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Planet Thyferra – May the Force Not Shove You Off a Bridge!

by Meleth Oakleaf I teleported into the sim and was greeted by the now familiar note card of information and vendor market. Though this time with two distinctions, I was standing in front of a shuttle and the note card included a quick overview of the overall thrust of the role-playing story on Planet Thyferra. [...]

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Game Over: Virtual World Ends March 9, 2010

Players point to pedo and paintball moderation as possible causes by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk there gone The PG-oriented virtual world is to be closed March 9, a victim of hard economic times, according to There CEO Michael Wilson’s announcement. An FAQ at the site states that the company is buying back  virtual [...]

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Second Life Faction Wars: Woodbury “Raid” or JLU Drama-fest?

Chatlogs from Ahern infohub conflict by Senban Babii   Drunk and disorderly? Kalel Venkman and GreenLantern Excelsior particle spamming  a club in New Grayson Station on January 1, 2010 While the Justice League Unlimited's formerly secret wiki claims that on January 5th 2010 a "Woodbury University raiding party" descended on the Ahern infohub and engaged [...]

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