Ono Shelman — Post 6 Grrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 22/03/10 at 12:41 pm

[Ono Shelman has the distinction of being the Post 6 Model who had the longest photoshoot.

UPDATE: see Post 6 Photographer Timothy Morpork's account of the shocking breast transplants in the original version of this feature.

She originally contacted me in September, posed for one picture, and then came back months later for the rest of the shoot, contacting me sporadically in between to see if the Herald would be interested in helping her publicize things, etc. It is with a sigh of relief I finally present Ono Shelman ~Timothy Morpork]

Ono Shelman censored

ONO by N. Nansen

One day:

demanded this:

Tell me about me
in written words

Ono Shelman censored
OnoShelmanFinal3 censored

Tell me this:

Ono’s wondrous

Difficult to tell such on demand, I said
And again she asked
I’m curious
so I wrote these words

I think perhaps
to add the word
but I won’t

with these words:
Ono is victorious

Ono Shelman censored


Ono Shelman is a Second Life Artist/Photographer/Model/Writer/Businesswoman. She is currently Chairman of Panorama Pictures and Director of Virtual Growth Investments. She is an ex-CFO of Pizbi.

49 Responses to “Ono Shelman — Post 6 Grrrrl”

  1. James Freud

    Mar 22nd, 2010

    It wasn’t worth the wait

  2. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Mar 22nd, 2010

    6 months well spent, I see.

  3. Inniatzo

    Mar 22nd, 2010

    I like the first and last one, not crazy about the middle one. Too severe with that hairstyle. So she asked for some links to be posted, nothing wrong with that.

  4. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 22nd, 2010

    at least there wasnt a surprize tranny-wood pic at the end lol

  5. Afroduck

    Mar 22nd, 2010

    Personally I’ll take the tranny-wood ending over the stick-with-silicone-lumps ending.

    Just because Hollywood’s collective IQ of 15 says something is good…

  6. Mary Elizabeth

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Oh, girlfriend. Reduce the size of your breasts and give yourself a bit more around your hips. Your hips look like a man’s and the breast are getting up into anime territory.

    You’ve done a lot of playing around with your face. Which one is the most current one?

  7. Ava Cartier

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Well, that was certainly anticlimactic.

  8. Diane Garsdale

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    “Ono Shelman is a Second Life Artist/Photographer/Model/Writer/Businesswoman. She is currently Chairman of Panorama Pictures and Director of Virtual Growth Investments. She is an ex-CFO of Pizbi.”

    So, surely six months would have been enough to come up with something more than “Ono is victorious”?

    Time for the Post Six photographer and Meleth Oakleaf to team up, maybe?

  9. groans

    Mar 23rd, 2010


    ermmmmm a morpher and a pretty scary one at that

  10. Verbage Win

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Her “Poet” said:

    I think perhaps
    to add the word
    but I won’t


    Looks like no one can stand her. Nice troll, Timothy.

  11. Marianne

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    The facial expression in pic #2 would fit a poster for a Horror Movie. The third pic has that classic Post 6 look with hair poking into the boobs. Timothy must have hated this model. I have seen that he can take better and more flattering pictures than this. Pic #1is an ok studio pic.

  12. Kathy

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Timothy Morpork is such a little man. His introduction for this post 6 grrrl article and the edited photos are clearly structured in a way to invite negative comments. The comments have not been completely negative, and any negative comments so far on this article makes no sense.

    I have looked at the flickr links myself and visited the slurl which is a link to a gallery, and I must say that Ms. Shelman is a very talented person. I was able to chat with her (she is a very sweet person) and she did not seem pleased by the article, the photos (those are not her breasts!) or the introduction, but I understand that she is a very together and busy person, a smart young student in real life.

    Her offense to this little man called Timothy Morpork was knowing what direction she wanted in the photo-shoot and her refusal to pose nude which is reasonable. She told me she wanted to portray “a hardworking woman” in second life. She never posed nude/semi-nude for Mr. Morpork or authorized him to publish this article. She said she sent a message to Mr. Morpork after seeing this article and he has remained at large to her.

    As a mother in real life, I felt compelled to defend this young lady because this article clearly was done in such a way as to invite severe criticism and does her person a great injustice. The fact that the photo-shoot took six months to complete, was not her fault, Mr. Morpork knows very well where the blame lies. One may also want to ask Mr. Morpork whose breasts are on display in this article since they do not belong to Ms. Shelman. Maybe the fact that she is a very young person is the reason that this little man sees her as an easy target ,(for whatever goal he was trying to accomplish), who might be defenseless. While it is great that it seems she is losing no sleep over this article, I advised her to push for a retraction and to explore any further action that is applicable to this situation, I hope she takes my advice. I must point out that if I was the one that Mr. Morpork chose to target in this manner, he would not get away with it unscathed.

  13. Sourshoes

    Mar 23rd, 2010


    I believe you, I mean Ono, authorized this by IMing the guy and asking to be a Post 6 Grrrl. Just my thought.

  14. Reverse Writer

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Where the hell do you get these idiots? Is there a farm where they’re grown? If so, can we poison the well?

  15. Reverse Writer

    Mar 23rd, 2010

    Also, making crappy cut and paste jobs does not an artist make: http://www.flickr.com/photos/onoshelman/4262017415/

  16. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 24th, 2010


    These are, in my view, fairly serious allegations against Timothy. *IF* they are true, I very much hope that Ono will comment here to substantiate them, as I’d hate to see other people featured in Post 6 treated in such a cavalier and unethical fashion.

    Timothy, I think you’d better comment on this as well.


    Agreeing to be a Post 6 Grrrrl does NOT give the feature writer and photographer carte blanche to do whatever he wants with the feature. If, for instance, these photographs were faked, then Timothy has certainly exceeded his authority.

    I do think that Post 6 had better respond to this: such integrity as this feature still has is very much being called into question. Why would anyone with half a brain volunteer to appear here if she or he runs the risk of being subjected to this kind of treatment?

  17. Reverse Writer

    Mar 24th, 2010

    “Why would anyone with half a brain volunteer to appear here if she or he runs the risk of being subjected to this kind of treatment?”

    Fixing it…

    “Why would anyone with half a brain volunteer to appear here?”

  18. Bunny Brickworks

    Mar 24th, 2010

    I don’t believe these pics are fake. Timothy seriously lacks the Photoshop skills to cut & paste naked boobs into a picture…

  19. Jenny Fallopias

    Mar 24th, 2010

    Talking of lacking PS skills, let’s take a look at some more “work” from this talented “artist”:


  20. Senban Babii

    Mar 24th, 2010


    “Maybe the fact that she is a very young person is the reason that this little man sees her as an easy target ,(for whatever goal he was trying to accomplish), who might be defenseless.”

    Wait a minute. How old exactly is this person?

    “She never posed nude/semi-nude for Mr. Morpork or authorized him to publish this article.”

    So are you saying that she didn’t pose for these images? Or are you trying to say that a bikini has been photoshopped out in the final image?

    Okay, for the record, I like Timothy and he was a perfect gentleman during our shoot. And whenever we’ve spoken since then we’ve always been on great terms. So it hurts me to point something out about this third image. Look at the boobs. Think about those dark triangular shadows. *Has* a bikini been shopped out?

  21. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 24th, 2010


    I’m by no means an expert, but it does look to me as though the third picture may have been doctored. To me it look as though there are pretty clearly two sets of breasts here, one superimposed over the other.

    That said, we need to hear from Ono, and from Timothy, about this.

  22. Senban Babii

    Mar 24th, 2010


    I’m no expert either. The most that could be said about me is that I enjoy taking snapshots for my own amusement. Sometimes I’m pleased with the result, mostly it looks like a monkey was hit on the head with a mallet and then allowed to play with a camera XD

    But here’s something that occured to me. When I did my photoshoot for Post 6, I took a lot of my own photos too as I am sure many of the models do. If Ono did the same, then perhaps she could show us what she thinks are the genuine photos? I’d be surprised if she hadn’t done this what with being a Flickrite so please post the images Ono.

    I will say one thing for the record. I like Timothy and when we did our shoot, he acted brilliantly. He took the photos and then picked out a handful and asked me what I thought of his choices, fully prepared to listen to my opinions. What Ono is saying is that she never had a say in which images got used but that doesn’t fit with my own experiences with Timothy.

    Is it not feasible that Ono pestered Timothy to become a Post 6 Grrrl for a bit of blatant self-advertising (which this article clearly was) and when the negative comments began rolling in, she tried to deny all knowledge and say she never authorised these things? I mean she obviously knew she was posing for Post 6, she wrote her own poem-thing (which I will say as little about as possible). Whilst I’m prepared though unhappy to admit that something seems odd about that third image, I’m also critical of what we’re being told by Ono (or rather through her somewhat blatant alt “Kathy”).

  23. Sententia

    Mar 24th, 2010

    Seems to me all Ono wanted was free publicity, to go along with her free hair, free clothes and free jewelry, she obviously has no class and is looking for someone else to blame for the negative comments.

  24. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 24th, 2010


    Your suggestion is certainly feasible. There just isn’t enough information at the moment to judge. The third picture is certainly suggestive, but by no means conclusive.

    I know Timothy probably doesn’t think of me as one of his “best friends,” but I’m not rushing to judgment on this one. Unless we hear more from Ono herself, he has the benefit of the doubt so far as i am concerned.

    That said, I think Timothy DOES need to speak up here, if only to clear the air. His silence is likely to be read as an admission of guilt.


    I would agree that Ono certainly does seem primarily interested in publicity here; Timothy’s comments seem to suggest he felt so as well. I suppose there is a fine line between describing one’s accomplishments and self-puffery, and Ono has not negotiated it very well. That said, if these pics have been doctored, she still has a legitimate complaint.

  25. Gundel Gaukelei

    Mar 24th, 2010

    Is there anything on earth you guys don’t turn into a drama?

  26. Senban Babii

    Mar 24th, 2010

    Hmm. Look at the third image. The bigger version I mean. Look at the right breast (left as you look at the picture). Now look at the last few inches of hair, just by the cleavage.

    Even allowing for the fact that SL hair often appears to stick out of the body when in certain poses due to the fact that the hair remains constant rather than bending and flowing, what’s going on here?

    Look closely, there’s a straight horizontal line in the image. In fact there could even be a square if you look closely. Almost like a square has been cloned and pasted in. Now I’m not just saying this, I actually do have no experience of photoshop so I honestly can’t say. But I can certainly use my eyes and there’s something very strange going on there, don’t you think?

    In fact, oh shit. It *is* a cloned square patch. It’s taken from directly above it. Look at the pattern of hair in that square and move up a couple of inches (relatively).


  27. Kathy

    Mar 24th, 2010

    I have been following this article closely. It is unbelievable what some people will say or come up with as a [defense]. For someone to make an insinuation that Ono and I are the same person is ridiculous and very irresponsible. Trying to divert some of the blame to Ms. Shelman is also ridiculous and very irresponsible. There is nothing wrong with promoting her work, it is not unreasonable in this context. Should Ms. Shelman post her concerns here, I will be here to back her every step of the way. However, these are not the issues at hand. The issues are: Whose breasts are on display in this article? Why was there no consent before publishing? Why is this article reminiscent of cyber-bullying? The only person most responsible for the way this article is presented and the pictures is this little man called Mr. Timothy Morpork.

    @Scylla, I too hope that this matter will be addressed as it is serious.

  28. Senban Babii

    Mar 24th, 2010


    “Why is this article reminiscent of cyber-bullying?”

    You’re being amazingly over-dramatic. Cyber bullying? Really? How is the article itself cyber bullying? Are the comments harsh? To a degree perhaps but quite honestly, go back and check the history of Post 6 articles. They have a well known history of being particularly harsh in the comments section. It’s part of the whole Post 6 thing, for better or worse. No one goes into Post 6 without knowing that, no one. I certainly didn’t! And anyone who didn’t go into it expecting a certain amount of ragging should have done better research. It’s like saying “OMG when I posed naked for Penthouse, I never knew that thousands of horny teenage boys would be fapping all over my pictures”.

    But in what way is the article cyber-bullying? The introduction by Timothy? How is it cyber bullying? Ono wrote the next part herself so that’s hardly cyber bullying, right? The photos? Well the photos are of Ono and she willingly posed for Post 6 so she can hardly blame anyone for that. Quite apart from anything, while it’s nice to get a choice of which photos make final publication, that’s ultimately down to the photographer, not the model, just like in RL, right? However, as I’ve already pointed out, when Timothy took my photos, he allowed me to see the photos before he submitted them to make sure I was happy with them. As it turned out, I was fine with them but he seemed genuinely open to the model’s wishes. I honestly find it difficult to believe he didn’t do the same for Ono and anyone else. Are the comments cyber bullying? No, they’re just harsh – welcome to Post 6.

    Having said that, I’ve already said that there is something off about that third image and yes, I’d like some kind of explanation myself. Did Ono pose topless in that shot or did she wear a bikini/tankini which has been shopped out? You seem to have the answers to that “Kathy” so what are they? Why doesn’t Ono speak for herself? If Ono says that the images were shopped, let’s see her evidence. And yes, let’s hear from Timothy too.

    There is everything wrong with a model blatantly using Post 6 to advertise her product/friends or whatever. If you knew anything about Post 6, you’d know there is a history of such activity and a history of people’s responses to that. Do your homework :)

    Ultimately though, Ono wrote her *cough* poem thing herself so she can’t complain about that. Timothy would have said “write a piece of text about yourself to go with the photos” and then published it as written. The model does not get final say over how the photos are used in the article, the photographer does and to a degree, the editor above the photographer. So it seems to me that Ono has no leg to stand on in regard to not giving permission to publish the materials. She asked to be in Post 6 and I’m assuming she didn’t retract her wishes before publication? She gave permission, get over it :)

    And you still didn’t answer my question so I’ll repeat it.

    ““Maybe the fact that she is a very young person is the reason that this little man sees her as an easy target ,(for whatever goal he was trying to accomplish), who might be defenseless.”

    Wait a minute. How old exactly is this person?”

    You know, I have this nagging suspicion that we’ll see some kind of DMCA takedown request over this. When the JLU can issue frivolous takedowns, when people can issue DMCA takedowns because someone made a similar gesture, how long until we see Post 6 models saying the photos belong to me, DMCA takedown! That’s just me going off at a tangent though.

  29. FourCents Badger

    Mar 24th, 2010

    I haven’t liked Ono since she broke up the Beatles.

  30. Marianne

    Mar 25th, 2010

    The third picture is clearly been doctored with. I thought it was a terrible bad try to PS out the hair poking through boobs. The result is awful and I blame the photographer more than the model. But, the model takes pictures too, so she should know what happens with long hair in SL…. it takes a lot of work to fix it. At last she should pose bald in one picture so the “clean” picture could be background for the “messy” one and the hair just erased out on the top picture, instead of this ugly cloning.
    It is really bad that she now claim it’s another set of boobs pasted over hers, but I can’t imagine anyone would refuse to model topless in Post 6. So I don’t know what to believe. Maybe it’s just done on purpose to create “drama”. I haven’t seen so ugly pictures since the Gorean Slave, who got over 60 comments….

  31. Shakespears Sister

    Mar 25th, 2010

    Just when I think I’ve seen it all, Play Doh Porn!

  32. Kathy

    Mar 25th, 2010

    As a mother, a parent and a regular person there are things I would not condone happening to my daughter or anyone’s child for that matter. Condoning things of this nature or trying to insinuate ridiculous notions to divert from the serious issues at hand would be very irresponsible, even if the victim is not your child. [Early last year, we had the situation with Rihanna and Chris Brown, there were people saying Rihanna brought the severe abuse on herself, seriously? The apportioning of responsibility in this case is not very different]. Saying that, I will not be replying to any irresponsible comments or insinuations directed at me. The focus is on the issues at hand.

    The only person in my opinion that should have some explaining to do is this little man named Mr. Timothy Morpork. He was certainly man enough to deviate from standard procedure when compiling this article, man enough to apply his methods without consent and a foreign breast to this article without consent and publish it without consent. Naturally one would expect that he would be man enough to explain the issues at hand. Right, little men hide and cluck behind skirts.

    As a concerned mother, I will state once more the issues at hand: Whose breasts are on display in this article? Why are these breasts there without consent? Why was there no consent before publishing? Why is this article reminiscent of cyber-bullying?

  33. groans

    Mar 25th, 2010

    I think if Ono thinks something Ono should say it for herself, and what the hell are you on about? parent? what? seriously?

  34. Sententia

    Mar 25th, 2010

    @ Kathy

    The only bully here is you!
    I have never seen such rubbish.

    I would like to hear from Ms Freebie Ono!
    Seems she has lost her tongue!

  35. Senban Babii

    Mar 25th, 2010


    The cyber bullying allegation is ridiculous. Please stop it, you’re making a fool of yourself.

    You know what, my Senban Sense is tingling. You’re not Ono at all. You’re her mother. You’ve seen what your daughter gets up to online and assume that it’s someone else’s fault. You’re looking to transfer blame onto Timothy. I’m not saying he’s innocent here because there *is* something fishy about that third image and I’ll let him speak for himself on that issue.

    But here’s the thing. Either Ono is an adult as she should be if she’s on the main grid (you do realise that, right?) or she’s a minor who has gotten onto the adult grid instead of the teen grid, done something that doesn’t meet with your approval and thus we have this nonsense. Which one is it? Either Ono is an adult in which case mind your own business or Ono is a minor, in which case you need to take her in hand for sneaking onto the main grid and doing things of which you disapprove.

    You see, you keep referring to Ono as someone at the younger end of the scale and there’s only one conclusion I can draw from that; that you know her in RL and that she’s a minor. And the way you’re being protective indicates a mother-daughter relationship. At least be honest here instead of trying to get people to admit to allegations of cyber bullying.

    These cyber bullying allegations really are ridiculous so stop, just….stop.

  36. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 25th, 2010


    I’m going to have to agree, to some degree, with both Senban and Sententia on the cyberbullying accusation. Timothy’s introduction is mildly snide, and hints at dislike, but it can’t really be said to constitute anything like real cyberbullying. If you want to see what *real* cyberbullying looks like, I’d be happy to pass on some links. It’s nasty nasty stuff, far worse than the mild treatment Ono has been accorded here, in the feature or in the comments.

    @Senban and Sententia

    Timothy really needs to say something here — his silence is a little disquieting, especially given the appearance that the third pic has been doctored — but in the final analysis, these allegations are going nowhere unless we hear from Ono herself. Accusations from a third party who bears who knows what relationship to Ono simply aren’t enough to go on.

    (Senban, an alternate take on your speculations might have it that the “young” Ono was given permission to do this so long as no nudity was involved, and that Kathy’s response to the faked breasts in the third picture is a result of her outrage over the fact that an “understanding” that nudity would be excluded had been reneged on. Were I Ono’s mother, and had given permission to do the feature on this understanding, I think I’d be pretty angry at Timothy too. And, yes, if Ono is a minor, she shouldn’t be on the grid, and certainly shouldn’t be doing a Post 6 feature anyway. But, as I say, this is really pure speculation.)

  37. Gaara Sandalwood

    Mar 25th, 2010

    Boobs. ‘Nuff said.

  38. Senban Babii

    Mar 25th, 2010


    I agree, there’s not a lot to go on until Kathy or Ono or indeed Timothy clarifies the situation.

    The problem is that neither Kathy or Ono is actually saying anything to back up their claims and Timothy isn’t saying anything so far to refute their claims.

    So, to be blunt, let’s see who steps up first to present some facts.

  39. Senban Babii

    Mar 25th, 2010

    As a further thought, for future Post 6 articles, it might be worthwhile Timothy (and any future holders of the position) giving the potential Post Sixer a notecard saying “these are the conditions you consent to, make sure you’re happy before you agree to pose/submit your text”.

    Although it’s a pretty pathetic position to find ourselves in when we arrive at such a state, don’t you think?

  40. Reverse Writer

    Mar 25th, 2010

    As a mother, farmer and astronaut, I think Kathy is totally retarded.

  41. Bunny Brickworks

    Mar 25th, 2010


    You’re the best troll the Post 6 ever had. Thanks for the entertainment.

  42. Senban Babii

    Mar 25th, 2010

    Okay look, this has been bugging me a bit so I’ve just gone back to the pictures for another look.

    Look at the third one. I’ve already mentioned that there’s definitely a little square that’s been cloned. There’s no way to dispute that fact.

    But there was something else bothering me. See, Kathy has been claiming that the boobs in the third image are not Ono’s, that somehow they’ve been photoshopped into the image. I call BS. Now before Kathy begins one of her rants about cyber-bullying, let me present my evidence for you all to judge.

    Look at the third image. Look at the curves beneath the breasts. Now some have said that it appears to be one set of boobs superimposed over the top of the originals. But that didn’t make sense to me so I went back for a closer look.

    Look at those odd curves beneath the breasts. If you think about it, they’re positioned where the floating ribs are, yes? Is it conceivable that what we’re seeing there isn’t an artifact of bad photoshopping but is in fact an actual part of the avatar?

    There’s one way to find out and that’s look at other images of the same avatar. Luckily, we have some! Now look at picture two.

    Not only do we see the exact same curves, albeit hidden partially by the colour and shade of the clothing, we even see the exact same pattern of light below the boobs, that sort of flattened triangle thing.

    Because of the pattern and angle of the clothing in picture one it’s difficult to add much. However look at the general size and curvature of those boobs. They’re the same boobs as in the other photos.

    I think it’s therefore irrefutable that the boobs seen in picture three are indeed the genuine boobs of the avatar. They match in every detail! Yes, there has been some bad touching up in photoshop but those boobs are absolutely the genuine article.

    Now, given this, I want to go back to my earlier suggestion that a bikini or tankini had been photoshopped out. If it had, surely the lines and patterns of light I just showed you all would have been deleted, altered or hidden by the process?


    Those are the genuine boobs of that avatar. Suggestions that those boobs were added post-shoot are clearly false as shown by the evidence.

    Kathy, I humbly suggest you have another word with Ono and get her to admit the truth instead of trying to project blame onto Timothy. He may be a crappy photoshopper but Ono got the girls out. Accept it and move on.

  43. Senban Babii

    Mar 25th, 2010

    And hey kiddies, if you want more evidence, look at this.


    That’s Ono Shelman herself on her own Flicr page. Compare it to the points I just made.

    Case closed.

    Kathy? Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    Kerching! She shoots, she scores!

  44. No one cares anymore

    Mar 25th, 2010

    senban Id say nice job but the truth is youve got WAY too much free time on your hands and an increasingly worrisome fixation on all things cartoon.

    get a grip will ya?

  45. Senban Babii

    Mar 25th, 2010

    Actually I hardly ever log into SL these days and just happened to be off sick from work today but thanks so much for worrying about my wellbeing :)

  46. Senban Babii

    Mar 25th, 2010

    Especially for my well-wisher “No One Cares Anymore”

    Knowing how much you worry about my well-being, I thought I’d put your mind at rest and check for you. In the last week, I’ve logged into SL as follows…

    17.03.2010 – Two hours

    19.03.2010 – Three minutes

    20.03.2010 – One and a half hours

    21.03.2010 – Three hours (for most of which I was afk)

    25.03.2010 – Twenty seven minutes

    I just don’t have time at the minute, I’m way too busy having a hectic life. So don’t worry, I’m hardly fixated on all things cartoon. Perhaps it is you who is in fact fixated on all things Senban? As long as you don’t touch your weewee while you think of me, it’s cool and we can still be friends :)

    Meanwhile, back at the topic of discussion :)

  47. Sourballs McGinty

    Mar 25th, 2010

    Senban you are about the only one here who consistently makes sense. Ignore the haters and keep up the good work.


  48. [...] try to stay out of the comments, but as this week’s Post 6 brings up an issue that seems to speak to my credibility and the credibility of Post 6 in general, [...]

  49. Senban Babii

    Mar 26th, 2010

    @Sourballs McGinty

    “Senban you are about the only one here who consistently makes sense. ”

    Then may the lawd have mercy on us poor souls XD

    But ty anyway :)

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