been steadily changing and improving, always a proud, strong, dark daughter of Africa and America (but now with a smaller tush).I have tried voice, and really, I wish you boys – and I mean BOYS – would just learn to keep the meanness and the come-ons and the put downs out of it – I now have it off and can’t see using it again.

Nuts Bakalava_Final2

I have had some great friends – Patrice Cournoyer is my GF1, the best terraformer in SL IMHO who introduced me to the les side and to GF2, Kim Carson, who introduced me to pony girls and to dogs – now I am hooked. I knew Targo Kubo, my first SL brother and one handsome, exotic and yummy guy, but he left long ago and never came back.

Nuts Bakalava_Final3

I love to help new folks, from all backgrounds and I can be found prowling the Gorean Jungles of Shaba, Frilly Filly Farm (Hugs to Button!) and some of the more BDSM places of SL, mostly as an explorer.

I am still looking for a pet, and for a guy, so check out my profile and drop me a line!  Who knows, I may bite.

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  1. Senban Babii

    Feb 23rd, 2010

    In before the Gor/BDSM bashfest 8P

    Seriously though, I love that second photo. The third would have worked better without the glasses I think, they clutter the face too much but the second photo carries the day for me :)

  2. Woad

    Feb 23rd, 2010

    Hello madam, I am Sparklemoonmagic2 Littleboots and I am interested in being your pet. I am a transexual Dragon-Tiger-Walrus trained in the ancient Nipponese arts of using magic katanas and writing naruto/rugrats slash fiction. I am also skilled at yiffy fur bondage diaper rape. Thank you for your time.

  3. Inniatzo

    Feb 23rd, 2010

    Hot! I might go look for her!

  4. Scylla Rhiadra

    Feb 23rd, 2010

    Timothy, you really really REALLY need to get out more.

    I wonder if you could survive a week in SL with the “Adult” option on your avi unchecked? I am thinking not.

  5. carmen

    Feb 23rd, 2010

    Wonderful pictures of a realy beautiful av love your hair too. I think that the poses are some of the best so far i have seen, no need for full nudity to make an av look amazing. Well done to you both

  6. Marianne

    Feb 23rd, 2010

    Really pretty torso. Yep, I like your look. I like Timothy better after his vacation too. One can notice when he puts a bit more effort into the pictures. I love that he include a close-up. The model poses really well. I find Post6 grrrls that aren’t just “Standing and playing my AO” really refreshing.
    Okay I would like it a bit better if the necklace and earrings wasn’t set to full bright. It looks odd, especially in the second pic.
    The outfit in the second pic is yummy. Love the wide pants and the open short jacket. Isn’t it ironic, this Post6 girl don’t talk about where she buy her clothes, and now I want to know where that outfit is from!
    The eyes look a bit like default LL eyes, the closeup would be more powerful if the model had a bit shine in her eyes. Too bad Miriel closed her shop, some of her brown eyes would be perfect for this avatar.

  7. Pappy Enoch, In Luv Agin'

    Feb 23rd, 2010

    Hoo whee. Two thumbs…and more..up!

  8. Mary Elizabeth

    Feb 23rd, 2010

    Beautiful avvie, but come out of Gor sometime. Honestly, there’s a lot more to SL than roleplaying so some loser guy can beat off in front of his computer.

  9. Pappy Enoch, In Luv Agin'

    Feb 23rd, 2010

    “there’s a lot more to SL than roleplaying so some loser guy can beat off in front of his computer.”

    Yep. Two loser fellers beatin’ off while they thinks each other am gals.

  10. Patrice Cournoyer

    Feb 24th, 2010

    Great pictures and post GF1, congratulations!

  11. Inniatzo

    Feb 24th, 2010

    I’ll say it again, Nuts is hot!!

    As for the usual sort of complaints above; these people have no idea what Gor and bdsm stuff is about. It may not be there thing, which is cool, but they have no idea. The Panthers I have met have some very close friendships, I think that’s what keep them there more than anything else.

    I’m not that good at being a sub, but maybe i should give it a try :)

  12. Senban Babii

    Feb 24th, 2010


    “I’m not that good at being a sub, but maybe i should give it a try :)

    Oh come on, it’s easy! Fill your bath with water, lie at the bottom of it with a tube in your mouth for a conning tower and make “PING!” noises every now and then to simulate sonar. For added realism, get a friend to drop tins of baked beans at you occasionally to simulate enemy depth charges 8D

    Simple 8D

  13. Scylla Rhiadra

    Feb 24th, 2010


    I’m not sure where you are seeing “usual sorts of complaints” about Gor and BDSM here. I am quite happy to complain about Gor … if the featured Post 6 person is advocating or “selling” it. Nuts is not, so I’m quite happy to leave her be on that score: she’s entitled to engage in whatever kind of roleplay she wishes.

    My complaint is that, once again, we are seeing an utter lack of variation here in Post 6. Timothy has given us yet another Gorean/BDSM/CaRP roleplayer; the proportion of these kind of roleplayers presented here is entirely unrepresentative of the diversity of things that women do in SL. (And yes, it’s true: the last Post 6 Grrrrl, Dianna, was not an RPer … she was a stripper. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.)

  14. Nidol Slazar

    Feb 24th, 2010

    Her tits look too flat for being that big. Also I can’t help but think “yep it’s totally a dude behind that av”.

  15. Skye D.

    Feb 25th, 2010

    *Laughs at Senban’s latest comment.* Thanks for making my day with that one.

    Lovely avatar…

  16. Eva Ryan

    Feb 25th, 2010

    /me wonders why she can’t be a Post6 girl.

  17. Scylla Rhiadra

    Feb 25th, 2010

    Eva Ryan “wonders why she can’t be a Post6 girl.”

    Fear not, Eva! You CAN!

    Just IM Timothy, and let him know which rape sim or Gorean island you role play in!

  18. Carmen

    Feb 25th, 2010

    @ Nidol, The person behind the Av stated that they had used voice, so either they don’t care if people know if they are a man or not or they are in fact a women. Either way good for them.

  19. Nuts Bakalava

    Feb 26th, 2010

    Thanks! Do contact me, if you want. And for the Gor bashers, I have not been Gorean for about a year and a half, you can find me around Toscana, Victoriana, Bondage Ranch, Black Soul Radio/Jay Roc City, and wherever there are cool things happening! But I did enjoy panthering around with good friends, so there!

  20. Debi Dastardly

    Feb 28th, 2010

    -Just IM Timothy, and let him know which rape sim or Gorean island you role play in!

    Typical militant feminist rhetoric only notices the negative and not the women who have been post 6 and do not RP gore or rape.
    Great Post 6 Timothy and Nuts

  21. I Agree

    Feb 28th, 2010

    @Debi Dastardly said
    Typical militant feminist rhetoric only notices the negative

    I agree. This one seems to have gone off the rails.

  22. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 1st, 2010

    “Typical militant feminist rhetoric only notices the negative and not the women who have been post 6 and do not RP gore or rape.”

    LOL. Well, when the “negative” is so very obtrusive, yeah … we “militant feminists” notice. Actually, I have lauded those Post 6 Grrrrl whom I thought interesting, articulate, or worthy of praise. It’s just that they have been somewhat rare of late.

    Out of interest, I’ve done a quick tabulation. Since the beginning of September, Post 6 has featured 11 women who self-identify as into Gor, CaRP, or some form of violent sexual RP. That’s about 2 a month. Since the beginning of January, 75%, or 6 of 8 Post 6 Grrrrls have been Midian City or Gor RPers (the two who were exceptions both appear to be strippers, I think). I also, out of curiosity, checked out the profiles of a few featured women who didn’t identify any of these things in their bios, and discovered another 3 who do CaRP, Rape RP, or Midian City (2 more of those: my goodness that sim is well-represented, eh?).

    There HAVE been some very worthwhile profiles featured here. But of late, we are getting snowed under by women who engage in this kind of RP. Sorry, but 75% in the past two months seems to me to point to a lack of diversity. And yeah, to “militant feminists” like myself, it’s kind of glaring.

  23. Debi Dastardly

    Mar 1st, 2010

    @Scylla Really sister you need to get you ashes hauled off.
    It’s a post6 everyone dose not need to be as pure as Christmas snow here in fact thats the world in general or havn’t you noticed yet? We are all human and have our hangups our vices and things we like to do that may be controversial. Just because as you say 75% of these women like to RP in variouse sims on sl that you may not agree with dosnt mean they are evil or that having them on here is bad. To be honest I think it is representative of most of sl per capita.

  24. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 1st, 2010


    I don’t recall saying that I thought that any of these women were “evil.” In fact, let me go further: I have never said anything of the sort. As I HAVE said in previous comments on Post 6, I have no interest whatsoever in attacking women for their individual choices; it is only when they take up advocacy for Gor or whatever that I will respond.

    Nor, although I’d naturally prefer that such objectionable and harmful displays of misogyny and violence against women not be given prime time exposure, do I recall ever saying that they shouldn’t be here. What I HAVE said, over and over again, is that the over-representation of such women here is a distortion of the actual prevalence of such role play in SL. It is also monotonous, dull, and vacuous. And, frankly, it contributes to misogynist myths about women by playing to the crowd who really want to believe that women are “naturally” submissive, and that they “really” find rape and forced sex a turn-on.

    As to your contention that 75% of women role playing sexual violence in SL “is representative of most of SL,” I can only respond that you, like Timothy, need to get out of Zindra or the Crack Den more often. All of the figures I have ever seen put the percentage of SL land designated as “Adult” at well under 10%, and much nearer to 5%. There’s a whole wide virtual world out there that you seem to be missing, and a richness of content and experience that extends far beyond what can be imagined on a Gorean sex bed. Open your eyes a bit, and you just might see it.

  25. Just A Sec

    Mar 2nd, 2010

    @Scylla Rhiadra said
    I can only respond that you, like Timothy, need to get out of Zindra or the Crack Den more often.

    Um, hold the phone- how do you know where Nuts or Timothy or Debi or anyone else spends their Second Life? Are you assuming things about their behavior based on limited knowledge of the topic, or do you actually hang out with these people to find out what they do? Isn’t this just an example of lobbing categorizations and stereotypes at people Scylla? The perception that all housewives sit on the couch all day eating candy and watching Oprah, or that female workers cause more problems in an office than male workers, or that all feminists are really just lesbians with daddy issues would be three other examples of the types of blankets that get tossed on people by other people looking to “hate” but hiding their prejudice in couched argument.

    For my bit, I assume that Nuts, Timothy and Debi and any and all of the sorts of people who post have a varied Second Life, just as you do, and just as I do. To simply assume that their behavior is one thing because it fits your worldview for them is naive and shows a lack of depth to your argument, Scylla. You’re actually hurting the feminist movement by coming here to argue about it because you’re not very good at it. Your logic is flawed and contradictory much of the time. The world, especially the virtual one, is not black and white in its behaviors and yet you seek to make them such.

    Maybe you should stop trying to get this leopard to change its spots and launch a new article on the Herald about this richness and variety of which you speak, or become a Post 6 Grrrl yourself. As is, you’re really just becoming a joke here, and by extension, so is your cause.

    The fact that you did research on the past X number of articles proves the point of whoever it was that said you’d gone off the rails. The fact that you included in your research some flawed data, proves that you’re not really a suitable candidate to come here and argue anything that requires depth of thought. (The flaw is that several of those posts you included were by the guest photographer, who it seems made all of her friends from Midian City and made the Post 6 grrls. Doing such a small sample, using data that is not “the norm,” and then reporting that data as representing “the norm” is bad research. How about the 12 models from Christmas? Were they included? I remember Celebrity Trollop and Marylyn Murphy were in there, surely you’re not counting them as Gor players are you? Did you count them at all?

    Please. Think, then speak.

  26. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 2nd, 2010

    @Just a Sec

    I neither know nor particularly care where Debi “hangs out” in SL, and you are being more than a little literal-minded to imagine that I do. My suggestion that she get out of Zindra for a while was a sarcastic aside reflecting upon her absurd allegation that 75% of the women in SL engage in things like CaRP or rape RP.

    Neither is there anything “flawed” about my data: it includes the “Xmas Special” Post 6 Grrrrls (which included Daeynaries Lane herself). I invite you to take the time to go over the numbers yourself.

    I have not forgotten about either Marilyn or Celebrity, both of whom appeared in December, and neither of whom were in any case included in my reckoning of those engaged in the RP of sexual violence. I have also stated above that “There HAVE been some very worthwhile profiles featured here”: I would include both of these women in THAT number, and pretty well said as much in my comment on Marilyn’s post.

    In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter whether these women have been chosen by Timothy or Daeynaries. What does matter is that, in addition to an inundation of Midian City, Gorean, and rape RP players here in the past two months, the Herald has also featured a series of “humorous” stories on Hard Alley, and on the Kingdom of Sand (another slavery and CaRP game), as well as choosing as one of its “Avatars of the Year” a pornographer who is currently busily distributing a freebie scripted dummy representing a very identifiable person whom one can anally rape at will.

    There have been a few bright lights: I salute Meleth Oakleaf for at least trying to cover something different. But, sorry, the overall impression is that the Herald is becoming Sexual Violence Central for SL.

  27. Ubi Overlord

    Mar 3rd, 2010


    I think you missed Just a Sec’s point about your data. Your sample doesn’t adequately reflect a normal cycle of Post 6 because it’s not normal for a whole month or five weeks or whatever of models to come from the same sim. It’s like spending a summer in Alaska and concluding it’s always warm and sunny there.

  28. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 3rd, 2010

    @Ubi Overlord

    With respect, I did not miss Sec’s point. Among other things, he/she was accusing me of tampering with the data, by excluding the Xmas posts, and including Marilyn and Celebrity as RPers. Neither is true.

    As regards the possibility that Daeynaries’ tenure as photographer for Post 6 represents a temporary “blip,” I can only hope that you are right. No one would be more pleased than I if March features a much diminished dollop of sexually violent RP in the Herald. In fact, it is in hope of this that I have been posting about this in the first place.

    However, my point in also making note of the series of Hard Alley stories and Stroker’s “award” as “Avatar of the Year,” none of which had anything to do with Daeynaries, was to suggest the worrisome possibility that the Herald as a whole is focussing more and more upon this kind of RP.

    Again, no one will be happier than I if this proves not to be the case.

  29. Nuts Bakalava

    Mar 4th, 2010

    Um, just to be clear, I have never raped or been raped in SL, I am not part of the Gor universe, I do enjoy a good group of gf’s hanging out, and I do think that it is pretty cool to have bows, tents, a fort and stuff like that – maybe I am making up for the times my two big brothers did not let me play “boy games”, I don’t know. I just enjoyed that part of SL for a tiem. These days I hang out in a lot of places, I explore Showcases, and for all of you who somehwow want to fight some kind of eternal, boring Gor-non-Gor games through a bunch of people who really jsut like to share the avatars they have made and meet folks to hang out with, well, y’all need to get out of our hair and just IM the smae old same old to each other, cause I really like the comments on my eyes,and my profile and voice and topics that are relevant to amking SL and my time here better.

    Heck, how about some posts about being black in SL? How about some posts about ponygirls? How about something new and fun and fresh?

  30. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 5th, 2010


    Just to be clear, none of what I have said here is directed against you, Nuts. I very much like the look of your avatar, and I wish you well. As for your involvement in Gor, I only have your own words to go by: “I got into Gor early, went panther and never really looked back. Had some great friends and great times.” That said, what I stated in, I think, my second comment here still applies: I very much believe that you are “entitled to engage in whatever kind of roleplay” that you wish.

    I’m not sure that I see ponygirls as a huge leap forward, here; it’s really just another variant on the “let’s tie the girl up and have fun humiliating her,” isn’t it? (And yes, of course it’s consensual, but the “humiliation” is part of the erotic thrill.) It seems to me that this kind of thing very much falls into the “been there, done that” category: exchanging a bridle for a ballgag or silks doesn’t really meet the criteria of being “something new and fun and fresh.”

    On the other hand, a feature on being black . . . or representing as black, in SL, is a brilliant idea.

  31. Nuts Bakalava

    Mar 14th, 2010

    One woman’s opinion on this is that ponygirls are a VERY different thing than Gor, or indeed than most of the BDSM ‘scene’ in SL. It is pretty much all female based, so not so much of the guys preying on ‘girls’ thing that is Gor, and it is really gentle and considerate – more about training and fun and adventrues than simply sex.

    Another wish I have is that we get more people of color not just with avatars of color, but that we excape this whole gangsta thing. I really get annoyed with what I can only imagine are non-blacks using the lowest form of street language and appetities as somehow a way of participating in ‘black culture’. Any more strong, smart, cultured brtohers and sisters out there that would like to try something fresh, bright and hot? Drop me a IM, let’s talk and plan and do something grand?

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