Techdirt Slams Typepad Takedown Of “Clear Cut Fair Use” JLU Coverage

by Alphaville Herald on 03/02/10 at 8:26 pm

Second Life vigilante gang's coverup tactics questioned

by Idoru Wellman, staff writer

Responding to a questionable copyright infringement claim, last night Typepad gutted the Herald's coverage of the Justice League Unlimited with takedowns of disputed content from six stories. Was this justified? legal issues writer Mike Masnick questions Typepad's handling of the situation in  "Second Life Gang Using Copyright To Stop Discussion Of Its Tactics?"  saying, "Seeing as the publication of the contents was part of a journalisticeffort, it seems like a pretty clear case of fair use, and it's a bitupsetting that Typepad automatically sided with those making thecopyright claim". Masnick goes on to point out the the irony of the JLU throwing DMCA complaints "seeing as they appearto be infringing on the trademarks of various comic book publishers".

Taking time from blogging for about possible slow L$ spacebux payments to Second Life players, writer Tatreu Nino asked "if the JLU weren't using names and images that are thetrademarks of highly litigious corporations, there wouldn't even reallybe a story here, now would there?"

Alphaville Herald founder Urizenus Sklar, responded with a comment of his own:

The point of the Herald articles in question is to illustrate that thisvirtual vigilante group (calling itself the JLU) was amassing enormousamounts of real life and virtual life information on Second Lifeplayers, and apparently they were doing it with the blessing andparticipation of some employees of Linden Lab (the makers of SecondLife). Among the examples that the Herald posted were screenshots ofsnippets of chat between SL users that had been recorded by the JLU andposted on their Wiki. The JLU did not author the chat logs, theyapparently took them in violation of the Linden Lab terms of serviceand in violation of the privacy of the recorded parties and then postedthe information on their wiki. An author of the wiki provided theinformation to the Herald. The Herald then provided a couplescreenshots of bits of this material in order to document the practiceand bring it to the attention of SL users.

There is no serious argument that this was not an example of fair use.The JLU is using the DMCA not to protect their intellectual property,but to attempt to cover up their activities.

40 Responses to “Techdirt Slams Typepad Takedown Of “Clear Cut Fair Use” JLU Coverage”

  1. Zauber Exonar

    Feb 3rd, 2010

    I am becoming less and less convinced that the JLU operates in an ethical or morally acceptable manner. With the level of intrusion into people’s privacy they have perpetrated, I’m surprised they aren’t facing federal charges by now.

  2. cube

    Feb 3rd, 2010


    i think now the story will get legs… and Warners will step in…. will grow to a letter to LL and “finally” a media worthy sexy story (tazers?wtf) with superman, batman, big money IP, and people trying to make a buck off of others work.

    next 48 hrs will be interesting….

    digital nation..indeed.

  3. Nebula/PinkBunny

    Feb 3rd, 2010

    if i stop being stalked by the jlu i will be happy…

  4. All Seeing Eye

    Feb 3rd, 2010

    Where was the perjury committed and has the appropriate federal law enforcement officials in those combined districts been informed of a mass cross jurisdictional case of perjury?

    The people affected by the perjury need to be taking the action required to bring Law Enforcement into this or the entire sections of the US Constitution regarding free speech are being abandoned. This situation needs more air time. No matter how retarded it sounds the felon needs to be sent to prison (where convict justice can be applied).

  5. Orion

    Feb 4th, 2010

    @Nebula – All Seeing Eye kinda has a point… If the JLU really has threatened to do as you say, maybe you should consider contacting the authorities? Same for everyone else who’s been mentioned in JLU’s wiki. RL information or not, I’m pretty sure that the sort of data mining they’ve been doing is frowned upon by some kind of Federal law. And in your case, it truly is just downright blackmail.

  6. CrazyLittleTurkey

    Feb 4th, 2010

    I’m going to call my friends at DC\Marvel’s legal department to see what kind of violations the JLU is guilty of in terms of copyright infringement. I’ll let you know how it goes. It sounds like the JLU is in need of some heat, and here it comes…

  7. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Feb 4th, 2010

    Legal departments know they can’t get much out of the individual users. Their prime targets are corporations who have money.

    This might be a fun experiment:

    Find a JLU member. AR them for copyright infringement TOS violations. Don’t say anything to them about it, just move on and then check back after a day or so. If the account is still there it means that the rumors of the JLU and Linden Labs being in bed together are true, which means you can report to DC Comics that Linden Labs is actively engaging in piracy of their intellectual property. You can point to the articles here as evidence, and I’m sure Pixeleen would be more than happy to provide DC with the original uncensored articles they would need to help prove such a connection.

    However, if LL and the JLU are not in bed together then the JLU member you ARed looses his account. Good job! You just got rid of a greifer.

    Either way, Linden Labs will eventually be forced to start deleting JLU accounts, and if they drag their feet about it they might even be forced to pay out reparations to DC, which would help them learn from their mistake for once.

    Are the JLU actually powerful because they are working with Linden Labs, or are they just your run of the mill idiots who think people will let them get away with stuff if they claim to know Obscure Linden? I run an academic sim with a high traffic sandbox, so people give me that kind of excuse all the time. I mute people who ask me to unban them because they know a Linden. Some of them probably do know a Linden, but that’s still a stupid argument (you really think they would risk loosing an academic community over some particle spam? Get a life).

    I work hard to keep my sim quiet for my university and the artists who frequent the place. The JLU obviously brings the kinds of problems I don’t need with them, so as far as I’m concerned JLU is AR and ban on sight from now on (this post is your only warning).

    I hope Pixeleen gets a new web host and reposts the articles. Who hosts boingboing? I’m sure their host wouldn’t pull the kind of BS TypePad is pulling. There has to be a company out there, probably in a foreign country, who advertises themselves to be “DMCA Safe”, right? I can’t find one on a quick google search, but it has to exist somewhere, I think. Sea Land, maybe? *shrug*

  8. Gaara Sandalwood

    Feb 4th, 2010

    The JLU is using the DMCA not to protect their intellectual property, but to attempt to cover up their activities.

    Everything the JLU are doing right now, summed up into one sentence.

    I would like to state now that I shall claim copyright on my SL character. Not to prevent other people from using what I say, but because last I recall Kalel Venkman never had permission to claim ownership of anything I say, do, make(which is little, since I rarely build anything in game), etcetera. Especially not stolen convos from a group they spied on out of pure desire for a new target with their precious PN gone, so that they may keep up their self-important image.

    I would also like to state that I have talked with Kara TImtam, as I mentioned before, along with Fenix Harbinger to discuss these matters. Fenix is surprisingly polite(and reasonable), but Kara’s flat out playing the role of a Kalel clone.

    lulzy convo between me and Kara shall be posted soon.

  9. Tuomy Boa

    Feb 4th, 2010

    Just get European webhost. DMCA is only valid in the USA…everywhere else you’ll have to prove its YOUR intellectual property before any copyright is deemed broken.

  10. Jahar Aabye

    Feb 4th, 2010

    I’ve mentioned it in the comments of the other stories on this topic, but I really do have to wonder whether Kalel’s real motive with regards to these DMCA filings is an attempt to get the affected parties to counterfile. Counterfiling a DMCA takedown request would require providing Kalel with one’s RL information including name, address, and phone number.

    And of course, we all know where Kalel will file that information.

  11. Gaara Sandalwood

    Feb 4th, 2010

    Back at my home computer. Convo:

    [9:25] Gaara Sandalwood: Hello, excuse me
    [9:26] Gaara Sandalwood: I would like to ask why you guys made up a bunch of stuff
    [9:26] Gaara Sandalwood: Particularly on me and a fellow WU member, claiming we were raiding a sim we never planned on raiding
    [9:26] Gaara Sandalwood: Are you trying to make yourselves look good?
    [9:27] Kara Timtam: We made a mistake that time, apparently.
    [9:27] Kara Timtam: This was a private internal document, never intended for public distribution.
    [9:28] Kara Timtam: You should blame the people who are distributing the wiki publicly for outing you.
    [9:29] Gaara Sandalwood: Not really. See, they never outed me or anything. All they did was publish it. In fact, I have reason to believe the ones who outed me are either in your organization or at the very least supporters of it. Those people who publicly say on the herald under alternative names positive things about the JLU and how they’re completely right.
    [9:30] Kara Timtam: Don’t ask me, I don’t read that rag.
    [9:31] Gaara Sandalwood: Well, anyway, all I know is someone who greatly supports your group sent NCs to the owner of the sim it took place insisting I was a griefer
    [9:31] Gaara Sandalwood: I had to talk to him and explain my side to get unbanned. He was a rather nice fellow
    [9:32] Gaara Sandalwood: But I’m just asking a few questions out of curiosity.
    [9:32] Gaara Sandalwood: Exactly how is it copyrighted, I wanted to hear an honest opinion from your side.
    [9:33] Kara Timtam: I have been advised to have questions like that answered by a lawyer.
    [9:33] Gaara Sandalwood: All I know on that matter is typepad told the herald to remove a conversation in the WU group that was obtained through spying with an alt by the JLU who claimed to have copright over it
    [9:34] Gaara Sandalwood: And told to? Aren’t you a co-owner/co-founder?
    [9:34] Gaara Sandalwood: Furthermore why a lawyer? Does something this small really constitute and absolutely require such high measures?
    [9:35] Gaara Sandalwood: So you won’t answer anything on your side?
    [9:36] Gaara Sandalwood: Weird. So far the JLU and LL have both been quite silent on some of these matters, except for Kalel who keeps insisting to various websites he has copyright over the wiki
    [9:36] Kara Timtam: You have all the answer I will give.
    [9:36] Kara Timtam: Muting you now. End Conversation.
    [9:36] Gaara Sandalwood: Okay. Nice to know you don’t wish to offer your side to a story you claim to be right in
    [9:36] Gaara Sandalwood: Very well

  12. Nebula/PinkBunni

    Feb 4th, 2010


    I am thinking of taking legal action, Iv’e reviewed the wiki countless times there are in fact parts of my rl information and parts that lead to me in the wiki. there are numerous threats to me over a video game. Like contacting the dean of students at my college. Really guys? because i shot a bunch of pretty cubes in a game and yelled fur fag at people. I for one would like them to publically apologize to me right here. if GLE or timtam or maverick or kalel said nebula i am sorry. i would take that apology. and the good fact is…. SURPRISE SURPRISE my best friend owns a law firm. a entire law firm XD already talked to them. they will take my case for nothing. I will be thinking things over.
    and one more last time i would like to say I AM NOT IN SECOND LIFE ANY MORE THX. I play maple story now, much less drama much more fun.

  13. carrotman

    Feb 4th, 2010

    no matter what the JLU tries to say….
    they were in the wrong on this.
    Documenting people and their personal lives is pretty much bad no matter how you slice it.
    good to see the community reacting to this.

  14. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Feb 4th, 2010

    lol the “I know a lawyer” tactic.

    Shut the fuck up. seriously, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

  15. Baron Cuttlefish Von Blogharder

    Feb 4th, 2010

    This is just a pissant pissing party between two groups of dumb shits: JLU, and the journalist/freedom crusader idiots.
    It will only be interesting if something comes out of it legally. Otherwise it’s just roleplay between Second Life loosers, and ignorable.

  16. Jumpman Lane

    Feb 4th, 2010


  17. All your second life are belong to us

    Feb 4th, 2010

    2008 Linden Labs removes “Trademark Infringement” 2010 Linden Labs still protects Justice League Unlimited

  18. Obvious Schism

    Feb 5th, 2010

    @ Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    “Sea Land, maybe?”

    Hehe that rusty old fort in the North Sea just of the English coast. Do they do web hosting?

  19. Tuomy Boa

    Feb 5th, 2010

    How is it that it’s illegal for businesses to store personal information about their clients without clients consent but it’s perfectly legal for JLU to do so about other companies customers?

  20. Gundel Gaukelei

    Feb 5th, 2010

    You don’t need to host as off shore as sealand to be safe from the ridiculous claims of some random joe average. Any place but your country of twisted justice will do fine.

  21. All your second life are belong to us

    Feb 5th, 2010

    So the JLU group claim to use Google as a defence of them helping profile people, and linking that data to peoples Second Life?

    Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks

    World’s largest Internet search company vs world’s most powerful electronic surveillance organization.


    World’s largest Internet search company vs Second Life’s most retarded, copyright infringing, electronic surveillance group?

  22. Gaara Sandalwood

    Feb 5th, 2010

    The latter

  23. creepy feeling

    Feb 5th, 2010

    Does anyone else get the feeling like we haven’t heard the last of all this JLU wiki stuff yet? Like there are dark evil forces still moving behind the scenes, hideous and hedonically hellatious, like a stanic cult, avoiding the light like a cockroach infection, scratching, undulating, brain squirming, plotting his evil next move, or moves, oblivious and brazen like teflon. Will a force rise up smart enough to out play them enough moves ahead, and then tough enough to block them or push them back?

    In the hall of mirrors that are the Interwebs, the world may never know…

    Or we might. It could happen. Maybe.

  24. icallbullshit

    Feb 5th, 2010


    put down the crack pipe and go get some fresh air and sunshine…

  25. Tuomy Boa

    Feb 5th, 2010


    He’s most likely trying to find out Pixeleens RL address so he can put his brainwashed lackeys assassinate her

  26. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Feb 5th, 2010

    The more they try to hide, the more the have to hide. This is funny. It’s like Springer without the midget hermaphrodites and DNA tests. (^_^)y

  27. Neo Citizen

    Feb 5th, 2010

    It’s pretty clear the whole thing’s a plant anyway – I read this in one of the comments on TechDirt, and I think it’s right. The Herald just planted a story there to make it look like TechDirt supports their view, which it doesn’t. Does it get any lamer? If there’s actually a legal basis, then the Herald should fight it that way. If not, then it’s basically proof that they screwed up, they should apologize to the JLU for stealing their stuff to recover whatever’s left of their credibility (which admittedly wasn’t much to start with), and everybody moves on.

  28. Jahar Aabye

    Feb 5th, 2010

    Dunno, I suppose that there might be more documents as-yet-unleaked…and of course I’m almost certain that most of us who have commented on these stories have been added to the JLU’s list of “griefers” or “persons of interest” on the new wiki that they’ve almost undoubtedly created.

    Other than that, who knows. If the Herald counterfiles, Kalel would then have to provide evidence that he plans to pursue this in court. No lawyer would touch his case with a ten foot pole, so who knows what happens then.

    It’s possible that the story will gain some traction in the mainstream media, which can be fairly certain to misrepresent the issue, and would almost certainly drive off a lot of would-be customers from wanting to join SL if they think that their personal data could be harvested.

    My guess is that the obvious endgame would be for Plexus to retire and for Kalel’s account to be banned, in the hopes that the story would go away quietly. Kalel’s DMCA takedown notices haven’t really helped him, they’ve only made the story gain more traction, which increases the odds of LL stepping in at some point and banning him just to keep this whole sordid mess quiet.

    Of course, it’s also possible that people might file restraining orders against Kalel, or even report him to the police for stalking. Who knows, maybe the police would raid his place and find a bunch of weapons and ammo and his personal hitlist…but something tells me that Kalel’s not really dangerous, just a deluded man who wishes that he were.

    If I wanted to psychoanalyze this further (and I’m no fan of psychoanalysis), I’d wonder whether Kalel’s urge to be a superhero stems from some desire for vengeance from some long-ago crime or hurt against him that he felt was never brought to justice…I’m talking pre-SL, mind you. Clearly he wishes that RL had vigilante superheroes like him, and his actions demonstrate just as clearly why it’s a good thing that we don’t have that.

    I mentioned earlier that I don’t believe that Kalel is actually dangerous in RL. I say this because most of the people I know who have military experience, martial arts training, law enforcement backgrounds, they tend to view vigilante-style justice as an absolute last resort, or even view vigilantes as criminals or worse than criminals. That is to say that the people who tend to have the ability to step in as “superheroes” in RL would be the least likely to have any real desire to do so. Also, most people with such training tend to view crises as “situational,” where the objective is simply to end the conflict or prevent it from escalating, whether that means using force or words.

    It is usually only the truly weak and cowardly who resort to this sort of stalker-ish behavior and believe that it will result in “justice.” As I said, this may be because perhaps Kalel or someone close to him experienced some traumatic event, anything from bullying to assault, at some point long in the past, for which he was unable to take any action to stop or defend. This feeling of weakness and inferiority then led to a wish that there were superheroes out there who could step in and make things right, avenge evil, and destroy the “bad guys” through any means necessary.

    It’s a warped world-view, although admittedly not that much loonier than Fox News Channel, but it’s also not generally the view of someone who is likely to be violent or take any action on his own.

    However, by publishing all that info in his wiki, I do wonder whether that was some sort of cry for help for some superhero out there to come and avenge his perceived wrongs. The problem (for Kalel) is that America is a nation of laws, not of superheroes and vengeance. Compiling private data on your enemies and then sharing it with your group in the hope that maybe one of them will “avenge” something is not only stupid, reckless, and irresponsible, but it may very well be illegal too.

    I hope to God that some sane adults at the Lab are looking into this and shutting down this fucked up little club.

  29. Tux Winkler

    Feb 5th, 2010

    FYI – Kalel filed a DMCA against me at the start of the week for hosting Instead of reporting to my abuse systems he approached the company that hosts my servers. Of course they approached me asking about the copyrighted material.

    Anyways, to cut a long story short (after my solicitor stopped laughing and calmed down he wrote a few paragraphs on the UK law regarding this), I sent this to the hosting company. I guess they spent some time laughing too (lets face it ‘I, Superman, am filing DMCA against a little male fairy for reformatting publically available material, pages of what other people have said and the fact that I use images and designs from a comic book. Oh and its in a virtual world!’).

    They have sent a message to him saying amongst other things they will not be removing the wiki. So theres one! Hopefully others will see how crazy it is!

  30. Verbena Pennyfeather

    Feb 5th, 2010

    Know what I find the most fun? Crap I made up about myself long ago, and posted on assorted SL wikis and forums got cut and pasted into the OMG awesome JLU wiki. Doesn’t that technically mean that I have copyright, etc etc DMCA takedown blahblah?

  31. All Seeing Eye

    Feb 6th, 2010

    @Verbena actually the situation is suited to a class action defamation/libel suit against each and every party involved with the JLU possibly including Linden Research Inc. because of involvement by their staff.

  32. hahaha

    Feb 6th, 2010

    hahahah all this is hilarious. You have to hand it to the superheroes though, they PWND the herald with take down XD of the wiki. While all the herald does is wine and takes no serious legal action. Fact: they don’t want their private information disclosed, so they rather do nothing for real, just trying to get others to bite. For a ‘news’ site they seem very ignorant, and its all a bunch of speculations. The JLU’s not having been banned, no word from LL, having the wiki forcefully removed: the jlu is winning XD. f-a-i-l

  33. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Feb 6th, 2010

    @Tux Winkler: What a beautiful story. I am smiling from ear to ear.

    Kalel, I know you’re reading this, I’ll tell you now: You have clearly no fucking clue how the internet and its denizens work. You’ve handled this situation completely and utterly wrong. If you had just ignored the leak and made no attempt to cover it up, this whole shitstorm would have blown over in a week.

    Instead, you’ve demonstrated woeful ignorance and become just another case of the the Streisand Effect.(

    You are a fool.

  34. lolwtfcowardz

    Feb 6th, 2010

    >”It is usually only the truly weak and cowardly who resort to this sort of stalker-ish behavior and believe that it will result in “justice.” ”

    It’s annoying how the Herald and all of their friends like to refer to harvesting personal data as ‘stalker-ish behavior’. It isn’t illegal. Telemarketers do it. Private Investigators do it. Hackers do it. Happens everywhere, all the time. It’s objectionable when a group with questionable ethics does it, but that’s it. Nowhere in the USA is it illegal, and no one is getting extradited to the UK because of what their laws supposedly say for what is most likely the equivalent of a misdemeanor in that country. People only tend to get extradited over serious stuff.

    The true cowards and weaklings are the ones who are so fearful of someone on the internet finding out who they are, that they throw tantrums any time someone (especially someone close to them) gets dox’d and turn the stupid affair into the fecking cuban missile crisis. Someone got dox’d – that’s it. While I am sure that people like Pixeleen consider that offense an equivalent to murder or something, because of her own intense fear of being ‘outed’, let’s not blow it out of proportion. Most of your names are in phonebooks. So are your addresses and telephone numbers. They’re just names and telephone numbers. A determined stalker would find you wherever you are anyways so put it into perspective for christ’s sake.

    These people are especially cowardly, because they antagonize other people using means that THEY believe are acceptable, but when they get their ass bit want to come back and holler about the other person’s tactics. Well, I say using a turnkey blog with thousands of readers (which came with it) to antagonize is low, and if you could gather dox and hax to back bite your enemies and you were pissed enough, you’d probably be doing it. But you can’t, because you’re Pixeleen Fucking Mistral, who refers to buffer overflows as ‘code overflows’. What a fucking hypocrite.

    Anyway, the JLU blows and their DMCA is shit. Typepad’s edit is merely a temporary setback.

  35. Tux Winkler

    Feb 6th, 2010

    @hahaha & anyone who is being DMCA’d:

    Your RL information will not be released unless ‘real’ charges are filed. Once a concise explanation of the facts are given to ISPs and Hosts they will pull out. Because all the content is taken from a game without permission of all parties involved there can be no copyright. Make sure you offer to remove specific content which is proven to be the Intellectual Property of a Real Person. There is no copyright (at least not in terms of UK law), but here it is classed IP which must be something unique and proven that they thought of and created it! A DMCA is invalid for an avatar name. You can also request the initial accusation.

    So, do just that request the initial email, if there is no RL info refuse it. If there is explain that it is all about a game. At all times make sure to your ISP or Host that you wish to remain anonymous and they are not to give your RL info out. If the ISP or Host still wants to pull the data, you are probably going to have to release your RL info to deny the DMCA through more official channels.

    I would ask that anyone receiving a take down notice ask for the DMCA letter. If it has or hasn’t got Kalel’s RL info is irrelevant. Replace your RL info (if it is there) with your SL info. But leave Kalel’s info. DMCA is a public document, send them to me, I will make a wiki – XD. Lets see how he feels when his repetitive false claims are listed with his info! Of course this would be a site dedicated to demonstrating DMCA’s in action and how the process can be abused and not for defaming or shaming any group or individual!

    In fact, if there was a petition in which everyone who was in the wiki or feels strong against it could sign. Then said petition was sent to the REAL Superhero creators, I am certain they would act. Think of the publicity they would gain from it. Not to mention the commission they could make from in world merchandise. They certainly wouldn’t want to be affiliated with a group which casts the Superhero’s in such a bad light!

    ‘Yes, Kalel, you can use our image and costumes whilst PLAYING your GAMES, but we will charge you a usage fee $1,000. Plus your actions would have to stop and you must act NORMAL!’

    @Alyx – tyvm

  36. police state resister

    Feb 6th, 2010

    thank you Tux

    info saved to spread sheet to be used to aid in banning the JLU greifers from my SL plots

  37. Gaara Sandalwood

    Feb 6th, 2010

    Neo: “they should apologize to the JLU for stealing their stuff”


    Seriously? “Their” stuff? “Stolen by Herald/whoever”?

    Yet again, an insistent plea that shit about other people Venkman doesn’t even know(but is obviously obsessed with)aparrantly belongs to the JLU.

    Tux: “FYI – Kalel filed a DMCA against me at the start of the week for hosting Instead of reporting to my abuse systems he approached the company that hosts my servers. Of course they approached me asking about the copyrighted material.

    Anyways, to cut a long story short (after my solicitor stopped laughing and calmed down he wrote a few paragraphs on the UK law regarding this), I sent this to the hosting company. I guess they spent some time laughing too (lets face it ‘I, Superman, am filing DMCA against a little male fairy for reformatting publically available material, pages of what other people have said and the fact that I use images and designs from a comic book. Oh and its in a virtual world!’).

    They have sent a message to him saying amongst other things they will not be removing the wiki. So theres one! Hopefully others will see how crazy it is!”

    Nice one.


    Old link but a backup I made a while back. Hosted offshore, so no one’ll give a shit if Superman wants it removed.

  38. police state resister

    Feb 6th, 2010

    a reveiw of the info in the log reveals that these JLU greifers are going far beyond just patroling sand boxes to defend SL from ‘subversives’ and ‘undesirable social elements’

    offence – ‘smoking in sim’ – WTF? who the hell do these JLU think they are
    offence – tizzers Foxchase – so just being someone is illegal in their veiw ?
    offence – account sharing – surely entirely up to them ?
    offence – objects uses individuals name’
    offence – placing flowewrs for a banned avatar ‘ how is that greifing or against tos?

    best one tho is ‘rezzing objects – [sic] so everyone in sL is guilty by JLU rules

    it is very clear from looking at the list of ‘crimes’
    that the JLU are also actively monitering the profiles of avatars they meet

    ‘body part in name’
    non pg content in user profile’
    ‘no location – under age avi’
    ‘obscene quotes in picks tab ‘ surely it is for LL to judge ‘obscene’
    as obscenity is in the eye of the beholder

    actively monitoring groups profiles:
    ‘owner of a group that defames’

    and moreover actively monitoring the LL map
    group holding on sim speels out obscene words or defames other group

    we do not need or want the ‘moral majority / mary whitehouse’ nonsense in SL
    or before we know it we will be be tyrannized by the sick insanity of sharia ‘law’

  39. Tux Winkler

    Feb 6th, 2010

    Oh god . . . oh god, its like five mins since my last AR, gotta to find something . . .

    JLU Top Secret BUG: Jesus Christ: The pen is mightier than the sword ()

    Brainiac Wiki: auto logged this chat (visit website to edit to make it more dramatic)

    /1 JLU Teleport

    Teleport Complete

    JLU Agent: Jesus Christ, you used a profanity whilst chatting!
    Jesus Christ: What, when, and how do you know?
    JLU Agent: I used my super big ear, now please stand still while I AR you
    Jesus Christ: What did I say wrong?
    JLU Agent: you said penis
    Jesus Christ: I didn’t I said Pen Is, and you are not supposed to remotely monitor conversation
    JLU Agent: I am JLU I monitor for your protection.
    JLU Agent: Also it is not my fault you typo’d your word, deliberately I think.
    Jesus Christ: OMFG
    JLU Agent: That is another AR, abbreviating a profanity is as bad as saying it in full!
    Jesus Christ: How are you protecting me?
    JLU Agent: I am not, you are a griefer. By having you banned I and protecting normal people.
    Jesus Christ: you cannot do this, I will AR you.
    JLU Agent: /1 brainiac top secret com link – agent under assault – calling all heros to slurl/mysim/14/12/23
    (14 JLU TP in and report for various reasons)
    Jesus Christ leaves sim (banned)

    ~ this is fiction, I wrote it, its mine, it is not to be copied to the JLU wiki. We will find out on the next release – XD. Seriously though, this is how I imagine they (the JLU) work.

  40. corona anatine

    Feb 7th, 2010

    another AR is using the name Jesus which is offensive content to Atheists and Muslims
    im sure impersonating a prophet is probably blasphemous too
    as is hiding christian propaganda messages in your group name [ JLU ]

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