Pappy Enoch Names Successor in Case of Foul Play

by Alphaville Herald on 19/02/10 at 7:15 pm

Hard Alley mayoral candidate names Enoch ticket vice mayor

by Journey Yellowlist, Investigative Reporter

Pappy Enoch, a Candidate in the hotly contested Hard Alley Mayoral race, came out of the dumpster hiding to put up a few campaign posters. He had a few words for the media.


Pappy Enoch's vice mayor Uli-Dio Enoch poses for a new campaign sign – and for our children's future!

“This race am hotter'n the inside o' Daisy Duke's panty-loons! I done been attacked by fake superheroes, lost my old truck and my fav'rite hawg–named Daisy, don't  you know–and I now fears for my life!”

Enoch named his adopted son, the two-headed baby Uli-Dio Enoch (“I calls him Ulysses-Diogenes Enoch, for short,” Enoch added) will stand ready as vice-mayor to fill Pappy's shoes…well, spot, if something befalls the Virginia Moonshiner-turned-politico.


Pappy Enoch – hiding out on the campaign trail

“The boy gots two heads, so I reckon he'll learn the job twice as fast. Vote early and often! It are the hillbilly way!”

Enoch posed with his son beside his official campaign vehicle, cheered on by a crowd of two avatars who were already engaged in other forms of oral activities.

4 Responses to “Pappy Enoch Names Successor in Case of Foul Play”

  1. Prof Outlaner responded with the following. “In the event of my election, I will name as Vice Mayor whichever candidate offers me the best bribe, then start watching my back. Better yet, I’ll withdraw from the race and give all my votes to anyone who can offer an interesting enough bribe.”

  2. CheerGirl Allen

    Feb 20th, 2010

    Vote for Mayor of Hard Alley on Saturday, Feb 20th!

    Voting opens at 12:01am SL time and closes at 12:00 midnight SL time.

    Voting Location:

    The Candidates:

    Twin Peaks Party – LeopardQueen Enoch

  3. Inniatzo

    Feb 24th, 2010

    You know that old guy who always shows up at thanksgiving, maybe its your uncle but you’re not really sure, and he keeps telling the same joke over and over each year. It’s really rambling and long. It wasn’t funny the first time, in fact you’re not even sure whether its a joke or the guy is just not all there.

    You know that guy? If you don’t then keep reading these papa enoch articles and imagine the person who is writing them. Yeah, that’s right, that the guy I’m talking about.

  4. Billbob Duke

    Feb 24th, 2010

    I hate to state the obvious, but, as it seems to be the fashionable thing to do here;

    We dont celebrate thanksgiving over here, but I can imagine the guy you’re talking about Inniatzo. And that is exactly the guy that Pappy is meant to be a caricature of! He’s here for our amusement, our entertainment, a light hearted little fluff to this blog. Just like Miss Petunia something something, Prok, Deadlycodec, and Alyx.

    he definately has my vote!

    PS if you’ve got a Pappy Enoch at your thanksgiving, chances are very high you are indeed related. And that your first name is made up out of two single syllable names.

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